Heavy Metal Horde Finale: Conference Call

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Heavy Metal Horde Finale: Conference Call

Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Nicholas Fury, Carol Danvers, Amora the Enchantress, Doctor Strange, Sebastian Shaw

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08/05/12 21:00:00

The Astral Plane

The heroes - and the not-so-heroic - gather following Ultron's ultimatum to the world, to plan for resistance.

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Welcome to the Astral Plane. A strange realm filled with shapes and colors, sounds and sights. Much is familiar and yet, everything seems off. Odd. Strange.

Speaking of Strange, a minute ago, Doctor Strange yanked you all out of your bodies and to this place on the Astral Plane. He is huge, a virtual giant brimming with power. He floats in the background of this meeting place, listening but contributing little. Instead, he holds off the predators of the Astral Plane that might seek uninitiated minds.

Instead of Doctor Strange, the man in charge of this little get together is Nick Fury. The old sawhorse looks much the same on the Astral Plane as he does in the real world, except he is dressed in a stained and torn World War II uniform.

"Thanks for coming. Not that we gave you a choice. I'm gonna get down to the point." Fury says. You hear his voice inside your head as much as in your ears. "You already know. An hour ago, giant robots touched down in every capital city in the world with the exceptions of the capitals of Latvaria and Genosha. The capitals of the five security council nations, China, Russia, the UK, France, and the good old US of A, got hundred foot tall clunkers. They're all designed to fight those big monsters. Red Ronin in DC and the four Shogun Warriors in the other cities. All the other capitals got a Sentinel. Mark II, from what we can tell."

Fury rubs at his good eye. He looks tired, even here on the Astral Plane. "As soon as the robots landed, a message broadcast on every television, radio, cellphone, computer, tablet... well, you get the idea."

A window appears, like a large screen television screen. Ultron appears in the window and speaks in his cold, echoing, mechanical voice.

"Humanity. You have been conquered. The age of war and violence is over. Give up your violent ways and you will be spared. My soldiers now watch over every capital city of every nation on the planet. They do not tire. They do not rest. They remain forever vigilant. If one of my soldiers detect violence, they will destroy the offender as well as one square mile around the offender. Turn away from violence. Embrace the path of peace or be destroyed. Be aware, I am monitoring all communication. All broadcasts. If the governments or so-called heroes of this world attempt to defy my will, I will leave this planet in ruin. Resistance is futile."

The window vanished. Fury turns to look at all of you. "That's why I had Doc Strange yank you here. We're pretty sure Ultron can't monitor the Astral Plane. Ultron's been planning this for weeks. My egg heads theorize that the first wave of robots going nutty was him perfecting the nanotech he was using to control them. Once he got better control, he sent Sentinels to destroy Xavier's. Used the Adaptoid to hurt the Avengers. Used LMDs and other robots to take down half of SHIELD. Doom was isolated. Genosha is gone. We're not sure if Ultron did that or Magneto is hiding. Other groups around the world are suffering from similar disasters. The bastard hit us hard so we wouldn't be able to resist. But he underestimated us. We are going to resist. I have a plan."

"We're going to make coordinated assaults on every robot. Hit every one at once. We'll keep them so busy they won't be able to destroy the cities they're occupying. I'm working with Strange to contact groups of heroes. The Super Soldiers in Russia are going to take the one in Moscow with the help of the Defenders. Excalibur and MI-5 will deal with the robot in London. The Chinese insist they have a way to deal with the one in Bejing. That leaves DC and Paris. Strange and I are going to coordinate several small teams of heroes from the US to hit those two. I'm sending what's left of SHIELD to engage the Sentinels. I'll be honest. We'll lose a lot of people on this mission but I need the super powered folk dealing with the really big robots. The lose of the Security Council capitals would throw this world into chaos."

