Heavy Metal Horde Finale 2: Paris, France

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Heavy Metal Horde Finale 2: Paris, France

Sandman, Radiance, Blindfold, Phantasm, Sir Newton, NPCS: Doctor Strange, Wong, Ariel, Nova, Blue Diamond, Sabra, Arabian Knight, Beetle, Docteur Q, Dagard Ace, Ultron

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08/06/12 12:00

Paris, France

Another team of heroes is gathered and sent half-way around the world, to help face Dagard Ace and contain or subdue the giant robot threatening Paris, France, while the battle rages to stop Ultron's bid to take over the world.

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Several hours ago, giant robots landed in every capital city of every nation on the planet. Minutes later, every television, radio, computer, tablet, cell phone, and more on the planet carried a message from Ultron. The robot tyrant declared an end to the age of violence. Ultron's robotic servants would patrol the world, starting with the capitals. Should one of those robots detect violence, Ultron promised that the offender would be destroyed ... along with the square mile of city around him or her. Since that time, the world has waited tensely for something to happen. For the governments and heroes of Earth to do SOMETHING.

Now, it seems, the battle is to begin. The hour of noon has come, the sun nearly at its sizzling, simmering apex overhead in New York City and its relative environs. It starts with a buzzing sound in the hero's ear. A buzzing that becames a full voice, soft but strong.

"Champion of Earth. You are required."

A silver light envelops the hero and suddenly he or she is no longer where he or she was but instead in a study filled with strange objects, part of a small group of people apparently summoned to this place. Besides said group, three other people are here, and seem to be directing all of this to some extent. Sitting cross-legged and levitating, an older man wrapped in a red cloak seems to be meditating. Mystic, silver energies crackle around him. Across the room, a teenage girl with miniature stars in her eyes, dressed in primo 1980s fashion stands in front of what would seem to be a closet door. Next to the summoned group, a bald Chinese man in simple but elegant clothing speaks.

"Welcome, champions. I am Wong, servant of the Sorcerer Supreme. The Ritual of Requirement has summoned you because you have the hearts and wills of heroes. Earth has need of you. Evil forces threaten the planet. A taskforce has been assembled to travel into space to stop Ultron but they cannot do so until they are assured that the giant robots here on Earth are engaged and unable to slaughter thousands of innocents in retaliation. All around the world, your fellow champions are engaged in battle. You are the last group being sent to Paris, France. All you must do to join the fight is step through that door. Disable or destroy the robot if you can. If you cannot, you must stop the robot from harming civilians until the space team stops Ultron and the robots shut down."

The 80s glam girl with the starburst eyes opens the closet door and on the other side each can see the Champ de Mars split by the Seine river, the Palais de Chailot on one side, the Eiffel Tower and evidence of a battle across the grassy mall of the Champ de Mars on the other.

"Last stop for Paris, France!" the girl calls cheerfully. The group steps through. What else could be done? The world needs these heroes.

The other side is chaos. A robot, easily a hundred feet tall, blue with white at arms and legs, a flash of red across the chest and head. The chest flashing is raised, a gattling canon protruding from that housing. Fierce blue-white energy sparks from the massive eyes. As the new group of heroes arrive through the briefly shimmering portal, a woman in grey with a blue feathered-looking cloak (Sabra) leaps forward and lands a mighty, ringing blow against the massive behemoth's left leg. This has little real effect and seems to do no damage, but the head twists to the side, the glow around the eyes flaring, and then with a ZZHOCK! sound, beams erupt from those eyes and explode the grassy turf of the Champ de Mars, throwing the woman arse over teakettle into the Seine, over a hundred yards away.

The robot twists its mighty chest towards the Eiffel Tower, still heavily crowded with toursts foolish enough to have gotten at least this close just to see the mysterious and terrible robot. The gattling canon on its chest whirrs as it lines up on the blackened steel tower rising into the sky. At the last moment, a streaking form in blue and gold armor (Nova), carrying a figure in a blue and white body-stocking (Blue Diamond), flies right into the path of the now-oncoming dozens of energy beams erupting from that canon, the blasts deflecting away as they strike a blue-white shield of energy that erupts around the man in the body stocking.

A figure looking like none other than the great Sinbad rides a flying Arabian carpet, a gleaming scimitar in his hand, chest bare, framed by a sparkling vest. He holds now his turban in his hand, whipping about as he tries to circle the robot's massive feet, using the turban like a cable to pull them together and hobble its progress.

Two figures in powered armor (Beetle, Docteur Q) circle the battle, currently taking shots at the robot's eyes in attempts perhaps to disable those beam canons or blind the sensors that most hope are housed there.

