H.A.M.M.E.R. Time

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Brief Title:

Gogo, The Vision

Scene Runner/Watcher:
The Vision

IC Date:
2013/06/15 09:00

American Museum of Natural History, Upper West Side, New York City

Vision and Gogo are alerted to a mysterious presence in the Upper West Side. It turns out remnants of HAMMER are up to no good.

Social or Plot:


Reports came in from all over; NYPD, FBI, SHIELD and confirmed via Stark Satellites. A fast moving object entered US Air Space, passed into Manhattan and disappeared somewhere in the Upper West Side of the island. No one could clearly identify it, but the flight path was irregular and lead all agencies to believe it was a fast moving, person-operated flying vehicle.

The Vision, usually monitoring such communications and the Stark Satellites, decided to investigate. A Quinjet was flown out of Stark Tower and Manhattan is only a short hop away. Vision is strapped into the pilots seat with his hands on the steering wheel. A few cords and cables snake out of his forearms and interface him directly into the computers of the Avengers' standard vehicle.

They had had a Quinjet down in Charlotte, but somehow riding in the New York Avengers' one was much more exciting. Annie let Vision do all the flying and stuff. She could operate this thing in an emergency, and barely, so best let the pro do his thing. She kept herself occupied by tying her hair up in braids as quickly as possible while they headed towards the disturbance.

It wouldn't take long to get to the Upper West Side. There was still enough time, though, for Vision to interact with the team member he was able to bring with him. Since Stark Satellites were able to pinpoint, within a couple of blocks, where the likely location of the disturbance was Vision set the autopilot. He half-turned in his seat while the Quinjet flew itself, "I am glad to get the opportunity to work with you, Gogo. I had an opportunity to go over your profile from the Initiative and am eager to observe you in person." This is the synthezoid's version of a compliment and small talk, apparently.

Annie quickly works her hair together into a strong cable that will be easier to deal with in a possible fight. She nods her head and flashes her fanged luminescent smile when she's complimented, "Well. I hope I won't disappoint you Vision. It is an honor to be working with such an illustrious hero such as yourself." Even if she did have the occasional flash of the Terminator soundtrack working in the back of her head. "I'm not Thor or Hercules, but I'm pretty strong anywho. Maybe this will just be cleanup."

The Quinjet's autopilot brings the craft to a halt in midair, stopping at a hover above a series of buildings below. Sensors on the Quinjet start beeping, but Vizh doesn't need to look. The cable tethers he's hooked into feed the information strait to him.

Regardless of the feed being sent directly to him, Vizh does turn and glance at the sensors and out the window; A visual confirmation. The synthetic Avenger nods and says, "Your presence is, none the less, appreciated. You will do fine." He unstraps himself from his pilot's seat and stands. He begins informing Annie, "The Quinjet's sensors have picked up an old model SHIELD Skimmer on top of the American Museum of Natural History. It's markings have been changed and clearly through visual inspection it can be determined that a SHIELD operation is not occurring at the Museum." A pause is made before he adds, "And a quick cross reference with SHIELD determines that there are no known operations occurring here. We must investigate."

Annie unstraps and stands up as the Quinjet comes to a hover over their target. She punches the button that opens the jet up and steps into the opening. "Roger. A possibly stolen SHIELD vehicle and a museum. Sounds like kooky mad scientist stuff in action." That said, she steps out of the hatch and lets herself fall down to the rooftop below, braids streaming behind her.

The Vision nods, "Kooky Mad Scientist is always a possibility, yes." Is his response. After she exits the vehicle, he turns and looks at the control panel of the Quinjet. A couple of mental commands to the craft inform the Auto Pilot to remain at the ready for a signal. The cables and tethers attaching Vizh to the controls are disconnected and snake back into their compartments, hidden away. The synthetic man alters his molecular structure, becomes intangible and floats strait through the floor of the Quinjet. He drops to the rooftop below to join Annie.

The Skimmer is still warm, another confirmation that this is the thing everyone detected. A roof access hatch has been left open, clearly a point of entry. However the two of them an unable to get to the door as three individuals exit the Skimmer. These individuals are wearing altered SHIELD uniforms with the HAMMER insignia proudly emblazoned on their arms. Each of them are carrying rifles.

Annie's bare feet thump into the rooftop with a good crunch, then she straightens out of her crouch as the trio spill out of their stolen? vehicle. "Hello there gang. I'm Gogo of the Avengers. This guy here, I'm sure you know who he is. So, why don't you give yourselves up without a fight and save yourself the possible bodily injury of having your asses kicked?"

The trio of HAMMER operatives are inexplicably caught unawares by the arrival of the two Avengers. Clearly the Skimmer didn't alert them to the Quinjet's presence or they simply weren't paying attention. When they exit their craft, they're startled and are slow to pull up their guns, clearly they aren't going to listen to Annie's advice. One of the three call out, "Waste them! We haven't given them enough time to find the artifact!" High powered rifles begin to spit fire towards the duo.

