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Takara, Armand, Emma Frost

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06/11/12 10:00

Headmistress' Office - Massachusetts Academy

Emma gives Takara and Armand punishment for Coney Island Involvement.

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-----==[ Headmistress' Office - Massachusetts Academy ]==---------------------

This room is carpeted in a thick, creamy white carpeting that seems new. The dominant piece of furniture is a large mahogany desk that stands centered near the back wall in front of a large, soft white high-back office chair. The cushions, draperies and paintings are all a softly brilliant white. There are several comfortable chairs near the desk. Bookshelves are placed along the side wall and filled with books and materials most of which center on doctoral themes of behavior and psychology, business and corporate management and some of which seem to be about more esoteric things such as theoretical studies in consciousness. A inlaid computer and recessed phone sits to one side of the desk. On the side wall here is a large pull-open window looking out onto the wide playing field.


Midmorning at the Academy, and Emma Frost finds herself behind a desk she hadn't been expecting to occupy again for a long time, if ever. But, leave someone who isn't a teacher in charge of a school for a few months, and watch what happens. Mr. Murphy seems to have been hard at work since the school reopened, if the voicemail she received last evening from Sebastian Shaw is any indication, and her unannounced arrival early this morning has likely caused a small stir at the school.
Presently, she is awaiting a ten o'clock meeting with two students, thanks to summonses slipped under their dorm room doors early this morning by staff. It promises to be a busy morning, even if both are prompt. If not... it promises to be an even busier day for them both. Few things annoy Emma more than being kept waiting.

Uniform? Check. Armand has taken time to make sure he's wearing his uniform and he's brushed his hair, pulling all of it back in a thick braid down his back and he has his messenger bag for now, knocking tentatively on the door before taking a deep breath and he folds his hands behind his back and he looks thoughtful, this is a first for him indeed.

Being summoned to the Headmistress office rarely bodes well for Takara, second time in her months as a student here. She was early for the meeting, sitting outside the office wearing a long sleeved uniform to cover up the healing marks of restraints around her wrists. Takara heard the rumors of who she is meeting as she accompanies Armand to the door, exterior is calm while the stress could be felt a mile away.

"Come in," Emma says as she overhears the knock at the door. She stares at the door with a gaze that, if looks could kill, would freeze the average unruly student solid on the spot. "So glad you could join me this fine morning," she continues, her tone saying she is anything but.

Armand offers a hint of a bow when he enters, bowing his head politely and he holds the door open for Takara with an arch of an eyebrow. He's calm for the most part on the surface, perhaps a bubbling agitation dipped in overall weariness but he's ever the gentleman.

Takara steps in with measured steps as she catches the look that does intimidate her, a moments hesistation before she heads for a chair. She doesn't sit yet, standing beside the chair as she gives a proper bow to the elder in the room. She keeps her eyes down cast, quiet of voice for the moment, but her mind is already giving her plenty of grief for upsetting Mr Shaw.

"Sit down," Emma adds, her voice softer, but just as cold as her gaze, indicating the two chairs in front of the desk. It's definitely an order rather than an invitation. "I've been given some of the details of the... /incident/ at Coney Island. Needless to say, two of our students being involved in a disturbance of this magnitude, and in the presence of such a troublemaker as Loki, reflects poorly on this school. Do either of you have anything to say for yourselves?"

Armand is quiet as he settles down in the offered chair, folding his hands in his lap and he looks to Takara for a moment and then looks back to Emma, lost as usual but even more wary he just takes a deep breath. "My apologies Madame...I was not yet aware that my affiliation with the school was so cemented that my actions can reflect poorly on this fine institution. I will understand if expelli-expellment? Ehh...I am understanding if I must be expelled."

Takara slides onto her seat and assumes a lady like posture, her eyes holding Ms Frost's gaze only as long as she needs to speak, "I should have kept walking when I saw Loki, would have saved us all alot of headaches." She rubs her wrists and continues to speak with as much respect as she can muster, "I failed to heed common sense, and I wish to make amends for that."

