Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

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Ariel, Havok and Mirage

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X-Mansion ----> Ship/X-Factor Tower

Ariel gets recruited by Mirage then they are off to tell Alex

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------[Mirage's Office - X-Mansion]-----

While Dani may be a bit of a morning person, not by choice, she doesn't expect everyone to be up at the ungodly hour she is. Whenever it was that Ariel woke she would have found a message to come to Dani's office at her earliest convenience. While she waits she catches up on the overwhelming paperwork that comes with being Dean.

In other words, around ten in the morning, Ariel woke up. She showered. Ate breakfast and then checked her iPhone. That's when she got the message. So, it is closer to noon when she steps through the door (having used it like a regular door) into Dani's office. "You wanted to see me, boss?"

Not being a paperwork kind of person, by the time noon rolls around Dani is desparate for a break from the tediousness. Thankfully though she has mostly gotten caught up. She stands when Ariel comes in. Apparently this is no formal meeting since she is dressed casually in jeans, etc. Gesturing to one of the chairs "Afternoon Ariel. How are you adjusting to things here?" as she asks she moves to take the other chair, so they are both on the same side of the desk.

"Oh, not bad." Ariel says casually. She's dressed in a pair of heavily bedazzled jeans and a black, Cats tanktop over a bright pink tanktop. The alien settles into a chair. "You're on this side, so I didn't do anything wrong." She muses. "And this isn't about my work."

"No, you aren't in trouble." Dani chuckles "Though I find it hard to beleive that you haven't done anything wrong. I just haven't found out about it yet." she waves that off "I have another opprotunity for you if you are interested." she cuts right to the point "X-Factor could use someone with your skills and abilities. I think you would be an asset to the team. How would you like to join us?

"I can't fight." Ariel points out. "I mean, sure, I can take down a hotel heiress or a reality tv bitch if I need to, but I can't fight real bad guys." She smiles. "Course, I rarely need to. So, I'm guessing you need me to talk your way through things and open doors."

Dani gives a slight shrug at the admission "I'm not much of a fighter myself, so I don't hold that against you." she takes a file off her desk and hands it over. In it is all the info and paperwork, contract, etc "And sometimes the best fight is the one you didn't have. So yes, the way you have with people is something we would be using a lot, as is the door thing." at least she is honest about it.

Ariel glances over the folder. Paperwork isn't really her thing but she'll go over it with a fine tooth comb, later. After all, you can't pull a con if you don't know the details. "Well, I want to be useful." She agrees, "So, as long as I can still set the DVR to catch my shows, I guess I'm in."

That is meet with another chuckle "That shouldn't be a problem. Ship can record anything you like, probably even entertainment from other planets." Dani shrugs though as if she isn't sure "You have a choice of living here or on Ship, whichever you want." as dean she lives at the Mansion, "Welcome to the team."

Ariel smiles at that. "Well, its always fun to talk to an artificial intelligence. As long as it isn't from Warlock's family. I made a mistake of visiting one of their conquered worlds once. Let me tell you, it is NOT a fun place. But I guess you know that."

I do." Dani is not convinced about how fun artifical intelligences are though "Would you like to head over to Ship now and look around. Or do that latter?" either way, she gets up from the chair.

Ariel glances down at the folder. "Sure." She says. "Let's see..." She walks over and closes the office door, then opens it again. There, on the other side, is the rather metallic interior of one of Ship's upper floors. "Did I get it right?" She asks with a grin. Ariel knows full well she did.

Peering through the door Dani nods with approval "Just as easy as Ship's bodyslide...only without the risk." she then steps through and into the XF HQ "I'll try not to get used to this.

"Bodyslides are a dimensional shift, I think." Ariel says as she steps through the door to the other side. Of course, Ship's security will notice them but, well, Ariel IS with Dani and she is a mutant, so it should work out. "I bend space. Totally different thing."

-----==[ Penthouse Level - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==-------

The Penthouse level is three floors (45 feet high) subdivided into three distinct areas; the pool area, the gathering hall, and the lounge.

The floor itself is wide open and allowing flow between those areas without walls or major obstructions. Additionally, all four sides, including the roof, is made of polarizing transparent metal. This allows for sunlight to stream in from all directions, visualization into, out of, or one way, and of course total polarization preventing light completely.

The Pool Area - The swimming pool is a marvel of alien technology. It occupies all 45 feet including has roof access. As a standard pool, it is sunken into the main floor of the penthouse, but then has static and flowing water areas which allow for movement from the lower pool to the rooftop pool via swimming or back down via waterfall/slide. This is made possible by gravitational adjustments by Ship allowing the water to stand vertically, diagonally and horizontally. This means that if someone were to wish to swim from the penthouse floor to the rooftop, it would be possible. The pool area also offers a 'outdoor kitchen' area where one can prepare full meals.

