Hellion's Hellions

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Empath, Hellion, Sebastian Shaw, and Alchemy, Electric Eve, and Tarot

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12/17/12 19:11

Training Center - Hellions Complex - Massachusetts Academy

Empath and Shaw train some of the new Hellions as Hellion takes the lead among them.

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It is late Monday evening. A small group of Hellions practices in the Training Center as Empath runs various training scenarios. The current group of Hellions consists of Alchemy, Electric Eve, and Tarot. The three mutants seem particularly tired and particularly grumpy. They have been in here training for MANY hours. Empath seems to be a drill sergeant as he forces them to continue in their exercises. Each student grumbles and finally his voice rings out over a loud speaker, “How do you plan to survive in this world? We must be prepared for anything. We will be prepared for anything!” His powers rings out in the Training Center as the students become overly and easily compliant and each respond in unison. “Yes, Empath.” Suddenly three simulacra of the elder Hellfire Club members, Shaw, Frost, and Selene come out from the walls and displaying simulated powers begin to attack the students. Empath, dressed in a modified Hellion uniform, a cross between his old uniform and his Hellfire Club entire. He urges to the Hellions, “Defeat them!”

The -real- Sebastian Shaw enters the control booth at that moment, dressed in some casual training wear himself, which in his case, means a pair of comfortable and fashionable workout pants and no shirt. As he sees the scenario, he notes idly, "If they figure out to trade off properly, they might stand at least a -chance-. I wonder if they will...you -are- having the simulations preferntially attack the -most- vulnerable, aren't you?"

“Ah, Shaw. How nice of you to visit.” Manuel offers without actually looking at his highness. While the simulations engage the students. Electric Eve fires off a broad electric energy attack towards Emma Frost. Tarot creates a scythe-wielding Death to attack Selene and Alchemy steps forward to engage Shaw. And as each student attacks, they are just as easily defeated. The electricity never strikes Emma as she mentally takes over Eve’s mind and simply knocks the student unconscious. Selene smile as Death approaches her, but poor Tarot finds herself attacked by even more gruesome creations which cause the French maiden to faint. And as for Alchemy, well, one quick backhand from Shaw knocks the British boy out.

Audibly sighing his disapproval, the room returns to normal as Empath shouts out over the loudspeaker, “AGAIN!” The students are weary and try as they might to stand. They have been at this for hours and their bodies will not allow them. “I SAID AGAIN!” For anyone just arriving onto the scene. Empath sits in the Control Room running a scenario for a group of Hellions against simulcra of the Hellfire Club King and Queens. He is dressed in a cross between the Hellions garb and his Hellfire Club attire. Shaw stands behind him shirtless and watching the simulation which has ended quickly and poorly for the Hellions.

"Brutal. I think they need a break Mr. Rock." A young male voice says from behind Shaw, stepping into the control room. Green eyes look down through the window at his new teamates and shakes his head. Granted he couldn't see what 'Emma' did and only caught a glimpse of the nightmarish things that 'Selene' created, but he can see that they are attacking one on one. They're not a team, they're individuals in the same colored tights. Colors that Julian now wears. The dark maroon and pink unitard as the rest of them, but he's chosen to break the image, and wears a red leather jacket over it, the sleeves rolled up to mid forearm. Hair spiked back as always. "They need a leader. Not someone barking orders." He says, his gaze landing on Manuel.

“They only know that much because I have been drilling them for hours. At this point, they need a leader among their own group to lead. Since my promotion and graduation, I teach the students, but they need a fellow student to take charge, like I did when I was student.” His memory is a bit marred as it was really Thunderbird who was the student leader, but that is neither here nor there. “I would say Tarot, but she still has not fully recovered emotionally from the Right attack and with Ballista’s idiocy ending I her incarceration.” His words are in agreement with Hellion, though he does not acknowledge what the boy just said as he continues to address Shaw soley. Empath ponders, “I had high hopes for Overlook. . .Perhaps, Razorcut could step up. I cannot think of any other student who demonstrates the wisdom and humility that a leader should have.” He looks to Julian, “Boy, can you think of anyone?”

"Razorcut -has- previous experience working in a team." Shaw notes of that particular young ruffian. "He followed orders, though that violent streak he has will need to be somewhat directed, he -does- have enough control to keep his eye on the prize, as it were." He continues after a moment, "I'm honestly surprised he didn't just drift straight into mercenary work after Trash disbanded." and by 'disbanded' he means 'were in an exploding building'.

