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Scarlet Witch and Exodus

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10/08/12 13:42

Empire State Building

Exodus learns that Magneto is alive through a conversation with Wanda

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-----==[ Observation Deck - Empire State Building - New York - #853 ]==-------

The eighty-sixth floor observatory, one thousand and fifty feet (three hundred and twenty meters) up, reached by high-speed, automatic elevators, has both a glass-enclosed area, which is heated in winter and cooled in summer, and spacious outdoor promenades on all four sides of the building. High-powered binoculars are available on the promenades for the convenience of visitors at a minimal cost. A snack bar and souvenir counters are also located in the observatory. The observatory is handicap accessible, and its hours are as follows: Nine-thirty A.M. to Midnight daily. Last elevators go up at eleven-fifteen P.M. Open year-round.
The deck is lined with razor-wire-topped iron grating nearly twenty feet tall, though the bars are spacious enough to allow a good view. Security is always visible, and though firm when it's time to leave, they're certainly friendly and helpful, and almost as knowledgeable about the building as the tour guides.



Exodus reached out to the Scarlet Witch with a one-way telepathic communication. "I am Exodus - we should speak of your father. Observation Deck, Empire State Building. Come alone." And then silence.


The observation deck is devoid of people. For whatever reason the previous occupants thought it would be a good idea to go home and no new visitors are interested in the view. At present, there is only Exodus. A muscular individual standing right above 6' and wearing blue and purple in a costume of sorts with a light blue cloak that is carried in the light breeze of the outdoor deck. His dark eyes peer northward across the city. His mind is open, scanning the area for those who may approach, that may spy, or that are particularly in need of his particular talents.

Wanda arrives shortly after the communication, taking mundane means to arrive. However, along the way she does discretely change into her costume, so that when the elevator opens, she is ready for whatever this mysterious rendezvous might be. She did come alone, and the elevator didn't even have an attendant running it for a change. Her eyes flicker over towards Exodus, and she arches a brow, "Exodus, I presume." Her gaze narrows a little, as she regards the man, suspicion evident on her features.

Turning to face her as she arrives, Exodus places his hands palm to palm just over his sternum with fingers slightly pointed toward her and he gives a formal nod with a slight drop of his shoulders. "Wanda Maximoff, daughter of Magneto. I am honored by your presence and I thank you for heeding my call." His eyes return to hers at the end of his statement.

Scarlet Witch arches a brow at the greeting, and nods slightly, her cautious expression not changing, "Well, that's good... and a telepathic call like that did pique my interest, considering what did happen to Genosha." She looks carefully at Exodus, not flinching from his gaze as she returns it evenly, "Which is what I'm guessing you called to me about?"

There's a slight alteration of his own expression from calm and peaceful to one of heightened interest, "Then /He/ is alive? It was given that all of Genosha had been lost." His voice raises some with a hint of excitement, "Magneto is alive?"

It's almost as if he read her mind or gleemed intelligence from somewhere - likely her indicators or even sparked for him to mentally search for information since her mention of Genosha.

Scarlet Witch looks at Exodus, "Well, I'm assuming that he... they, are. Though I do have to ask what interest it is of yours, before I go any further." Maybe it's futile with the telepathy, but she plays the card anyway. "If you know who I am, then you know that my history with my father is... complicated." And that's putting it mildly.

With pride, his words are presented, "I am Exodus, hand of your father, and leader of the Acolytes. I initially came to you in hopes of finding new direction and my desires have been fulfilled. Tell me, child of Magnus, when do your Avengers plan to undertake the rescue so that I may join you on your valiant quest?"

Scarlet Witch gives Exodus... well, it's not really a surprised look at all, so much as it's just one that seems more resigned than anything else, "Okay, as far as when we're going, that hasn't been decided yet, though obviously the sooner the better." She then narrows her eyes, "However, considering the encounter my ex-husband had with you a few days ago, don't you think it's a bit presumptuous to say you'd be coming along with us, Exodus?"

