Happy on Terra Firma

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Nightcrawler & Havok

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10/31/12 19:34

X-Factor Tower, Mutant Town, Manhattan

Kurt and Alex briefly talk about the past.

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"There are two people I really miss not having around." Alex states while kicked back on the lounger wearing his trunks. He continues, "That's Dazzler and Lifeguard. Both were free spirits, laid back, and totally fun."

Wearing shorts himself today, Kurt is probably a little wet from already having goofed off in the pool. And it was literally goofing off, he wasn't swimming laps or looking serious. He's just like a kid, jumping and flipping in from the side, doing various dives or making the biggest splashes he would. Certainly he took his own splash training very seriously, like a skilled diver, focusing before making the run and jump in to try and achieve a bigger splash than the last. If Havok was on deck for parts of this, he was asked many times to ascertain how high his splash had gone. Of course, if Havok was on deck, it probably lead to various gainers and leaners intended to try and soak the other in his chair. Though presently, just dripping in a chair, he nods to Alex, "Ja, true mein freund. You are saying there is no one left to moon, they will not take it in the right veign that you would intend the gesture, nein?"

With a chuckle, Alex nods and says, "Absolutely. I mean when they mooned me it was a Hallmark moment, or something. I don't know though, Australia was a weird time. We were all assumed dead and it worked pretty good. We pretty much hung out, went to the bar every night, and slacked."

"Wait," ponders Kurt, "You're saying that being assumed dead is becoming like a common theme for you now?"

"Isn't it a common thing for all the X-Men, especially Jean?" Alex asks humorously reflecting upon the past. "And then there was that time Xavier pretended to be dead for the original team and was hiding in the basement the whole time to see what they'd do.. Such a jackass move."

Kurt grins at the thought, "And who said he doesn't have a sense of humor. Maybe it wasn't meant to be funny, but that's classic all the same. I half expect him to do the same. Is he really in space, or is he hiding in the mansion and watching to see how things unfold?"

"If he knows what's good for him, he's in space getting all shag-a-dellic with the bird chick. Damn, I just realized, 'plucking feathers' takes on a whole new meaning."

Turning to look at Alex, Kurt looks dubious. "Do not tell me that now you're considering a Sha'ir girlfriend, so you can pluck some feathers," he says it deadpan, but its meant teasingly only. His yellow eyes gleem mirthful.

"Uh, Heather... she was all about Shi'ar." Alex smiles broadly implying that maybe he and Heather did something at some time.

"Is this all going somewhere," grins Kurt, "Are you about to say its time to take up another space craft, see how the whole gig is going for her now, just so you can pluck some feathers?"

Another chuckle from Alex before shaking his head, "Nah. I'm happy on terra firma. In fact, I think we should go to a club."

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