Julian shakes his head, pulling his gaze from Manuel to Shaw, then back again. "Nope.. But I think you've got it wrong. A leader doesn't need humility.
He needs the balls to do what is needed, doesn't matter what it is. He needs to be able to keep his team in line and focused. Needs to be able to keep a level head under pressure. And he needs to look good in uniform. Since I match all the required criteria though.. I'll take the job." He smiles and adds. "My name isn't boy... You called me a hellion when we first me. Only right that the Hellions be led by one. You can call me Hellion." He says, naming himself leader in name just by taking the title of Hellion.

Nodding his head as he is surprisingly impressed by the boy’s words. “Well, you certainly do not lack confidence.” Empath smirks and looks to Shaw, “Rather presumptuous of him to dub himself Hellion. Not sure how Frost will feel about that. But he does display the gumption and moxie. Shall we perhaps give him the a shot, sir?” He looks to Shaw, “While I disagree with the boy regarding humility. Perhaps he can step up where the current Hellions have not?”

"Time and a place, Mr. de la Rocha. For all things, humility included." Shaw notes, "As for Emma, well, we'll see what she thinks later. She might appreciate the chutzpah."

Julian smiles and turns his gaze back on Shaw, then to Manuel. His fingerless glove clad hands extend and meet infront of him, and he cracks his fingers. The code name.. the title... is his. The fact that he had the balls to claim it when noone else would pretty much cinches it. "When do I start?" He asks casually. and his eyes blaze with that emerald fire, ready for action. To prove himself more than just the black pawn.

“Once you’ve earned it.” Seated at the controls, Empath’s eyes glow showing a display of power as Alchemy, Electric Eve, and Tarot suddenly find a renewed sense of confidence. They rise up, “We’re ready, Empath. Ready for whatever you need us to do.” He grins, “Here is your first challenge, Hellion. Defeat the Hellions and you may assume leadership.”

Julian nods at his new task, one that he embraces with equal levels of anticipation and.. caution? Not because he's worried about what they can do.. but because if they are his new team.. he doesn't want them to hate him or be afraid of him if he kicks their asses. He steps over to the small lift to lower him into the training area, but as soon as the lift clears enough space for him, Julian takes a two step running leap off the platform, seemingly to fall the 40 feet to the floor. But the same emerald fire in his eyes suffuses his body and he catches himself, soaring down with practiced ease. He lands about twenty feet from the three Hellions and smiles. "For what it's worth.. I'm sorry." He says, letting them come to him.

He has a rough idea of thier powers.. electricity for Eve.. meaning no touching her.. summoning monsters? Or maybe just illusions for the one the called Tarot.. could be just illusions of things found on tarot cards. Which limits her. And the kid.. well... he's an unknown.. no way to know what he does, which possibly makes him the biggest threat. Julian is no genius... but he's still intelligent, and he's been in his fair share of fights, even if it was putting down gangbangers in LA. A natural leader.

When Hellions makes appearance before some team members. Empath does a slight tweak on the different members as he responds to Shaw, “But of course. They will not become dependent.” As Alchemy seemingly takes a different stance, “Ok, so you want to be in charge. . .how about we make this boys against girls?” Alchemy moves away from the women and places himself directly next to Hellion. The girls grin, “Ok. . .we make this fair.” Electric Eve launches out two streams of electricity shooting from her hands towards Julian, “How about we overload that fancy teke shield of yours.” She shouts. Tarot tosses down two tarot cards and knights riding horses and with lances charge towards Alchemy.

Julian snorts. "Boys against girls? I think we're a little beyond the playground sandbox.. Just saying." He quips before the lighting leaps at him. "Whoa... Down girl!" He shouts, his powers gripping and after a moment of strain, ripping out a large steel tile in the floor, holding it aloft and using as a shield from the lighting. "Hey Kid.. what are your powers?" He calls to Alchemy, shifting into 'leader' on the fly and as best he can. As he calls though, he steps infront of Alchemy, and angling the plate of electrified steel to meet the charging horsemen. He's fairly certain his forcefield can withstand them.

The electricity flies through and Eve grins as Hellions starts to falter, but then grimaces as his shields himself with a metal plate and like a rod the electricity goes straight towards the metal. As the horsemen charge towards the electrified steel and are swatted aside by it, both girls pause and nod, “Ok. Cool tricks. But we can do more stuff too.” With a tarot card, Tarot creates a dragonwhich flies up and starts to breathe fire down on the boys. Alchemy squeals, “Oh crap.” He runs to hide behind Hellion. Electric Eve grins and launches out another attack of electricity towards Hellion and Alchemy.