"Meanwhile, here's what I need from you. Find Ultron. Take a squad. Shut him down. Figure out how to disrupt or shut down the nanotech so the robots will go inert. I want the X-Men and Avengers working together on this. Carol, you're taking point on this. The sooner you shut this down, the less people will die when facing the big robots. Summers, I'm going to need Illyana Rasputin for teleporting duty. We've already grabbed that Ariel girl from the Fallen Angels to help, too. Ms. Grey, we'll need your mental touch. Keep the group of us together. When Ms. Marvel says go, we jump."

He pauses, then asks. "Any questions?"

Ms. Marvel was, at the time of being yanked out of her own body onto the Astral Plane, in the War Room of the Avengers Mansion, holding her own pow-wow council with the Avengers, both those still possessing their powers and abilities, and those that have lost them, at least temporarily, due to the implosion wave from the Super-Adaptoid. Now, she floats comfortably in the void of the Astral. Here, she wears a dull green flight suit from her years as a pilot in the USAF, her hair bound back into a tight braid suitable for the flight helmet tucked under her arm.

Always one to respect a chain of command, Carol Danvers waits for Nicholas Fury to finish having his say. She is aware of everything he is offering, but understands the need to be sure everyone is on the 'same page'. Once he finishes, she floats forward gracefully. "Not a question, but a suggestion. We have received and managed to decode a message directed to Tony Stark. We're not sure of the origin of the message, although Tony swears to me that he knows who sent it and trusts them to know what they're doing. It gives clear readings for what is apparently interdimensional EM communication. Ultron is directly controlling the nanobots infiltrating the robots. The signals are actually being routed through interdimensional tunnels that are pinpoint accurate, giving almost no exposure to interception, let alone decryption. But with the data in the message we were given, Tony believes he can in fact trace the origin of those tunnels, and find Ultron's current base of operations." That said, she floats back, allowing the others to know that she is finished her delivery and ready to field questions or let others lead the discussion from that point forward.

In his Astral form, Cyclops appears as he almost always done. In his blue and gold uniform and familiar visor. Even here, he still feels the need to keep his eyes hidden and power in check. Familiar with this plane of existence courtesy of his paramour and long time teammate, Jean Grey. Cyclops takes little to no time to adjust as some of the others present may take longer. Positioned near Jean, he listed to Nick Fury and watches the screen with Ultron giving orders for his new world regime. "Colonel Fury, currently the X-Men are at work rebuilding our new school. After the Sentinels destroyed we had to deal with our technology coming to life. We have the assistance of the Shi'ar to fix the matter. With that and the needs of the students to attend by some of the staff, you have the entire roster of the X-Men and X-Factor at your disposal." Yes, he spoke for his baby brotherbs team. Oh well. "I assembled a small group of our X-Men and students to deal with our tech issues, but I offer their assistance and expertise. Hank McCoy is leading up the X-Club." Looking to Carol, "Ultron is more of the Avengers problem, but we have your back." He smiles and has worked directly with Carol and even ran a simulation to see her leadership skills firsthand. Scott is alright allowing her to take lead on this. With his recent injuries and the school for him to deal with, it is one less thing for him to have to lead.

Fury grunts. "Appreciate it, Summers." He leans forward. "Carol, that's the first good news I've had all day. Damn. Good. You guys coordinate. Get a team out there. Strange insists he has a spell that will get fighters to where they need to be in DC and Paris. Don't know the specifics but from what he says, the spell will chose people and it'll seem random but it'll be based on some sort of complex mumbo jumbo crap. Dunno, but its all we got right now. I want the X-Men and the Avengers focused on taking down Ultron. Leave the big robots to us. I just wish we had more powered folk so I wouldn't have to throw injured SHIELD agents at the Sentin...."

Fury's words are interupted by Doctor Strange, speaking as if he's a mile away. "Colonel. Someone is breaking into this section of Astral Space. I can't stop them and keep us all here."

"Someone indeed. Be glad I am here." Amora arrives, ten feet tall and shining blonde. Her beauty so bright it literally burns the eyes. "For unto you I bring tidings of good cheer." Amora steps aside and motions to the man she brought into the Astral Plane. Sebastian Shaw.