The Vision instinctively goes intangible allowing the high-powered bullets to whiz right on through his ethereal body.

Annie is tough. Really tough. Once upon a time she'd have just stood there and taken the shots, but Avengers' training has made her a little bit more cautious. A little bit. Knowing that there's no one right behind her to take the shots if she avoids them, she shows off some of her agility, bouncing in the air to try and avoid the shots, while going for a surprise maneuver if they don't know her. She hops over them, then goes for a splash attack, growing to full size right before impact.

The inability to hit either Annie or Vizh doesn't give these agents cause to pause. In fact, the makes them frantically fire even more wildly. The firing stops when Annie lands behind them. Unfortunately for Annie, her mass falling from the sky mixed with the already increased weight of the Skimmer resting on the rooftop causes the Museum's roof to buckle. The Vision raises a hand and calls out, "Be careful!" The synthetic man glances down at the rooftop and his eyes briefly glow as sensory suites activate to scan the rooftop, "The roof can't take another hit like that!" Thankfully the HAMMER agents can't take a blow like that, either. They stumble, lose their balance and fall down.

Well, she missed her shot, as she'd been planning on landing on the agents and letting them cushion the blow. Grunting at landing face first on the rooftop, Annie rolls up to her feet. "Crap." More concerned with the rooftop and the museum below than with the fallen thugs, she takes hold of the skimmer and tosses it down to the street (After checking traffic). That might be three birds with one stone? "You sure you guys wouldn't rather talk about how joining a group of losers has effected your sex lives? Is that the source of your anger? Sexual frustration? Fears of inadequacy?"

The Skimmer is hefted and hurled off the rooftop by Gogo. The Vision watches her do this with an impassive gaze. He shakes his head, "NYPD's going to hate that..." The intangible Vision floats towards the fallen HAMMER agents. He briefly shoves an intangible limb through them as they attempt to get back to their feet and grab their guns. The physical disruption makes each of them shout out in pain before they drift into unconsciousness. Vizh glances at Gogo, "That's one way to deal with their means of exodus." He gestures towards the roof with a pointed finger, "Let's head down, I can't tell if others are here or where they are from up here." He begins phasing through the rooftop.

Annie peeks over the edge of the roof and says, "I'll clean that up afterwards. It's what I do for a living...or what I used to do for a living." She shrugs, the Avengers have a salary, so now her cleanup work is mainly charity stuff. Shrinking back down to her 'small' size, she skirts the damaged area of the roof, heading for a door used by maintenance personnel. "I don't like the talk of artifacts. That sounds like magic. I don't much care for magic."

The Vision's intangible molecules seamlessly allow the Avenger to slip through the microscopic gaps between the physical building blocks of the matter. The Vision passes through the various floors until he reaches the large expansive lobby, which is as good a place as any to start from. He stands there, scanning the building while he waits for Annie to emerge from the stairwell. As he stands there scanning, he has wrapped himself in his cape.

Yanking open the door and rushing through several flights of stairs while being careful not to smash anything takes a bit more time than sinking through the floors. When Annie gets down to the bottom she laughs and says, "So...you got the mystery solved already Mr. Ghost through Floors?"

The Vision is stand there wrapped in his cape when Annie arrives. The lobby of the museum is expansive but vacant... apparently the museum wasn't open today for one reason or another. Fortunate for everyone. The Vision's eyes are glowing as he responds to the other Avenger, "I'm detecting the others and trying to triangulate their position based off the information I have obtai-"

The Vision is interrupted by a voice coming from the Hall of Planet Earth. Over by the entrance to that exhibit stands a dozen HAMMER Agents with one, dressed slightly different and in partial armor. They all carry rifles and the one in armor is carrying a duffle and a handgun. The voice said, "No need to look further. We're all right here. I thought we'd have more time... unfortunate miscalculation on our part." The HAMMER operatives all aim their rifles towards the two Avengers. The lead Agent says in a confident tone, "Oh well. We can at least remedy this miscalculation."

A brick being involved in a fight in a museum...it isn't a good thing. Annie is all too aware of this fact. Museums were best handled by high skill, minimal property damage types that didn't get shot at much. Annie puts her hands in the air, "You got me. And the relic too from the looks of things? Not too big to be carried out in a dufflebag huh?" While she talks, she looks around to see how much important museum 'stuff' there is around to get broken in a fight. Granite construction? Thank goodness!

The two dinosaurs though...gah, were those real?

The museum looks pretty solid, lots of granite; lots of concrete. There are various artifacts littered about along the walls. Whether they are originals or copies for display one can not know by just looking at them.

The tiles beneath Vision's feet crack as he increases his density and becomes incredibly heavy. The inhuman Avenger purses his lips as he regards the HAMMER operatives. He calls out, "HAMMER is not legal organization any longer. Supplanted by SHIELD and disbanded. Your operations here are not sanctioned and are criminal. Your mode of escape has been rendered inoperable. You have no other choice but to submit to our authority and surrender."

