Hellfire Aftermath

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Hellfire Aftermath

Sebastian Shaw, Cybermancer, Skids, Ballista

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08/16/12 22:00

Inner Circle Chamber, Hellfire Club

Shaw meets with the newer recruits and prepares to tell them what is what, and crown them as the latest Ladies Cardinal

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Crisis averted. Well, -two- crises, if one wants to be technical. The thing with the Ghost was a bit annoying, but one can't always be on top of every situation, that's why one has -allies-, and Sebastian Shaw, Black King of the Inner Circle has been gathering them as of late, and so far, he's pleased with the results.

He sits in his chair, relaxing and working, a bone drinking vessel that looks all the world like it was carved from alicorn (traditionally proof against poison) sitting on a cloth to his right, and a whisper-thin computer in front of him, without a screen, but rather vertical twin rods projecting a display into the air. Looks like damage estimates from Ultron's recent actions. He's smiling slightly, sending a few emails about contracts that Shaw Industries can pick up, and some recommendations for other work a few choice associates can do. There may be a lot of federal disaster-relief money in this. He's also gotten an update on Ms. Gerard. Alive, injured, a recovery expected. He'll have to make time to visit her and reward her for her dedication.

And he looks up as the ladies arrive, but does not rise - king's privilage. He is dressed in 'casual' finery. Tight, black trousers, low dress boots with silver buckles, a red cummerbund, and a white shirt with ruffled collar and cuffs. His mood is rather bright, all things considered, "Good afternoon my dears, I'm so pleased you could join me. Please, make yourselves comfortable. Do you need or want anything?"

Suzanne Endo arrives with her erstwhile 'personal assistant' (bodyguard) in tow at her side, the latter in personal charge of the large leather- wrapped large metal case which everyone present nows holds the Cybermancer armor Suzi was most recently using just a few days ago while effectively hacking an entire /army/ of Ultron-controlled Sentinels all around the world at the same time. She has already started securing her own series of contracts in the wake of all of this, including some very profitable arrangements to assist with cybersecurity with the US government and several associated contractors. Of course, all of this is being arranged with her US division, in allowance of federal regulations. On paper, they're doing business with a US company, not a company of a foreign power. On paper. Aren't lawyers grand?

Suzi is wearing another of her rather fetching women's skirtsuits, this one in a deep royal blue which seems to bring out imagined blue highlights in her long ebon mane. "Good afternoon, Sebastian. Good to see you. A burgundy merlot, if you please. Sally?" Suzi inquires of her assistant as she should of a near-equal, showing that she's 'stepping back' to give Sally her chance for requests as well. The Chinese woman takes a seat, her cellphone already adjusted to assure no untoward interruptions to this meeting. "How are you, today?" she inquires of Shaw.

She's come to learn a little bit in her short time here. For one. Money talks. The crisis has wreaked havoc with the markets, driving prices down as things went south with the robots, it was a time to buy. Given that most of her expenses are covered, she'd been using what she had to buy, buy, buy, from subtle talks heard amongst the members of the Club, and what had dropped Sally's now in a holding pattern, waiting for the recovery of infrastructure to reap rewards.

Setting the case down, next to Suzi as she moves to take her rightful seat in this room, clad in a women's pantsuit, basic black, with a cream blouse, and a pair of low slung heels. Sally smiles, "Sapphire Martini, single olive." she requests as she settles into her seat.

A very quiet brunette woman in a black, silk evening gown with a very high slit on the left side and white lace wrist cuffs and choker seems to almost detatch herself from the background and move from the room to fill the drink orders. Efficient and -thoroughly- vetted so as to keep secrets (and telepathically skimmed every so often to ensure this), she moves with practiced grace, a pleasure to watch as well, like a dancer.

Sebastian replies to Suzi's inquiry, "All things considered, -quite- well, my dear Suzanne." He goes on, pausing to take a sip from the carved cup, it seems to have an air of antiquity about it, "Aside from Anastasia' s injuries, we've come out of this at a distinct advantage. She'll recover, and I've a little surprise for her that should buoy her spirits. In fact-" he sets his cup down and leans back, steepling his hands in front of himself, "It's much the same one I have for you."

To Sally he adds, "I must say, I had my doubts, Ms. Blevins, considering some of your past associations. But they've been -more- than put to rest." it's said warmly, as if finally really welcoming her to the 'family'.

Suzi can't really quite imagine what it is she would have in common, reward-wise, with the young Anastasia, but she is sure she'll find out what Shaw means by that at some point. That point being whenever Shaw finishes with his theatrics and is good and ready to tell her. Few have been the times when she has wished for a telepathic talent, but Shaw makes her wish for it more and more. Perhaps she really will have to look into tech to hack a human mind as she would a computer? It's a worthy few long seconds of mental rumination that keeps her calm and amused.

When her drink arrives, Suzanne accepts with a nod, then raises it towards Shaw before taking a sip. "To the successful completion, then. I so always have an appreciation for delivering precisely what I promise to a 'client'." And that is precisely how she views their work. The world was saved in no small part because they were able to shut down those Sentinels before they could levvy their attacks. The Avengers, X-Men, X-Factor, Fantastic Four and SHIELD may have gotten the public accolates for their work. But those who need to know already know just how much they owe to Shaw, and others. Including herself. And that bill is definitely going to come due.