"Oh, you need not worry about expulsion, /Mister/ Pierre... though you may find yourself wishing you had been," Emma replies, archly, letting her gaze burn holes in the young man for a moment. "I've got plans for how you may make amends for your thorough lack of judgement and discretion. Needless to say, it will be a long-term goal. But you might be finished by graduation."
She turns that gaze on Takara. "Two understatements of mind-boggling proportions in less than thirty seconds... truly, Miss Kelly, you are on a roll. And you need not worry about making amends. I intend to see that you do. Make no mistake... only your better judgement and conduct in the face of the police keeps you from sharing Mister Pierre's punishments."
She looks at them both, leaning forward slightly. "Were this any other school, you would both find yourselves on a bus or plane home before the end of the day, with my personal letter of expulsion in the mail to your parents or guardians, if any. Fortunately for you both, it is not just any school. But if I don't see a /very dramatic/ improvement in both your judgement, above all else, I can certainly arrange it."

Armand glances towards Takara once more, watching her with a quiet concern before looking back to Emma and he takes a deep breath, shaking his head slowly. "Of course Madame, I will take responsibility for actions, whether I know what they are or not...but I am not having a home or a family or parents, so even if expulsion is in the cards if I cannot make amends, I will take my leave quietly, Madame, so as not to bring any more shame or unnecessary attention to this school." He bows his head politely.

Takara nods her head slowly and sighs, "Yes Ms." Expecting to be punished is one thing, but the thought of expulsion here putting her family back in harms way is something that scares her more. She goes quiet again, glancing to Armand for a moment before her gaze returns to the adult and down cast.

"Perhaps the first good judgement you've shown in my presence, Mister Pierre... trust me, you will have ample opportunity to follow it up," Emma says severely, meeting his gaze without blinking or glancing away, as if she were pinning a butterfly to a corkboard with her eyes. Because you have two hours of detention per day, every day, for the next month. In addition, you will be helping out in whatever capacity is needed at every extracurricular event on these school grounds, and any away events to which I see fit to send you, until graduation. You will be the very picture of good manners and civic-mindedness in this role, since in essence you are representing this school to the public. Do you understand?"
She looks to Takara, leveling that gaze at her now. "You will share Mister Pierre's punishment... the month of detention, and the public service, the latter from now until the end of this school year, under the same conditions. Have I made myself clear?"

"Madame! I am...having a job...I..." Armand just covers his face with his hand and takes a deep breath and then another deep breath. "This is...this is why I told him this was a bad idea...such a bad idea....such a bad bad idea..." He's not quite having a panic attack but he trembles a bit harder. Afterall, he doesn't spend much time at the school to start with as he closes his eyes and just gives a small nod. "I am...I understand Madame...I will call and explain to my hotel and to my job and such a reason why I cannot do it anymore..." He nods politely.

Takara has a thought of arguing it that reflects in one of her hands clenching over her skirt and a minor growth spurt, getting defensive. That moment gets pushed aside as she shrinks back to normal size and her eyes rise to meet Ms Frost's, "Clear as crystal, Ms." Unclenching her fist, she does her best to find a way to calm down. She finds it in reaching over to Armand, trying to reassure him with a brief touch on the shoulder.

Emma sighs and shakes her head at Armand's agonized comments regarding Loki. "Mister Pierre... you are talking about Loki. Did you really expect him to consider how much trouble he might get you into? Did you truly expect discretion or loyalty from a god of tricksters who welched on a bet of his head by claiming that he hadn't bet his neck? I'm truly disappointed in you. I hope and pray that you learn better judgement from your mistakes, and from your efforts to make amends."
She looks back to Takara, nodding once, her eyes drifting down to the clenched hand, then back up to meet Takara's eyes. "Good. You've taken a step forward. Just keep going that way." Looking back to the both of them, she continues, more severely. "Be in the study hall right after your last class of the day. You both may go. And if I ever have cause to call either one of you into this office again, you will be extremely sorry."

