Hellfire Nights: The Ballad of Ricky and Bobby

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Drugs Are Bad II

Empath, Sebastian Shaw, Skids, Takara, and Ricky & Bobby

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06/12/12 19:30

Administration Building - Massachusetts Academy

RIcky & Bobby, drug dealers are turned over to Shaw. Empath, Takara, and Skids weigh in on their fates.

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Leading the students into the Administration Building, Manuel and Takara lead the way. The students themselves are enthralled and are totally and emotionally commanded by Manuel. “Boys, sit down here. We are going to get the headmistress.” Turning to Takara, “They won’t even move. They will do whatever I say.” The Spaniard, dressed in school uniform, starts to walk to Selene’s office, but pauses. “Of course, I can make them do whatever you want, Takara-san. Anything at all. . .Would you like to see something.” The two drug dealing students are typical wealthy good-looking young athletes, popular and rule the school. . .well the non-mutant portion, anyway.

Takara looks over to Manuel with a shrug, glancing at the gents for a second, "I get enough drooling fan boys when I walk around in the uniform." She has a non-school hoodie over her uniform and jeans instead of a skirt. She leans towards the other boys and smiles, "Wasn't interested in either of you." Takara stands back up and heads for the door, "If you want to make them do stuff Manuel-san, be my guest."

Stopping and staring at the two dealers who look at Manuel adoringly. The smile on his face turns into a snarl, “It is people like Ricky and Bobby! Foolish idiotic flatscans that make mutants at myself almost ashamed of whom we are. Well no more.” With a twitch of his eye, Ricky and Bobby begin to cry, “I could make you so upset, so sad, that you would kill yourselves.” He exhales, “But there is something more painful than your suicides. Your little habit will be your ruin. Your families humiliated. Kicked out from a prestigious academy and no future for either of you. Perhaps in my restraint and staying my hand.” He hmphs as he looks to Takara, “I suppose I have learned something from the man, himself.” Shaking his head, he looks to Takara and smirks, “See, I am not as evil as people think I am.” He moves to Selene’s office door expecting to see her in there. The dealers themselves stop crying and once again look adoringly at Manuel.

"Mr. de la Rocha." a familiar voice rolls out from the office, and the figure seated at the Black Queen's desk, "What -have- I told you about racial slurs?" the hulking man dressed in high-end business attire asks his protege'.

From the front door, Sally enters. The blonde carrying a few bags from some of the boutique shops in the greater Boston area.
Looking a touch relaxed, she's all smiles. Mmm. Nothing like a day of retail therapy, fueled by her new position and station in life. The blonde pauses, looking at the sight before her, and then hearing Shaw's voice from one of the offices, Seeing Empath, and severl people she doesn't know she pauses, before stepping forward to stand in the middle of the hall, behind Manuel, but giving shaw line of sight.

Takara does blink at Manuel for the flat scan slur, but otherwise does nothing to stop Manuel toying with them. She eeps when she hears Mr Shaws voice, a relieved look on her face, "Mr Shaw, a pleasant surprise." Takara rolls down the sleeves of her hoodie over her palms as she steps in, giving him a bow before stepping aside.

Heaving a loud sigh, Manuel de la Rocha has not noticed his white counterpart of the Inner Circle. “Excuse my lack of science. I thought they were separate species and not race.” Manuel hmmmns, “Ricky and Bobby here thought that the academy would be a good place to earn some money. The young entrepreneurs were selling cocaine.” Tossing the baggie onto the desk. “I thought the headmistress would like to know.”

"No reproductive isolation." Shaw says evenly, "Thus, no speciation, no matter how much Magneto or Apocalypse may adore claiming otherwise." He seems to have been doing something on his 'ipad' (actually his own product). He eyes the bag for a moment, "How very 1980s." he notes. "Now the product itself isn't the concern per se, but really, we have rules and there are -ways- to -properly- circumvent them." he stands, walking around the desk.

