Hellfire Induction

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Two inductions into the Hellfire Club

Amora, Sally, Sebastion Shaw, Empath

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06/07/12 1AM

Hellfire club: Inner Circle Meeting Hall

Sally and Amora are inducted as Inner Circle members

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Tradition. Sometimes it helps maintain a culture. Sometimes it exists for no reason other than 'that's how it was always done'. But here, in the depths beneath the New York branch of the Hellfire Club, a traditional ritual will be enacted. Those who are in power. Those who stand in the light and in the shadows. Money. Social connections. Politics. Physical might. Esoterica. Bent to the will of those who stand here and their predecessors.
The center of the chessboard floor had been cleared to make room for some...specialized equipment. There are two gilded tubs, old 'clawfoot' style. filled with warm milk. Several servants, male and female, stand nearby another covered, wooden basin. The Lord Cardinal who could attent are seated at the Eastern table. A dias has been set up between that and the tubs, with a heavy, leather-bound book upon it.

Dressed in the height of haute couture, a highly elabourate Edwardian garb, Sebastian Shaw, the Black King of the Lords Cardinal stands by the dias. His white-gloved hands resting on either side of it. "Friends." he begins, "Tonight, at true midnight, the time between sunset and the dawn, we welcome two new members into our fold. We, who have dedicated ourselves to guiding the course of the world. We, whose secret acts will never be known by the world at large. We - The Powerful."

The servants, clad in little, the women in bustiers and thongs, with silk stockings, garters...the men in silken hose and leather boots, pour fresh warm milk into the tubs, stirring the contents with wooden paddled and stepping back.

Shaw continues, "Will the aspirants step forward and disrobe. The milk, though seemingly pure, represents immersion in the world without. There is much within it that is unseen. Its purpose, to engender life and growth, taken unto the bosom of humanity for its own needs, corrupting the purity of its purpose."
Among those in attendance is the Black Rock, Manuel de la Rocha. Dressed suitably for the elegantly clandestine ceremony, Empath appears in period appropriate clothing, all in black and matching the Black spectrum of the Hellfire Club. He is seated close enough to watch the entire spectacle but also be seen at his rightful place befitting his title in the Inner Circle. Quick flashbacks to his own initiation ceremony bring a smile to the Spaniard's face as he blinks, gathering his thoughts as the room is no doubt filled with telepaths who have no qualms trespassing in his mind. With defenses taught by the White Queen herself. He sits in silence and watches as the ceremony begins.
Oh, how adorable! Really. It is. A whole ritual to prove that this really is something special. Amora can't help but smile. The milk bath is a nice touch, though. She makes note of it, should she ever desire to establish her own priesthood again.

Amora, the Enchantress steps forward, and slides the robe she wears from her shoulders. Even some of the jaded souls present gasps at the pure perfection that is the Asgardian goddess of beauty. A body that has inspired artists, warriors, and philosophers. That has driven men to feats of greatness and madness, suicide and murder. Amora stalks toward the bath.

This was not what she expected. It wasn't. A slight pause, but as Amora steps forward, Sally begins to as well. A touch of tenseness in her gait, fighting to keep calm as she slips from the robe, and moves towards the bath. Slow, even breaths stay the the nervousness. Her previous meetings here, had not truly prepared her for this, but she does move forth. Slowly relaxing, but slowly. A slow breath as she stands next to the tub, attention mostly on Shaw, and not the others who watch the ritual. Who have done this previously.

The Black King doesn't leer, or ogle, that's beneath him, really - jaded soul that he is. He looks, of course, his dark eyes sweeping over the forms before him, but he did this himself, as well...and he seems a touch amused by Sally's discomfiture. Now Leland...well, good friend, but let's pretend we never had to see -that-, shall we?
"Please, into the baths. Let the world outside subsume you. Relax you. Dull your senses with its muddled warmth."
Clearly enamored by the blond beauties that present themselves for baptismal baths of the Hellfire Club, Manuel, like all others present, cannot help but utter a soft gasp. His eyes scan the two new members and while his thoughts remain hidden, his facial expression may reveal the nature of them. His thoughts are quickly dispelled when the King speaks. He quietly ahems and nods his head offering a smile to the ladies as they step into the fonts.
Amora holds back a snort of laughter. Really, she shouldn't. After all, the Norse loved their florid poetry more than just about anyone. That's why they called them epics, after all. Amora steps into the bath and sinks inside, letting the warm milk flow over her. Oooh. Very nice. She may have to order herself an Asgardian cow just to do this once a week.

