Hellions Training Day

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Hellions Training

Armand, Empath, Sebastian Shaw, Skids, and Takara

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06/13/12 22:27

Training Center - Hellions Complex - Massachusetts Academy

Shaw and Sally train Armand and Takara, but it is really Empath who is running things behind the scenes.

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The training facilty has just had a few recent upgrades over the past few weeks, as technology developed for installation in Mark V Sentinels has now been integrated into the room.

Aside from the students and faculy, no fewer than ten of the club guards are present, their eerie, doll-like masks in place on the 8 on the floor, with the 4 up in the control booth having their faces bare.

Standing beneath the window is The Black King, wearing a set of close-fitted pants and boots with athletic-grip soles, hair tied back, he wears nothing else. A huge metal plate is sliding back into the wallspace where it is fitted, a few dents in the metal...it seems Shaw has pre-loaded today...

White fingerless gloves, a white sports bra, and white workout pants. Sneakers. It's a simple workout outfit for Sally as she enters the training room. She's stretching her arms out some as she steps closer and closer to Shaw. Comming to a stop about 5 feet away, directly infront of him.

This isn't the first time Takara has been in here prior to the upgrades, it is interesting to see the place got some new toys for practise with. She enters next at normal height, finishing tieing back her long hair as she continues into the room, wearing the Hellion's uniform. Takara comes to a halt about ten feet from Shaw, warming up.

This...is the first time Armand has even heard of something like this. Does he know why he's here? Not really. Is he on guard? Yes. But after spending his morning crying into a pillow and taking time eating like a little rabbit for a while, he's here. He wears a pair of black sweat pants and a black tank-top, his hair pulled back out of his face with a simple black tie as he looks around with wide eyes.
Having a seat in the Observation Booth, Manuel de la Rocha watches. Having experienced this room with his friends, long gone. Dressed in his old Hellions uniform, of purple and pink bodysuit. As the new Hellions train against Shaw. A grin appears on his face. “Perhaps, it is time
I train too.”

Sebastian's tone is clear and commanding as he speaks to the students, "Today, we're going to perform a training exercise. It's basic goal is simple..." with that, the man's lips pull up into a grin, "Don't die." he lets that sink in for a moment, linking his hands behind his back, "Now, we're not genuinely going to try and kill you, but we'll know when such a result would have been reached." He turns, walking in front of the students as the guards start heading for the back of the room, 4 are holding paintball guns, "Most fights happen far faster than most people imagine. This exercise is set for five minutes. You'll be amazed how -long- that seems to be."

He pauses, turning back to look at the students, arms coming forward...he's simply huge compared to both of them, "You, against me, with the guards providing...'flavour'."

Takara already seems a little hesistant to try hit Mr Shaw, that is until she catches sight of the bent plate nearby to him, "Yes sir." She takes a moment to look at where the guards are lining up, then over to Armand with a slight smirk, "I will not lie, those things sting Armand." Takara decides to start out at normal size as she takes a deep breath.

Armand's mouth drops open as he stares at Sebastian for a few moments and then he tentatively moves a hand to tug the ties out of his hair, letting those dark brown locks fall free to his lower back. His brow furrows with a hint of confusion as he looks to the guards and then back to Sebastian and then he looks back to Takara as she speaks and he looks down to his simple sneakers and looks back up and then towards the ceiling, crossing himself and murmuring a soft prayer in French.

Grinning wickedly, Manuel eyes each participant and points a finger each of them and makes an emotional suggestion. The three he is observing seemingly disappear in place of seeing the mutants, he sees them all as blank canvases with which he can paint and manipulate anyway he chooses. The smirk on his face widens as he points first to Takara. He can sense the girl’s reticence to hit Shaw. But with a tug on his emotional palette, that reticence is gone as she focuses on Shaw and feels nothing more than wanting to strike him. . .hard. . .

Shaw steps back, and the room's walls begin to hum and make mechanical sounds...ever play that new game...Portal 2? It's like that, floorplates being shoved forward, several small 'hills' arise in the floor...the four guards with guns take cover behind a low wall that rises up in front of them...the remaining 4 head up to the booth to watch the fun.

Shaw's huge arms come up, and his expression grows fearsomely predatory. One hand comes forward, open, and waves the children to him, "Come on, then."

Takara's urge to hit the man grows, the uniform and her expanding as growth powers kicks in. The young giantess cocking her arm back as she tries to use the momentium in her strike. By the time she has reached half of her maximum height, the larger fist is heading square for Shaw's chest.

