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Herc & Namor, role models

Hercules, Namor, Blindfold

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East River

After defeating the Awesome Android, Hercules and Namor take time to speak with Blindfold

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-----==[ East River - New York ]==--------------------------------------------

The East River is filled with much water traffic. From large cargo ships or luxury liners, to small water craft like sailboats and skiboats. The river itself is not safe to swim within and far from sanitary. However, it's all the city's got and they're proud of it. The waters run high and deep throughout. The river runs between the east side of Manhattan Island to the west and Brooklyn/Queens/Bronx to the east. Many bridges pass over the river, the one of most interest would be the Brooklyn Bridge on it's southern most aspect. Further to the south, New York Harbor rests.

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Blindfold has arrived.

Hercules nods his head "If the Awesome Andriod has any logic circuits it will know it can not challenge us with out a seriouse upgrade. I am thinking it will be worthy of the gift when it becomes Awesome Andriod 2.0."

Blindfold came around tapping her cane lightly from around the bend "Hello? I'm sorry, excuse me, I heard the commotion, thought all the crazy robots threats were over with?"

Hercules looks to Blindfold and says, "Sadly there shall always be robot threats. Fear not when there is danger, the Avengers shall respond and deal with it. With the threat dealt with and defeated is there a way we can assist you? Fortune has smiled upon you for you find yourself not just amongst Avengers but royalty as well. I am Hercules the Prince of Power and with me is Prince Namor."

One of the police officers drives up and says "I am sorry but we are going need a more detailed statement." Namor now steps aside to give the police further details of what happened.

Blindfold tilts her head at Hercules as she smiles politely "I came when I heard the commotion. No, thank you, I am alright and yes thank you Alcaeus. I'm Ruth, it's nice to meet you" turning her head toward Namor with a wave of her hand as he walks off to the side with the officer to give more details.

Hercules says with a slightly confused voice "Ruth why would you run towards the commotion? Where there is commotion there is often danger, you are not some type of thrill seeker are you? Myself and Namor have abilities to help us deal with danger."

Blindfold shrugs with a shy smile "Someone once said that some people run from a burning building and others run into it. I guess Alcaeus, I'm just the kind of person that runs toward the fire. Yes I'm sorry, even a person without powers can help though right? That's all I want to do, just help"

Hercules nods his head, "Of course a person with out powers can help, however these people have training to help them with deal with the situation. If you have no training nor abilities then sooner or later you are going to get yourself hurt or worst killed." He gives her a small smile then says, "I noticed you called me Alcaues earlier, are you of Greek descent or did your parents tell you of my deeds?"

Blindfold smiles "Well, I hope I live to be old but those that run intothe burning building don't think about their own safety but rather the safety of others, thank you yes." then shakes her head "Sorry, no, I am not greek to my knowledge least my Aunt hasn't told me I am though I haven't asked her my ancestral nationality and I'm afraid aside from the news I haven't heard much of you. Is it not public knowledge your name? Forgive me, I apologize if you don't wish me to call you by that name"

Hercules shrugs, "Ares seems to love calling me by that name, I think it pleases him to remind me of what his mother has done to me in the past." He then waves a hand, "If you wish to call me that, so be it, you do so with no malice. I must ask if you have not heard of me, then how do you know to call me by the first name that was given to me?"

Blindfold frowns "That is a cruel and mean thing to do to someone, I am sorry Ares takes such pleasure in such an awful use of your given name, yes." then grins shyly with a shrug of her shoulders "Luckily, no I have never met Ares nor Loki though I have met Enchantress. I see better then most, yes, I know it's confusing, I must have picked it up from somewhere" which was the truth if mabiguous and vague.

Hercules grins then says "It is the best that Ares can do to harm me after all both he and I know that I am the champion of Mount Olympus not him. He is on the outside trying to look in and all he can see is me." He chuckles then says, "You have met the Enchantress and you can see better then most despite the cloth that covers your eyes? Is there something you are not telling me, I am thinking perhaps you do have a great ability of some type?"

