Having A Ball

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Having A Ball

Black Cat, Wolfsbane, Scarlet Witch

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Rocket's Arcade - Upper West Side

Three ladies meet up and go to the arcade

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Felicia had invited Wolfsbane to meet her here, her swooping pensmanship recognizable to the woman by now. She even signed her name, which for someone who had thus far only been known as Black Cat, is a large step forward in their relationship. Right now she's standing outside the arcade, in hip hugging jeans and baby tee with a crying baby emblazoned on the front.

Though not much for gaming, Rahne hadn't heard from Black Cat..rather, Felicia in a while. The arcade was not where she figured to meet up with her, but she chose to show up. The outfit she wears is conflicted. She's selected one of her drab, boring one-color, unappealing shirt tops, but a pair of snug black pants tuck into flat-soled boots. And are those pants..leather? An odd sight in some ways. Eyes wander in search of a certain someone, hands moving to undo and retie her ponytail. No signs of the wolf tonight.

Wanda currently is walking down the street, clad in civilian clothes so she's not immediately recognizable. Well, that and the fact that she's finishing a shake from McAllan's as... well, Jarvis is great, but an Avenger doesn't live by blueberry muffins alone. She looks back and forth, and spies out Felicia, blinking a little as she recognizes the jogging woman from the other day, changing direction to go over towards her. She doesn't immediately recognize Rahne, but she does notice the other redhead, giving her a slight grin as well.

Felicia spots someone angling toward her, blue eyes shifting to look over Wanda. Disappointment is registered in a wrinkle of a nose, but it brightens when she smiles in recognition. It might even be in invitation, albeit subdued, since she finally spots Rahne out. "Rahne! Over here!"

Rahne raises a hand toward Felicia, starting to move in that direction. "..Felicia?" she asks. Seems she takes a few seconds to recognize the woman, then the sight of Wanda also catches her attention. "An' Wanda?" Now that's unexpected, to see an Avenger here too. "Did ye invite her as well?" she wonders, looking Felicia's way again.

Wanda blinks at Rahne, looking a bit surprised, "Oh, yes, that's me... I... wait." She pauses and looks at Rahne a bit closer, "Wait, Rahne, is that you? I don't think I've seen you in, well, ages at least." She gives the younger redhead a grin, then looks over at Felicia, "I hope I'm not interrupting anything, I was just passing through."

"No, not at all." Felicia says, grinning at the shapeshifter though she speaks to Wanda. "I was just inviting my friend on a day out, but one more only means more fun. It's Wanda, right? I remember you from the park." The mobile phone is slid into a pocket, and she motions to the arcade behind her. "It's all on me, mind, if you'd like to join."

"..aye, it is," Rahne answers, and for a few moments she looks self-conscious about being seen in what she is by someone who recognizes her. It's a lot easier when others are complete strangers. "I've been..around," she answers without much by way of details, rubbing an ear and the back of her neck. "Ye know each other, then?" she asks both of them.

Wanda smiles a little, "Only in passing, we ran into each other at the park, when Bobby was being a bit of a twit." She doesn't mention how she pantsed him, as that's probably made the rounds of the mansion... and Scott mentioned putting it on Youtube anyway. Then she continues, "But you're looking good, Rahne, and I wouldn't mind joining. Were you two playing video games?" She arches a brow, not judging so much as sounding... well, a little surprised.

"Well, I thought I might try my hand at a few. I love those fighting games, the constant mind games and momentum switches are a lot of fun... though, I guess, I'd rather play some air hockey with Rahne then beat some random kid until he returns to his mother in tears." Her tone suggests that the latter might be fun too, but that's the nature of the Cat. "Oh, Rahne, you look fabulous by the way. Come on in, guys. No sense wasting time out here. So, you two know each other from your fabled Mansion?" She props the door open for both.

Rahne smiles briefly to Wanda. "I think I heard about that, an'..thanks." She includes Felicia in that, admitting, "I suppose I was a wee bit conflicted on what tae go with." The woman appears to understand the top and bottoms don't really match. "Maybe next time I'll be more comfortable trying something more." So she's experimenting? Rahne comes off as ambivalent about the gaming, admitting, "I'm na much for video games, but I guess we could play one thing or another. An' something like tha'," she finishes as far as how she and Wanda are familiar.

Wanda smiles a little, "Yes, something like that." She chuckles, "Video games... well, I tried playing them now and again. My ex-husband did them a fair amount, and always wanted me to play. I just... well, I just seem to get lucky playing them, so I never really tried too much after we split up." She does have a public identity, but on the other hand, why flaunt it?

