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Showstopper, Thimble (as alternate Cocoon) and Mirage

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Stables - Xavier's

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-----==[ Stables - Xavier Estate ]==----------------------------------

Earlier in the day several of the students, who have the day off of classes, found a suprise in the lounge, a six-year old Dani and her tiny Peanut. The young girl managed to escape thier questions thanks to the timliness of the poodle. It's later in the day now and only glimpses of the little girl has been seen on the grounds. Apparently she is taking her game of hide and seek quite seriously, even if she is the only one playing. Last time anyone saw her she was in the western part of the grounds, near the stables.

It's been a few days since Chenda's own encounter with a miniature Dani and her equally-miniature poodle, and she's been busy. Not having heard of the return of the Diminutive Duo, she's near the stables on her own business. One of her chores for the week is to help keep the horses fed, watered, and generally healthy. She's not overly fond of them, despite her circus background, and the feeling is mutual.

She's emerging from the building now to lock up, dusted with hay and a bit disheveled from dodging tails and teeth. The shoulder of her fleece-lined denim chore coat and the hip of her jeans are both embarrassingly torn, from where she couldn't get out of the way /every/ time. She pauses to look into a puddle next to the paddock fence, surveying her reflection and trying to tidy herself up a bit. "I need to trade chores with somebody. Maybe something nice and safe, like testing new Danger Room scenarios..."

The puddle doesn't only show the reflection of the person looking into it, but also the reflection of the barn like stable behind her, though that part of the reflection isn't quite as clear, but clear enough to show that something is moving up in the hayloft, there seems to be a shifting of shadows near the large window like opening the the upper section of the barn.

Chenda, busy with her hair, doesn't catch that telltale sign immediately. But she doesn't miss it for long, seeing it over her shoulder as she dusts off her denims. "Huh?"

She turns, hands resting casually on her hips, to look up into the hayloft, then takes a few steps back to get a better view. "Hellooo-oooo!" she calls, pitching her voice to carry. "Is someone up there?"

There is no response at first, but then the tiny yipping of a dog is heard, followed by the appearance of a small arm stretching up from a pile of hay. With a large yawn and another strech the miniture figure of the six-year old Dani appears, hay sticking from her clothes, that are a bit wrinkled. and hair as well. "I'm awake, Peanut." she peers out the large window "Wechenda?"

"More or less," Chenda calls back, her answering smile a bit wry. She looks a fright and she knows it. "Enjoy your nap, Dani? Here, come down, you're all over hay!"

Another yawn comes from Dani as she nods her answer. "It's a hayloft. What did you expect, tinsel and garland?" she may be only six, but she is still the same person, and that person can be bit snarky at times. She picks up Peanut, holding him in one arm "You 'eard 'Chenda." she tells the pooch as she reaches out for the rope hanging from the pully system attached to the roof. It's a quick trip down to the ground after she steps out, letting gravity do it's job and the rope and pully setup control the speed at which she descends, fast but not bodily harm fast.

"Well, I /did/ ask for that," Chenda murmurs, that wry smile staying right where it is. She moves over to Dani's projected landing site, just in case the young'un isn't quite up to keeping her balance after her one-handed descent. "What were you up /there/ for? Hold still, I'll dust you off. You could definitely use it!" She stoops and begins brushing hay and dust from the girl's hair and outfit, wincing at a faint ripping sound from her hip. At least it's behind her!

Little Dani doesn't even stagger when her feet touch the ground. She just lets go of the rope and steps away from it as she gets way laid by eager hands. The dust being brushed off her causing her to sneeze which makes her drop Peanut as she goes to cover her face "'Chenda." she complains, although gracefully.

"Sorry," Chenda murmurs apologetically. "You're /totally/ covered in this stuff." She finally gets the kid's outfit brushed free of most of the dust and all of the hay. "Good thing you wear braids, Dani. They don't pick up dust like loose hair." She leans down a little to hug her friend. "How are you? Why were you up in the loft?"

Giggling at Chenda Dani shakes her head "You are just like the Wechenda I know," there is a pause "Well almost." she squirms at the hugging "I was hiding and feel asleep." another yawn escapes the girl "Did you see the pegasus that was here earlier." she gives an awed whisper, even if it is lisped "I've never seen a pegasus before."

"Oh... right. Sorry again," Chenda murmurs, feeling Dani squirm. She can't help a moment's curiosity, though. "What's your Chenda like, hon?"

Then Dani brings up something she's seen only a couple times. "Pegasus? No, but I think I've seen one before, in New York. It was /gorgeous/, and so graceful... I wish I'd had my camera then. I've never seen it since."

She doesn't bother with the first question, not when there is a chance to see the pegasus again "It landed right there." she points to the middle of the stable yard "It looked up at me in the haylaft, made a whinny noise, like it was laughing, then flew away.

Chenda giggles and shakes her head, looking over at the spot Dani's pointing at. "Funny, I don't see anything funny about you," she says, shaking her head. "That horse has decidedly poor taste." She stands, stretching her back gingerly and turning for the fence. "Want to go look at where it was? Maybe it left tracks we can find." Considering how wet it's been so far this winter, the chance is pretty good. "By the way, why were you hiding up in the loft? It wasn't the horses, was it?"

"Wechenda. It flew away. Flying things don't leave tracks." Dani states is if she just heard the silliest thing ever "I'm not afwaid of horses. I've been riding for as long as I can wemembew." she shakes her head "I found a couple of girls to play with me. They were just a few years older than me, and were willing to play hide -n-seek. They had to go do something for a teacher though and I feel asleep waiting for them to come back.

