Heavy Metal Horde: Rogue Vision Unleashed

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Heavy Metal Horde: Rogue Vision Unleashed

Vision, Ms. Marvel

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07/30/12 14:00

Quinjet Hangar, Avengers' Mansion

After the incident with Hercules in the Simulator, Vision has gone rogue. He has to be stopped.

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-----==[ Quinjet Hangar - Third Floor - Avengers Mansion ]==------------------

The hangar is a large and mostly open space allowing for easy take offs and landings. With one side of the hangar dedicated to housing the many Quinjet's, each one is lined up side by side upright on roll-about cradles ready to use at a moments notice. The actual run way runs the length of the room as fire blast suppression gear is mounted against the rear shock absorbent wall. Also found in the center of the area is arresting hook wire deploy hatches and proximity triggered explosive-assisted catcher net to help snag the Quinjet if a rough landing is about to insue. The front wall which is over the main entrance is fold down and can lay flat out to allow the quinjet a horizontal take off, but for space missions the ceiling has hatch in it which can be lowered allowing the quinjet's a perfectly vertical take off. One Quinjet stands ready in the middle of the room, latched in and ready for lift off.

The Vision
Ms. Marvel
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[LI] - Hydraulic Lift - Avengers Mans [RR] - Radar Room - Third Floor - Ave

The Vision has been keeping a low profile in the hours since Hercules' notice about him following the aftermath of the Simulator Room incident. Internal computer reports have indicated that Vizh has been locked in his quarters, accessing computer logs and researching the whole robot menace that the world seemed to be dealing with. At the present, though, his room is found to be empty. Hank Pym had gone to speak with him earlier today about the incident in the Simulator, but when Pym arrived... no one was there. Pym found the Vision's computer was on and a series of algorithm had been programmed into Vizh's personal computer and the Mansion's computer to make it seem that he was reclusively remaining in his room. Pym had alerted the other Avengers present in the mansion of what he had found.

With the mansion on alert, many of the depowered Avengers and other Avengers on site begin a systematic search of the mansion for the Synthetic teammate. The Quinjet Hangar has been quiet and none of the other Avengers have reported off searching it yet.

As one of the hottest pilots in the world, let alone on the Avengers, Ms. Marvel has a close affinity to aircraft of all kinds. The quinjets may not be the hot dog fighters of her USAF days, but they are a lot closer than most people would think, given their carrying capacities. After the upper levels were searched thoroughly, Ms. Marvel took the quinjet hangar next. "Danvers here. In hotshaft one, approaching Hangar. Initiating command override on the tube doors and lockdown on the lauch bay hatches." she reports, before alighting on the tiny edge where the doors front the lift tube. She punches in her command codes, swipes her Avengers ID card, and submits to the retinal and voice scans, waiting for the doors to open and the system to report back on her commands.

The Chairwoman's codes are all accepted and everything goes as one would expect. Her commands are followed and she is allowed ingress into the hangar area. Inside the hangar, it's dark with only a couple of flood-lights directed at the inactive Quinjets. The hangar is deathly quiet, as one would expect a small unoccupied storage area to sound. A flood-light illuminates the readied Quinjet that sits in the middle of the large room. Its rear access door is opened and lowered, prepared for a boarder.

Ms. Marvel floats through the doors, initiating a command to seal the doors and lock down the room, with only her bio-verified codes to unlock. Then she holds out her hands, projecting light across the room. It's tiring to do so, draining her energy reserves when she isn't taking more in. But she knows if she finds Vision, handling the situation won't be a question of power. It will be something else entirely. Call it ... faith. She sweeps the hangar carefully, looking for signs of anything else amiss, as she floats towards the readied quinjet's boarding ramp. "Vision, it's Carol. If you're here, I'd really rather you just stepped out and said so. I know something is wrong. I'm pretty sure you know something is wrong, even if you're not sure what. It's time we deal with it. Too many lives are at stake. Yours included, old friend."