The Avenger, Sandman, can hear the familiar voice of Janet van Dyne in his ear as this new team arrives on the scene. "Alright, Bill. This is Wasp. Our reports have Docteur Q, of the French hero team, on site and coordinating with Beetle of all people, Sabra of Israel, Nova, and Blue Diamond. Nova has been carrying Diamond around, using his force field to deflect the attacks when the robot makes a move on civilian targets. Sabra and Arabian Knight have been using hit and run tactics on the low end, trying to keep the robot occupied, while Q and Beetle have been making runs on the head, trying to disable weapons or sensors. They're all doing the best they can, but that thing is huge, powerful, and unrelenting. Direct your people the best you can. There's an access hatch supposedly at the left heel that should lead inside and up to the control systems. It's sure to be more vulerable on the inside than on the armored outside, so if you can get someone inside who can start blowing things up, that'd be handy. Good luck! Remember, you guys /have/ to keep that thing occupied at least until the space teams can take out Ultron and his control systems."

[OOC] Infinity says, "FYI, just in general: http://paris.france-province.net/map_paris_france.jpg"

[OOC] Infinity says, "We're at the lower left, the long rectagle park split by the river."

[OOC] Infinity says, "http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/marveldatabase/images/a/a8/Dangard_Ace.jpg"

After being summoned and appearing in this space with Dr. Strange, Wong, and the teen girl, he is unfamiliar with. Sandman, being perhaps the most senior hero present, looks around at all gathered. He instantly recognizes Mike and Ruth. Though he never knew them to be mutants or have powers. He notes the door open and notes that it is indeed France. While the sudden appearance here catches him slightly off guard, he had been informed of something like this happening. Being abreast of the world situation and receiving communication from Wasp. His body shifts to a completely psammic form. b?Ok, before we all go willy nilly running into battle. It would help to know who we are and what we can do.b

Sandman looks to everyone and sighs and breathes heavily, b?I know this is a weird place to be and everything. Some of us are scared and confused. I ask. I beg. Please just answer the questions quickly. Time for emotional or lengthy responses. . .well. Please letbs not do that. I beg that you all please listen to me. I am an Avenger and the most experienced and well. . .the world is in danger. Taking time to deal with our own issues may lead to people dying. . .please. . .please donbt kill people. Please do as I say and we will get through this.b He is confident yet humble and hopes his words ring true with those gathered and the understanding that any awkward reactions will lead to innocents dying.

[OOC] Infinity says, "Most of the timelines away from this point basically point to ruin, devastation and death. I'd imagine there's plenty of headaches. However, there is a series of numbers and letters, about 25 long, that keeps flashing across your mind's eye every time you look at the robot. And a glow near that left heel."

Dressed in his usual street attire, Mike's time going to the door was spent seeming very surprised. Why. Why WHY was he pulled here? Ok yes. Phantasm fine but- Did he j-? Upon seeing Sandman, Mike's frown deepens, Fff-. Annnd then they're out a car door. Eyes shift, looking towards the robot and then dart back to Sandman as he speaks. He sighs. This is not exactly a good time to be lingering. "I need a safe spot to create Phantasm," he provides, not quite looking directly at Sandman.

Keith might have been looking at boarding schools and having a spot of tea at his hotel room, but clearly he was needed elsewhere suddenly. Being pulled into the chaos of this magical summons he looks around looking utterly lost before following the group out the door and into the heat of action in Paris. He lowers his voice, but his accent is quite clear from Ireland when he gazes around saying, "Bloody hell!!! This is not going to be pretty!" All the while it's clear Keith is using his skills to case his surroundings. Spatial awareness is certainly a friend of his and he's going to be using it increasingly now!

It's only when Sandman speaks that his attention is diverted for a moment and he nods his head slowly. "Well I guess being summoned by some otherworldly force doesn't suggest I'm anything, but a little special..." He sighs falling into the pressure of the situations, "I'm a gravity manipulator... gyrokinetic." Keith is outfitted with a plain white dress shirt, a navy blue vest, and tan slacks. Luckly he was about to walk outside as his feet adorn a pair of leather hiking shoes.

Blindfold hasn't a clue of any of the visuals she just follows the sound of footsteps and once out the car door turns her head side to side to all present before nodding to Sandman "Yes, thank you" holding a hand to her head with a wrinkle of her nose "I wish there were time for an asprin. I'm Blindfold, precog, postcog and a bit of a untrained telepath receiver. I'm sorry, my apologies, bit of an overload here...the robots, there's glowing red numbers and letters....the left heel of each is important, maybe they're vulnerable there? or perhaps it's an access point? I don't know but the left heel glows" wearing her x-baby uniform "Beyond that...well, forgive me but even I would rather unsee it and much prefer not to linger on it, it's worse then anything I've seen, my apologies" sniffling as she tried to hold back her emotions and focus

"What the hell..??", is Seth's surprised reply as he's pulled into Strange's home. Naturally, he's not pleased about it, even when the situation is explained to him. After the explanation, he's squeezing the bridge of his nose. "Boy, the situation must be desperate if you're recruiting people who're not even adults..." And then, stepping into the portal, he looks around the area, and the giant robot. "You gotta be kidding me..."