"Oh yes, Armand, you will being safe here...Oh yes, Armand...this will be a good place..." Armand mutters under his breath as stuff in the room begins to change and shift and the Shaw's arms go up...the little baker's hair fades from its dark brown to a jetblack shade in his nervousness and he takes a few steps back, letting his hair grow longer past his butt down to his ankles. No combat training...no combat experience, he's just looking around warily.

The manipulation on Takara will last throughout the training session. Focusing on the four guards within the training center, Empath enforces the same manipulation onto the guards that he placed on Takara. “My Hellions must feel that this is unfair. I can feel they are afraid. So a little help is always useful.” The guards may suddenly feel the need to turn against Shaw. And then Manuel turns to Armand with a bit of a grin.

It's the most bizarre sensation Takara experiences...all of the 'oomph' just goes out of her blow upon impact, it's like hitting a mattress, the force is just sucked away. It doesn't even rebound into her huge fist or strain her arm by stopping it. Shaw's body doesn't even -move-...until his arms come up, gripping for the sides of her fist, "My own power is very unusual...unique as far as I know." he says, "Kinetic energy only empowers me...you'd better change your tactics. Head-on, I'll destroy you." he notes. Meanwhile, the guards. who were sighting down the paintball rifles' iron sights, start shifting their aim a bit...

Oh bloody...heck. Armand turns to see Takara attacking Shaw so he turns his attention to the guards, eyeing the guns and the like and they might be behind cover but he edges closer and then a little closer and he stands on his tip toes and then drops...into the splits as his hair grows longer, tendrils reaching towards the first...paintball gun that glints in the light to attempt to wrap around the barrel and reflexively yank.

Takara is surprised for a moment, doesn't last long as the manipulation of emotion continues, "Don't have to out muscle you." Her enlarging girl's fist doesn't move in time to stop it being gripped. She tries to use this, trying to pick up Shaw and fling him at the guards.

Looking at Armand, Manuel mumbles in Spanish, <So Loki thinks himself high enough to stop me from protecting my own kind. My own Hellions. I think not. Let’s see how he likes this!> Staring at Armand, <Little boy, you will learn. Loki has nothing on me!> He stares at Armand, almost through Armand looking past hair, flesh, and bone. Seeing the blank canvas, Manuel opts for a much more subtle approach with Armand scared and busy dealing with the guards, Manuel smirks and whispers, <Hate. Fear. Disgust. . .for Loki! Feel about him, the way I do!> The manipulative suggestion placed and reinforced as Manuel all but ignores what is going on in the training center as he firmly plants this suggestion in Armand.

The tactic works...Shaw's grip is maintained as Takara flings him away, but he's faster now, too, fast enough to start loosening his grip. He won't make the guards...but as he strikes the floor his powers create yet another bizarre result. He -stops-. He doesn't roll, he doesn't flip end-over-end. He hits the floor and -stops-. The interplay between absorbtion and release is subtle and strange. He is on his feet in a moment, still grinning, "-That's- the spirit!" he calls.

The guards though, wavered for a moment, then swept their aim from Armand, not seeing him as a direct threat...and papper Shaw's back with paintballs...but they don't burst...there is a series of rattling *tacs* as they simply roll onto the floor off his his huge back and shoulders.

Takara should be glad that that only one person in this room understands Japanese, given the short cuss that follows, "<<Oh hell, this isn't going to end well.>>" The emotional as the desire to hit Shaw is very strong, her own protectiveness is trying to assert itself. Takara stays back and holds her fists up, she might be mad, but she does let in make her stupid for now.

Okay, hair tactics not that important so the hair is retracted back to the ankle length as he slips out of the splits and kips back up to his feet. Armand looks around with a soft sigh, looking between Takara and Shaw with a thoughtful expression before blinking and then blinking again, his usual thoughts and feelings towards certain individuals shifting into something darker, twisting into something unfamiliar and the experience is familiar but in the back of his mind and he just places his hands on his hips, brow furrowing as he looks back to watch the conflict.

Empath continues to watch from the Observation Booth. With his manipulations done, content in the fact that no one (at least his fellow Hellions of the guards) will have any idea what was done. He simply smiles and watches and then turns curiously to Sally. He has not yet attempted anything on her and ponders if he should or shouldn't, she is hsi royal counterpart. . .Dare he?

The Black King hunkers down for a moment, like a track-star about to take off from the starting line, or a linebacker about to blow a hole in an opposing line...and goes...at this point, he's easily twice as fast as any human can be, like an oncoming car, he aims his run for Takara's left shin, it's like a leg-sweep, just on a much grander scale.

Circling amongst the outer edges of the mellee. The weeakest of them. She shakes her head and shifts, her weight, the golden-yellow field around her, protecting her, she slides and glides along towards Armand, and the guard he's with. She stops between the two, and the field around her drops as she's already reaching out to grab said guard by his uniform, and if she's able, twist her body sharply for an over the hip throw.