The only response that Carol gets is the echo of her own voice bouncing off the walls and the high-tech vehicles calling this large room home. Carol's instincts prove true, though. Carol's conversation with her own echoing voice gains a third member when the Vision's deep voice joins in, "Carol Danvers; Ms. Marvel; Colonel United States Air Force; Chairwoman of the Avengers." It's as if Vision were reading off a resume. The voice has a visible source eventually as The Vision floats through the hull of the parked Quinjet in the middle of the room. He stops so that the top half of his body is outside of the vehicle while the remainder stays phased through the hull. The Ghostly Vision's voice is colder, more robotic than normal, "You should not have come here." A cliche.

"I go wherever I am needed, Vision, and wherever I choose to go. And I am needed here." Ms. Marvel answers calmly. The tone of voice is a clear giveaway that her friend the Vision is not driving the boat right now. Someone or something else is at the helm. Everything currently points to that something being Ultron. Vision would loathe the fact that his creator and former master had robbed him once again of his sense of self and was using him as a weapon. Carol's only real hope here is that she can reach the Vision and get him to reassert his control. Otherwise, people are going to die. "Now, why don't you tell me what you're doing down here, Vision? What do you want? Mmmm? To make big cliche threats against friends trying to help you? That's too melodramatic, even for you. So what's going on?"

"Melodrama is not the point-" There's a pause in the response, "-Carol." The Vision floats there phased through the hull of the Quinjet. The odd pause and use of a familiar name a terrible attempt at trying to sound 'friendly' as if Vision were trying to continue the ruse of being unencumbered by the current crisis. The Vision shakes his head, "I-It is supremely important that I inspect and repair the Quinjets. It is of critical importance." He pauses again and there's an obviosu twitch of the Synthetic Avenger's head, "Priorities have altered. Quinjets; Priority demoted. Ms. Marvel; Priority upgraded." He tilts his head now as he regards Carol, "Superhuman Strength; Superhuman durability; Flight; Energy Absorption; Energy Manipulation." Carol's various superhuman abilities are listed like bullet points.

"That's right, Vision. That's me. That's my abilities. My name. Bet you even known my serial number and military ID code. My old NASA email address. 'Cause now /I'm/ your priority, not trying to sabotage the quinjets. Especially since you know I don't /need/ those quinjets, do I?" Carol keeps talking, keeps winding it out. Keeps pushing the buttons, while she waits to see if Vision - the real Vision - can take back himself, or not. Does she have a plan, if this goes sideways? Yes. Not much of one, but yes. She's just hoping she won't have to use it. "I can fly anywhere. And you know I can. So where is it you don't /want/ us flying off to, Vision?"

The Vision responds to Carol's words with a couple of odd facial twitches and a neck twitch. He shakes his head in response to everything she said, "Unsafe; Quinjets." Another shake of his head and the Vision decides to do something other than float there looking like half a man sticking out of the roof of the vehicle. He sinks down through the hull of the Quinjet and disappears inside of it. Several long, silent moments pass and the Vision does not reappear into Carol's range of sight.

"Unsafe quinjets? Great." Carol keys her comms. "Danvers reporting. He's in the hangar, and has been mucking with the quinjets. Tell Iron Man I want these gone over with a fine-toothed comb before anyone tries to power one up or fly. Tell him the mission will require getting hold of the one we loaned out." That done, Ms. Marvel floats back down to the ramp of the quinjet and walks up inside. "Vision. You need to keep talking to me. What's going on? Where is it you don't want us flying off to, Vision?"

Silence is the Chairwoman's initial response. Breaking the silence are soft footsteps; Footfalls on a metallic surface. Those footfalls come from inside the Quinjet and moving towards the exit ramp leading out of it to the room at large. Light cascading in from the flood-light outside of the craft eventually touches the stark-white form of the Synthezoid as Carol meets him on his way off the craft. The Ghostly Vision turns his blank gaze towards Ms. Marvel and utters, "Quinjet priority; Completed. Ms. Marvel; In Progress." He pauses for several moments, "I-I-" He twitches visibly again, "-Carol." His eyes light up and then another twitch, "Focused beams of solar energy; Ineffective. Molecular Disruption; Adaquate results." He twitches again, "S-S-Sorr-" He pushes his cape aside and steps aggressively towards the Chairwoman of the Avengers, hands held at his sides and clenched into fists.