"I have been reviewing our profile data on the Ghost. Estimates indicate rather clearly that he will pull back for a protacted period after a defeat like this, and only re-emerge once he has a new plan of attack." Suzanne comments. "So I suppose I'll have to let the Sharks go with just their per diem and the original fee." They never saw combat, after all. She's not about to give them their bonus, and she doubts they'd be arrogant enough to ask for it.

Her drink is accepted with a simple nod. She's come to accept life here in the Club, come in to it rather nicely, and all the perks of her station too. Smiling to shaw, a bow of her head, "I am glad to have put to rest your fears and doubts Mr. Shaw." she says softly. Sally, then sipping her drink, setting it back down, "I've come to learn alot, things I would have never learned with the others, with those who helped to gain some control." she says gently, "Things I could not have learned were it not for you, or Amora."

"I appreciate the gratitude. As I am sure Amora does." Sebastian says, with a bit of fondness in his voice towards the goddess, although he's deliberately kept a -bit- of distance in a few matters, dangerous to let -that- one have too much sway over him despite her alluring nature. "To be a bit blunt, Suzanne, I have decided, after much thought, to let you in on 'what we are really up to here'. I think you've more than earned an explanation."

He's obviously enjoying this and yes, it appeals to his well-developed sense of the theatrical. "I'm sure you've figured out that there are a few levels beneath what you see of the Hellfire Club, even at the level you've been working at. It's obviously more than a place where the powerful can gather to associate and engage in back-room dealings. It is -much- more formalized and older than you might realize."

Suzanne sips her wine, looking quite redolently relaxed. Of course, a telepath would know instantly it's a show, a put-on. Others might guess it could be so, but Suzi does a pretty fine job of projecting what she wishes, and hiding what she does not. "Of course." she offers Shaw, a gentle, throw-away statement, as if she could really care less at this point. Far from it.

Suzi offers a little nod, of coure, as Sebastian's theatrics continue. Levels within levels, secrets within secrets. Yes, yes. Capitalist pigs oinking their way to more power. She gets it. But obviously there is something much greater going on here. A gathering of such people of power - magical, mutant, technological and more - paired as such with temporal influence and money has to mean something big. And it isn't /just/ about controlling the production of the very instruments of their potential destruction in projects like the Sentinels, either. "Do go on." she offers, leadingly. Should she applaud? Nah, he can earn his standing ovation.

Ballista makes her way into the room having been summoned. She isn't sure what is up, but still she has come, she is in her usual goth like gear, brace of knives across her chest, and her heavy bag at her waist.

The Black King does take note that the girl is dressed a bit 'down' but, seeing as she was recently -shot in the head-, he's going to let it go. There's a certain drama to her style, at any rate. Besides, there are more important matters at hand.

"Ah, Ms. Gerard, it's very good to see you up and about so soon." he does sound genuinely pleased at that, and adds, "Do sit down and relax. We've some things of import to discuss." from his tone, they don't sound like bad things. "I must commend you for your performance recently. For that, you are to be rewarded as befits a young woman who has shown such bravery, and more importantly, -loyalty-."

Ballista nods and moves over to settle down. She smiles, "I give you my thanks." she says as she sits. She does rub the back of her head, "REally it wasn't much." she is actually pretty excited after the constructive use of her powers. She blushes just a little, "Thank you, I think in part I got lucky."

Sebastian picks up from where he left off, explaining things to Suzi, "Nonsense. Luck matters, but taking -advantage- of an opportunity is a skill we like to think we encourage. As I was about to tell Ms. Endo, our club is a bit more than even what it seems. At the deepest level of the Hellfire Club lie the Lords Cardinal of the Inner Circle, a cabal of those in power, a group who draw from across the spectrum of influence and ability, which has existed for a few centuries now. The Inner Circle is more than mere power-brokers, however, we are a group that charts and influences the direction of nations, indeed, of the world. There are several such interconnected groups across the world, in centers of power, like here, London, and so on."

He pauses, to let that sink in, "In addition to the obvious, it is a place where people and...other beings, such as ourselves can gather among their peers. We encourage trust and close association, understanding and support." he grins and waves off what he says next with one hand, "Oh, there are always little internecine struggles, such is the nature of the beast, but in the end, the Inner Circle is composed of the elite, and the elite by nature of their -deeds-, not by birth."

"Or at the least, not merely by birth." Suzanne comments, raising her glass of dark, dark red wine in its crystal glass to salute Ballista, her own way of acknowledging with fewer words the woman's achievements and her appreciation. Ballista managed to remove Ghost, at least for the nonce. Like that, it clicks in Suzi's mind: the bonus and completion fee she no longer owes the Sharks, she will instead divert to Ms. Gerard and Blevins. It will serve both women well as a nest egg, and show her appreciation in a palpable way they will be unable to ignore. That's important in rewarding loyalty and encouraging initiative.

"You say 'in places of power around the world.'" Suzi picks up, addressing Sebastian. She appreciates his flare for drama, but she's going to slice to the chase a bit. There's a time and a place for theatrics, and there's a time and a place for precision of language and delivery of information. Go figure that she would care so about such matters. "Would that include Hong Kong. Or Beijing?" She's curious: is there a cabal like this back home, and she just somehow never came to their attention? It could certainly be. And if anyone would know and could be prevailed upon to tell her, she imagines Shaw would be the one. So she makes her play and watches what happens.

Ballista cocks her head to the side and nods as she listens. "I suspected that there was more than I had been outright told." she says and folds her hands over her lap for a moment.

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