Seth looks at Sandman, "Call me Radiance. I shoot energy, I fly." And, he's wearing the same outfit as Blindfold, his X-school uniform. He sighs -- how the hell is he going to explain this one to Cyclops or Jean?

Nova and Blue Diamond manage, if barely, to deflect all of the blasts fired by the gattling canon towards the civilians at the Eiffel Tower. The authorities are clearly trying to get them down as quickly as possible so that they can be evacuated. The current plan appears to be a combination of buses, engines already running, and barges on the Seine. Anything to get these people out of what is sure to be Harm's Way. As if there's any chance of getting them over a mile away in just the seconds that may be left.

Sabra drags herself up out of the waters of the Seine along the far shore, in front of the Palaise de Chailas, and then leaps across, grabbing at the heights of the Eiffel Tower's highest points. She snaps out her cloak and leaps again, flying back towards the towering terror, though she is unlikely to reach in time to do anything just now. She is, however, not out of this fight, despite the blow she suffered.

Arabian Knight manages to ensnare one leg, but Dagard Ace shifts and takes a mighty step, putting the other leg out of his reach. In the next moment, the Sinbad-like hero throws up his blade to deflect as one huge blue hand turns, a finger sliding open to reveal a missile which fires towards him, exploding on the force surrounding the blade, igniting a plume that blots the hero from view. One can only hope it did not blot him from existence.

Docteur Q and Beetle pull away at the last moment as the robot's left arm sweeps around through their immediate airspace with deadly intent. The two glance to one another only briefly, and then their twisting, writhing paths in the sky unite, the two making a united run, blasters at full, aiming at Dagard Ace's left eye.

Bill Baker hmmmmns loudly. He scratches his chin to show that he is thinking. Flecks of sand drop down from his chin, "Phantasm will be useful getting inside. Alright" He takes mental note of everyone and their abilities. Strategy and leadership were never his thing, but now is the time to step up. The lives of innocents people and the lives of these heroes gather with him. Some merely children in his eyes. "Ok Gravity, guy. Blindfold, telepathy and can see future and past. Radiance can fly and shoot energy. Ok Radiance, you are up first then. Get up there and join the Arabian Knight and the armored guys and the heroes. Be careful and start shooting at the robot."

As they list their names and abilities, Sandman speaks into a comm unit connecting him with the others, "Sabra, rendezvous with us please. This is Sandman. I have arrived with a small group of heroes." Looking to Blindfold, "Ruth, if you can link us up with telepathy that is great. If not, then I need you to feed what you see to Sabra. Also take Mike with you as well. Keep them protected and safe and somewhere near where the robot will not outright attack or see them." Looking to Mike, "When you get into Phanties, get inside the thing and start taking it apart inside. I will be joining you inside it as soon as I can." He then looks to Keith, "Ok, Grav, come with me. You are going to push yourself to the limit, but Ruthie told us the left leg and my boss agrees." Sandman's form is now completely sand and a huge fist reaches out to grab Keith, "Grav, I am going to take you as close to that thing is possible. Use your gravity powers and start crushing, breaking, denting, whatever to get us in." In his sand form, Baker is able to move about as quickly and easily as Mr. Fantastic is with his elasticity powers. With his orders given to everyone, he grabs Keith and silently prays people listen to what he has said as he attempts viligantly to get Keith close enough to the giant robot without get him hurt.

Mike blinks, looking at Blindfold. His lips part but close soon after as he looks back to the others in the group. That is NOT reassuring. He looks back to Sandman, giving a nod to the orders "We're going to have to TALK about that nickname when this is done with," he states simply, turning to walk with Blindfold to find someplace close but reasonably safe to duck down in.

Seeing as everyone seems to insist on introducing themselves with odd names that only can be taken as codenames Keith proceeds his statement saying, "Call me Newton, Sir Newton..." Yep he's thought about a codename before and it's so cliche it's almost too funny. He looks over at Blindfold nodding his head slowly before moving close to reach out for one of her hands. "Blindfold, stay close to me. I'll make sure nothing gets close to killing you for now." It's only when Bill's commands are differing that Keith nods retracting his hand away from Blindfold before readying to follow Sandman. "As you request, Sandman." Soon enough he is propelled nearer to the robot of his first assault. "I hope this works!" He then slams his hands out his front of him throwing as much power as he can muster at the nearby leg of the robot.

Blindfold shakes her head at Sandman "Sorry, my apologies, I'm afraid my telepathy abilities as untrained do not work that way, I can hear, that is all. I'm afraid I can't link telepathically to anyone" smiles toward Keith "No promises, just do your best, Fig Newton, and come thru it alive, yes thank you" then turns toward Mike and points to a safe spot big enough for the two of them "There, that spot will stay untouched "Do you know, if please if you don't mind, how I can relay to Miss sabra?"

Seth starts hovering away from the ground. "If that robot's left leg is its weak spot... Then, shouldn't we try to hit that thing in the left leg?" He awaits for confirmation from Sandman before joining the hero in the skies.