Julian swears under his breathe. "Specifics man! Change stuff how? Fire into flowers? Hot into cold? Kinda under fire here.. If you hadn't noticed." He barks at Alchemy. The steel plate he was using as a shield gets turned on it's side, parallel to the floor about three feet up with a gesture from Julian. A flick of his hand and a back hand hurling motion and the steel 'blade' he's created goes flying hard at and possibly through the dragon. But as soon as the weapon is away, whether it hits or not.. Julian flares his shield up and lifts off, flying sideways to grab Alchemy. As his shield envelops the other boy, he flies up, carrying his teamate with him to evade both fire and lightning.

The fire and lightning attacks miss the male Hellions as Hellion lifts them off the ground as the steel plate is simply flung aside by the dragon. Alchemy shouts out to Hellion, “Get me close enough to touch the dragon and you’ll see.” Electric Eve continues her attack and aims skyward towards Hellion and Alchemy in their field. “Looks like you are getting tired.” She lays out the electricity trying to hit and overload Hellion’s field. Tarot drops more cards and two skeletons step out and two ghosts fly out of the cards. Empath laughs and looks to show, “He is putting up a good show.” Empath tweaks an emotion or two in some of the Hellions.

"Eve is trying to think tactically." Shaw does note about the students, "She's going to need more training, but note that she's at least cognizant of the need to set the terms of the battle."

Julian is getting angry. "Or you could just tell me.. Get on my back, i need my hands." He tells his passenger. The dragon.. is ignored. The lightning is ignored. The girls are his targets. He can't keep evading forever, and he's go no clue what his partner can do, or why he's on a team of 'the best and brightest'. So as his flight takes him around the room, he reinforces his forefield and uses himself as a weapon. A living weapon as he flies down and body blocks Tarot, his TK protected shoulder in her gut. He's aiming for an angle to take down Eve with the flying Tarot, so he doesn't have to touch her himself.

Noting what Shaw states, “They are starting to come together.” Empath offers. Alchemy climbs up on Hellions back and shouts, “Yeehaw! Giddy up, horsey!” He seems oddly jovial. As he manages to body check Tarot and carries her as a passenger and ready to down Eve who shots electric blasts which do nothing to the flying Hellion reinforced by his field. Eve is taken down. With the girls down, Alchemy smiles, “My turn.” He wraps his arm around Hellion and his alchemic powers transforming Hellions costume from solid cloth to a noxious gas hoping to knock Hellion out.

"Now someone's just earned points for being clever, and knowing -when- to move away from an alliance." Shaw notes quietly, but he seems genuinely pleased with Alchemy's sudden 'ruthlessness'.

Julian has been holding back, his full power will seriously hurt or possibly kill normal unprotected people. But the sudden twist turns his attitude sour. Gagging on his own uniform turned to gas, his power lashes out, gripping Alchemy's arm and wrenching it away from him more than hard enough to break it. Falling to his knees, his other hand raises and a pulse of greenish energy lashes out, slightly warping the steel beneath Alchemy's feet and more than likely blowing him away like a leaf on the wind. Still coughing and gagging on the gas, his hands try desperately to rid himself of the problem, but there is no cloth to strip away, he's simply immersed in a cloud.

Making a face as Alchemy will clearly feel that pain, the British teenager is flung away. Empath undoes his little twitch which led to Alchemy’s betrayal, though that remains his little secret and probably Shaw since he seems to pick up on these things. Electric Eve and Tarot are also knocked out and her creations are gone as well. Vents pop up and blow out all the gas away, clearing the room from it. The session has ended. “Good showing, indeed.” He starts to clap and looks to Shaw to see what he thinks.

Julian is on his knees coughing his lungs out, very nearly passed out from the conversion knockout gas. "Cheap trick ya little shit.." He swears, trying to look up and see where his 'teamate' went, in case he was'nt down for the count. Now naked, he's remaining kneeling to keep from exposing himself.

With Shaw leaving the Control Room to attend too, Empath looks down at the kneeling Hellion. “It seems you have learned humility. That is a start.”
Grabbing a costume from within the control room, Empath walks into the Training Center and tosses a spare costume for him. He looks to the kneeling Hellion, “You win. You are the new student leader of the Hellions. You still answer to me, Shaw, and Frost. I will continue to train you all, but you will be the field leader.” Empath then begins to walk away as other Hellions come in to take Alchemy, Eve, and Tarot away. “Welcome to the Hellions, Hellion. I hope you survive the experience.”

Julian pulls the uniform to him and fights to his feet, covering himself with the red and pink fabric. "Damn straight I am.." He calls after you.

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