Good vs Evil, Theoretical

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Scarlet Witch, Hellstorm

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11/26/12 20:00

Esca, Hell's Kitchen

Wanda and Daimon discuss business and ethics, no one gets laid

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-----==[ Esca - Hell's Kitchen ]==--------------------------------------------

A low lit, well furnished, standard Italian restaurant/bar. Esca has quiet music playing in the background, sometimes an actual piano is being played for tips. The bar itself is located in the center part of the room and is well manicured, polished, and decorated. The waitress' all wear short, black skirts, yet still hold the feel of beauty and elegance. The bartenders all wear tuxedo shirts and bottoms and have a smile wanting to serve you.


Hellstrom arrives at the Avengers Mansion promptly at 8. He wears a darker, evening cut, Italian suit and drives a silver and black Aston Martin. Complements are paid and in route to Hell's Kitchen, he says, "Lilith." as the indicator of the topic at hand. He elaborates by saying, "She's back and she is gathering her Lilin to open a portal so vast that it will consume the Earth, thus releasing demons upon our dimension."

Wanda blinks, and looks over at Daimon, "Couldn't someone just let her know that S'ym and N'astrih tried this already?" She sighs, very quietly, "Well, business is going to be complicated, that's for certain." The Witch wears, tonight, a black silk blouse with golden threads woven into the fabric, with a matching black skirt of fashionable length. "Was that part of that demon you exorcised earlier, or was that unrelated?"

"Unrelated. Just performing a job for a client." Hellstrom states then adds more to the business aspect after changing gears, "Doctor Strange, through Rintrah, has challenged us to stop Lilith before she is able to gather enough of the Lilin to power her spell. Presently, my sister, Satana, Topaz, and Brother Voodoo are the 'we' and we're utilizing Voodoo's connection with the Loa to track the Lilin - with extreme difficulty."

Wanda glances over at Hellstrom with that, "Well, I can do what I can to help, but I'll be the first to admit that my magical powers are not my strongest suit. At least compared to my mutant abilities." She hrms, "However, I can definitely get some of the Avengers resources to this... we really should try and stop this before it starts. Another 'Inferno' is the last thing we need."

"That's what Strange wanted to avoid, the raw power of strengths such as himself and the Avengers. If too much /power/ is introduced in the conflict with Lilith, there's the risk of the world being torn asunder." Hellstrom notes shying away from the additional use of /resources/.

Wanda frowns a little, "I see... well, I can lend my own services. I don't need to bring the other Avengers in on this. Such as we are, anyway." She gives a sidelong glance to Damion, "How exactly can we track the Lilin?"

"The Loa, spirits utilized by Brother Voodoo, could serve useful - if they were benign. However, our first run-in with such a tactic resulted in the death of innocents and the revealing to the Lilin that we were trying to track them. I've been researching within my private library the means to which to detect them, however fruitless that search may be."

Wanda hmms, "There must be some way to go about it... has Doctor Strange said anything else about it? It might be possible to ask him if there's something we could research through his materials?" She frowns a little, "And I recently helped Brother Voodoo deal with a loa that was empowered by the recent storm. Not a very pleasant experience."

"No, he's been speaking through his proxy, Rintrah. Strange is currently in the Quadraverse handling something dimension threatening. Or whatnot. I've my own skills and senses, but they're not particulary targeted toward Lilin as I sense demons in general. So if you have any special demon tracking spells, that would be useful."

Wanda sighs and shakes her head, "I can sense spirits and possessing entities, but as far as singling out demons or Lilin... that I can try to do, but I've not experienced much in the way of Lilin. Still, I'm definitely willing to help you out with this."

"Excellent." notes Hellstrom regarding her offered help as he valets to Esca. "Then a second date, it is.".

The doors will be opened, he'll hand over keys and they'll be shown inside, seated, and orders taken.

Wanda walks in, and smiles wryly, "How much of that is business depends entirely on how tonight goes, but you're not doing badly so far." She steeples her fingers at the table, "You aren't... quite what I envisioned, actually. Far less brooding."

Hellstrom smiles and hands open up, "Call me, enlightened. My early years were filled with /broodish/ confusion about my origins. It weighed me down and prevented my expression. Recent events brought me to question the point of it all and honestly, there is none. It is an eternal struggle between good vs evil and it all boils down to quality of life. I fight not for morals and morality any longer, but for my own self interests and those of whom I call 'friend'. If my father were to have his way, I'd be dominar of Hell. One who would help Lilith belch her defiled upon all of this dimension. But that would ruin such wonderful places such as this for they have the best Tiramisu. To die for."

Wanda laughs a bit, "That sounds eerily familiar, though not even close to the same." She nods, "And yes, they do have an excellent Tiramisu here. Among other things." What, exactly, she doesn't elaborate on, as she takes a sip of her wine, before continuing, "I would say that there is a definite reason to support the greater good, however. Else there wouldn't be much need for the Avengers in the first place."

"Greater good, greater evil. Sometimes it's hard to discern the difference. Though, you're correct in your assessment - at least from personal opinion - which is why I favor the /good/ side. Plus, the women are far more attractive - especially considering present company."

Another laugh, and then a bit of a smirk, "I can definitely see where you get the honeyed words from, then." She shakes her head slightly, "But coming from playing both sides of the fence, as it were, I do know there is a large difference between the two, even if in the grand scheme of things you might not notice it. It's the subtle factors, the little things, that make it quite clear."

"Of course, demons tend to eat puppies whereas the goodie goodies would rather pet them." Hellstrom jokes about the subtle differences and regards just a singular aspect. "Still, it is all about control and altruism doesn't always come into play - even with the good side."