Catching Sandman's communication, routed helpfully by Wasp to the correct frequencies, Sabra banks wide let and circles around, heading towards his position. When he clarrifies in words and gestures who the heck he is talking about, she swoops down, arms out wide. Suffice it to say, she hits harder than a linebacker and she isn't about to slow down right now. If they're heroes, they've surely learned how to fold around a blow to reduce its force - or so the professional Israeli believes. At least with Mike over one arm and shoulder and Blindfold over the other, she can get them a lot farther a lot faster than they could move themselves, and she stays swept out wide to present a minimal target to the sensors of Dagard Ace, eventually alighting well behind the robot, within what one would hope is a relative blindspot. "No cover near enough. This is the best I can do." she offers, heavily accented. "Stay low, make no noise until you must. And move quickly." She leaps back into the air, then, to fly circles over head, looking for another opening to be of use in the battle. She'll keep an eye out, but they all have to contribute here. The spot she lands them on is only a few feet away from the spot Blindfold pointed out earlier.

The Arabian Knight emerges from the eye-searing plume of flame, free falling from the smoking ruin of his magic carpet, tumbling wildly through the air, himself still aflame. He manages to hang onto his turban sash, which swings him up and then releases, dropping him in an uncontrolled tumble across the scarred grounds of the grass some hundred feet away. Luckily, that seems to extinguish most of the small flames on his person, but he does not seem to be moving.

Docteur Q and Beetle manage, with their coordinated attacks, to blast their way through the left eye of Dagard Ace, with explosive results. The eye is disabled, taking out whatever sensors depended upon it, as well as reducing the beams of its eye lasers to one. The heroes pull out from their unified dive and try to split up, even as Dagard Ace turns its head. FZZZAKH! The right eye beam scream out, blasting across both armored men's paths, sending them hurtling wildly away, and shearing off the upper two floors of a high rise building twelve blocks away from the battle.

Nova and Blue Diamond are unable to get themselves into position to block the remaining eye beam, and must watch in horror at the devastation now being wrought upon innocent civilians. To both men, the imperative ought to be to save those civilian lives, but if they leave the battle to do so, more civilians will surely die. They can only hope that the coordination efforts of Wasp and the Avengers will send other heroes to their aid before it is all too late. Nova does radio back to Sandman, "Roger. Left leg. Move in, we'll cover your approach!" He then changes course, circling over the approach from the river towards the robot, ready to deflect any blasts headed that way until another openinng can be made.

Sir Newton's first blasts strike the leg of the enormous robot; it is so big a target, he could hardly miss, even at this range. But the mighty blue tower of the robot's left leg does not respond at all, not even showing much in the way of denting at the blasts.

Taking a moment as he had never put two and two together regarding Mike and Phantasm, his sand form actually smiles a moment as he gets Keith close enough to Dangard Ace to use his powers, "Alright, Fig Newton, do your thing. There is a specific spot" Sandman points to the spot as he is covered by Nova and Blue Diamond. "Thanks, guys." With the opening in the eye by the others, "Sabra. Keep pounding away." As the other heroes are flung away or injured like the Arabian Knight. Little can be done as the main imperative to defeat Dagard.

Hearing Seth's question, "No, leave the leg to us." There is method to Sandman's madness. Should everyone attack the leg, then the robot will know. Stealth is needed here. "Leave it to us, Radiance. Blast away at the robot. There is an opening in the eye, get up there get inside and start blasting from the inside." As for himself, smaller versions of Sandman emerge from the larger being. His duplicates suddenly move in different directions flying towards the access hatch and if even the smallest opening or crevice is there, they will attempt to get inside the robot.

"You have a mouth, don't you?" Mike arcs an eyebrow at the blind girl, adjusting his steps so that they're heading towards the pointed out spot. "She's coming to us so I guess you just tell her in person. Just don't expect me to talk or listen to you once I'm doing my thi-" Mike's chatter is not finished as he finds himself getting tackled-ish. Oh boy! Memories of childhood. Yay! And then they're deposited where they were heading anyway. The hell? Shaking it off, Mike goes to the pointed out shelter and huddles to a corner. Seemingly looking like he's going to take a nap, or REALLY focus on something in the middle of an area that will probably get tore up at some point. Ayup. TRUE HERO.

Blindfold oofs! coughing as the wind is knocked out of her from getting swept up by Sabra. No one taught her to take hits, just avoid them! "The...heel...not the...leg...The leg is useless...only the heel...glowed...attack...the heel" hunkering down with Mike in the safe spot and ready to grab and drag him to safety if she needed. Wearing a blindfold over her eyes it was obvious this 'hero' couldn't see.

It's clear the attempt Keith makes to crush the leg doesn't help in the least bit. His expression shifts from a worried tone to that of a fairly upset nature. "Damn, no effect taken..." He then glances over toward Ruth's direction before huffing. "What did she tell us again... think man, think!" He then hears Sandman's encouragement and reminder there is a specific spot mentioned before, "Oh right, the heel!!!" He then whips his head back into position before exerting his energy toward the robot's foot aiming for the heel. Specifically, once in visual view, the outlined hatch that gleams in today's lighting.