Sally on the other hand, takes another breath, and slips into the bath. It's...different. Not bad different, just...different, odd, not what she's used too, then again, nothing ere is what she's used too. It does help though, seeming to relax as she sinks into the warm milk.

The servants step forward, pouring the last of the warmed milk into the baths. There are a few minutes where the ladies are allowed to just relax. Any ceremony worth its salt has that portion where everyone just waits around, it's tradition!
"Rise." The Black King gestures to both inductees. To be perfectly frank, -this- part of the ceremony is his favourite. Something about the way the milk cleaves to the flesh, the way it moves in heavy runnels, pooling on the tile floor, the aesthetics are simply captivating.
And captivated he is, Manuel watches the women as they rise, catching Sally's eyes, he is sure to remember that this is first time ever he saw her face and body dripping in the milk. And while not daring to use his powers, he revels in the imagination of how both inductees must feel, both from the milk and from the audience watching.
Amora is perfectly aware of just how good she looks when she's naked and there's liquid pouring from her body. She rises, hands sliding up behind her hair to lift it up as she steps from the tub. As the milk drips from her body in ways that suggest... well... things that would certainly gain the censor board's attention.

While not as impressive as Amora, still, it's a sight. Sally looking more relaxed, not as...apprehensive as she was moments before. A brief glance at Manuel, but her attention more on Shaw, the leader of this ritual. She smiles slightly.

Shaw returns the smile, indulgently, it's simply adorable to see some of these people step away from the bounds of repression. His right hand extends to the servants by the wooden basin, and they slip fine cotton cloth from several silver bowls. Two shirtless men remove the top from the basin, revealing the purest glacial water, and the bowls are filled.
"And now, purity." The servants step forward, raising the bowls, "For here, we -are- pure. Here, we do not pretend. Our desires, our true natures are not hidden here. Let others shy away from themselves, but we have no delusions."
The water is poured over the two naked figures...it's not chilled, but it is...bracing.

Oooh. That is nice. For a moment, Amora almost feels bad for Sally. The young mutant doesn't have Asgardian stamina in order to deal with the sudden rush of cold. Still, even with her goddess given endurance, the effects of the bracing water is clear on Amora's nude body.
A gasp from Sally. The blonde, not with the stamina of Amora, and really, having lived in her bubble for so long and the modern ways of climate control, it's needless to say the effects of the rinse are quite obvious from her.
Shaw's smile broadens a bit, yes, this -is- the most fun part of the ceremony, he goes on though, perfectly composed, "But of course, where we would be, without...hellfire." Now this wasn't announced. A pair of servants, one male, one female, step forth folding what can be best described as a 'fire-fan', a central joint with 6 tines, each with a bit of soaked fabric at the end of each time...ablaze, not yellow or orange, but deep red, casting the light across the nude forms before them.
As the water is poured over the Asgardian goddess and the mortal mutant, Manuel notes the effects of the cold water on their bodies and watches. Even he shivers ever so slightly when the fire-fan is suddenly brought out, eliciting a surprise from the empathy as he does not remember this from previous ceremonies. He turns from the fan back to the presented bodies to note the effect of the light across their flesh.

Amora tilts her head, watching as the... fire fans... come closer. She has had the pleasure of seeing several members of the club without their clothing now and none of them have burn marks. She choses not to worry. If worse comes to worse, someone's soul will provide enough power to heal her body.

