Herc vs Bar - DRINK!

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Herc vs Bar - what more needs to be said?

Scarlet Witch, Hercules

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2013/05/31 23:30

Alphonzo's Bar - Little Italy - NY

Scarlet Witch gets called in to save the bar from Herc, things don't go as planned…

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Hercules hadn't seemed particularly troubled by his stay in CONTINUUM, he'd spent most of his time killing those monsters that lived there and of course finding whatever booze had been available. Now he's returned though, Herc's apparently making up for time not spent in the bars of New York. Currently he's found himself in a bar in little Italy, as is usually his way he's showing off. Demonstrating feats of incredible strength by holding a pool table above his head one handed. However a small group of men laying unconscious in the corner of the bar suggest that Hercules has been spreading his gift as well as impressing his fans. He picks up a pitcher of beer and begins to drain it. Not aware that the owner of the bar's desperate enough to have called the Avengers for help getting Herc home (bar owners of New York know when a Hercules drinking binge needs to be cut short after all).

At that point, in walks the Scarlet Witch. Though she's clad in civilian clothes, the aura of magical power that seems to radiate from her shows that she's not one to be trifled with. She smiles a bit to herself as she sees Hercules lifting the pool table over his head, and ahems, "Hercules, that's not exactly the proper way to play billiards, you know." With that, she walks over towards the rather inebriated god, arching a brow at the display.

Hercules doesn't notice the Scarlet Witch at first. His attention instead focused on a group of patrons who seem genuinely impressed in his feats of strength and the slightly slurred account of one of the monsters he'd slayed most recently, in this case the monster being some kind of cyclops. Wanda's words cause Herc to glance at the table above his head, almost as though he'd forgotten he'd had it held there. He lets out a laugh and for a moment it seems he may simply throw the table away, but instead he places it down no harm done. "Ah, perhaps you would bless us with your company?"

A wry grin at that, "I think, Hercules, you've blessed this bar enough." She arches a brow at that pile of mooks in the corner, and sighs a little bit, "I do think that... well, no, you probably wouldn't be interested." With that, she goes over to the bar and, well, thank goodness Stark has given a lenient bank account for the Avengers to settle Herc's bar tabs.

It turns out that Hercules has paid the tab. Apparently he's once again paying in solid gold coins it woul seem. He offers Scarlet Witch an amused smile. "Hah, I suspect that some of the patrons wouldn't agree. But your company is always welcome." He finishes his pitcher, placing it on the bar. "I am not so drunk that I need games. What is it you think?"

Wanda chuckles, "Well, Jarvis said that he needed someone to try out his dolmadakia recipe, so naturally I thought of you." Her eyebrow raises, ever so slightly, as she looks at Herc, "Games? Moi? Perish the thought."

Shrugging Herc grins. "I know why you're here." He grins to Wanda. "I'll admit I hadn't expected to be asked home quite so soon." He shrugs a shoulder. "Sit and drink with me. We can test Jarvis' skills later... For now I seek the company often found in a tavern."

Wanda smiles, "As long as there's no property damage or fighting... I know, I'm a spoilsport." She raises a hand to the bartender, "Here." She offers the Avengers card again, "An Angry Orchard, if you please. We'll keep things low key going forward. Promise." A smile, at that, as she looks over at Hercules, "Sounds like you need to get something off your chest."

Hercules glances at Wanda. "I have never damaged anyone's property unless it were unavoidable!" Of course Hercules seems to have strange ideas as to when that's the case. "Nor do I offer the gift to anyone without good reason." He smiles faintly as he looks at the Wanda. "But I agree to your terms. And I'll have another pitcher." He shakes his slowly. "I have spent some time away. I had almost come to expect that I was not coming back." He studies Wanda for a moment. "I had made my peace with that, it had battles for me and drink to celebrate." His grin becomes a touch mischivious. "But there were other pleasures the other world lacked. I am glad to be back."

Wanda nods a little, taking her mug of cider with a faint smile, "I know how that goes... imagine my surprise to find out a clone had replaced me and no one seemed the wiser." Her smile fades, "Well, until it destroyed the mansion, killed my husband, and nearly committed genocide." She glances over at Hercules, "I'm not sure what was harder, having that thing do all that in my name, or people actually thinking I could be capable of such acts." With that, she takes a rather hardy swallow of the cider, setting down the mug heavily, "It's why I've kept a low profile the past few years."

Hercules offers a sympathetic look to Wanda. "I know what it is like to have evil deeds done in ones name. I am shamed to think that I couldn't tell such a clone from you." He tips the pitcher back taking a long chug. "As I said, I had thought I was going to spend the rest of time in that place." He shrugs as studies Wanda. "I'm glad to be back." He reaches up to try and rest a hand on Wanda's shoulder. "Don't punish yourself for our foolishness. Embrace life." He offers a wide grin as he pours the pitcher back again. "I've found it helps much more than worrying."