Seth scoffs, "Uh-huh... Nevermind the eye-beams are that close. Got it." And after that, he takes off, best speed toward the big robot. He notices the fallen Arabian Knight, and he sighs. "Okay, so I just lost who I was supposed to team up with..." He shouts over as he passes by the flyers, at the same time he proceeds to fire his blasts to distract the creature. "I could use some backup over here, I'm going for this thing's remaining eye." Whoever follows him, will be his backup. If he's alone in it... well, shit happens, right?

With her charges deposited and seemingly safe - Oi vey, is that putz laying down on the job?! - Sabra flies back into the fight, launching herself at the point in the heel that seems to have everyone's attention. She may not be as strong as some of the greatest out there - Hulk or Benjamin Grimm - but she is anything but a lightweight, and she puts the full force of her momentum behind the blow, intentionally coordinating with the amber glow of Sir Newton's gravitic-force attack attemmpting to crush that hatch. Though they are not powerful enough, even together, to shatter the hatch, their force is sufficent to dent and twist the hatch, peeling it away from the bead of unrelentingly resistant silvery metal in the beaded 'caulk'-like rim around the hatch. It is eough space that Sandman's pessimic particles should be able to get in and start exploring, looking for weak spots in this mighty behemoth.

Nova streaks off with Blue Diamond still in tow, just barely getting themselves in front of the blast of Dagard Ace's eye beam, as it streams out with devastating force, actually overpowered as the force usually given to two eyes is now feeding only one - with sparkshower results inside, where none can currently see. The blast hammers on Blue Diamond's force field, delivering such a kinetic blast that the two of them tumble wildly. The deflected blast rips up a large swath of the street around the park, thankfully devoid of civilians, though there are fires started and damage to the power and water distribution systems for the City of Lights. However, that blast comes right out of the eye Radiance had chosen as his target in abrogation of his orders, leaving the young hero to take the terrible brunt of the blast with body-shattering results, even as it continues on to strike Blue Diamond's force field.

Arabian Knight does struggle to get up from where he has fallen, and summons his flying carpet to his side. But he is unable to move enough to get aboard.

Docteur Q manages to pull out before his tumbling can send him careening into a civilian aircraft - a news chopper foolishly trying to film all of this madness - and he turns around, pouring on the afterburners. Sandman can hear his cry. "Mon Dieu! Non!" He flies up at Dagard Ace's chest and holds position, his chest plate glowing before releasing a purple-tinted white beam of power, right into the oncoming path of the eruption of shots from Dagard Ace's chest-mounted gattling canon, which was firing again for the Eiffel Tower and the civilians. The competition of the blasts creates a shockwave that thunders outwards, shattering glass for a dozen blocks, uprooting trees and tumbling cars. The streets are a cacoughany of erupting car alarms and explosions. And the heroic Docteur Q ... is nowhere to be seen, lost from sight with the radiant explosive shockwave.

Beetle is not nearly as good a pilot as Docteur Q, and is unable to prevent implanting himself through the air conditioning units on the roof of an office building. He shakes his head, grumbling though no one can hear him. Then he launches himself back towards the fight, just in time to see Docteur Q seemingly give his very life to stop the robot's destruction of one of his City's greatest landmarks. "&%$#@ THING!" he bellows from the suit-mounted speakers as he charges forward, afterburners on as his armor starts throwing up false radar images in every direction, distracting the robot's countermeasures, arms sweeping towards those shadow images and finding no target. Beetle aims for the blazing wound of Dagard Ace's shattered eye, praying he can do something inside that it seems clear none can do from without.

Blindfold huddles down with mike in their shelter as she screams in terror "Transformer!" the seer becoming overwhelmed with the difficult images only she has the blessing and curse to see "Starscream!" these were the only words she could manage that would hopefully make sense to the heroes.

As the Sandman duplicates make their way to the hatch, they find themselves unable to enter it. The gleaming silver acting as caulk to keep out even the slightest grain of sand. "Shit!" A disembodied voice screams out the duplicates return to the larger sand body that is primarily focused on protecting Keith as he is best suited to take out the hatch. Watching what is occurring, Sandman sighs as he thought he said for Seth to go inside the robot through the open eye. Ok, rookie mistakes. Speaking into the com.

Then instantly things change up. The heroes seem to do well enough on their own. Some do anyway. Sandman shouts out new orders, "Knight, if you can hear me move past the hurt and the pain. Protect the people! Diamond, same thing. . .Nova, grab Radiance and take out that other eye!" Moving towards the opening made by Sir Newton and Sabra, "Beetle, head over to Blindfold and Phantasm. That girl can see things before they happen, but she doesn't have a com. Get over there and feed us what she sees so we know how to respond." And then finally to Sabra and Sir Newton, "Sabra & Newton, keep pounding on the robotbs outside." Sand starts to fly into the robot's opening and starts to swirl and fly throughout the robot exploring and hitting things as it goes through.