Blindfold smiles "I wasn't searching for the Enchantress, and no I'm sorry, she wasn't looking for me either. I just use my other senses, that most people don't rely so much on that's all, thank you yes. You've fought Ares? I'm sorry forgive me for my curiosity but is Ares Asgaurdian or greek like yourself?"

Namor walks back, looking both relieved and weary at the same time. "Now I remember why being King was sometimes more work than pleasure." He gives Ruth a bemused look. "Hello. Again," he adds the last word with a slight smirk.

Hercules shakes his head, "I have beaten Ares in the past, would hardly call it a fight when I did. I have brought this up to Ares himself recently and he told me he was not truly trying when I defeated him." He then shrugs, "Given whom his parents are he might not have been lying to me then, which would be one of the rare times he has told the truth to me. Ares is an Olympian like I am, the greeks amongst many others were the people that worshipped us in the past." He looks over to Namor, "Again? You two know of each other?"

Blindfold turns her head toward Namor with a warm smile "Hello Namor, it is good to meet you again. Running a kingdom is alot of oversight and paper signing, as much logistics involved as social politics from what I have read and heard from various media, yes, sorry I'm afraid I don't know first hand no" then tilts her head back to Hercules "Ahh thank you for ethe clarification, yes my apologies for the confusion. Sadly I'm afraid human history that I've learned so far only glossed breifly over the ancient myths, norse and greek got blended together as much as irish, welsh and scotch myths were lumped in under celtic. Perhaps someday when you are in a weakened state ares will look for a rematch of that fight with you, who knows though" not her. Then she nodded "We have met once or twice, yes thank you. It is why I come to this park, always something knew but a good chance of meeting people again"

Namor nods in agreement. "Our paths do seem to cross quite often. Perhaps they will continue to do so if Ms. Marvel's new Initiative moves forward." He glances at Hercules and then elaborates, "Blindfold is from Xavier's school. Apparently she can foresee the future..." he turns his gaze back to Ruth. "And read minds."

Hercules nods his head, "Not to mention the accuracy of human history is off. I have seen many documentaries in 3-D. The documentary called the Wrath of the Titans was off in so many areas I had to view it as a comedy in order to enjoy it." He then looks to Namor, "Ah so she does have powers now things are making more sense."

Blindfold blushes as the secret was out "I'm sorry, forgive me but to clarify I tend to pick thoughts up that are broadcast, though I can do some poking around. If you don't mind, please, may I inquire about Ms Marvel's Initiative?" having an idea but still ms marvel was a relatively new term to ruth for Jean "I see the past and the future, yes sorry my apologies Alcaeus. Though...forgive if I'm wrong but I thought Wrath of the titans was a fictional movie? I could be wrong some of the experience gets lost when you pause a movie multiple times to get a description of what happens on the screen that you can't see"

Namor gives Blindfold a surprised look, but then seems to consider. "You do not know about the Initiative? Perhaps it hasn't been explained to you yet. I'm afraid it's not my place to tell you, Grey and the others will do so...or they will keep their own counsel," he adds off-handedly. "You are correct, Wrath of the Titans is a fictional movie. But Hercules is right that it is a poor one, if I remember my cousin Namorita's review."

Hercules shrugs then says to Blindfold, "Not to mention you lose something not seeing it in 3-D. I do understand that many of the movie documentaries are going to be inaccurate for a god like myself, afterall I was there while the people that wrote the documentaries were not." He then looks to Namor, "Well it is not pure fiction, Cronos is my grandfather and the father of Zeus after my father defeated him he was placed in the underworld."

Blindfold tilts her head toward Namor "I have heard some thinking of a certain venture in combination with the Avengers but I'm sorry, no, it was more your name for Miss Grey that threw me and I was not sure if what I had heard people thinking about was what you were referring to, my apologies Namor" then grins to Hercules "Much is lost for me when it comes to tv or movies" her grin seeming somewhat amused as though she were making a joke. "Our myths are based less on history and more on fairy tale legends and stories passed down. Our myths are just that, thought up legends and stories I'm afraid, sorry, my apologies. Though when people first met you it must have created quite a stir that the myths of old wren't completely wrong, though I'm a bit surprised there's been no offort to rectify the discrepencies"

Namor narrows his eyes in thought, then laughs. "Ah, that is Ms. Marvel, the leader of the Avengers...Grey's war name is also Marvel, isn't it?" He rubs his chin in thought. Then he makes a slow slashing motion with one hand. "Best to stop discussing it altogether."