A wry look is given to Herc, even as he puts his hand on her shoulder, "I have been. I was out of action for long enough, and now... well, with Norman out of the way and things back to normal, I feel like I've got a chance to redeem myself for things done in my own name." She raises her mug of cider to Hercules, "Cheers." With that, she finishes the draught and asks for another... and probably making the bartender wonder if there's a third Avenger he could call for help from.

Shrugging Herc smiles brightly to Wanda. "Ah, redemption is a tricky road. I've tried many different ways down that path." He finishes off his pitcher. He removes a few coins from his purse, handing them over to the barman for another round. "Unfortunately I fear I have a habit of doing more things that require redemption." His grin's roguish at that. "Still, I am what my nature makes me."

Wanda wobbles a little, as she is not nearly up to deity status, and well... drinking that much hard cider can get you into a bit of trouble when you're as slight as she is, "Well, now, I think that nature can be changed... I mean, I'm not with my father or anything, I'm my own person." She hms, and pauses, as if that argument was making more sense in her head, then she looks at Herc, "I don't think I need redemption... /I/ didn't do those things. I just... it feels like I did, sometimes."

Hercules laughs at the comments on nature. "I think it's the same for all the gods. We are what our natures make us. I make my choices, I do what I believe is right. But I do not choose my nature. Nor can I ever change it. I am who I am and I always will be." He lets out a deep, warm chuckle. "Of course, I'm more than happy with who I am."
Wanda grins a bit, perhaps a bit too much, as she sips at her cider, "Well, I'm happier with who I am than I have been in a long time. For too long I let other people define who and what I was. Now I'm defining it for myself." She nods, the motion a little exaggerated, as she sets down the mug again

"I am glad. You should be happy with who you are." Hercules shrugs a shoulder. "You are as fine a comrade and friend as anyone could ask for." He shrugs a little as he looks at Wanda. "And unlike Captain America and the others you don't act like some disapproving nursemaid just because I've been enjoying myself." By now the recipients of Herc's most recent gift of battle have of course come to and snuck away, not that he'd see anything wrong with knocking out a few people in a bar.

Wanda laughs a little, "The daughter of Magneto..." She says the terms with a bit too much sarcastic drama, then stifles a giggle, "Well, I suspect your father and mine would have a bit too much in common, and let's leave it at that."

Shrugging Hercules looks at Wanda. "My father has done many things, both good and bad. His death has stung me many times." He shakes his head. "But I believe that what he did was necessary." He chuckles as he looks at Wanda. "But either way, we are not defined by who our fathers are."

Wanda nods, "Indeed. Our fathers do not define us, they merely set the stage. And I didn't even know him as my father when I was with him in the Brotherhood." She smiles a little, looking at her cider, "I better stop, otherwise I might turn a random passerby into a toad or something."

Herc frowns thoughtfully as he looks at Wanda. "Are your powers really that uncontrolled? I am surprised alcohol would have that much of an effect." He shrugs a shoulder as he finishes his pitcher. "Usually people are more worried about the doors they may open when drunk than what foolish things they may do."

Wanda laughs a little, giving Herc a sly look, "The powers, no. Strange taught me a lot about controlling my magic. But, now, who I decide to /target/ is another story." She winks, then finishes off the second mug of the cider.

Laughing Hercules shrugs a shoulder. "Then the question is why would you want to target anyone here?" It seems Herc's actually being a touch thoughtful, rather than simply hitting someone and bragging... Quite a change from his usual drinking sessions. "I doubt being drunk makes people different, it just stops them from... keeping themselves in check." He arches an eyebrow as he studies Wanda. "This is the second time you've suggested you might turn someone into something when I was around... I'm starting to think you secretly want to turn me into an animal of some kind."

Wanda snickers, "Well, isn't that a Greek thing? I mean, the legends of Circe and all that, turning men into animals of some kind or another?" She tilts her head, swaying a bit in her stool as she shakes her head, leaning a little heavily on the bar as she looks at Herc, "Besides, I think you're fine as is." Her hand weaves out, eventually poking Herc lightly in the bicep.

Nodding Hercules frowns a little. "Sersi can be more than a touch... Playful it's true." Hercules grins at the compliment. "I like to think I'm at least suitable as I am." He offers a wide grin to Wanda. "I am after all the Lion of Olympus, not a title given to just anyone."

Wanda hmms, "Well, a lion..." She makes a little wiggling motion with her fingers that actually causes the bartender and the few remaining patrons to duck for cover, before she laughs, "Okay, I think I had a bit too much to drink."

Hercules lets out an annoyed sound at the response from the crowd. "Bah, you cower because my friend waves her hand? She intends no one any harm." He looks at Wanda. "I much prefer the title being figurative." He does however rise from his seat offering Wanda an arm. "I like seeing you letting yourself relax. You keep too tight a hold on yourself... One day it will slip." Of course, Herc thinks that of most people. "But if it is your wish I will return with you to the mansion as I promised."