There is no sign of any ravens flying in to save the day. However, there a much larger figure forming inside The black figure takes shape, legs, arms... and a hood providing the border to the fixed shadow that hides all but the glow of the eyes and gruesomely razor teethed smile. After the monstrosity takes form, the smile parts, giving the expression disjointed growth as it dives into the robot. To anyone who may actually have the hearing for it, they may have detected a bit of hissing laughter coming from inside the robot as Phantasm starts grabbing and tearing at anything that 'looks important'. And then, he vanishes as Blindfold's scream into Mike's ears shatters his concentration. "Shut up!" Mike hisses, covering his ears as he works on bringing Phantasm back again.

Keith's efforts seem to have successfully work at least in some measureable quality. His satisfied expression crossing his expressions as he await to see what his fellow flying partner is going to do with the newly aquired hatch opening he's helped to create. "Alright, you get through that hatch! I'm going to attempt to distract the bot long enough to maybe slip into another opening?" It's at the request of the presumed leader that Keith nods his head and begins throwing gravity around the robot's feet shifting the gravity fields in attempts to throw the machine off balance in some fashion.

Following the orders given to him, Seth/Radiance flies towards the direction of the robot's eye, readying a full-strength blast to hit the robot with. But, Seth was already predicting, that one good eye would pose a problem, but still. Lives were on the line, after all. So, when he fires, he quickly finds out it's now his life on the line, as the robot fires straight at him! So, it's now a battle of energies, Seth's vs. Danguard's.

And Dangard ultimately wins, as Seth cannot match the metal beast in sheer terms of power. The scream of pain that follows echoes out, but quickly fades away as the boy is engulfed in the blast, and disappears(!!). Seconds later, about two blocks away, there's a cloud of dust rising from the wall of a building, like something just exploded there.

Nova barely manages to recover and catch Blue Diamond before the other has to deploy his forcefield to keep from splatting on the ground. As it is, the two of them fly at Nova's top speed back into the fray, bracing as best they can, preparing to block the next attacks.

Sabra glances to Sandman as the pessimic Avenger gets himself inside. Then she leaps to the air, taking off and gathering up Newton in a linebacker-poked flying 'tackle', taking him to the sky. "The strange blind girl said something odd about 'transformer' and 'stars screaming'? I have no idea what that means." she informs those who have comms available. This will also inform Newton, if he has any ideas. Sabra seems to be looking for an opening.

Few will even see the smoking form of Docteur Q, dragging himself slowly, brokenly, from the Seine up onto the banks.

Arabian Knight gets his flying carpet to the ground and rolls to the side, flopping on the thing with his sword in hand. Immediately the carpet takes off, tassles still smoking a bit, heading upwards towards Dagard Ace despie the hero's obvious injuries and near-inability to flight.

As predicted by Blindfold's vision, Dagard Ace takes two steps back -- /narrowly/ missing stepping on Blindfold herself or Mike's mostly inert form -- and then leaps into the air, its form making several odd mechanical contortions, as legs fold up, hips twist fully one-hundred-eighty degrees, arms twist at the shoulders up along the back, and wings sprout out from the back. In seconds, the humungous robot is now an equally humungous aircraft, a sort of fighter-bomber in appearance, surging forward with blazing thrust.

Those inside Dagaard Ace will find everything twisting and shifting wildly all around and beneath them, leaving no surface unchanged or steady or stable.

Beetle goes tumbling wildly and is nearly crushed as the head shifts position, much of the open space he had disappearing with catastrophic results. Strapped, Beetle blasts at the energy conduits he can see leading towards the eyes, severing them quite explosively. Those listening on comms will have heard a scream cut short, and then no more signal from Beetle's armor.

Sandman will find similar chaos, parts of his pessimic form cut off from others as the entire insides twist and churn riotously into their new shape. What had been a sort of squared spiral staircase up the leg of the robot is now a zig-zagging catwalk over live jetwashes running at several hundred degrees. They connect over eighty feet along to a pair of elevator interchanges which may lead higher up, perhaps towards the main power core or the control room, which should have been near the head previously.

As the mighty Dagard Ace launches itself across the City of Lights, powering up weapons to begin a devastating strafing run that could well spell a death toll in the millions, Nova and Blue Diamond keep pace with the robot, lining up beneath the formerly chest-mounted gattling canon in the hopes of staving off the disaster, even if they are driven into the ground in the attempt.

Sabra carries Keith upwards, landing on the back of the robot-cum-plane. "OK, Newton. Make it Heavy!" she shouts, as she starts hammering on its armored shell at the interlock joints of its wings, trying to sheer the wing off and end its flight of doom.

Arabian Knight steers his smoking magic carpet underneath the death machine and takes aim with his sword, blasting bolts of force into the protruding barrels of the gattling canon, trying to disable parts of that weapons system.