Hercules takes a moment to think back then says, "A little stir, there are many that do not believe I am thee Hercules the Lion of Olympus. Some think I am I a powered up mortal that took his name. I have had more then one person say to me that they believe I am Hercules but that I am not a god, there is only one god and I am not he." Hercules does not often bring this up but if it will help distract Blindfold from a subject Namor wishes not to talk about any more it is his hope that this other topic can help. He takes in a a breath then says "I let people believe what they want to believe about me, it will not encourage or stop me from protecting humanity and spending quality times with the wenches after to celebrate."

Blindfold clears her throat nervously as she scuffed her foot a bit and fidgeted with her cane evidently uncomfortable with the present subject. Then smiles to Hercules grateful for the distraction "There was a time when the eropeans were hailed as gods simply because they rode horses, something unseen or thought of by the ancient native peoples at the time. Yes thank you, it was because they were far more advanced then the natives and had developed the technology of taming horses and riding, the tack, the breeding and so forth. the natives beleived the europeans being pale of skin must be gods who could control animals to be able to ride upon their backs. they even thought the europeans were much like centaurs, body of a horse and torso of a man" then blushes sheepishly "Sorry, my apologies, I talk too much sometimes.."

Namor nods in approval and (grudging) gratitude as Hercules provides topics of conversation other than the possibly secret Initiative. Then he listens to Blindfold go on, finally holding up hand to wave off the apology. "Not at all...it's not often someone can match the great Hercules in oration." Backhanded compliment for Blindfold or underhanded dig at Hercules? No reason it can't be both. "Surface dwellers - and even those who live beneath the waves, if I am honest - seek ever to explain things in terms they can understand. Even when the truth is outside of their comprehension." He turns his regal gaze on Blindfold again. "Your own gifts undoubtedly mystify others."

Hercules nods "I believe it has been said that magic is simply science that is not understood yet. So who knows just what mortal society will be capable of in the near future." He now looks to Blindfold, "And it sounds to me as though you are already capable of many things, to be able to know of the future and the past is a great gift."

Blindfold smiles not sure how to take the odd compliment from Namor but her cheeks blush slightly "We humans and mutants have always sought to understand the world we live in, or the universe for that matter, as though understanding it in our own terms would make it any less daunting or awe inspiring, or any less of a big scary expanse of existance. As though somehow we could know all that it held and have nothing to fear then" but she shakes her head softly "I don't know about mystifying, most people treat me like a black cat on halloween on firday the thirteenth when they realize what I can do. It's far easier I'm afraid, for people to accept that I simply read their mind and went prying into their head for information then to try and wrap their head around the idea that I see the past and the future. I think somehow they think if it has to do with reading their minds they have more control but time...they feel they have no control, no protection, there's more to fear more of the unknown for them. Sides, my apologies, I'm afraid no one likes bad news and that is usually what I have to impart. Most people would rather not know of bad things to come and be surprised when it happens"

Namor's expression clouds over slightly as he listens, but then he nods. "Then perhaps you should stop telling people what they don't want to hear," he suggests easily. "But another question comes to mind...how long have you been at this school? Who are your fellow students?"

Hercules chuckles, "I have no great problems with a mind reader reading my mind. Just make sure not to do so when any lovely wenches are about, when they are I tend to have some very graphic thoughts." Hercules now starts to think about the time he believe he saw Jean Grey in a club wearing slightly revealing clothing. He has a big smile on his face at the thought then refocuses himself to say, "Now a mind controller I could have issues with." He then looks to Namor, "Just as there were something we should have not mention earlier perhaps asking whom her fellow students are is something we should not know about till those students want us to know of them? It might not be her place to tell us."

Blindfold blushes unwittingly a bright shade and fidgets with her cane "I'm sorry, my apologies, please forgive me" taking his advice as a chastising. "Is...there somewhere...private we could talk instead, perhaps, please?"