Ms. Marvel stands her ground. "You want to disrupt my molecules, go for it. Go ahead, Vision. I'm not backing down. I'm not going away. You're an Avenger. You know that." She waits. The risk is escalating rapidly to insane degrees. She is likely going to have to try her desperate gamble. She has to be ready. But she does nothing, not yet. She's still putting her faith in Vision to stop this. To stop Ultron, before it's too late. "Vision! You are your own person. You have /always/ been your own person. You have thrown off Ultron's yolk before. It's time to do it again. It's obvious he's behind this. You have the power to stop him. You always have. Now DO IT, Avenger!"

When the leader of the Avengers stands her ground on the aggressively approaching Synthezoid, it does not seem to cause the Vision any pause. Instead he stalks right up to Carol and raises a hand and holds it at his side, palm-side up. He pulls back and then thrusts that hand forward towards Carol's chest. The Vision's hand stops a centimeter or two away from Carol's chest. A vicious twitch of his shoulder and neck is made, "Ult- Ul- Ul-" Vision's opened palm closes into a clenched fist, "Ca- Can n-not. Sorry" The clenched fist thrusts outward at Carol's chest. Vizh's molecules being altered to allow him to attempt to pass through the matter that is Carol's body and only minutely resolidfy as to attempt to disrupt Carol's own molecular structure.

"That's OK, Vision." Carol answers, with an eerie calm that might seem suicidal to most. She's being attacked, an attack that could kill even her. But she does not flinch. She does not dodge. She stands her ground. "You tried. Now it's my turn." And as the sheer agony erupts through Carol's body, as Vision's arm starts to partially resolidify within her body ... she opens up. As he becomes solid, so too his energy becomes 'solid', reachable by the very molecules and cells he is trying to disrupt. And they suddenly start sucking every available erg of power out of the Vision, even as Carol's head throws back, gasping, thrashing, coughing up her very life. Even so, she rides out the stall, holding on for every last nanosecond she can, pulling every scrap of energy she can reach out of the Vision.

The Vision's eyes go wide as energy starts to draw out of him as he partially solidifies inside of Ms. Marvel. The Synthezoid starts to pull his arm back to free himself from her, but stops; Hesitates. Vizh's mouth opens in pain, "C-can. Not. Stop. Me." He appears to want to pull his arm out, but he also seems to push himself in. It'd be a comical looking tug of war if it weren't such a serious, dangerous matter. Vision says, twitchy, "Can. Not. Stop. Me." Finally the Vision rips his arm out of her, going completely intangible in order to do it. He sinks down, through the floor of the Quinjet to the ground floor of the hangar outside of the vehicle.

"Yes. I. Can." Carol does her best to bark out around the frothing at her mouth, twitching, convulsing with the pain. She whites out for a bit, not really aware of anything but pulling all of the energy out of the Vision she possibly can. When he goes fully intangible, Ms. Marvel gasps and chokes, sucking air into tortured tissues. It takes her precious moments before she can dive and roll down the embarkation ramp, coming back to her feet unsteadily, advancing on the Vision. "C'mon, Ultron. I'm your priority. You have to stop me. You disabled the quinjets. Now you have to disable me. Come and get me. You're so powerful. What do you have to fear from me? Come and get me!" Note, she's addressing Ultron, not the Vision. Taunting the supposedly all-powerful, supposedly-superior artificial life busy hijacking her friend and /failing/.

The Vision is kneeling down on the ground beside the Quinjet with a hand on the diamond shape on his chest. There is a grimace on his inhuman face. When Carol is down from the ramp, Vision looks up. He utters, "Unanticipated tactical response. Altering strategem." Vision stands up and looks away from Carol. The crystal enbedded in his forehead flares to life and tight beams of energy lances out. The solar energy beams collide with parts of some of the parked Quinjets, storage crates and workbenches around the hangar. Anything combustable ignites from the energy. What's Vision doing? Well the firecontrol systems seem to respond. Foam and chemicals start to get sprayed in the areas around the room that Vizh attacks. Another twitch from the Synthetic Avenger, "Can. Not. Stop." Back to the physical solo tug of war, "Stop. Me."

