Hercules Returns

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Hercules Returns

Hercules, Ms. Marvel

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07/18/12 10:00

Avengers Mansion

Hercules stops by Avengers Mansion and gets himself back on the team.

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Time has passed and Hercules feels it is time for him to be with both old friends and new. He sent word to the Avengers that he would like to rejoin in at least a reserve capacity. He now goes to the Mansion with the hope of meeting with someone to see if he is welcomed back.

When word arrived that Hercules would like to speak with the Avengers, arrangements were made and schedules rescheduled to assure that the Chairwoman could make time to greet the hero of Olympus. Whatever the result of their meeting, at the least when Hercules arrives at the Mansion in midtown Manhattan, the gates open for him, and when he approaches the front doors, they open to reveal the black-clad Ms. Marvel, gloved hand extending momentarily. "Good morning, Hercules. It is good to see you. I hope you are well?" The only slightly unwelcoming aspect is that Carol doesn't back up, doesn't just invite him on inside. Recent events being what they are, she is a tad wary just letting the divine walk right in until she knows why they're there. Lives could be at stake.

Hercules gives Ms. Marvel a small smile, "If it was not before, the sight of you could brighten the spirits of any man or god. Speaking of gods, I believe I hear you are short a few? I had a brief talk with Sif about this, very rare is it I have a conversation that is both direct yet lacking details. I believe the mistake was letting Ares into the Avengers in the first place." He then waves hand, "Details or no details, he is the past, I think it is high we talked about the future." He then takes a step closer to her, "Our future."

Carol returns the small smile with a nod. "It's a difficult time, honestly. Your half-brother is a connundrum that has largely split the Avengers along clean lines - the mortals, and the immortals. And that is a split we can ill afford to have. Yet it is Sif's choice, and Thor's. They chose to join, and they can choose to leave. I won't pretend it doesn't hurt that my friends have acted as they have. But my concern has to be this world and the people in it. So I have to ask you, Hercules: Had you been here, what would you have done, regarding your father, your brother, and their ill-deeds done to the people of this City and this World?"

"While you can count Thor as a friend, the two of have bonded and are close as brothers." A small smirk on his face now forms, "Given our relationship with our brother who knows perhaps you could say we are closer. While it is true you should count myself as an immortal, unlike Thor, Sif and Ares, I was raised as a mortal, I know your concerns and I know your fears. Till my father forces me back to Mount Olympus, I have and shall always defend the earth, after all it is my first home and no matter how much any one denies it they can deny ever forgets their first it shall always remain in their heart. Again I was not there so I do not know the details, as for the divide between mortal and immortal who better then Hercules to repair the split?"

Carol considers Hercules' words carefully, and then at last she nods and extends her gloved hand again. "I won't hold my breath, waiting for those two to see reason and rejoin us. But if you promise to protect the people of this city and this world against all comers - even your brother and your father, should they make further attempts like they did - then you are more than welcome here, Hercules." That said, she finally steps back out of the way, ready to lead Hercules into the Mansion where they can discuss his status and further intentions.

Hercules takes her hand and if she allows it he will give her hand a small kiss. "I am thinking you believe I have a closer relationship with Ares then I do. We have been enemies for thousands of years. I killed some birds that he was close to during my labors, then there is the whole mother issue of myself being empowered by milk from his mother that help to make me Olympus greatest champion forcing him to at most be second best." He then waves a hand, "I will not bore thee with the rest of the details, as they say thou can pick thy friends but thou can't pick thy family. While I should not need to say it given my history, I shall defend this city as well as the earth from all threats no matter the source, foreign, domestic, alien, godly or other wise." He now follows Carol, if she is not looking directly at him his eyes will drift to her backside.

Of course, Herc kissing Carol's hand gets lips of whatever fabric her gloves are made of. She doesn't take them off when in costume, and isn't now. If she catches him looking at her backside, she makes no comment on it. Either she doesn't mind, didn't catch him, or just figures there's nothing she can do about it. He's going to look. Her only choice would be to put a bag over his head and a blindfold over his eyes. What's the point? "I wouldn't think anyone would need to say it, Hercules, but clearly I've been proven wrong. Thank you for affirming your promise. How have you been? What brings you back among us?"

Hercules is direct with answering Carol question, "I left the Avengers after Galactic Storm, it did not sit well with me all that had happened. I spent time in Vegas when the demon attacks happened here and realized this is where I should be. After finding out that Captain America was not in charged here there would be no ghost to deal with what happened from Galactic Storm. I must also add that leadership of the Avengers has never looked this good."

Smirk? Oh, definitely! Carol shakes her head slightly. "What happened, happened. It was war, and war is never pretty, Hercules. But we would be glad to have you back. No need to try to compliment my looks. It won't change my answers." Ms. Marvel offers. She's not really one much for flattery based on her looks. "I will point out, we have ammended the by-laws and charter. We are maintaining a much larger active roster than we were previously, and doing our best to respond to more requests for aid than we could with the smaller active roster."

Hercules now chuckles, "I am sure you know that I am a the more the merrier type of man. Having more members can only be a good thing. I look forward to working closely with you in all possible situation as well as the other Avengers. Is there any paper work that needs to be done. I think we both know I can pass any physical that might be required as well. It is great to be back, is there any thing I can do to be of help right away?"

Ms. Marvel shrugs. "We'll need to get a full scan to compare with your existing profile, to assure us that you are who you say you are, who we believe you to be, and as a baseline for further comparisons." Because things happen. That's just the way it is. "After that, you will submit a request for active duty, and I will accept it. As for an immediate need, once you're cleared for duty I'll probably have some assignments for you. We've had quite a few issues lately with robots, AIs and autonomous systems. There's a new Hulkbuster tank currently causing all manner of grief out in the Arizona desert. If you wouldn't mind trying to put a stop to it, preferably without reducing the whole thing to scrap if it can be avoided, that would help. I'll probably have to fly up to the Helicarrier shortly to coordinate with Fury on a few other issues."

Hercules rubs his chin, "Hmm a robot unless intelligent would have no appreciation for the gift. After I pass your physicals I shall use my golden mace to end the threat of this robot right away to make sure it causes as little damage to the city as possible." Herc now takes off his shirt, "If thou would not mind could thy lead me to the medical center for these to be done right away. If not if this place has not changed too much sense last I was here I am sure I could find it on my own."

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