Wanda smiles, "Which is why there needs to be someone watching the angels as well. To keep them honest." She shrugs, "But keeping one honest doesn't mean that their invalid. Just that you need to make sure that you keep them on the proper path. No slipping up because it's 'convenient' or 'easy'. That leads to bad places... and believe me, I know."

With the hint of a smile, Hellstrom leans forward, "But the bad places are often the most delicious.". His eyes tell a more erotic story as they imply more than just the words conveyed.

Wanda wrinkles her nose a little, "Hardly, Daimon, hardly at all. Besides, would you rather have a hell of a good time, or a little slice of heaven?" Her eyes don't look like she's buying what's being sold, at least not yet.

Leaning back with a chuckle, she is well aware that he's comparing and contrasting the two. His answer, "I'd rather raise hell in a little corner of heaven."

Wanda laughs, at that, "Well, now, why am I not surprised?" She shakes her head a little, "You are definitely... interesting. I'll give you that." Her lips curl a little, "Still trying to decide if that's good or bad."

Food is served and Hellstrom does his best to focus the conversation on Wanda's life, her time with the Avengers, her likes, dislikes, and of course what turns her on. He himself has a few brief stories that compare/contrast to her own regarding the Defenders and them working with the West Coast Avengers a time or two. For the most part, Hellstrom is interested in her, and not just getting her into bed - though she's sure that's his ultimate goal.

As the dinner comes to a close, he will take care of the check and escort her to his waiting Lotus. In route, once outside, he will say, "Would you care that we walked and enjoyed the park at night?" Knowing that they're only central park's width away from her mansion (6-8 blocks).

Wanda is pretty much an open book about her time with the Avengers, though she can be rather coy about her turn ons and offs. Of course, being recently divorced leaves one a bit gunshy about some things as she shares a few things. At the mention of a walk in the park, Wanda smiles, "Well, alright... fortunately, these are somewhat cushioned heels." A soft chuckle, "I try to include a little practicality in everything."

He pays someone to see his Lotus is taken care of.

They then begin their walk down a street in Hell's Kitchen. On a path of conversation and enlightenment.

Once in the depths of Central Park, Hellstrom finally opens up about his romantic entanglements as it could be rumored that he was involved with Hellcat (a fellow Defender). When her name is brought up, she will discover his brooding side. He comments, "She was committed. My father sent a Type II demon to assault me. She got in the way and her mind was flooded with things that were so horrific and traumatic; things she could not handle. She was driven insane..."

Wanda winces, "That is... unfortunate. I knew her, in passing, and I know what that can be like. All too well, indeed." She shakes her head, placing a comforting hand on Daimon's arm, sighing very gently.

He too sighs and then adds, "There's still hope for her to snap out of it. Only time will tell. None the less. I hate to be a downer, especially during such a lovely evening with an amazing companion."

A slight nod at that, "Well, I hope that she does. She doesn't deserve that... well, no one does, but especially not her." She gives a slight shrug to Daimon, "Sometimes, you just need time. I know I did, after everything that happened."

"Forgive me, but all things considered - your marriage was a strange one." Hellstrom notes and then adds as a disclaimer, "From an outsider's point of view. I didn't know the details, but marrying a robot?"

Wanda looks a bit irked at that question, but apparently she's used to it as she smoothly answers, "No, he's a synthezoid. Basically, he is an artifical human. It would be more like..." She considers, "Well, it would be like Blade Runner, really, with the Replicants. Though not quite the same, obviously. But I think that's the closest analogue I could use without getting into too much detail."

Taking the sex road, and not the high road, Hellstrom notes, "Ah, then like Pris." His citation regards the pleasure LMD played by Darryl Hannah in the movie - who was a pleasure bot.

Wanda frowns a little, "Not really. But he was fully functional, and he has a fully developed mind as well." She sighs, "It is hard to explain, but suffice to say that Vision is a good man. A great man, in fact. It just... well, with everything that happened..." She trails off, biting down on her own pain as she doesn't continue. Personal demons are worst ones of all.

Repressing a smile, Hellstrom does not comment on the fully functional part and states, "It seems we've both lost something to extenuating circumstances."

Wanda shrugs, "I suppose that's so." She sighs a little, walking along as she doesn't seem to be in the best of moods right now. But with everything she has lost...

He'll walk quietly for a while, letting them move forward and giving her time. He'll eventually state. "I suppose that's why we throw ourselves into our work and casual relationships. To distract us from things such as Vision and Patsy."

Wanda laughs softly, though there's little humor in the sound, "Yes, I suppose /that/ much is true." She glances off to the side, then looks back to Daimon, "It can be a rough life, and it's never very easy."

"But that's not saying it cannot be enjoyed." Hellstrom notes with the hint of finding the better aspects of this harsh life.

Wanda nods slightly, "Well, I try to find the positives, that's for certain. I think I succeed more than I fail in that regard." She idly draws her coat a little tighter around herself, as it is a bit chilly for a New York evening.

Breaking the other side of the park, they're within a block of Avengers Mansion. He indicates the way to walk and will quietly lead her to the front gate. He'll drop to the business aspect of the evening and note, "I'll contact you in a day or two when we gather again. The others will welcome your participation."

Wanda smiles, "Thanks. I'll do some research on my own here, and see what I can discover. Thank you again for a very nice evening." She offers Daimon her hand, tilting her head just a bit.

His own touch is quite warm - being a demon and all that. Taking her hand he will nod, "The pleasure was mine." and then he will break and leave her to her own devices.

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