The Gathering Hall - This area is malleable to serve whatever purpose deemed necessary. Presently it presents as a dance floor with stage. However, it can take the shape of a great dining hall, a basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court, and so on.

The Lounge Area - This area is devoted to the relaxation part of the top floor. Where those can sit back, relax and watch a very large projection screen. The area is near to the pool. Walls can be constructed to block out light, noise, distractions and so on.


A door opens into the penthouse area of the XF HQ. Strangely, instead of the room that is supposed to be there on the other side it is Dani's office at the X-Mansion. Through the door steps Ariel and Dani, apparently already in mid-conversation "As long as I am in one peice at the end and not feeling like loosing my stomach."

The doorway back to the mansion will vanish as soon as the door here closes. Ariel shrugs her shoulders. "That's the problem with slideways and transports. They mess too much with the body, either by shoving you through dimensions or taking you apart. My way is much more elegant."

Seated on the couch and watching the flat screen (because we can no longer say 'watching the tube'), Alex is dressed in kakki cargo shorts, a dark blue t-shirt, flip flops, and with remote in hand as he changes channels. The counter on the screen reads in the 1200s. He doesn't see the entrance of the girls, instead hears Dani's voice and says, "Thousands of channels and nothing to watch." then he hears the second voice and looks over to see Ariel and the door closing.

Ship intones, "Welcome, Ariel. Danielle."

"Very much so." Dani offers in agreement to Ariel. She gestures around, this is the main recreation area. Well stop wathcing then." she then gestures to Alex "That's Alex. He's your new "boss." and yes, she finger quotes as she says it "Ariel has joined the team." she says in turn to Alex.

"Hey artificial intelligence voice. Hey, bossman." Ariel glances over at the screen. "Do yourself a favor and do NOT go up three more channels. Brood porn. It is NOT something you want to ever see." She shudders. "Trust me. It will give your nightmares nightmares of having nightmares."

Alex glances back at the screen, pushes the off button then looks back at Ariel. Then with a growing smile, "Hey hey, welcome aboard. But first thing's first. Tell me if the rumors are true... you can port anywhere and to anywho you think about. Cause if that's the case, then you're not only on the team, but you get a gold star for second most useful member. Second only to Dani who can one-shot just about anyone."

Alex glances back at the screen, pushes the off button then looks back at Ariel. Then with a growing smile, "Hey hey, welcome aboard. But first thing's first. Tell me if the rumors are true... you can port anywhere and to anywho you think about. Cause if that's the case, then you're not only on the team, but you get a gold star for second most useful member. Second only to Dani who can one-shot just about anyone."

Rolling her eyes at the praise Dani waves it off, even if it may be true "Except when I can't." with the informal introductions over she will move over to lean against the back of the sofa so Alex and Ariel can have the other informal interview.

"I don't teleport." Ariel explains with a shrug. "I bend space. Your physics guys will explain the difference if you want. But, sure. If I have a rough idea of what it is I'm looking for, I can get there. I mean, if you tell me you want to go to, say, 515 Prescott Street in Paris? No problem. I'll open a door to it. On the other hand, I can't just go to 'the place where the bad guy is hiding'. I need to have an idea on the place, not the person and it has to be in this dimension." She pauses and then smiles. "On the other hand? Nothing can stop me. No security keeps me out. Locks don't matter. There's no defense."

Alex tries to get it pinned down. He asks, "Hang on, that's not my understanding of what happened last week. You opened a portal to Xavier and Lilandra. You were thinking of them, or one of them, opened a portal to their room, right? Essentially knowing where someone was and whammo, there."

"No... no no no." Ariel laughs. "I thought of Lilandra's bedroom. Which is in the Royal Palace on the Sh'iar homeworld. That fact that she and Xavier were there playing doctor was a bonus." She grins at that. "I know, its a fuzzy line, but what I'm doing is math. One door is X. The other door is Y. I bend space by making X equal Y. So, to do that, I need to have at least some idea of what Y is."

"Ok... how about this..." Alex posits a test of skill. "The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants has an underground base in the city. Open a door to it for me."

"In New York?" Ariel says, thinking about that for a moment. "Okay. Knowing its in the city helps. Knowing its a base helps. So, let's assume they all have to go to the bathroom at some point and said bathroom has a door because no one wants to see Toad whip his dick out." Ariel turns and presses the button to open one of Ship's fancy sliding doors and, poof, on the other side? There's what seems to be someone's bedroom, covered in crap. How do we know it belongs to the Brotherhood? The pictures of X-Men being used as a dart board is a good clue.

Alex snaps his fingers and smiles, "Hell yeah. We win." he'll stand and state, "Close it before they realize something is up. If they're even home.". Then he look to Dani, look back to Ariel with a broad smile. "Guess who is coming to dinner."

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