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Ant-Man, Namor, and Sandman

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11/12/12 15:12

Gymnasium - Sub-Basement - Avengers Mansion

Namor, Scott, and Bill chat in the gym.

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It’s Monday afternoon and Sandman is in the gymnasium getting a workout which he hardly ever does. Dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, the muscular hero lifts weights and lets out a loud roar with each lift. However, his arms are in sand form as he lifts weights that are in the high ton range.

Scott Lang is definitely not lifting many weights, at best he does core routine stuff, lifting medicine balls, using his own body weight for resistence, doing small sets that target different areas over and over. A curiousity overtakes him, he waits for Bill to finish his own set, then makes his way over, toweling at some sweat on his face. "I'm curious, does lifting weights make your powers stronger or you stronger?"

Dropping the weights which make a loud crash sound on the ground, Bill looks over at Scott and blinks as his arms return to flesh and blood. He then shrugs, “I don’t know, Hank. You’re the smart guy. I figure I am pretty strong with y own powers. But I am pretty built even without them.” He flexes a moment.

Chuckling just a little, "Ya, Hank is the smart one, I'm just the electronics guy - Scott. The other Ant Man. The guy who put in the security system on the mansion, smart sure, but not the scientist who would know how your physiology might be affected by further training. And no argument here, you're a strong guy alright. I was just curious if you've noticed a difference, or is it more routine, working out regularly?"

“Oh. . .sorry, Scott. Yeah, you’re the Ant-Man who was the thief before, right?” BIll asks without thinking much of how he phrased it. “I don’t work out too much, but since I am here. I figured I might as well.” Bill goes back to flexing, “Gotta impress the ladies, ya know.” He grins, “So you’re new with us. How do you like it?”

"Yes, that Ant-Man, not the profession I set out for, but the one that landed me in trouble. White chalk on blackboard that." Scott throws out the reference as if its widely known. "Its paying the bills, but I was mixed in coming here, I had started my own electronics business ... but the benefits can't be matched. What I was paying for insurance as a self-employed business owner was ridiculous. The risks are higher, but Cassie is looked after here. And I get the chance to talk with Hank from time to time, to help with some of my own research."

“Cool. . .oh that’s right. You got a kid. She’s over at the Xavier school too, right? I’m helping out there too. Pretty good school.” Bill nods, “And yeah, Not too worry about starting out on the wrong side of the law. I did too. Nice to see a fellow ex-con among the team.” He grins toothily.

Shaking his head, Scott replies, "My daughter is only 10, I hope she's not up at the school." Then he looks around at the room at large, "Crime was the biggest mistake of my life, cost my life, my wife, my potential to work good jobs. A hard lesson learned, but another reason I am thankful to Carol for the position on the Active Roster. Then again, I can appreciate the comradarie, no one knows better that most cons didn't go into the business to be malicious to others but had other needs in their lives to fulfil."

“Yeah...most of the cons didn’t do it to just be evil. . .I did though.” Bill shrugs as he makes his way towards a mirror, “So you were married before. . .cool. Is your ex all excited that you are on the team. You think she would take you back . . .if ya want too?”

Namor wanders into the gym, in his trunks outfit with a damp towel over one shoulder. He nods at Scott and Sandman before moving over to giant metal coils that serve as weights for some Avengers.

Shaking his head, Scott replies, "The only thing she is interested in is calling her attorney to rework alimony now that I have the eletronics business part time and this line of work. More money for me means more money for her. I don't want to get back with her, she's bad news." Nodding to Namor as he enters and begins to work out the same, he turns back to Bill for the moment, "So, you did it to be evil, but now you've decided to give good a try, see how it fits?"

“It’s a good fit. I lucked out when Cap brought me over to the Avengers. This is the right team to reform on. I mean look at Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Hawkeye, and hell even Namor was a villain at first.” Bill looks over to the King, “Your highness. What’s good underwater?”

"Yes, interesting observation there, sounds like you took the time to see who's turning new leaves on the team," says Scott, his eyes following Bills towards Namor as Bill contemplates what is good underwater. "I don't know if I should think about it too much, consider my daughter comes around here. I know, pot-kettle-black, but I could appreciate someone being reticent allowing me near their children with my own criminal record."

“Well, we are good. At the end of the day, we are all heroes. So not too worry and not make a big deal of it. . .but Wanda and I were talking about it last night.” Bill shrugs, “So. . .anyone give you crap with comparisons to Hank Pym? You know I think there was a female one too. Though she had the yellowjacket costume.”

"We'll see," is all Scott says about everyone being heroes and not worrying about it. As for comparisons, he shakes his head, "No, not like they could really give me crap, Hank's the genius, what I do is all because of him. I'm modifying the suite with some of my own designs, but the real science behind the transofrmation is all Hank. If anyone said anything in comparison, I'd have to agree with them most likey. The lady in the costume is Janet Van Dyne."

“Nah, not Jan. I meant Rita. I think that was her name. She was a villain too. The Yellowjacket II. Dang, Hank has a lot of followers” BIll looks perplexed, “A bunch of giants and insects walking around cos of him. I wonder if I can get some followers and get a bunch of Sandmen and women?”

Namor arches an eyebrow. "Villain?" He muses. "You forget that royal blood allows one to transcend such concepts as good and evil, hero and villain." It's hard to tell if he's joking...or he's really that haughty. He looks at Scott and then Sandman, dropping his weights with a collossal bang. "As does being an Avenger."

Chuckling just a little, Scott pauses to listen to Namor. "Is this leading into the difference between good and evil as opposed to right and wrong? I'm the new guy and all, but wasn't there some recent fall out between Captain America and some other avengers over these very concepts, and the defeat, or as some see it, the assassintion, of the Supreme Being?"

Looking over at Namor, Bill laughs, “Too true, King. Too true.” When Scott mentions what happened with Cap and the Supreme Being, he asks both men, “How would you have voted had you been there?” Then slightly adding humor to the situation. As the weights a dropped, “Hey, Namor, how much can you lift? Maybe we can have a contest, see who is stronger? You or Hank II over here.” He grins, “Nah, just kidding, but good to know how much stronger than you are.”

Namor smirks at Sandman. "Much stronger," he assures, then turns back to Scott. "I wasn't there, of course - deep space is much too far from the oceans that I ruled. And that in some ways rule me." He shakes his head. "If we had captured the miscreant in the underseas, justice would have been swift and final. But outside of my world, I leave such matters to the leader of the Avengers. Which is why I was outraged to hear that so many had gone against Captain America. "

"Personally, I think I would of sided with Captain America, if I was given the chance to vote." A shrug from Scott, "My forey into crime was simply to rob enough to feed my family and even at that I failed. Its a hard call, one I hope I would never have to make. I mean, its a choice I've never had to make really, as part of a team or otherwise. One that I'm glad has never been given me," that being the opportunity to make such a choice. "I suppose the longer I stay on the team, the more I will see, but I swore an oath to Hank that involved upholding the law, that's the vow I'll stick by first and foremost."

As the conversation get more serious, Sandman puts on headphones and resumes his workout.

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