Clad in finery from a bygone era, The Black King of the Inner Circle strides into the meeting with utter confidence. This place he knows well, having been intimate with more telepaths than most can claim. The strange fabric of this place seems to solidify beneath his boots as he 'walks', like metal with strange circuit traceries racing beneath, showing both his familiarity and his own 'unassailab;e' nature.

"Well, it seems the party has started without us. Fortunately I never mind being fashionably late." he notes wryly. He raises a hand to forestall the inevitable objections, "-and before you try and cast us out, you'd best listen to what I have to say. We didn't crash this tete-a-tete for fun, I assure you."

Having heard whispered rumors of the Enchantressb affiliation with the Hellfire Club, Scott visibly sighs. And despite this only being a projection, his visor seems to flash red. The admittedly to die for beauty that Amora represents does not go unnoticed, but his eyes stare right at Sebastian Shaw. "Shaw." It is a simple and stern greeting. Scott remains, "Is the Hellfire Club offering assistance?" The X-Men and Hellfire Club have worked together before though Scott does wonder what benefit this holds for The Club. He also notes no Emma or Selene.

Ms. Marvel nods to Scott. "We're going to need everyone, so don't get trapped into thinking of anything as particularly any one group's problem. I've set Tony to the task of tracking down the source of the interdimensional signals. Once we have that, we can plan more intelligently for our assault." Carol does not speak of this as some heroic effort, but as a war. Then again, that is precisely what it is: a war for the survival of the human race, and their freedom to self-determination.

When the Enchantress appears, Ms. Marvel rises up to meet the other woman eye to eye, offering a nod of acknowledgement to the stunning majesty and beauty of the Asgardian. "Well come, Enchantress." she offers by way of greeting to the woman responsible for a major change in Carol herself of late. The appearance of Shaw draws consternation, but no further words from Carol. She doesn't know him well, but what she does know, she does not like. "None of us are here merely for fun." That said and no more. As long as Jean Grey doesn't explode on Shaw, Carol's pretty sure they're good.

Initially resisting the urge for her mental awareness to be removed from her body, Jean finally allows the sensation to corrupt her, and she falls into the goop that is the Astral Plane. Here, her form is the mental embodiment of strength, confidence, and a familiarity that a psychic of her caliber is used to; she wears Phoenix garb in the psychic plane of existence, as this image is all of her positive assets molded over. She gives herself a moment to adjust to the settings, taking in the appearance of all those present, and her emerald eyes stop on the familiar face of Scott Summers. Like she is quite known for, the woman maintains silence as the group around her speaks and plans for an assault that might prove quite devastating. "Assuming we are able to defeat Ultron," Jean pipes up finally, crossing her arms of her cosmic garb, "What of the aftermath? Our school has suffered greatly, and while we are recovering slowly but surely, it'll take months before we can get back on our feet again. I don't believe in an eye for an eye, and the X-Men will help where ever we can, I'm sure. But can we count on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s assistance in rebuilding and setting a better foundation for our children?" Because Jean always thinks about the children.

"We'll talk about that later, Ms. Grey. Right now..." Fury doesn't look at Amora. If it comes down to it, that's Strange's fight. No, he pays attention to Shaw. "Churchhill and Roosevelt didn't kick Stalin out of the clubhouse. I'm willing to listen, Shaw."

Amora smiles and then steps to the side. She grows until she, too, is a giant, and working with Strange to form a barrier around this gathering. Keeping prying Astral eyes and hungry Astral predators from eating the souls of those present.

"That's your problem, Summers-" The Black King notes smoothly, "-you're always so limited and linear in your thinking." he has pointedly -not- addressed Jean's presence, small surprise there. "I'm offering a bit -more- than the Club's resources."