As orders have been given out, Sandman hopes the others are doing well. Inside the giant behemoth, Sandman stretches himself and deposits duplicates of himself every few yards. Each mini Sandman duplicate starts to punch and rip apart things within the robot. 12 duplicates, each with a 12th of Sandman's full power. Each duplicate is only able to do 7.08 tons worth of damage.

When Dagard Ace turns into a plane. Some of the duplicates are crushed, 4 specifically. Their forms chancing into the most minute grains of sand and whirling about and pound into metal. A disemobied voice speaking through the com, "Anyone who can fly chase after this thing, try to take it down over any uninhabited area. The rest of you attend to the injured and clean-up." As the heat starts to affect other duplicates, suddenly 3 are turned into glass. All of this affecting Bill Baker overall as he screams out in pain and starts to make his way across the catwalk. More heat and more duplicates are downed, until only 3 remain reaching the elevator interchanges and working their way up hopefully towards the control room.

There's a blip of darkness where the robot used to be before the figure looks up at the robot and then vanishes. Not a moment later, the shadow-faced figure appears within the (now flying) robot again, the glow of the eyes and twist of the fangs giving the appearance of him grimacing. He shakes is hooded head. God. Don't let this be a pattern. PLEASE. Now, where was he? Oh right! Phantasm flicks his hand, causing for nails to jut out like blades before he starts slashing and pulling. Back to operation: tear shit up.

Keith looks surprised and utterly lost as Sabra lifts him up to keep him out of harms way. "Transformer? I didn't really watch that show when I was young... damn it!" It's at the transformation that Keith panics. "Oh no! We're screwed!" It's when they land and Sabra give Newton the idea that he suddenly nods with more confidence than ever. "This is going to get heavy!" And that's when all his imposed force pushes to make the robot as heavily as possible, spreading his effort all along the top of the robot.

Blindfold grimaces at Mike's inert body and huddles over him as the big bot steps narrowly over her "Death..destruction...blood..doom..." shuddering at the visage of phantasm, he needed something that wasn't so close to what Danger looked like, yeesh!

Inside the building, two blocks out, a battered up Seth lies on the ground, completely knocked out. His x-suit is torn in several places, and there're several cuts and bruises over his body. Nothing short of a miracle, the fact he's still alive! However, instead of blood, pure energy flows from his wounds, lighting up the entire room he's in...

The efforts of the Sandman within the jet turbines of Dagard Ace do yield some results, in spite of or perhaps specifically because of the losses he suffers, drastically cutting the power both engines are putting out. Not enough to bring the plane down by itself, it at least assures it has less lift, and that can't help but be a good thing. The three Sandmen that reach the elevator interchanges make their way up to the main internal chamber of the robot, where its power core sits: a fusion bottle generator capable of output sufficient to power a city like Paris herself for easily a decade or more, all bent to powering just this one engine of war, dark and terrible. Dark, because straddling that fusion bottle plant are five large - man-sized - robotic spider-like creatures (think super-sized Replicators from SG-1), which then uncoil themselves from around the fusion plant and start towards the Sandmen with whirring, clinking sounds, hissing and spitting acid if they can get close enough.

The Phantasm will appear inside Dagard Ace somewhere near the lower 'chest' region, where the energy interchanges are for the gattling canon. Slicing about will fill the chamber with blue-white flames that would incinerate a human being instantly. How that may affect the Phantasm is an open question. But it does mean a few of those spinning canon barrels will misfire, lessening the load slamming down into Blue Diamond, though he and Nova do get wet, driven down into the surface of the Seine before they can pull up against that pressure.

Keith's efforts are pushed to their limits, stretched out like they are, across a surface larger than anything he has ever affected. But he made his choice. Sir Newton is here to do his damnedest to be a hero. So he grits his teeth and screws down his courage, and the push creates an incredible pressure against his brain. He may not notice the blood at his nose and ears right away. But what all of the heroes will notice is that Dagard Ace is losing altitude. It had been climbing, but is now already down to only a hundred feet, and still falling.

Sabra's blows, repeatedly raining down, just aren't enough to rupture the joint she is fighting. But her strikes do manage to obstruct a fuel liine to one of the guidance jets, and the change pushes the jet around, heading changed to follow the Seine rather than out over the southern side of the city.

Arabian Knight keeps up the blasts at the slowly failing gattling canon, eventually joining Blue Diamond and Nova to block the blasts that would otherwise sink vessels filled with fleeing civilians on the river.

With only three Sandman duplicates left, Sandman is at a quarter of his abilities and these spider robot creatures can do mush harm, if he were flesh and blood, but he is sand and easily able to slip past themb&he hopes. The three Sandman run into other and when the sand bodies smack into each other, Sandman commands his pssamic sand form to spin around into a minor sandstorm to whip up as many of the creatures as he can. A disembodied voice rings through the coms, "Trace the signal to where I am .I have found the power source."