She's not shy of the drug trade. After all, some of that was used by the morlocks, oh so long ago, and even a little by the MLF. Sally shakes her head. Who uses little baggies anymore? Really. She pauses along her way to a certain door to...watch. Not yet getting involved.

Takara keeps her eyes on the pair of drug gents before she looks back, seeing Sally and giving her a brief wave out of friendly habit. She steps back and turns so she can see everybody, hands clasped infront of her. She tenses up after the circumventing is mentioned, "Learn something new every day."

“Yes, yes. Of course.” Manuel nods as he looks at Ricky and Bobby, “To sell that- - on campus- -“ Manuel shakes his head disapprovingly. He takes a seat near the edge of Selene’s desk. “Well, as for the baggie.” Manuel lifts it and looks it over, “It just goes to show, even at this, they are bad.” He grins as he looks at the boy who suddenly get a fearful looks on their faces.

Shaw walks over to loom over the young men, linking his hands behind his back, "This-" he begins, "in failure on multiple levels. Our unique education is meant to teach you about the -real- world, not some idealized notion. You abused your privilege, you were sloppy, lacking in foresight, style...I could go on, but I believe you're beginng to get the idea." He turns slightly, keeping his eyes on them, "You should also understand that it doesn't matter one whit how much money your parents donate to us, either. So - we have some choices to make, don't we?"

Takara glances between both respectable gents in the room, "Choices with weight to them." She isn't just speaking of the drug pair, she's hinting at herself. Takara takes in a deep breath, pacing as a hand reaches to her chin, a gestures of thought coming over her.

Remaining silent and still leaning on the desk, he sees Sally and offers a nod and then keeps his eyes on the boys and waits to see what decision Shaw will make regarding Ricky and Bobby.

Actually, at that moment, Shaw decides to get another opinion, "Miss Blevins, no need to skulk about out there. Come, we need some opinions, I think."

She was content to watch, hear what could be heard, but she does enter, setting her bags down just past the entrance of the office, "Mr. Shaw." she says in greeting, "What can I do to offre my assistance?" she asks in a pleasany sounding tone. Looking amongst all the parties.

Takara continues the pacing, a few steps to the left, turn and then back to the right. She stops pacing long enouhg to give Sally a more formal greeting, "Miss Blevins, Takara Kelly." She seeks out a chair and settles down, looking up to the others.

Sally’s presence and involvement in school matters intrigues Empath. Will the White Rook offer mercy? Or will she demand punishment? For his part, he remains silent. He has not been asked his input so he will not offer it. There is a lesson for him to learn here. All present will learn something this evening, but Manuel cannot help but feel somewhat tired of Shaw’s lessons, but as he has shown, he is paying attention, and dare he say it, actually following through.

Mr. Shaw gets to the point, "Miss Blevins, these two young 'gentlemen' have been caught selling poorly bagged cocaine on campus." he emphasizes that last part a bit, "Now, we could, of course, simply expel them, call the authorities, et cetera, et cetera. But really, how does that serve -anyone's- interests. Mr. de la Rocha was clever enough to learn of this, and for that he is to be commended, and he even went through proper channels, bringing this to the appropriate authorities here. Another mark of excellence." Well, complements, "So we can simply wash our hands of them - or...we can make a deal. Suggestions?" The man is a natural leader, and part of that is soliciting opinions. You learn a lot about people by what they're comfortable with suggesting.

"Are they like us?" she asks after Sebastian explains the situation. "If not, they get it from somewhere. Someone can be tapped.
Conections can be made, people like that can be used, like these two." she says. She starts to circle around the pair. A quick glance to Takara, then back to the youths. "Use them for what they are worth, what they can be used for, not now, but later as well. Who knoes where they will end up after this place." she says, finally looking back to Shaw.

Shaw leans back against the desk, crossing his arms over his massive chest, "Well gentlemen, there we have it. In exchange for overlooking this transgression, for which we have evidence, you understand, you will owe us future favours. This school can open doors for you, as can our recommendations." He holds up a hand, "Oh, nothing savagely compromising, but enough to make you remember how reasonable we were being."