That...was not expected, but she doubts they would burn her. Some trust, some sense of it there for Shaw. A slow breath, she stands there, watching as the fans get closer. A slight tenseness about her, but she doesn't pull away, or bring up her forcefield.
The fans are waved across the female forms, the flames -just- brushing the skin...low-temperature burning alcohol, chemically treated for the colour. There is a waft of heat each time, but nothing else.
The Black King goes on, "Hellfire. It symbolizes what the world without would imagine we are. But there is no sin in indulgence, in being true to one's own desires. Let those without hide from themselves. We are made of sterner stuff."

Much sterner. Amora makes a note to herself, her second this evening, to find out about the fire. It might have possibilities later. Its delightfully decadent against the skin.
Wincing and almost closing his eyes as the flames touch flesh. But he quickly dispels the urge to squeal as he remembers where he is, who he is, and resumes watching the ceremony. Looking from the new inductees to the master of ceremonies, for a moment, Manuel is in awe of Sebastian and thoughts of s coup disappear with that awe, if just for a moment.

It's a little false, trying to stand there, proud and confident, Sally flexing her hands, heart pounding. She takes it all in, not backing away.

A simple nod, and the fire-fans are brought away, to be extinguished, deliberately, in the glacial water. More step forward to help the two women with their shockingly white robes.
"The Oath." Sebastian says evenly, "It carries only such weight as you choose to give it. We would expect nothing else." An interesting way to put it. Expecting an oath to govern the behavior of -anyone- here is nonsense, on its face, but what they choose -will- say a great deal about them.

"Mmm." Amora steps forward, naked and damp. She opens her mouth and her words echo. This isn't metaphorical. Her voice seems to come from all corners of the room at once. What she says is... unknown. It could be the oath. It could be something else entirely. The rhythm of the words sound somewhat Swedish but the syllables have sharp edges that, quite frankly, likely cause pain to some mortal ears and drive those without strong wills to their knees. When she is done, Amora steps back and nods to Sally. Her turn.

As Amora begins, Sally looks impressed. She does. Hard not to be with the woman's voice and figure and over all presence.

"I Sally Blevins swear that I hold most binding and dear to suppor the Lord Cardinal of the Inner Circle in any way not to my own detriment. I pledge my friendship among a company of equals. I will not hide my true nature from any of this august company. I will work to guide the world with a firm but subtle hand. I will stand among the Lords Cardinal, supporting and being supported, and together, nothing will be beyond us." Conviction and confidence, while physically hard to manifest ring out in her words as she speaks the oath.

The Black King's eyes open a touch more from the way they were slitted at Amora's strange recitation. He takes a quick moment to get the tiny measure of his composure that slipped back. Considering he cannot be deafened by physical means and his will is like iron, he weathered it better than almost anyone else in the room. The women are helped with their robes as Shaw consludes, "Welcome. Stand proudly beside us. Share your desires and plans, and we shall aid you. Support us, and we shall support you. Welcome." he steps around the dias and formally proclaims, "Welcome to our ranks, Amora, the Enchantress. White Bishop. Sally Blevins. White Rook." He seems genuinely pleased and proud.

Like the other members in the room, Manuel finds himself nearly on the floor overwhelmed by Amora's oath. Not understanding a word of it, but still feeling its impact, he is able to catch himself barely as Sally offers her own oath. When Shaw proclaims them as members with titles. Manuel rises and leads those present in a round of applause welcoming the news members.

Amora smiles and steps forward. Its always nice to put on a performance and make the mortals tremble a little. And, really, she had to show how a real god is different from that chicanery that Selene throws forth with her dog and pony show. "Thank you, Sebastian. And now, for my gift..." She snaps her fingers and every glass of wine in the room becomes filled, instead, with Dwarven mead, "The best drink in the Nine Worlds."

She blinks, she was going to thank Shaw as well, but thunder, so very stolen by Amora. She securely ties that robe though. Sally though, quite impressed by the display Amora offers, then again, having been the recipient of Amora's gifts, she knoes a little of what the other woman can do. Smiling though, giving a slight bow of her head to the applauding members.

The Black King applauds as well and again, seems -genuinely- jovial. Yes, there will be plots, and scheming, and betrayals, but for right now, he has more of what he perceives as peers and hopefully friends, those who -understand-. He will take that wnehever it presents itself.