Oh the joys of not having an actual body! At the sight of the flames, Phantasm's non clawed hand raises as he starts backing away from them. It takes a few seconds before Phantasm stops, realizes what he's doing and starts laughing darkly. The arm lowers as he proceeds to run through the flame to start slashing at the unbroken versions of the items that caused the flames when slashed. If it wasn't for the matter at hand involving preventing the destruction of a city, Phantasm might take note that this scene would make for a pretty awesome CD cover picture. Oh well. Maybe later.

Keith is certainly focused and isn't giving up until he passes out. That is clear when his nose and ears begin bleeding clearly indicating he's pushed himself to the brink of destruction. Will this be enough to bring the robot down long enough to be destroyed?! It's anyone's guess right now. Though he clearly isn't going to be able to hold this sheer force for much longer. His full force of 20 tons of pressure is barreling down at the robot with every inch of his 75 foot radius being pushed to it's limit.

Blindfold hugs Mike close as it sounds like she's crying now "Radiance...Beetle...so much death...oh Radiance...Newton..." so many were getting hurt and dieing, and she was just hiding.

Slowly, Seth opens his eyes, fighting to gasp for air. Painfully, he gets up to a sitting position. He takes a hand over to a sharp pain on his left part of the thorax, and he lets out a cry. Fighting back tears, he looks at it...

To see a contusion and flesh deformation, encased in a white glow that dances over the area of the wound. Then, he notices the cuts on his hands, arms and legs, and cries can no longer be avoided as he figures out he's bleeding out sheer energy instead of the traditional red blood. He struggles to get back on his feet. "Got... ta get... outta here..."

Sandman's sudden sandstorm scoops up the large robotic spiders, hurling them wildly around the fusion generator room, slamming their acid-spewing bodies into the control runs, the main fusion bottle, the housing runs and the power transfers. This won't outright destroy the spider robots, but they do a lot more damage than any of these internal workings are rated to withstand. That's why the outside of the robot is armored, to keep that kind of damage on the outside. The result is rather explosive, the entire bay erupting, awash in fire, ignited plasma, and radiation. It's not pleasant at all. But it does mean that Dagard Ace is finally going to start running out of power. And that is a very good thing.

Down in the gunnery bay above the still rotating gattling canon, the gleeful Phantasm's attacks will sever most of the control and power runs, with similarly predictable messy and destructive results. Eventually, the gattling canons go silent, still whirring, still spinning, but firing not at all. And then ... then they stop altogether, as the power just runs out.

On the back of the robot-plane, Keith can feel when finally the push of the anti-gravity systems in the thing give way, and it starts to plummet from the sky, heading for the Seine river. Thankfully, Sabra can feel it too, and she grabs up the kid and takes off so he doesn't try riding it down to a watery grave. But it at least means he manages to let go of his power before a /real/ brain hemorrage sets in.

Blindfold's visions will finally clear, showing the robot already sinking beneath the depths of the Seine. Of course, none of that brings back from the apparently dead those who have fallen. But anything is possible, right?

Nova and Blue Diamond ride it out to the very end, until at last they can see Dagard Ace falling freely. Then Nova pulls them out and heads to the air, watching it go down, making sure that it doesn't then explode or do more damage, before rushing off and splitting up at least to go help the civilians in need.

Sabra will carry Newton back to where she picked him up, reuniting him with Blindfold and the 'sleeping' Mike. "Good job. Gotta go, there are still people in trouble." she offers, before taking off in a different direction from the others.

Arabian Knight almost doesn't make it out from beneath the falling robot-plane. But when he does - soaking wet now - he heads back also to where the younger heroes are gathering. If nothing else, it at least means he is not alone as he lies there, wracked with terrible pain.

Docteur Q eventually drags himself up to the Palais and gets his comms working, if staticy, reporting in that he cannot fly right now, and most of his systems are overloaded. However, with comms up, he is able to direct one of his own team to head back to base and pick up one of his spare suits. So he should be operational again in twenty minutes or so, ready to go help the civilians in need.

The surprise to most will be the fact that as Dagard Ace is slowly sinking into the river, the scorched and blackened form of Beetle will emerge from its dorsal surface, leading a lone Sandman upwards. The robot spiders inside apparently went inert not long after the crash, and Beetle was able to get to Sandy and lead him out. His comms are fried, as are most of his systems, since taking out the power conduits to the eyebeams EMPed his systems beyond their ability to compensate.

Once the group has managed to reassemble, Ariel - the girl with the stars in her eyes and a taste for 1980s fashion - will reappear to start taking people home. Those who are injured will be taken to aid. Radiance will be one of the first, delivered to medbay at the 'ruins' of Xavier's Mansion, into the tender mercies of Doctor Leyu Yashida. Next up will be Arabian Knight, delivered to a hospital in Egypt. Keith will be returned to his hotel, but with a card directing him to a clinic that specializes in powered individuals with medical needs. And so forth.

With the robot spiders gone inert, it should mean that high above the Earth, the terrible force of Ultron has once again been stopped. But at what terrible cost, all around the world? Only time will tell.

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