Gyrokenetic Meltdown

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Gyrokenetic Meltdown in Salem Center

Blindfold, Seth, Keith, Vaughn and Bobby Drake (NPC)

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08/05/12 07:00

Salem Center - Westchester County

Keith breaksdown and loses a bit of control!

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-----==[ Salem Center - Westchester County ]==--------------------------------
Salem Center is the epitome of a small Upstate New York town. A few small shops line the streets, namely a book shop, boutique, and a few supermarkets and the like. A church or two are scattered around, while residential districts are home to cookie-cutter middle class homes. Salem Center is on the border of upscale Westchester County, home to the wealthy and powerful of New York. There's a ski resort not too far away, for the convenience of the powerful, although many prefer Aspen or the Alps. On the outside of town is Harry's Bar, one of the many old and comfortable taverns that populate small towns all over America.

It's a cool and relaxing evening in Salem today. It appears since the sun is moving out of the sky for the evening that it's finally becoming a cool summer evening at last. The weather is fairly clear showing no signs of a shower (at least not currently). Keith begins walking the the street as though just finishing a delightful meal at a local joint just up the road. His attire speaks volumes of his day as he is wearing a tight tank-top, khaki shorts, and a pair of his tan flip-flops. Overall he looks extremely casual gripping onto his messenger bag as though nothing could ruin his evening at this point.

Coming around the corner with their chaperone in tow - Bobby Drake, mind you -, are Seth and Ruth. The boy is bearing a more happier face these last few days. "It's a good thing my guitar was found under all that wreckage. Man, I was starting to get worried it had been lost with these recent happenings", he directs to the blind girl.

Blindfold grins toward Seth "If by worried you mean gloomy and angry most of the time then, I'm sorry yes. I knew we would find it though, right in that small triangle of debris, it had toppled just right to brace against each other, propping up over it. Only thing I have like that is my lace projects"

It's when Keith spots the other two that his expression changes slightly. He knows the sight of Blindfold and what typically happens when she is encountered. He leaps sideways into a shop doorway before slowly pressing his back toward the wall. It's almost like he's trying to hide for some reason. Might Ruth somehow know too much for Keith to handle right now? Whatever it is, it's clear Keith's trying to think of something before it's too late. He does however begin to breath a bit slower and deeper trying to keep from being noticed by the acute of hearing maybe?

Blindfold walked along tapping her cane as she went with Seth and Bobby, passing right by Keith...except that her cane tapped backwards just to the side of Keith's feet. Was that a mistake?...or could the blind girl actually tell where he was. Though she didn't speak of other recent events

Seth looks in the direction Ruth's cane taps in. "Oh. Hiya, Keith." Yeah, he got busted! "Nice meeting you here. What're you up to?"

Keith sighs as Ruth back taps her cane as though knowing fully well he's attempting to avoid her. Did she have a vision? Did she somehow hear an echo pattern that gave him away? Anyway you slice the cake it comes out the same. He's been found out and no amount of gymnastics would allow him to escape. It is only deepened by Seth greeting him confirming Ruth's gesture. He steps away from the wall and out onto the street with a chuckle. "Well, well. Funny running into you two in Salem. Clearly I thought you'd still be up on the hill assisting in some way to repair your school that's so clearly in shambles." It almost sounds like an accusation, but clearly Keith's not ready to outright point a finger quite yet. "I was just checking to see if your school had received by letter asking about their admission policy. Though most clearly they are busy with... other matters?"
Blindfold turns toward Keith with a sad expression "I was helping with the landscaping, I'm afraid the mail is most likely disrupted due to current situations, I'm sorry. If you wish, though, it's no trouble we can leave you be." first vaughn now keith, the sad expression on her face turning to one of unease as though she wished to crawl under a rock and hide "I would not wish to impose on you or do something you do not wish, I'm sorry, forgive me. I'll leave you be if you like"

Seth shrugs, "You got to wait for the reply a while longer. I'm sure it'll arrive soon, man." Seth smiles a little. "Did I get the feeling you were trying to hide from us just now?" Yes, Seth likes to shove the people into hot spots.