The fall Takara takes is on a large scale as well, a fast and strong attack taking her left leg out from under her. A near ton of weight falls as she rolls away from her team mates for the exercise, to limit the damage the thud would do. TK rises back to a kneel as she eyes Shaw, temper squishing her protectiveness. She tries to grab Shaw again, this time trying to pick him up and dangle him off the ground. Some thought shown in trying to keep Shaw away from her team mates.

"...what the hell is the purpose..." Armand has to take a couple of steps backwards when Sally makes an appearance...with a force-field looking thing and she's grabbing folks and hip-tossing. It's reflex really. "Merci...Mademoiselle..." And then he's back to scanning the room/area for any semblance of an exit, taking deep breaths and just turning in a small circle.

The Black King notes the change in tactics, it's one that's been tried before, but it's not bad...the guards have stopped firing at Shaw, as that would encompass Takara in the field of fire...although one, in particular, is taking very careful aim...

As Sebastian is snatched up by a girl nearly 4 times his height. he allows it, still speaking, "Better...but you've forgotten one thing applicable in any fight-" and he reaches out and grabs her thumb with both hands...and -wrenches-, not enough to dislocate, but it's going to hurt. "Touching means -being- touched."

Sally turns, looking at Armand, "Fight! It's what you're here for. Control. Use your power!" she near yells at him. "Do something." she says as she reaches to grab Armand.

Takara will have plenty of little splatter marks on her uniform by the end of this exercise, more focused on Shaw because of her temper being played with. She yelps when her thumb is messed with, but to her credit, she mantains her grip as best as she can, "Didn't forget, but you have to expend alot of energy to hurt me like that." Takara is tearing up, instead trying to throw Shaw in the air. Her tatic is becoming clearer, she's trying to run down the clock.

Do Something...Do Something...Armand just eyes Sally warily and allows his hair to fade from the jet-black to a coppery red shade and he arches an eyebrow. "What /power/? You don't even know if I can do anyting!" He does flail a bit before turning back to see the interactions between Takara and Sebastian with both wariness and concern, if he is grabbed, he is grabbed. "Power attracts the corruptible...suspect those who seek it..." He murmurs softly.

"You wouldn't be here if you couldn't do anything!" she hisses, gripping and then twists again, a sharp over the hip throw, with power from start to finish, a slam, as hard as she can, throwing Armand to the ground, unless he gets free or she's stopped, "You are here for a reason, show us that reason!"

Takara throws Shaw towards a wall of the training room, that anger making one huge mistake in giving him a large boost. SHe gets distracted by the guards, restraining herself to just knocking them around instead of making pancakes of them.

WHAM, Armand hits that ground and his hair fades back to dark brown as he cries out softly and then grits his teeth, panting softly and closing his eyes as he replies softly to Sally. "...Mademoiselle...if you figure out the reason why I am here...please to be letting me know." That's all he has to say about that, opening his eyes only to look back towards Takara and Shaw and then he closes his eyes once more, waiting for it to be over. He's gonna bake so much bread...

Again...that strangeness...as Shaw hits the wall he stops...but he -has- managed to get his feet beneath him. Like something out of some savagely bizarre kung-fu movie, he leaps, rocketing away from the wall back towards the giantess's armoured chest, bearing her down to the ground, aiming her towards the others, Sally, the guards...it's going to be quite the tangle and pile-up when she hits.

It's not every day you get to see a giantess being knocked down by a much smaller man. Takara only has enough time to see Shaw coming, putting her arm up in a defensive manner. And yet it makes very little difference to the end result, the large mass of Takara knocked back by a man sized bullet. Sent sliding along the floor and towards the pair, it is indeed going to be a pile up. Reguardless of result, she will be left clutching her chest and having trouble breathing for a while.

"You are a mutant. TYou do things the humans cannot. That is why /You do things the humans cannot. That is why /You / are here!" she near yells. A small sigh as she looks down at Armand. Shakeing her head. It's a good thing. Peripheral vision. Dropping to a kneel a small bubble, yellow golden bubble forms around her and Armand. "Look up. See. -This- is why I am here. -This- is something I can do." She says in a low whisper to Armand.
Chuckling to himself, Manuel shakes his head at the sight of the Takara-caused pile-up and as Shaw stands victorious, apparently over all. Empath cannot help but think back to his first training session with the Hellions where Shaw stood victorious over all of them in a similar fashion. He sighs as his contributions to today’s training will forever remain unknown and yet he did his part and did it well. He exits the Observation Desk and heads to a particular door that will lead him directly to New York City.

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