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Havok and Emma Frost

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09/17/12 09:00

X-Factor Tower/Ship

Emma comes to Alex with a proposal

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Having been greeted by personnel and subsequently shown into a nice office, Emma will not have waited more than a minute before Havok (of X-Factor) moves into the room with incredible style. Or something. Essentially, Alex Summers, wearing his super suit of basic black and gold affectations (belt, bracers), steps into the room with a very curious expression on his face. It's almost as if he says mentally, 'no way' in disbelief that Emma has come calling. He smiles and as he crosses the room to step up to her, "Emma Frost. What brings you to my side of town?" is asked in a welcoming tone - one of interest.

"Perhaps coincidence... or perhaps fate," Emma replies, with a hint of a smirk, somehow looking more at home in this office than Havok himself, in spite of being the guest rather than the host(ess). "Either way, I was redirected here by the desk at the Professor's school... I find that curious all by itself."

"Oh?" Alex asks with a raise in his tone while moving to take a seat on the edge of his desk so that he may face her. "You looking for the professor? He's sorta out of town for a while..." is pretty much all he says, allowing her to either assume or to just know that the Professor is in the Shi'ar with Lilandra. Also giving her time to come out with what she may need.

"Indeed I was... a pity he's indisposed. I'd hoped to find him receptive... or at all, really. Not knowing is truly the worst sort of torture," Emma muses. "Tell me... are you acting as his spokesman of late? It would be unlike Charles to leave no one in charge, after all."

With a furrowing of his brow, Alex answers with a slight grin, "Oh no. That's Scott's job. I just head up X-Factor and got nothing to do with the school. But. I'm guessin they transferred you to me cause Scott and Jean may be out on a mission." Again, he leaves it open so she can direct the course of the conversation. He's very curious what she's interested in, but won't try to lead the conversation as she does things at her own pace.

"Perhaps. Be that as it may, I originally came to Charles under the belief that we mutants, individually and as organizations, can no longer afford to act entirely separately, or at cross purposes, lest we lose our focus upon our mutual survival and prosperity... namely, through fighting one another instead of our mutual enemies. Such organizations as The Right have already taken advantage of this state of affairs, and will again if we let it continue unchecked," Emma states, meeting his eyes as she speaks, without looking away.

"Given out respective histories, I doubt any degree of cooperation will be likely, or even possible, at the moment. But I hold out hope for the future."

When she mentiones the Right, his emotional state goes from skeptical to concern and sadness reflecting that even though she may be seen as a super mega bitch, she still lost students and people beneath her. He can relate to that sort of loss and being that it's a kid (or kids) it makes it even worse. In her last statement, he nods and agrees, "Yeah... I mean we've been at odds for years and I think it's based on what each faction ultimately wants. Xavier wants all mutants and humans to play nice with one another. Magneto wants supreme domination. Apocalypse wants humanity's extinction. Sinister wants to play god in the gene pool. And your Hellfire Club - from what I can tell - just wants ultimate power over everything and everyone. Playing well with others doesn't really fit into that goal."

"Regardless of our respective aims, the price of myopia has been amply demonstrated," Emma adds, her eyes narrowing just slightly. Was there a faint catch in her voice just a moment ago? "Magneto and Sinister will do their own thing, no matter what we say or do. Which leaves the Professor and the Hellfire Club to either go their own ways or find some common ground. So do we hang together, or hang separately? That is why I'm here."

There's a thoughtful nod from Alex as he tends to agree, "You know, you're right. But straight up - I'm not the one to make such decisions. I just run a hero team that is here to put down villains. You'll want to talk to Scott or Jean.... Or the Professor, when he gets back. But, you know as well as I do that I'll be talking to Scott about your visit and that'll help get the ball rolling."

"Thank you for that. I don't know if you were involved in the rebuilding in the wake of that giant robot debacle, but if you were I doubt you missed the Frost markings on some of the relief supplies," Emma adds. "Ordinarily I'd not bring it up, but given the way Charles and I parted company, I doubt any proof of my good intentions should be left out. I don't mind telling you that some of my most worthwhile efforts were given at that school. I was surprised at how much I missed it."

He knew of the delivery. Alex won't go into gushing stuff and there's really no point. Instead he pushes himself away from his desk and figures the meeting is coming to a close. "No worries and thanks for coming by." he doesn't finishe the sentence with the words in his head about bringing her hawtness around. Instead he smiles and adds, "I'm sure Scott will be in touch."

Emma smirks just faintly at his words. "I'm sure. Thank you for your time, and your ear," she replies. "I'm sure 'my hawtness' will be around again sometime, have no fear."

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