Keith seems to be struck with guilt as Blindfold sadly speaks of leaving the boy alone. He then steps forward as both of the students accuse him of avoiding. He reaches out in attempt to grab Ruth's arm lightly, "No please, I didn't exactly mean it that way. It's just..." He pauses looking over at the escort the two have today. "Don't they let any of you out without an escort these days? What's going to happen, is someone out to assassinate you all?"

Blindfold turns back toward Keith as he catches her arm and swallows hard trying not to sniffle "It's just a precaution cuz I'm such a black...bad luck charm" surely with everything else she couldn't possibly get in his head, right?

"Well, you can never be too careful...", Seth replies. "But no, we're shopping for a few groceries. And cake. Yummy fluffy goodness."

Keith suddenly looks a bit frustrated as it's clear he's losing his social graces. "Ruth, I'm sorry. I'm just trying to keep alive here... it's nothing personal against you." He grumbles as he looks around and then narrows his eyes at the escort before lowering his voice so only the collective can hear him. "It's just you know a bit too much for my comfort. Not to mention the pattern of what happens when I typically bump into you." He then looks a bit more relaxed as Seth replies to him. "Oh, now that sounds absolutely indescribably good!"

Blindfold reaches a hand out to brush keith's arm "I'm sorry, my apologies, I've made you frustrated and that was not my intent. What you say...well that's what I do...I don't attract it trouble...things will reopen when repairs are finished." though she knew even more then Keith realized but he was uncomfortable enough

Seth shakes his head, "It shouldn't be long now." He starts looking around for shops.

The group is standing outside a line of local stores in the center of Salem. Keith looks a bit nervous as he speaks with Ruth and Seth, though his expression shifts to a bit more concerned when Ruth lists out the already growing list of things she knows without Keith speaking a word. "Wow, either you're really insightful or you're not telling me something." There are a nearby trashcan just inside of Keith's line of sight. It begins to have a slight shift in disturbance as though something around it seems to be manipulating it for some reason.

Vaughn was dropped off by one of the staffers in eye shot of Bobby Drake. He gets out of the car, tapping on the door. "Thanks." He heads over seeing Blindfold and Seth talking with Keith again. The teenager was starting to go majorly stir-crazy and those around him could tell it. He starts to head over there, slowing in his arrival as he spots the motion of the trashcan. A frown stretches across his lips.

Blindfold shrugs "Nothing that if you think about shouldn't make sense...I'm sorry, really I am, I'm used to people treating me like bad luck, but I was kind of getting used to that not happening here.." hearing the rattle of the trashcan "Keith..." and steps into Keith to give him an awkward hug in her attempt to calm him

Keith looks extremely nervous as the trashcan shakes and begins to wobble. It would be clear if anyone knew him well enough that his power is getting the best of him at the moment. Though it's when a tapping of a nearby car and the sudden sight of Vaughn that knocks Keith's concentration for a loop. It also might be the fact Blindfold insists on giving him a weird hug. "Vaughn?" He tilts his head as the trashcan settles once again though the air around the can does still seem unsettled for the time being.

Vaughn starts walking over, like nothing is out of the normal. Just like there hadn't just been a free-floating trashcan. He takes the sunglasses off and slides them down to hang on the neckline of his tee shirt. He is wearing a pair of jeans with the left knee ripped out. "Hey guys... 'sup?"

Blindfold hugs Keith "Deep breath...calm...nothing will happen to you, Keith, not on this meeting, yes, I'm sure. No, I can't be certain about further then now, that would silly, I'm not a freak after all" the look on her face...ohh if she could wink she would be

Keith reaches down slowly pushing Ruth away from himself with a hint of shock folding over his expression. "I... um... uh..." He's certainly struck speechless for now motioning between himself and Ruth before shaking his head. "Whatever you're thinking, I promise it's not walk it looks like mate."

Vaughn smirks and just shakes his head, "Hey, I try not to judge... " The grin twists slightly. "So it's not that you were upset, and Ruth was just trying to comfort you?"

Vaughn smirks and just shakes his head, "Hey, I try not to judge... " The grin twists slightly. "So it's not that you were upset, and Ruth was just trying to comfort you?" The grin stretches, "So if it's not what I think, and so it isn't that... that means you _are_ hitting on my girl?"