The Lead Agent gestures towards the heroes, "Paste them and scatter. Rendez-vous at alternate coordinates." The lead agent ducks back into the Hall of Planet Earth while the remaining agents point their rifles at the heroes. Clicking as safeties are turned off and rounds are loaded into chambers.

"What is it with dumb ass thugs and never taking the easy way to jail?" Annie doesn't wait for them to fire. Instead she digs her toes in and springs forward like orange cannonball, a very large orange cannonball. She doesn't care so much about which of the rifle toting men she hits. She's after the guy with the dufflebag. Now of course, her route to get to the guy was designed to do some bowling for badguys, but she wasn't going to lose sight of the dufflebag just to go after the choice 'pins'.

The rifles start to open up; firing high powered munitions at the heroes. The bullets aren't capable of doing much harm to Annie or to Vizh at his increased density. The bullets bounce off. After the first few moments of fire, the HAMMER agents get the idea to try and scatter out of a group. However that scattering comes a few moments too late as Gogo bowls right into them. Half a dozen of the Agents go flying in all directions as she slams into them. A couple stay down as their breath is driven out of their lungs from the impact. Others slam up against the hard floor or stone walls of the museum. The Lead Agent runs through the vacant Hall of Planet Earth making his way for a different exit on the other side of the building.

The Vision acts as well. After the first few bullets richochet off of him, he's on the move. He loses his density and phases right through the floor, a process that takes the same amount of time as blinking one's eye. He ascends through the floor behind a couple of the Agents who escaped the orange bowling ball. They're firing their rifles after Annie so are caught unawares when Vizh phases through the floor behind them and shoves his intangible hands through their torsos. They scream out in pain and flop to the floor.

Annie's bare feet slip and slide as she rushes after the Lead Agent. The floors are well waxes in here, and Annie's alien skin is smooth. She should have worn shoes! She is forced to lope along on her fingertips and toes for a bit, making her look like the gorilla girl her name references, "You got that Vision?" she asks. The bullets hurt, but not in the important way. She's got some new holes in her outfit, and some bruises that will come visiting later. But right now she's got to catch up with the runner, "Halt!"

A red beam of solar energy lances out at another HAMMER agent and they squawk briefly in pain as their rifle is superheated by the blast and forced to relinquish their grasp on it. Vizh then flies towards that Agent, flies through them and they drop to the ground unconscious due to physical disruption. The Synthezoid answers Annie, "I have these agents under control!" Which paves the way for her to handle the Lead Agent.

That agent continues to run through the halls of the museum in search of a different exit. He spares a few brief glances over his shoulder as he retreats and sees the large Orange woman hot on his heels. The Agent calls out to Annie, "We're not stopping." The handgun he wields is raised up after he skids to a halt. A powerful burst of sonic concussive force erupts towards Gogo from the barrel of the handgun. The recoil of the weapon is enough to stagger the HAMMER Lead Agent. Later the Avengers will find out that it's modified Shocker-tech powering the weapon.

Annie races for the agent, gaining ground quicklky on any straight sections where she can utilize her tremendous leaping ability to hop along after him. When he brings up his weapon she launches herself at him, and gets a face-full of sonic concussion for her efforts.

The few remaining agents in the Lobby are quickly dealt with by the Vision. Combination of intangible strikes and super dense skin keep damage to the museum's lobby to a minimum. The last of the HAMMER Agents is held by the collar at Vision's side. Vizh quietly drops the Agent to the ground and looks towards the Hall of Planet Earth where the sounds of Gogo and the Lead Agent are coming from. Vision flies in their direction.

The Agent of HAMMER curses in pain due to the recoil of the weapon. There's a reason the Shocker wears his outfit rather, it's designed to deal with the recoil of his own weapons. HAMMER clearly didn't consult Herman before stealing his tech. The Lead Agent sees a red 'EXIT ONLY' sign and starts to beat feet towards it after he partially recovers from the weapon's side effects.

Annie shakes off the effects of the shot to the face as well as the disappointment of not getting her hands on the guy with that last dive. She rolls to her feet and starts in a low sprawling race after the Lead Agent. She holds back her burst of speed for the last, when the man is forced to be at that exit or give up the chase. When he pushes at the door handle she launches, flying at him to spear him and wrap in up, taking him and the door out at once.

The loud crash through the door of the Orange Bowling Ball and the Lead Hammer Agent startle those walking past the museum. People scatter and Annie and the Agent end up in the street. The duffle and the Shocker-tech gun end up skittering across the street, both eventually ending up resting against the curb near a storm drain. The Lead Agent is stunned by the impact of both Gogo and the asphalt underneath him.

Vizh phases through the wall leading to the outside world. He drops to the ground, "City officials are not going to like the damage, but good job, Gogo." The Vision announces, "Agent of HAMMER, I'm placing you under arrest. You will be brought into custody by Agents of SHIELD and you will be left to answer for what you and the others have done here."

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