The Wite Rook smiles, moving off to the side, looking at the two youth's profile. Smirking.

The female Hellion smirk grows as she looks to the boys, then it disappears under a expression of calm. She slowly rises from her seat and clasps her hands gently to her front, "Lets hope this has been a educational experience for you both."
Well the King has spoken and so it shall be. Manuel looks from the boys to Shaw.

Shaw nods slowly, "Oh. And we're not going to tell you what we'll ask and when. You see, that's part of what hjappens when you make a mistake, gentlemen. It hangs over your heads." He actually knows this full well, he's been on the receiving end of that more than once.

It's nice to be on the other end of things. The one with the power. Sally can't help but smile at this.

Takara steps out of the way of the gents, standing beside Manuel with a pleasant smile.

With no telepaths present, Manuel lets his thoughts wander but a moment with his own opinion or Shaw’s ‘mercy.’ He, of course, has his own plan and it is nice to see it falling into place. He offers Takara a reciprocal smile when she appears next to him.

"Dismissed. Leave the product." Shaw says absently...and waits for the two to leave, "Well, that was fun." he says dryly, "If anyone cares to get someone high on no-doubt overly-cut narcotics, please...don't tell me about it."

As the students go, they look back at Manuel and to Shaw and then head back to their dorm rooms. Hoping off Selene’s desk, Manuel notes the White King, “Kudos and well-played, sir.” He claps once.

"I...don't do that sort of thing." Says Sally. Watching the two leave. A small smile given to each of them, then to the others. Moving to a wall so she can see the others in the room.

Takara stops smiling when the other students are gone and takes in a deep breath, "The things I get involved in by being in the right place at times." She doesn't dare touch the headmistress desk, instead heading for a seat and taking it in a unlady like manner, "Wouldn't touch the stuff sir." Takara look at Sally and gets a sweet smile back.

"I didn't imagine any of you were going to take it yourselves. But it's occasionally useful to have access to illicit substances." Shaw notes.

“But, of course, Shaw.” Manuel makes no confirmation or denial of whether he uses illicit substances. “And to what do we owe the pleasure of your visit today, sir?” He nods to Skids, “And you, as well, Sally. What brings to the Massachusetts Academy?”

Takara shivers at the mention of access to drugs, keeps her mouth in check as she sits up straight. Changing ot a lady like arrangement in her seat.

"I had an appointment with Emma earlier, concerning one of your classmates and his...problems at the amusement park." she says looking to Manuel, "Followed by some shopping." she says with a smile, "A new wardrobe is a hard thing to get." Turning to Sebastian, "Thank you for the refferal, my new job is going to be rather fulfilling, I think."

Nodding his head, “Yes, I read about our little classmate and his new friend.” Manuel then looks to Takara letting on that he knows what has happened. Back to Sally, “Well, enjoy the shops. Boston is not that far and there are actually some quaint little spots in Snow Valley. So, if you are around for a moment, then I would love to show you around.”

"That is part of it." Shaw notes, "Loki. Amora told me something of him lately." his tone makes it clear he consideres the jotun exceptionally dangerous.

"I'm already done for the day, well shopping." she says to Manuel, "I'll likely hop the train to get back to the city, catch a late dinner at Metrazur." she says with a smile, "Maybe next time."

Takara leans back a little further in her seat, made fully aware of her recent oversight, "Yes, yuck it up Manuel, the day will come yada yada." She looks over to Shaw.

Bowing his head to his fellow Rook, “Then I look forward to next time.” Manuel offers and then looks to Takara after her comment unsure of what she meant, “We should get a late meal. If the cafeteria is closed, I am sure I can convince some staff to open it up for us.”

Takara looks at Manuel with a stern look before it goes back to a smile. She shakes her head, "I do have to be rested, sports club practising and I get to put up equipment tomorrow. Yay me." Takara stands up and bows to everybody, "Good night sirs and madams."

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