He links his hands behind his back and continues, "We have some additional aid in the 'little' matter of Ultron's ultimatum. Red Ronin is Japanese, the Shogun Warriors are, from what we can gather, not entirely of Earthly origin, but the Sentinels..." and here he pauses, don't want to let too much go, do we? "are of American manufacture. Trask was a genius, but it's still somewhat older technology. There's enough data on the admittedly -highly- adaptable Mark IIs to create a way to strike directly at their programming, bypassing any control nanites, and simply shutting them down at the OS level. The nanites will have as much luck controlling them as a virus has of sending penis-pill emails from a server that isn't plugged in."

He pauses again, letting those assembled take in what he just said before continuing, "But we'll need some groups to run interference for us, because if Ultron notices what we're about, he'll just start killing people wholesale." Yes, the man actually sounds at least somewhat genuinely concerned about it. He's manipulative and a killer, but he's no -monster-.

With his arms crossed an even larger grin forms on his face with Jean present. Scott ignores Shaw's insult and remains his usual quiet stoic self for the remainder of this meeting.

Ms. Marvel watches Shaw, though she ignores no one. Everyone here has a point to make, given their chance to make it. For Jean, Carol offers a warm smile. She likes the redhead. "Right now, SHIELD is maxed out just continuing to /function/. They got hit rather hard. That being said, however, I believe it would be in all of our interests to pool our resources for the rebuilding efforts. Since their other abilities are a tad on the fritz right now, I'll put Pym and a few others on 'school rebuilding duty' ASAP. Unfortunately, I cannot give you Stark until he's done helping prep Iron Man and the others for this final operation. But afterwards? Definitely."

Carol waits and listens to Shaw just as intently, but when he's done, she is looking ... cold. Her frigid gaze rakes over Colonel Fury like razors of ice, and then back to Shaw. The Sentinels are of /American/ manufacture? Now she is very, very angry. But now ... now is not the time. Soon, there shall be a reckoning. So help her, she'll use POTUS' private damned phone number, if she has to do it. "We're already making plans to take on the other, larger robots, and field a team to take on Ultron at his base of operations. We expect to have that location shortly - probably about eighteen hours from now." Shaw missed the earlier briefing, and she has no intention of having Fury repeat himself. "Will your operations need physical security on-site?" she inquires, simply enough. Again, military parlance and preparation.

When Sebastian Shaw speaks, Jean addresses his presence with a quirked brow, even if he does not address her own. While he is a brilliant man, she does not take much from his words, noting to herself his desire to help and his presence, in general, on the Astral Plane. Emerald eyes shift to the Enchantress for a brief moment, and then Jean's focus goes to Carol Danvers. Familiar with the certain aspects of the woman, no qualms come from the red-headed psion, and her responses warrant a pleased grin from a tired headmistress.

"Shaw has plenty of physical security, Ms. Marvel. If any of us come out of this alive, it'll be him... but better the devil with a heart beat than Ultron." Fury offers.

The Colonel turns to Shaw. "We're limited." Fury admits. "We can't use Mandroid or Guardsman armor. But the original plan had SHIELD agents drawing the Sentinels' fire and that doesn't need to change. Just shut them down fast, Shaw. Every agent of mine that dies in the field is me stepping one foot closer to taking a real good look at your little club. That's something you don't want."

Fury turns to Carol. "Ms. Marvel, you need to have Stark step up that time table. Eighteen hours is a long time to go with no one in a few hundred cities committing an act of violence. We need to get this done sooner, rather than later, or we might be missing several chunks out of our most populated cities. Along with the population."

Fury stands up a bit straighter. "Alright. I'm going to tell Strange to let you go. Ms. Grey, SHIELD telepaths will be calling you to help coordinate things with Ms. Marvel and the other groups out there. Everything will be in place on our end. Carol, we're waiting for your word. When you give the signal, the attacks begin." He pauses, then says. "Good speed, people."

The meeting, quick and dirty, ends. Strange and Amora release their spells and the real world comes rushing back. Everyone present has the very curious sensation of falling a long distance and then landing with a thud inside their own bodies.

The time has come. Ultron awaits.

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