Keith looks stunned as Vaughn explains what he thinks it looks like. He then takes a step back and away from Ruth before waving his hands in front of himself. "Oh, no. No that's not it... I mean it is it... I mean." He sighs clearly getting frustrated again, but this time there is no disturbances going on. "I was getting a little upset and Ruth here was trying to calm me down in her own way." He then looks yonder at the trashcan again, this time it doesn't move through the atmosphere around it has finally settled to normal again. "God, why is it that when all of you encounter me I always get flustered?!"
Vaughn just starts laughing. He actually doubles over for a second, then catches his breath. "Dude, just chill. I was joking with you... I know Ruth, and anyone could see that something was upsetting you... " Slight dimples frame his devilish grin. "You really need to learn to just relax, already."

Keith sighs in relief as Vaughn tells the boy he was just joking. "Oh... oh Lord. Don't do that to me!" He clutches his chest looking suddenly a bit more chipper before saying, "It's not within my nature to relax... I've had way too much trouble to just relax." He then looks over at Ruth and gasps. "Wow, am I that obvious?"

Blindfold smirks at Keith "If I can relax? So can you" considering the thing she must see, she'd go crazy if she couldn't relax and just nods an affirmative to Keith's question rather then tell him it was like he has a blinking neon sign over his head when he was around Vaughn

Vaughn smirks again, "Seriously?" His tone is teasing, but good naturedly, "If I was a woman, I could probably sue you for sexual harassment with the way you stare... Your eyes practically leave hand prints on my ass." He shakes his head, "Everyone can relax... they just have to find their own personal chill-zone..."

Keith looks a bit embarrassed as though somehow this secret was worse than the last. "How am I supposed to relax with this?!" He motions around himself seeming almost to speak of more than just the obvious. He then looks dead at Vaughn growing increasingly red by the moment. "Oh dear God, this is going to ruin my reputation for sure!" He then looks down at the ground suddenly looking like he's disconnecting himself from reality. "I can't let this happen again... not again..." He seems to begin to mumble and shaking his head. "I need to get into a good school... I need my family's funding to do that. I can't allow them to disown me like they were going to... God I promise I'll go to confession tomorrow..."

Blindfold went poking into Keith's mind as she stepped toward him and put her hands on his shoulders, her cane dangling from one wrist "Deep the waves rolling up the beach...calm...Keith...ground and center"

Vaughn looks at Keith, "What reputation? No one knows you here... You get to practically recreate who you are... " He cocks his head, "What are your parents some kind of close minded bigots? Screw them.. they ain't here... so it doesn't matter what they think... What they don't know, won't hurt you, right?" He smiles, "It really isn't a big deal if you're into guys..."

Keith looks disturbed, though Blindfold's insistence seems to be paying off as the boy begins breathing and attempting to calm himself. It's when Vaughn speaks that he begins to come back at least enough to speak. "You don't understand... you couldn't know. I made an agreement that I need to follow. Without their help I'm doomed to next grace another boarding school again." He then lifts his gaze back to Vaughn looking both upset and worried. "My family is heavily Catholic, so much that if they ever do find out they'll clearly disown me for sure. I mean it was bad enough that they had to accept that I'm... that I..." He seems to be choking on his words now. The trashcan begins to rattle again, this time with more force than the last.

Blindfold shh's Keith "*I*'s alright, it'll be ok Keith...just breathe...please, thank you" wrapping him up in a hug as she tapped a finger smooth and steadily on his back to give him a rhythm to focus on "Breathe...slow and steady...slow and steady...Your parents don't have to find out... it'll all be ok" as she poked around in his head to get the whole picture why he was so worried and afraid, why he was here...the whole story.

<< Keith got kicked out of his other school for 'disturbing behavior'. Most of the time it was either being caught in the boy's locker room with another dude or it was his powers acting up in a fight. He's non-confrontational, so you'd see scenes of him getting ganged up on and the attackers either being pummeled by foreign objects or strangely floating and dropping injuring them minorly.'>>

Vaughn's eyes dart to the trash can then back to Keith. "Well, I don't know about back in Lucky Charms land, but here... it's alright to be yourself... You're here, they're there." He closes his eyes for a second, as he rubs the back of his neck. "But regardless, you are making a scene... and I think that there must be a monster rat over in that trash can... we might want to move away before it decides to crawl out."