"I'm working on just that, Vision." Carol Danvers answers, getting more of herself back with every moment. Ultron's control of Vision is wasting more precious energy, setting fire to everything it can find. And then Ms. Marvel streaks across the room and intercepts one of those blasts, the glow around her body flaring more brightly. "C'mon, Ultron, you coward. You're already too terrified to face me yourself. Now you're too scared to even risk the body you have co-opted for the task? Forget it." She lands, advancing despite foam and chemicals. It's hell on her hair, but she'll live. "C'mon, Ultron. Stop playing around. Let's get it done."

"Your attempts at goading me are useless, Carol Danvers; Ms. Marvel." Is the response uttered in Vision's voice. The Vision's eyes glow, "Your efforts here prove nothing." The twitching is gone for the moment and his voice is unencumbered by the internal struggle going on within the synthetic synapses within him. The Vision steps towards Carol, "I must admit, however, you do have a point. This must conclude. I am not typically concerned with inefficient use of time, but there is a schedule to maintain." The Vision advances on Carol and lashes out at her once more with an intangible hand... or at least it was originally intended to be intangible. The Vision's hand collides with Carol's shoulder ineffectively, as it appears that the appendage remained at Vizh's base level tangibility. There is a clear look of surprise on the Avenger's face and a twitch at the neck.

And Ms. Marvel smirks, hand snapping up to seize Vision's as she once more taps in, pulling all of the power she can out of Vision as quickly as possible, clamping her hand down and not letting go. Of course, Vision-cum-Ultron could just go intangible again. Right? Or blast her. So many options. But here he is, making a mistake, the real Vision stepping in to make that mistake happen. So it's her job to capitalize on that gaff to the best of her ability, siphoning off all of the power she can as quickly as possible. "Good job, Vision."

"Priority Update; Tactical Retreat." Is flattly uttered by the Vision after Carol grabs a hold of the Synthetic Avenger. A look of pain has formed on Vision's face and Carol will feel that Vision is trying to pull away... but stopping before wrenching himself of her grasp. He doesn't go intangible for several excruciating seconds... but it does happen. Vision goes intangible and drops through the floor of the Hangar. The Synthezoid rises up out of the ground several feet away from Ms. Marvel. He flies upwards towards the hangar door meant for a Vertical Take Off and Landing access. The Synthezoid phases through the door in the ceiling but stops. There is a loud clang of solid matter and metal as it appears the bottom half of the Vision turns tangible once more... which would make it difficult for the Vision to fully phase through the portal leading out of the hangar. This leaves the Vision vulnerable again.

Ms. Marvel launches herself after the Vision, not allowing him to escape, even intangible. She has drained his power to dangerous lows, but apparently not quite enough. Then he resolidifies quite destructively with part of the ceiling /through/ his body. That's going to make a mess of his innards for sure. "This is Danvers, priority override. Seal the outer hatches on the launch bay /NOW/! No light! NONE!" she commands forcefully, as she fies up to check the legs and lower torso dangling from the ceiling, seizing the leg and pulling as much energy as she can find once again. She hates the risk she's taking with Vision himself, but this is too important. Vision would understand. He would /agree/ to the risk. He said so himself. Now it's up to her to follow through.

The Vision is stuck. The Vision is damaged heavily. The Vision's internal repairs do not have the power to effect any note worthy repairs. The Synthezoid's legs dangle and kick in a vain and useless attempt to fight the leader of the Avengers off. With the counter-measures Carol ordered going into effect and the energy that Carol drains from him, the kicking gets weaker and weaker. The kicking ceases and the Vision's legs go limp. The Vision has been stopped.

Ms. Marvel finishes Vision off, pretty brutally. Only when she is sure there's not an erg left does she finally let up. "Alright. I'm heading to the access passage to the launch tube. No one goes in until I give the all clear. Pym, you and Iron Man prep that shielded containment chamber. And ... a high-yield cutting torch. We're going to have to slice him out of the ceiling door, and I want it done while making absolutely sure none of that energy gets to his systems. We're keeping him powered down until we can be sure we've cleaned him out. Move, people!"

Ultron has been stopped. Here. The Vision, sadly, has been made to stop as well, to accomplish it. But it won't be the last. Carol Danvers swears it is so. No one has made a liar out of her yet.

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