Hercules and Namor's Awesome Adventure

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Herc & Namor vs Awesome Andy

Hercules, Namor

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08/30/12 03:00

Avengers Mansion, East River

Herc and Namor visit the East River and run into the Awesome Android

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-----==[ Main Dining Hall - Avengers Mansion ]==------------------------------

Expanding out into a vast room. This large area is the dining room in which the Avenger's can sit down and eat. Being a conveniently large room, the dining hall allows for each Avenger to have his or her space when enjoying their meal. As several small chairs line the edge of this fine room and one large banquet table sits in the middle of the dining hall allowing for each Avenger to dine here as well as enough room for many more guest and the like.

Illuminating this large place is a crystal chandelier which hangs above the center of the banquet table and brilliantly lights up this wondrous mansion. The same light brown shag carpet flows across the floor and the ceiling in the hall is situated higher above the floor, about twenty-five feet.

Obvious Exits:
[E] - Public Conference Room - Aveng [N] - Library - Avengers Mansion
[W] - Foyer - Avengers Mansion

Namor pads into the Dining Hall, bare feet leaving faint water footprints behind him. He wears a towel around his neck, still darkened where it's damp. Unlike surface-dwellers who might use a towel to dry off after a dip in the pool, Namor uses his to preserve some of the moisture by soaking it spongelike in the water.

Hercules is sitting down at a table eating a steak talking to himself a bit as he does, "This is not the food of the gods, but I must say this steak does come close to it." He then takes a bite of his steak and savors it as he notices Namor, after swallowing his bite he says, "Greeting Namor, how does thee fare this fine day?"

Namor's features twist into a smile. "Fine, fine. In for a small snack, I see." He eyes the steak with interest before moving over to sit across from the Olympian. "And you? Have you found anyone to bestow your mighty 'gift' upon today?"

Hercules shakes his head to the question, "Sadly I would have to say no. Are there plenty of people around yes, are these people able to handle the 'gift' no." He then winks to Namor, "There is nothing small about the son of Zues including his snacks."

Namor laughs. "Indeed. Well whenever you are finished...I've been here on dry land for too long. 'Pools' are suitable when there is no other choice, but I haven't seen real seas for days. Perhaps you'd care to join me for a trip to the Hudson River?"

Hercules shrugs, "I was thinking more beaches for viewing the bikini clad wenches but the Hudson River shall more then do." Hercules now stands up perhaps he was not really all that hungry after all, "I am ready to leave when ever you are."

Namor blinks in surprise, but then gives Hercules a conspiratory nod. "You are right, Hercules. The beaches do have more appealing scenery. But the nearest is many leagues away, and as you can't fly..." he can't help but smirk smugly, as he's able to point out one of the ways he's superior to the Prince of Power. "But no matter," he continues magnanimously. "We can see the beach another time. Today the river should suffice."

Hercules notices Namor blinking, "What good is it to eat unless there are friends around eating with you? To be honest I was kind of bored." He then chuckles, "The Prince of Power can fly only for brief periods of time though." Hercules is talking about his ability to leap mighty distances, "So to the Hudson River we shall go, lead the way Namor."

Namor leaves his towel hung over the back of a chair (poor Jarvis will take care of it no doubt) and then heads for the front door. "Excellent," he says agreeably.

You go to East River - New York.
-----==[ East River - New York ]==--------------------------------------------

The East River is filled with much water traffic. From large cargo ships or luxury liners, to small water craft like sailboats and skiboats. The river itself is not safe to swim within and far from sanitary. However, it's all the city's got and they're proud of it. The waters run high and deep throughout. The river runs between the east side of Manhattan Island to the west and Brooklyn/Queens/Bronx to the east. Many bridges pass over the river, the one of most interest would be the Brooklyn Bridge on it's southern most aspect. Further to the south, New York Harbor rests.

Obvious Exits:
[BB] - Brooklyn Bridge - New York [BR] - Brooklyn - New York
[BX] - Bronx - New York [DN] - Underwater - East River - New
[LE] - Bowery and Lower East Side - N [SW] - New York Harbor - New York
[UE] - Upper East Side - New York

Hercules comes in from Upper East Side - New York

Hercules has arrived.

At the brisk pace that the two Avengers can walk, it's not long before they reach the river. Only it's the East River.