Namor nods slowly, glancing around the area. Finally he spots a mid-sized boat with a large deck area that seems to be moored at a small pier further down the river. "There. I know the owner of that sea vessel...he will allow us to use his craft for as long as we wish."

Hercules shakes his head, "Sadly Ruth I can't stay and chat." He looks to Namor, "I need to get ready for a meeting with She-Hulk about a court case." He then gives Namor a wink, "Amongst other things." He looks back to Blindfold, "It was nice to meet you Ruth, am sure we shall meet again."

Blindfold nods with a smile to Hercules "I am sure we will meet again yes, thank you, it was nice speaking with you" then turned to Namor "Would you lead the way please if you wouldn't mind terribly?"

Namor does indeed lead the way, taking Blindfold carefully by the arms and flying her over the water to the boat itself rather than waiting for a boarding ramp. A quick discussion with the owner sees the man taking a tiny motorboat back up the river for a suddenly-remembered errand, leaving the boat to the two super-beings. "Now then," Namor continues. "Where were we?"

Hercules waves to Namor and Blindfold when they fly off then makes his way home.

Hercules has left.

Blindfold was a bit surprised at the flying as it took most of her sensory perception away but soon found her footing on the boat and began looking for the cabin...they were toward the middle of boats right? least that's what she remembered. Soon Ruth was opening a door, hopefully the right one but she couldn't tell "Let's talk inside, if you don't mind, please thank you"

Namor nods slowly then walks inside, glancing around without interest at the tasteful (and expensive) interior.

Blindfold folds her cane up into its sections, and uses both hands to give herself stability on the steps into the cabin, then closed the doors. "Sorry, my apologies about things, it's just that...well there are secrets that are best kept private. I couldn't answer alot outside. May I ask if you don't mind, what you know of xaviers?"

Namor's eyebrow quirks up. "It is where the original X-Men were taught to use their powers, and to fight the enemies of Xavier." he replies confidently. Very confidently, as if speaking from experience and not just hearing the stories. "And later became a school where other mutants are taught to control their powers."

Blindfold smiles quickly finding a seat to sit down, darn rocking boats "From what I have picked up, yes, thank you. However that isn't publicly known and shouldn't be public knowledge I'm afraid, my apologies. Thus the secret, xaviers also teaches his dream to fight for and strive toward a day f tolerance when humans and mutants can live together in peace. Obviously as you can imagine there are those who think it foolish and wish to use their powers to rule by force. Thankfully many of the xmen are teachers at xaviers as you know. Far as the public knows though xaviers is an elit prep boarding school for the rich and exceptionaly talented, not a school for mutants and certainly not a school taught by mutants, I'm afraid sorry my apologies. It's not always easy to keep this secret but the secret nature of the school must be kept. Additionally, just as xaviers is backed by the xmen, there is a school in massachussettes that is back by the hellfire club, thus nearly pitting the two school against each other though we xavier students have simply been told to steer clear of Selene and Emma. So while it is not outing the secret to say I go to school at xaviers, if I were to say I was a mutant with powers who went there or to say where the school was located, that would have very drastic consequences I'm afraid yes. It's likely why you received such a cold welcome from Jean when you arrived at the mansion, there is quite a security defense grid set up and she is very protective. A non-x-personel randomly arriving unaanounced created quite an alarm with her, avenger or not. You also asked about her codename, and yes, that's right she does have a war name with marvel in it, Marvel Girl. Please forgive me I'm sorry if at times I wonder if you're speaking of Miss Grey when you say Ms Marvel, the two names are quite similar"

Namor digests all of that, then finally nods. "I will try to be more...discreet in the future. Though none would have witnessed my visits to the home of Xavier unless they already knew enough of the truth to watch for me." He considers, then finally adds, "And Ms. Marvel is one of the Avengers...I believe she is also familiar with the X-Men, and the institute. Marvel is a common name among heroes, it seems." Namor glances at the window, judging the time. "I must return to Avengers Mansion...goodbye Blindfold. We will no doubt meet again."

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