Wanda gets up, leaning a bit more than she normally would against Herc, "I... whoops, okay, I'm upright. Hey, I wonder if Jarvis is still awake with those, er... um, dodecahedrons or whatever they were." She grins a bit, "They did sound interesting."

Grinning Herc shrugs a shoulder. "If not I'm sure we can arrange something." He's making sure that he's got a good hold on Wanda, she's not going to fall if he's got anything to say about it. "You should certainly drink more often. It seems to have relaxed you a great deal. And you don't seem inclined to turn anyone into anything." He sounds almost teasing.

Wanda hmphs, "I can turn anyone into anything! I was trained by Doctor Strange the past two years!" She wobbles a bit, but well, being held up by Herc means that he's probably mostly carrying her at this point. Back to the Tower it is!

Hercules is more than a little drunk himself... He may be handling it in a less obvious way than Wanda, but there is a staggering procession to the door. Of course, Hercules has plenty of experience at leaving a bar very drunk, often with women. There's just a ghost of a smile as Herc looks down at Wanda. "And I can tear down buildings without effort. That doesn't mean I choose to do so." He seems on the verge of lifting Wanda from her feet and literally carrying her, but so far he restrains himself. "The question is why would you want to turn anyone into anything other than what they are?"

Wanda hrms, "Well, I wouldn't, really, but..." She pauses, and gives Herc a dirty look, wrinkling her nose at him, "No fair asking me these things when I'm drunk. That's cheating!"

Shrugging a shoulder Hercules looks down at Wanda. "You ask me questions when I'm drunk all the time." He offers a wide grin to Wanda. "And /I'm/ drunk as well. I just know better than to worry about things enough for them to phase me."

Wanda looks like she's about to respond, but then her eyes cross a bit as her brain tries to process Herc-logic. Not exactly the wisest thing to do even when sober, "But it's hard to catch you when you're sober! I'm always sober! Unless I'm drunk. Like now. Yes."

Laughing Hercules nods. "This is all true, but why shouldn't I ask you these questions when you're drunk?" He smiles faintly as they walk back home. "After all, I'm asking you about something you implied while drunk." He offers her his most charming of grins as he looks down at her. "I'd like to know that you're not feeling the urge to turn me into a pig."

Wanda ahas, "I knew it! Everyone's afraid I'll turn them into something, all because of some stupid clone!" She hmphs, looking insulted, "Stupid hussy anyway, sleeping around, making everyone think she was me, and then she tries to blow everything up!" She looks up at the tower, blinking a bit as it gradually gets closer, "I miss the mansion. I mean, this is nice, but I kinda preferred it the old way."

Herc shakes his head as he looks down at Wanda, as usual there's a certain honest confidence to his words. "I was joking. I have no fear at all that you'd turn me into anything." He shrugs a shoulder as he looks at the woman. "I trust you completely." He shrugs a shoulder his expression becoming a touch darker. "I know what it's like to watch everything collapse around you." He shakes his head slowly, his grin quickly returning. "I also know that you can learn to live with what happened and move on." Of course, he's had three thousand years to get over his major issues.

Wanda smiles up, "Thanks. Nice to know someone does." She leans on Herc, chuckling a bit, "Oh, I'm pretty well off, I think. Though my life is decidedly strange, I suppose, and I have no idea what Vizh thinks of me now. I mean, right after we renew our vows... I get kidnapped, my clone explodes him, and now I'm back and... well..." She shrugs a little, "I thought it was confusing the last time, now it's even worse."

Shrugging Hercules smiles. "Bah! I've never been good with these kinds of conversations. But I would think he'd be glad to have someone he loved back." He smiles faintly. "You did nothing wrong after all."

Wanda sighs, "I know I didn't but... how can it feel, to know that my face was what he saw, destroying him. Hell, when I think of what that clone did to Steve..." She winces, "As I said, there's a reason I stayed away as long as I did."

Hercules sighs as he studies Wanda. "Have you ever heard my story?" He speaks with in an uncharateristically somber fashion. "I have spent three thousand years haunted by my actions. In recent years I was sent to my Uncle Hades domain to retrieve the gift of a flower from my wifes hair." He shakes his head. "I am not a man given to fear or to worry, but confronting my wife scared me. Yet what I learnt was that my wife had forgiven me. I simply had to be willing to do the same."

Wanda nods slightly, "So yes, maybe I should just talk to Vision... I know I've been avoiding him a bit, which isn't fair. I should talk to him, now that he's back, and see where he stands." A slight smile, "After that, well, who knows."

Nodding Hercules laughs as they approach the tower. "I think that is a good idea. But it should wait until tomorrow. Tonight you should sleep." It's a rare situation for Hercules to be helping couples get back together... Usually he's breaking them up.

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