Armand's brow furrows. "...I was referring to Monsieur...Manuel...he is so far the only one who has hurt me." He purses his lips before taking a deep breath and he nods slowly. So far, in his thoughts the only mistake he's really made was letting himself get talked into attempting this school business. He just bows his head politely. "Oui Madame...pardon, I must go and find...a class schedule." He rubs a hand against his face and he might be shaking hard but he's going to give it a try. He waits for the okay to stand up and then he gives a polite bow.

Takara slowly rises from her seat after the stern words, giving the older woman a final bow as she steps away from the chair and tends to Armand, "I will help you with the schedule." She is stressed and intimidated by the whole ordeal, but she still shows honest concern and care for Armand, "Good day Madam." Takara wants to beat feet outta here, but she stays close to Aramand, holding the door open for him.

"You took advice from Manuel... that's as foolish as associating with Loki." Emma frowns. "And you say he hurt you... tell me what happened." Her tone is not quite as cold as before, though it's clear she's demanding the story rather than asking for it. Noting the concern for Armand from Takara, she adds, "Stay a moment longer, Miss Kelly."

"It is because I attempted to save and protect Monsieur Manuel before I even know who he is, when I first get to New York. /He/ is who I meet even before Lord Loki. /He/ is the one who is asking me to come to this school. /He/ is the one who fiddled with mon emotional state to attempt to 'fix' my relationship with Lord Loki to make me afraid and hateful of the man...and it is only due to Lord Loki interfering that I knew and Monsieur Manuel reversed what he had done...I do not want people to manipulate me in these ways. I do not want people to create a fantasy in my reality in their attempt to make tings better..." Armand speaks quickly and in a rush, taking a deep breath before exhaling shakily. He does hesitate a bit, turning to look to Takara. "Forgive, without my relationship with Lord Loki, you would not be in trouble...so pardon...forgive me." He nods slowly.

Takara closes the door softly, stepping towards Armand as she gives him a hug, "Manuel can be a snake in the grass, but he has never shown me to be the level of Loki's stupidity circa Coney Island." She takes in a deep breath and sighs, "Armand, I can take responsibility for my own decisions, I forgive you." Takara reaches for a pocket with clean tissues, offering them to Armand as she releases.

Emma listens thoughtfully as Armand spills out his story, frowning a little. "It seems I have another appointment to schedule. Manuel so often seems to pay others' kindnesses back with cruelty," she says at last. "Very well, Mister Pierre. Consider your sentence reduced to two years, beginning next week to allow time for any arrangements that need to be made. And if you will come by tomorrow morning at ten sharp, we can discuss this job of yours, and how it might fit into things. Do not mistake this for leniency... I am merely allowing for extenuating circumstances. Miss Kelly, you will begin at the same time, to simplify the bookkeeping. If there is nothing more, you both may go."

Armand accepts the tissues and he shrugs a shoulder to Takara. "Heh...yeah, Lord Loki has been hit..in the head many times I am tinkin' as he grew up with his brother's hammer." He drawls softly before nodding. "Merci..." Then he looks back to Emma, bowing politely. "Merci Madame." And it is a genuine 'thank you' as he takes a deep breath and turns a bit to head for the door, murmuring softly some kinda prayer in French.

Takara turns to Emma and curtsies, "Thank you Ms." She holds the door open for Armand, heading out of the office after him with a great weight off her shoulder. She compares Emma to Selene in a thought, both scare her and that will come over her when Armand and TK part ways. The difference she sees between them is that Ms Frost actually has a hint of a heart dispite being icey.

Emma suppresses a smile at TK's thoughts as the two leave the office. As the door closes behind them, she sighs softly and leans back in her chair, letting the smile come through at last, just a little. "It's good to be back," she murmurs.

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