A confident smile crosses Exodus' face as he regards, "Of course I will be joining you. The Negative Zone is far more dangerous than imagined. You will require my assistance. Further, Magneto himself would rend me into a thousand pieces if I were to allow his most beautiful daughter to even risk a blemish upon her complexion. Therefore, it is not only my duty, but also my honor."

At /that/ comment, Wanda's eyes threaten to roll all the way backwards into her skull, then she shakes her head, "Well, you know /where/ they are, so there is that. And you are powerful enough that we could use the help. However, I don't lead the Avengers, and I can't guarantee that they'd agree for you to join us." She sighs, muttering under her breath that Carol is going to kill her for this, then continues, "But, I'll see what I can do. And that's conditional on you following instructions and /not/ endangering innocent lives, are we clear?" If she's flattered at all by the beautiful comments, she doesn't let it show.

"Crystal, m'Lady. On my honor I will heed your every word to the letter.", says Exodus in a slight regal tone that harks back to the days of old and could remind her of the Black Knight.

Scarlet Witch nods slightly, "Alright, and again, I'm not promising anything, but... I believe you have good intentions to my father. So I'm trusting you with that, but I don't speak for the Avengers. All I can promise is to mention this to the group, and see what can be done." She does, however, extend a hand towards Exodus, "Though, I do have to wonder where my father found you."

Stepping forward, Exodus takes her hand, draws it up to his lips and kisses the back of it. "/He/ discovered and freed me from an 800 year long prison with which Apocalypse had entombed me. Now I serve /him/ as my lord and master. As his daughter, I offer the same respect and tidings." He releases her hand and will remain within a few feet looking down upon her with wistful eyes. "When we save your father, I hope that the stressors between the two of you can be mended, for his love for you is eternal, regardless of what words may have been crossed."

Scarlet Witch closes her eyes a bit, then shakes her head, "Love... well, that was never the problem between us." She smiles a little, finally letting her guard down a touch, "It's always been a question of sides, I suppose. And personal choices, but that's neither here nor there." At Exodus' proximity, she does blush slightly, "Though, he's never mentioned you at all to me... but then, he never mentioned much of what he does to me." A hint of bitterness creeps into her tone with that, an old wound.

His eyes transfixed upon hers, Exodus states in a quieter tone (since he's so close), "Let not his secrecy jade your memories. Your father is a complicated man with much strife against him. Those 'sides' in which you speak only serve to trouble him more."

Exodus then seems to lose his train of thought and states, "Your father's words could not truly convey your radiance." then he realizes he spoke out of turn and apologizes for his notion, "Forgive my words, they sometimes speak before my mind realizes to whom I address."

Scarlet Witch blushes a little, then laughs a bit despite that, "Well, considering that I was married and had two children... it's good to know that I can still emit radiance." She smiles over at Exodus, tilting her head, "I read the report about your fight with my... ah, the Vision. What happened?" Apparently she's willing to hear his side of the story.

What could be considered regret seems to take his facial expression, "I was overcome with despair at the assumed death of your father. I became impressionable and under the influence of another. That sort of outburst will never happen again."

Scarlet Witch gives Exodus a long look, weighing him in her eyes, then she nods, "Very well, I'll accept that. I don't know if the others will, but I'll make the case for you to accompany me... us, there."

The backs of Exodus' curled fingers upon his right hand raise to touch her left cheek. His words are simple, as he states softly, "It would be my pleasure to accompany you anywhere."

Scarlet Witch lightly reaches up, covering Exodus' hand in hers, and she gives him a smile, "I appreciate that, Exodus." She looks at him, a touch surprised at the forward gesture, and gives his fingers a light squeeze before guiding the hand from her cheek. To say her thoughts are a little jumbled is an understatement at the moment.

He feels once again that he may have overstepped his bounds, but this time there will be no apologies. He steps back and will say, "I will find you when it is time.". With that, his feet leave the deck and he flies upward and away.

Scarlet Witch looks up after the departing Exodus, a hint of a smile quirking her lips. The smile then fades and goes into a slight frown, "Vizh is /not/ going to like this." Shaking her head, she moves back towards the elevator. She /could/ fly, of course, but she could be making a statement with the mundane transit. To whom, is up to debate.

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