The applause thunderous and raucous in the chamber, Manuel continues to clap as he leads the others and finally with a nod of his head and gesture allowing the applause to die down. Reaching for his drink, he sips the mead and while despising typical mead, Asgardian mead is much more pleasing. Placing his cup down and taking two from one of the servants. He makes his way to the floor to hand them to his fellow members, "Allow me the pleasure of being one of the first to officially welcome you to the Inner Circle." as he offers them their glasses.

"Asgardians can drink several steins before getting drunk." Amora notes to Sebastian. "Most of this room will be passed out within the hour." She accepts the glass from Manuel. "Thank you, dear. Have you met Sally? You might find her interesting... you press your way into the hearts of men. Sally keeps out all the slings and arrows men have to offer."

"Then we'd best indulge ourselves while still conscious, hm?" Sebastian notes, having a glass handed to him and raising it to the women, before downing only half of it. The man's resiliant, and he -did- prep a good deal of extra indurance earlier today - no sense on falling off early. A nod to the servants and music is piped in, something unusual, a string quartet on electric instruments.

A smile is offered to Manuel as takes her glass, "I do not, I let one past my guard..." trailing off, a small frown and furrowing of her brow, before she takes a sip and then a slightly longer pull from the glass.

Already feeling the effects of the mead, Manuel will surely be one of those passed out early as Amora has suggested. Bowing his head in a formal manner to the new Bishop, "I have not, but I must find the time to acquaint myself with my White counterparth." Offering a smile and formal bow to Sally as well, "Sally Blevins, I am Manuel de la Rocha, Black Rook, at your service." With that he pauses a moment, those familiar with telepathy can tell he is in communication with a telepath. "I apologize. . .but as is my part as a servant to the royals, I am being summoned by the Queens." He offers a smile and bow, "Once again, welcome to the Club."

"Mmm." Amora sips from her own glass. "Loki is on Midgard." She notes to Sebastian, her voice becoming deadly serious. "I do not know his reasons or his goals but Loki does nothing without some grand plan. His grand plans are always complex, horribly dangerous, and end up blowing up in his face. Quite literally, Loki's schemes destroy worlds." Over and over again. Stupid Ragnarok cycle. "According to Manuel, Loki has taken a shine of some sort to one of Selene and Emma's students. A French boy with color changing hair. Manuel had a run-in with Loki over it... I expect there will be a report."

"That one..." Sebastian notes, and sighs heavily...always business sometimes, it seems, "Loki is one of the few beings I will overtly admit genuine concern about our ability to deal with. His power and innate cunning have managed to ensnare people loke the Mandarin and even von Doom." it's clear he takes -that- very seriously.

A smile to Manuel, "I'm sure we'll meet again, Manuel." she says, another sip. Then she finds herself gravitating towards Amora and Shaw, as they converse, and Manuel has left. Sally offering a smile to both as she nears.

"I have no real reason to believe Loki cares about the Hellfire Club or has desire to make us of it but with him one never knows." Amora admits, "Even then, just having some idea to his plans might be useful. If only to avoid the fallout. I would have this student very carefully and discretely paid attention to. See if his mere presence in Loki's life gives us any information."
"It's unusual he'd take -any- interest in a 'mere mortal'." Sebastian notes, slowly sipping from his glass, "Be that as it may, I will put that on my agenda...for tomorrow. For -tonight-, I intend to defile myself most thoroughly." he finishes the glass, "I suggest you both do the same, in whatever fashion most pleases you."

Defile herself? She wouldn't know where to begin, though the mead is helping. A warm flush to her cheeks already, Sally is just a touch on the giggly side, and swaying. The blond "Mmm, I don't think i've ever done anything like that...ever." she says, truthful. Not some decadent girl here, well not right now. This is the most 'naughty' she's ever been involved with, ever.

Amora simply smiles. Defilement? That's for mortals with mortal morals. Still, there is no reason she can't have a very fun time. A very fun time, indeed.

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