"At least you got to play with them. I'll bet they have chores in the afternoon, though. This place keeps you pretty busy." Chenda, hearing Dani's talk of flying things, smiles tolerantly. "It landed, Dani. If it landed, it had to leave tracks where it did," she replies. "Which means we can look for them, if we want, so we can tell if it comes again and we don't /see/ it when it does. Just have to watch out for the horses; you're not afraid of them, but they don't like me much!"

She steps up to the tall fence, high enough to stop horses trained to jump, and puts a foot up to lift herself up and look over it. Another ripping sound from her backside, and she growls softly under her breath. "I am /definitely/ trading chores with somebody." Boosting herself up, she looks out over the mud and green of the paddock.

Dani giggles, climbing up onto the fence, only she doesn't stop at the lower post she goes up far enough to sit on the top post "You wipped your pants, again. My 'chenda does that all the time too. She wears shorts under her pants though." she whispers again "Men's ones."

It's not like Chenda didn't expect Dani to notice, but the teasing makes her blush anyway. "One of the horses," she explains softly, climbing up to sit on the top of the fence next to the little girl. "So your Chenda wears men's shorts under her pants? I guess that's one way to discourage curious eyes. What about you, Dani?" she asks teasingly. "Do you wear men's undies under /your/ pants?"

She looks out over the much-trodden landscape, frowning in concentration. "There are an awful lot of hoofprints out there. But I think I see a set off by itself..."

"Of course not." Dani huffs at the question about her own undergarments "Mine have PowerPuff Girls on them." she explains her tone suggesting that there could be no other options for her "Buttercup is my favorite."

"Ooh! The PowerPuff Girls are cool," Chenda says, unable to help a smile. She does like that show, old or not. "I kinda like Blossom. But I dunno... you could just be saying that, too. I'll bet yours are just plain white."

Mini-Dani's shoulders lift into a shrug "Just because you show your undies to everyone doesn't mean I'm gonna do it." the state of her barely theres will remain a mystery for the time being. And since she is wearing her uniform, complete with its decorative M's (not X), there is no ripping the clothing to find out. The material seems impervious to that.

Not that Chenda had that in mind, ever. It was just a way to tease the kid, though apparently not the /right/ way. "I wasn't suggesting you do that, Dani. But I'll bet they're pink," she replies teasingly, and looks out over the paddock again. "I think that's six prints... like something touched down and pawed the ground. Or took a couple steps. But there aren't any tracks leading up to it or away. I'll bet those are our pegasus tracks!"

As the pantless Richenda and Minidani seem to check the lock, somewhere not too far behind them a bald asian boy steps onto the way. with 4 feet and 6 inch he is even shorter than thimble, and in the back of the head is a tattoo, listing some number. Almost silent he steps closer, grinning a bit at the partly bare behind. Even if he seems to be not older than 16, the grin seemed much more mature, as he clapped the hands "The Senios play with the Juniors today?"

As the torn-pants Richenda and Minidani seem to check the lock, somewhere not too far behind them a bald asian boy steps onto the way. with 4 feet and 6 inch he is even shorter than thimble, and in the back of the head is a tattoo, listing some number. Almost silent he steps closer, grinning a bit at the partly bare behind. Even if he seems to be not older than 16, the grin seemed much more mature, as he clapped the hands "The Senios play with the Juniors today?"

"Green. Buttercup's colors are green." Dani states matter of factly. She peers in the direction that Richenda has indicated and the lone hoofs that are there "That's them. That's where the pegasus landed." she says with her gap-toothed lisp. She drops from the top of the fence about to stride in that direction when the strange voice comes from behind them, causing her to turn and look at the stranger "Do we know this person Wechenda?

"I didn't mean Buttercup," Chenda says, looking and nodding. "Let's check this out."

She's just standing up to drop from the fence when those words reach her. She can't whirl, obviously, but she twists to look over her shoulder with a yelp of surprise. Another of dismay escapes as she claps a hand over that revealing rip in her jeans. "I don't think we do..."

She drops from the fence, turning to face the half-pint. "And you are? For that matter, what are you doing on school property?"

"I wake up in a room here, so I guess I belong here?" the chinese boy answers. What a delicious position, the young woman can't run with that pants. "Wechenda, Wechenda... I just know of a Richenda." he then contemplates, eying the smaller girl. Could she run? likely. So better not try something now. Two was always a bad number to start with.

Mini-Dani takes her cue from Richenda and looks at the person with suspicion "He looks familaw, but I can't place him." she points up to Richenda "That's here." she then glances up at the older girl "Pehaps he is a shift like me?" she does remember some of the explanation that was given to her earlier "Fuzzy McCoy." aka Beast, " explained what was happening.

Richenda frowns, thinking about that. "Could be. But of who? There's a resemblance, but something's throwing me off," she replies, putting a protective hand on Dani's shoulder. Mini-Dani's size brings her protective instincts to the fore. "So, what's your name, kid? You know mine."

With a snickering Grin the chinese nods "Of course I know your name, and that bootey is very very hard to forget. Richenda Go Nightly. Last time I saw you, you did go to take some of your 'girls' back home." That type of speaking does not really fit a young, but more someone who has underworld contacts. "Don't you recognize the good old James, the Cocoon?" well, the Cocoon Killer it was where he comes from.

Dani shakes her head "The only James I know is an Apache and about my age...and you are not him." she isn't afraid of this stranger, suspicious sure, maybe curious, but not afraid. She has no clue what he is talking about so shrugs off Chenda's hand and wanders over to the hoof prints they were talking about when he came up.

Richenda blinks. That name doesn't sound pleasant, and what he called her doesn't sound much better. "Okay... I'm officially confused. For one, I don't know anyone named James. For two, my name's Richenda, /just/ Richenda. For three... actually, there's no three. It just seems like everybody always has three reasons." Still, she doesn't walk away. She's not about to turn her back on this guy, no matter how small he is.

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