Keith seems to follow the tempo of Ruth's tapping before centering himself back into control once more. The trashcan slowly begins to settle again as it's clear the others are only trying to help. The words of Vaughn must have penetrated his mind as Keith looks at him once again finally showing presence back in his eyes once more. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to make a scene... it's just worrisome. I don't need them getting another report that I've disturbed the peace without even being in a school already."

Blindfold sighs with relief softly and rubs Keith's back before stepping away "Irish catholic, religion is as solid and unquestionably binding, as a wall, you can't even step across it. I'm sorry, you got into fights but I'm glad you're nonconfrontational about such things, yes, sorry. It doesn't matter here what once happened, you were caught a few times in boys locker rooms and such, that doesn't matter. You'll find an accepting place here and we know about keeping secrets....Keep in mind something that your parents may not realize, god created you the way you are, and he loves all his creations, so are you really wrong if you're how He made you? God doesn't hold prejudices, prejudices are a creation of man, the bible was written by man, and the pope is a man, the whole anti-gay sentiment is not what god wants but is an influence of man upon God's teachings. People say mutants are abominations, that mutant are against god, but god creates all things, so god must have created mutants as well, so people are saying that a creation of god is wrong and an insult to him? No, we are all how we are meant to be and there is no wrong in that just good and evil. Gay, lesbian or otherwise, mutant or human, doesn't matter, what matters is what you decide to do with your life and how you decide to treat others..*that* is what you will be judged on" whether she believed in god or not, who knew

Vaughn isn't so sure that he believes the sentiment that god loves mutants, but she's trying to calm Keith down, so he keeps quiet on it. "If you come from money and you're looking for a school... there are a lot that have a zero tolerance bullying policy... just check on that when you look at the school's policies."

Keith slowly crouches as Ruth speaks setting himself onto the sidewalk before hugging his legs to his chest. He looks a bit disturbed, but clearly he has some form of control or things around would be a lot worse. He nods slowly before his shallow breathing begins to settle once again. It's not going to do well on his reputation for this nervous breakdown to occur. Though clearly it was needed in some respects. He sighs before gasping for breath like he's holding himself back from crying. "Thank you... thank you for understanding... but -please- and I'm begging you -please- don't tell anyone about this!"

Vaughn frowns slightly and puts his hand on Keith's shoulder. "You have my word, I won't tell anyone... " He looks down at Keith for a moment, "But I'll say this, Keith. You have to learn to accept yourself for who you are. You can't be happy, truly happy, if you don't like who you are deep down. It's not what anyone else thinks about you that matters. It's what you think about yourself that matters most."

Blindfold sits down beside Keith and hugs him as she rests her head on his shoulder "It is a delicate situation and I assure you, it will be handled delicately. I will bring Mr. Summers to see you soon, he will need to know but he will also understand and treat the matter with care. You will be safe, yes, I do know. It's easy for me to understand and you'll learn why later" then nods in agreement with Vaughn "He's right, we're all just looking for a place to fit in. We can deny a part of ourselves but eventually we have to listen to it, we have to feed all the parts of ourselves like a garden if we are to grow and flourish otherwise parts that are ignored whether, they twist and contort and weeds grow where flowers once bloomed. We are the way we are and we are happiest when we fulfill ourselves, when we...accept the way we are and find a way to use that to our greatest potential and along the way we realize others accept us for it"

Keith nods slowly with Blindfold setting his head upon her head that's resting upon his shoulder. "Okay... okay, I'll trust you. Please don't make me regret this..." He then moves his head to rest it upon his knees. He's clearly trying to gather himself. He sighs trembling with the effort to keep himself from completely losing it again. "I need to get back to my hotel room. I can't stay out like this... not right now."
Vaughn glances to where Bobby Drake and Seth are talking a few shops down. He looks to Ruth, "And we need to be heading back ourselves... Looks like the rest of our little party is about ready to leave us behind."

Blindfold hadn't a clue with all that had been going on that they needed to do some catching up until vaughn mentions it and she nods helping keith to his feet "Yes, of course, take care Keith, stay safe" and she tells him an alley he would normally take, but today to stay away from.

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