Greater Rewards

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Empath and Skids

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06/21/12 01:48

Grand Ballroom - Hellfire Club - New York

Manuel and Sally chat in the HFC about the past, present, and future

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Another evening. Another drink. In a familiar scene, Manuel de la Rocha is at the bar at the edge of the Grand Ballroom. Tonight’s drink of choice: a Cuba Libre. Sweet rum with a hint of coke. The Spaniard sips his drink. No Brandy this evening to provide entertainment. Simply Empath and a lone bartender. Both are dressed in Club uniform. Manuel’s is more polished and regal looking, like the heir apparent to a throne. Not speaking, but simply gesturing with his hand. The bartender acknowledges and prepares the Black Rook’s next beverage.

The good thing about living just up stairs, is that she's not far from the bar, the grand ballroom. A much more relaxed, affair this evening. Sure it's all top tier, designer tennis shoes, fitted jeans, and a designer T-shirt, in white, hanging off the shoulder. So not club uniform, but she's known by now. Smiling, she moves over to slide into the space between the next stool over, and Manuel, "You're alone, and I didn't brush by Brandy on ny way down..." she says with a smile.

“No, I am alone for now. Brandy is chained up in my room. She had to learn her lesson. She came out impatiently the last time we spoke. So she is learning her lesson as we speak. She will be conditioned to be a good little servant who obeys.” Manuel sips his drink as he looks over Sally, “You seem relaxed. I’d say you have settled in nicely at the club now.” He offers a half-smile with a nod as he returns to his drink.

She winces in sympathy for the woman who is to be punished. Sally sighs softly, "It's becomming home, like the tunnels, or the other places i've called home." she says gently. She doesn't order a drink, she doesn't go and fetch herself one, well yet. "I'm pretty busy with work though, this...working my way up thing, legitimate job and all, sucks."

Blinking a bit with surprise, “Did you say tunnels?” His face seems to show some disgust, “Do you mean with the Morlocks in those tunnels under the city?” He looks Sally over again in disbelief. “Sorry, but the tunnels bit threw me off. You are too beautiful for me to believe you lived in some sort of tunnel, whether it was with the Morlocks or not.” Laughing it off a bit, he resumes his drink and gestures to the bartender who pours another one and starts to make his way to the rooks with the two drinks.

She rises, reaching to grab and pull Manuel up to her, face to face, "I -was- a Morlock." she says, "Something I am proud to say I was a member of." she continues, a cold angry tone from her, "They were our brothers, they were our sisters, and they are gone, and you will not speak ill about them." a low icy tone, before she shoves the young man back down. "Remember that."

“I was just shocked. That is all.” His eyes meet hers and though his tone much quieter. “Calm down, Sally. No need for the cold angry tone.” An emotional wave of peace and calm emanating from him outwardly towards Sally in an attempt to soothe her savage beast. “You do them honor with your swift defense. Since I have never met any, tell me about them. . I mean, clearly they were more than our brothers and sisters. Tell me specifically about them. Honor them.” Manuel adjusts the blazer of his Club clothing.

The calming peace is...odd given her current not so happy situation, her forcefield comes on, "You will stop." she says firmly. Turning away, "They were the first group of mutants I ever met, they took me in." she says with a small smile, still in her bubble, remembering them. "They were hated, despised, turned away by our kind, and the humans." A pause, "Yet, they thrived in a place where they shouldn't, where the odds were against them, and they thrived."

As she speaks, Manuel nods and listens. . .partially. He is more intrigued by her forcefield that seemingly keeps his emotional powers free from her. “And so did you. You do them justice honoring their memory. I have the original Hellions and you have your Morlocks. Both massacred and slaughtered, unnecessarily.” Reaching for his drink and pausing her hers, “A toast. To the Morlocks. To the Hellions.”

The field drops, fading away, "We have those we've lost, those who are gone. We honor them by continuing on." she says softly. The drink placed before her is take n up, pressed to your own, and sip is taken, "We talk too much about the past, the future is what we must look to, and focus on."

“Agreed to a certain extent. The future will come and clearly as our pasts have united us with tragedy, our presents unite us through our titles, and our futures will unite us in success.” Manuel smiles when she drinks, but moreso that her field is down. “So what is it that you would have us focus on, Ms. Blevins? What task can I assist you with?”

"Nothing right now, Manuel." she says with a smile. "My tasks are my own right now, just like what work you have at the school." she says, "Though, you seem to be needing help with one of them."

Pretty confident that he knows who she is referring too, Manuel goes along with it, “Oh, really? Well, I admit this new group of Hellions requires much more training than the previous group. But who in particular could you possibly be referring too?”

"You, and the dealings you have with the f..." A pause and a small smile, "The humans." she says, "How you are with them." she says lightly. "If you continue like i've seen you, it will not end well, for you, for those around you."

Empath’s smile matches hers with the almost slip. “I see. So what do you suggest in how I deal with the humans? In all seriousness, I could have done much to Ricky and Bobby, but simply left it as Shaw commanded. I admit, I find the humans to be. . .nearly intolerable. Any advice you may have would prove useful to me.”

"See them as what they are, and what they will end up being." she says. "Tools. Things for us to use, to further our goals, and on a lower sense, something to be respected, cared for, and taken care of."

Listening to her words, Manuel lets them sink in for a moment before responding. Reaching for his glass he finishes off his second drink and places the glass on the counter, sliding it over to the bartender. He hmmmns loudly, “Well, Sally. I have heard what you have said and I have something to mull over.”

"They are a necessary evil, one that can be used..." she shifts just slightly, leaning into her inner circle counter-part. Body pressed to his, "And improving how we deal with them, can bring...greater rewards." she whispers, breath warm and sweet on his cheek, and the scents of peppermint and grapefruit might be sensed with her that close. Just as soon as she pressed close, she's pulling away, that field comming up around her as she slides away.

Clearly enticed by the tease, Manuel smiles as he takes in a whiff of her aroma and the smile surprisingly lingers when she pulls away. “Well, given such a potential reward, I shall surely strive to treat them. . .and all our compeers better.” He looks to the bartender who delivers an old school, almost antique looking phone with a rotary dial. “Excuse me one moment, Sally.” Speaking quietly into the phone, two of the Hellfire Club guards appear in the Grand Ballroom and rush up the stairs. Manuel smiles, “So yes, as I was saying. . .these ‘greater rewards’. . .they are worth-while are they not.” He hangs up the phone which is placed behind the bar.

She smiles, several feet back, slightly bent forwards, "They usually are. Given the old saying, All good things to those who wait." It's a slow retreat from her, sliding back on that field she generates.

“Very well, I shall wait. Though patience is not my virtue.” Manuel sighs a bit as he looks up to the balcony. “And here I shall demonstrate my taking your advice.” The guards can be seen escorting Brandy from Manuel’s chamber. She appears unharmed though she looks at Manuel longingly. He bows his head to her and then starts to make his way up the stairs, watching Sally the entire time, “You are a slippery one, Sally Blevins. But I shall enjoy the game, for I will indeed reap those rewards. Good night.” He bows his head to her when he reaches the balcony and then disappears into his chambers.

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