"She's so shy sometimes," Felicia says with a sigh. "Getting information out of her is like wringing water from a rag, have to really /work/ at it." She slips inside after the others, "You're pretty good, huh?"

(Switching rooms)

-----==[ Rocket's Arcade - Upper West Side ]==--------------------------------

There's noise. Lots of it. The noise is a mixture of several games and music playing over the speakers. You can almost make out an alternative song, but not enough to understand anything. Nearest you at the moment, there is a group of machines that dispense change in exchange for dollars. There's a rumor that sometimes it doesn't give exact change, nor more than exact change either. Ahead, there's a main grouping of ultra-violent video games, involving beating the crap out of your opponents or shooting them with "fake" guns. The room is dimly lit with bulbs hanging above the room, and the cigarette smoke forms a cloud above all. Local gang members and general delinquents tend to hang out here, taking money, selling drugs, et cetera. Strangely, the management doesn't seem to care, or notice for that matter. Suprisingly, this place is kept clean, despite its unsavory inhabitants and the dirty creatures known as "teenagers". To the right of the main group, there's a bathroom. Within this bathroom, there's people waiting to take your money or just slit your throat. Behind you, there's the heavy, metal door signifying your escape.


Shy? Well...yes. Shy and conflicted and confused about a number of things as she grows and matures. That's Rahne. "I always just liked it better going outside instead o' being focused completely on th' television set," she explains, a hand waving at a few smoky smells as they move in.

Wanda smiles, "Yes, well, growing up I didn't even have a television, so there was that..." She wrinkles her nose a bit at the smoke, looking around at the various gangers and everything with a somewhat bemused expression, "Not quite what I was expecting, here."

"Me either." Felicia admits, or she is lying about it and this is exactly what she was expecting. She's a pretty good liar! "Whatever, let's just get our tokens and play some games." The crowd of drug dealers keep mostly to themselves, not approaching anyone, but they seem to have taken over the fighter cabinets with their presence. Not good if you wanted to get over to them!

Felicia peels out a wallet, pops in two twenties at the machine, and watches the coins spill out. "WHAT DO YOU GUYS WANT TO DO FIRST?"

"I've never been here before, but I think I'm glad muh senses are just normal right now," Rahne speaks up to the other women, keeping herself somewhat closer to them than she might need to as she looks around. Not that she couldn't take the dealers.

Wanda takes a few tokens from Felicia and smiles at Rahne, "Yes, well... let's not worry about starting anything just now. Save some games. Is there anything cooperative in this place, or is it all fighting and shooting?" A bit of a nose-wrinkle, at that.

"Uhhh~" Felicia says, "Yeah, I think-- I think I see something over there." She motions with her arm over in one area of blinking lights, and will even lead the way, picking her way through the crowd towards the more physically sound games. The hockey tables, the skeetball rows, so on and so forth. To get there might mean rubbing hips and even pushing people aside, it's a busy day n the arcade.

Wanda might have reasons to suspect someone might have pinched her bottom.

Rahne accepts a small handful of her own, eying what she can in spite of her short stature. She's not seeing over most of the people here, but the games that involve a bit of physical skill soon loom ahead of them. "Those?" she asks? Of course, she does have to slip her way through a few crowds.

Wanda wrinkles her nose a bit, then blinks at the rather inappropriate contact, her eyes flashing green... or was that the light of the arcade? In any case, there's a startled yelp as someone finds themselves losing the buckle to the pants.

Needless to say, the way gets a little easier for Wanda after that...

Felicia hears the yelp, catching sight of a young man who is hastily snatching his pants back up from his knees, and gives Rahne a strange look. She, of course, is not familiar with Scarlet's powers so this just strikes her as a funny sidenote. "See, that is why this sagging phase is so tactless. I mean, really, I don't mind showing off my goods but have some taste. It's better to flaunt than show!"

She stops in front of the skeetball rows. "This looks good. See, Rahne, you take one of these balls and you just roll it up the lane and try to land it in the areas marked as points. More points, more tickets."

Rahne turns to eye Wanda and the resulting problem the guy has with his pants. A brow raises, but perhaps she understands what happened. She's not completely ignorant about mutant powers. All the same, she tugs at her top a bit, as if to cover her own backside with it. "Aye, something like tha'," she agrees to Felicia before adding, "Are ye all right, Wanda?" The explanation of the game given, she says, "I've see this one before. There's a place with some in Salem Center, an' there's Coney Island an' other places."

Wanda smiles, "Much like God, I'm a huge fan of skeeball." She chuckles, "Now, this... I love doing this." She flips a token in her fingers, then catches it and puts it in the machine. At Rahne's brow-raising, Wanda winks at the girl, then looks surprisingly innocent.