Reading the name off of a sign, Namor nods. "Ah...my mistake, this is the East River. Not the Hudson. I get so confused when using the surface-names for these. The Atlantean is much more lyrical."

Hercules does not hide his smile as he gives Namor a friendly elbow jab to the side, "You admit a mistake? That alone has made this trip more then worth it and we only just got here."

Namor emits a long-suffering sigh, then heads over to a viewing area complete with coin-operated telescopes. Without so much as a warning, he places a hand on the railing and vaults over, landing with a splash in the water below. After a bit his head pokes out from the surface. "Ahh, refreshing." Then he tilts his head to one side. "Hercules, do you hear...shouting?"

Sure enough, somewhere in the distance comes the sound of shouts. A woman's voice, along with the cries of a child.

"Not only do I hear the shouting Namor. I shall respond!" Hercules now starts to run towards the direction of the shouts.

Namor rises from the water and flies along after, only slowly gaining ground even though the other Avenger is on foot. They soon come upon the source of the commotion.

A mother and two small children, confronted by a huge humanoid form that dwarfs even the mighty Hercules in sheer size. A trail of minor destruction stretches behind it, indicating it came from the streets and was on it's way to the water when it came across the three innocents.

"Halt!" Namor calls out, voice loud and full of authority.

Hercules yells out to the huge being, "You are being spoken to by Prince Namor himself backed by Hercules, The Prince of Power! I suggest you comply."

The figure turns and looks at one Avenger, then the other. In turn it gives them both a good look at it. It's skin is grey and leathery looking, head blocky and without facial features save for a horizontal line that might be a mouth - and that stretches almost the length of the thing's head.

Namor halts in mid-air, hissing slightly. "Hercules - I recognize that creature. It's the Awesome Android."

Hercules can't recall facing this being, he says to Namor "An Andriod that awesome must be worthy of the gift!" Unless Namor shouts out not to attack the Andriod Hercules shall charge it looking to force it away from the mother and her children.

Namor laughs, but there's a touch of scorn to the sound. He hovers along behind Hercules but seems uninclined to help. "Awesome? I am afraid that is just a name, friend Hercules. I've faced this creature before, and defeated it. Hardly worth your time." He drops down to land in front of the mother, positioning himself between her and the fight although his fists are planted on his hips. "Enjoy yourself, all the same."

The Android halts it's approach and braces itself as Hercules charges. Then, as the Olympian approaches, the Android lowers it's arms as if welcoming the impact.

Just about any one else but Hercules would see that this Andriod has some sort of plan and would alter their attack, however this is Hercules and he welcomes a battle so he is not going to make any changes to his attack plan. When Hercules gets close to the Andriod he does not hold back when he strikes it with his fist, "Have at thee Robot!"

SYS: Hercules rolls a fighting FEAT. Result: 43 -- Green


Hercules' blow sends the android flying backwards, through a bench which smashes to pieces and into the trunk of an old tree which splinters but manages to hold. Leaves fall and float slowly to land on and around the insensate Android from the impact, a strange contrast with the sudden motion of a moment before.

Even Namor looks impressed at the effects of Hercules' blow. "Well done, Olympian!" he calls out encouragingly. "You defeated it almost as quickly as I." As I -would- have -this- time, he adds silently to himself. Then the Atlantean seems to remember something, and turns to check if the mother and her two kids are all right. They are, and the two kids are staring at Hercules in obvious hero-worship.

Hercules gives Namor a thumbs up, "It was a team effort, you took care of the most important matter making sure the mother and children were safe." Hercules gives the kids a small smile, "And you two were very brave." Hercules does keep an eye on the Awesome Andriod to make sure it stays down and it is not repairing itself.

SYS: Hercules rolls an intuition FEAT. Result: 1 -- Blue

The attention Hercules pays to the Android is sadly not rewarded. He misses a slight shifting of the construct's thick grey 'skin'...it seems to grow rougher and more detailed, then smoothes out again to it's previous leathery texture.

But soon enough the authorities arrive to cart the thing's still-unresponsive body away. Namor gives the briefest of statements to one of them, then returns to speak with Hercules again. "Hopefully that is the last we shall see of that misbegotten creature...although I have probably said as much more than once before."

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