Felicia caught the wink, and laughs. "Wait, that /was/ you? Hey, you better not be thinking of using that trick on me!" She puts in a token herself, waiting as a few chimes sound to alert the beginning of the game. She collects one of the balls, tossing it up and catching it in her hand. She did catch sight of Rahne trying to pull her shirt down, smirking. "What are you doing, Rahne?"

"Or me!" Rahne seconds, clearing her throat. Then to Felicia she adds, "Dinna worry about it. I'm..fine." Just keeping one eye on their surroundings, though as she puts a token in her station and the balls roll down, she grabs one and rolls it up. It hits the 50 point score in the middle, the smallest one. Beginner's luck? She wasn't trying for the corners, though now she's facing the game more fully.

Scarlet Witch glances over at Felicia, "Well, if you don't try and grab me, I think you've got nothing to worry about." She winks and rolls a ball up her lane without looking... and it goes right into the 100 point loop in the upper corner. How exactly /did/ she do that?

Felicia's smile sours a little when, as if she's not even trying, Rahne hits a fifty. Her own game was short, mostly just rolling as quickly as she can before kneeling to collect her tickets before rotating behind Rahne to see exactly how well she does. Her own expression grows even more dim when Wanda's first roll is only the pinnacle of points. "/What/?"

Though Felicia is staring at Wanda, when Rahne bends over to collect a second ball, she'll feel her pinch right across the back of the leather pants with her nails.

Rahne also glances Wanda's way at the perfect toss, which makes a few bells ding with each one. "I think ye're a natural there," she remarks, then as she lets her second one roll up the lane there's a sudden little yip and a jump, sending the ball out poorly so it doesn't even register a point. She turns and is seen to rub behind herself. "Who did tha'?"

Scarlet Witch wrinkles her nose, "Well, it wasn't me..." She looks around, "And I think the previous perpetrator is still looking for a belt, so." She does toss the ball again, a more mundane throw that manages to make it dead-center for a tidy score.

Felicia turns as well, glancing at the crowd as it passes by, and shrugs helplessly! "Crowded place like this, filled with teenagers, and pants like that you have to expec--" She pauses, giggling, and continues right along despite the odd pause. "You just have to expect it, hun." Felicia does seem amused that the throw was slightly ruined because of rogue fingers. "You guys want anything to drink?"

Rahne gives the scoring section of the lane a scowl after looking for and failing to find any evidence of the perpetrator. "Hmf." Then she adds to Felicia, "It's yuir fault anyway, making me think about things like this before."

Wanda looks about to say something, then blinks as she notices a buzzing coming from her purse. She pulls out her Avengers ID, which clearly shows to the observant that yes, this IS the Scarlet Witch, and she nods, "Um, I need to get going. Minor crisis brewing." She gives the rest of her tokens to Rahne, "Good luck, and I do like the pants." She grins at Felicia, as the proverbial cat is out of the bag, "Perhaps another time." And like that, she makes her way out of the arcade.

"Maybe." Felicia says, giving nothing away as she smiles to the departing Scarlet Witch. Then she turns back to Rahne, "What, you're expecting me to apologize for making you throw out those ratty jeans? Tsk, you /really/ are losing your mind."

Rahne glimpses the ID, verifying what she already knew before holding the tokens that are passed over. "Uh, I hope it's na too bad for ye, an'..thanks." Pants are glanced at again, then she sticks her tongue out at Felicia. "Brat."

Felicia holds a hand to her heart, playacting an injured expression to her pretty features. "Brat? You're a brat!" With that, she gently shoves at the girl's shoulder teasingly. "Alright, what next?"

Rahne rolls the rest of her balls and collects a few tickets for a modest score after giving Felicia a sniff. "Well, I just felt like trying something different this time, with th' pants. An'..this place smells, even with me na using muh senses."

"You're not having fun? It's okay, let's step out then?" Felicia offers, "We can keep the tokens, can only be used here anyway." Assuming that she read Wolfsbane's desires right, she'll lead the way back to the door.

"It's just na muh kind o' place, with some o' th' people in here," Rahne admits, and she offers the tokens and tickets over to the taller woman. It was her money anyhow. Time to navigate through the place again. "Na tha' I dinna like games once in a while."

"Maybe we'll try something more tame. A board game, perhaps?" Felicia asks, throwing a smile over her shoulder as they break out of the heat and noise and back into the chilly night. "I admit, I didn't plan this ahead... would you like to get something to eat?"

Rahne's eyes roll and she scoffs, "Och, anything but Monopoly!" That one, she knows. "I just..ye know I'm na much for some o' th' things they were using in there." Subtly, she rubs her backside again. Might've bumped into someone again on the way out. "Food's good, though."


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