Good Deeds

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Twisting Quicksilver

Mercury, Spiral

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The Bronx

Mercury and Spiral meet up in a diner. Somone is up to something…

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The Bronx isn't exactly mutant central, and the locals aren't shy about liking it that way. So it's a bad day down at the stadium for mutants, as the local anti-mutant groups are out in force today. Out in force in the local law enforcement too, so there's no arguing at the gates.
Not that Spiral is here to take in the game. Spiral is here for her own more or less inscrutable reasons. Somewhere near Mel's Diner, by an apartment block in a shady spot not on the main street, a wind suddenly whips up, a miniature tornado appearing. Enough to blow trash around the street. And then, almost as soon as it appears, it's gone - though it's left behind a certain six armed bundle of joy.

Mercury sighs as she sits at a table at Mel's Diner, the girl looking disappointed as she glances toward the Yankee Stadium's direction, the girl narrowly avoiding being caught in the anti-mutant groups 'reunion' in front of the stadium, preventing this mutant girl from buying tickets. She shakes her head, before looking down at her cup of coffee, before she takes a sip of it. Mercury hasn't yet noticed the appearance of an old X-men's... 'acquaintance'.

Spiral is feeling kinda pleased with herself for some reason, pleased enough to go see what this new playground is like. Before too long there's some vague shouting about 'six armed freaks' outside the diner door, but even that doesn't bother the former Rita, or mar her uncommonly good mood.
The door of Mel's opens with a slight hush. Blue spandex, glowing eyes, furry pompoms on her legs, /six arms/, it doesn't go down all that well around these parts. But nobody plans on getting in her way, this is a family sort of place, and besides, she looks kinda ornery. "Mmm. I remember places like this." she says, looking around the diner. "Somewhere in time. Even if I'm not in Kansas anymore.".

Mercury isn't really in the mood (nor does she has permission to) interfere with the commotions humans prepare against mutants. She's still a student, after all. And one really bummed student, who can't buy tickets to the game, at that. So Spiral's arrival goes unnoticed, up until the woman steps into the same Diner place Mercury's at. She slowly looks up from her coffee to notice Spiral, and she blinks. She's familiar, and she frowns, trying ot recall from where she knows the woman.

Spiral may have a different getup, as she was probably wearing aviator goggles and a brown leather flight suit sort of thing the last time she bumped into X-types. But, how many six armed, silver haired, sword equipped women can there be?
She ambles into the diner, and lines up for food, while looking around. It's hard to judge her expression with those pupilless eyes of hers, which rest on Mercury for a bit as she looks around. But apparently without recognition.

Mercury looks back at Spiral, pupil-less eyes gazing into pupil-less eyes. But it's only when Spiral looks away that the spark of recognition flares up in her mind: it's Spiral! One of the X-Men oldest, most dangerous foes! She read about her during tactic classes, and there was even a demonstration in one Danger Room session, once. She is nervous, now. She *knows* she's no match for Spiral if the woman decides to go berserker...

Spiral is merely a villainous sidekick really. And she's apparently just buying some food! But when she's ordered the food, she heads over to where Mercury is, as Mercury is rather distinctive after all, and promptly settles down, unbidden, opposite her. "You have the look of someone who recognises me - poor twisted Spiral." she says softly, though her tone has a sardonic edge to it. "Was that in this dimension, or some other? The past, the present, the future? I suppose it must be the past, given it's your memory, not mine.".

Mercury was stunned by the sudden arrival of Spiral, and she thinks too late about calling the school for help, but when she finally gets herself out of her shock to actually DO it, Spiral has already seated AT HER TABLE! Isn't today Mercury's lucky day, folks? She was about to say something when Spiral introduces herself. Kinda. "You..." she manages to say, slowly, "You're Spiral? THE Spiral... enemy of the X-men...? Why... why are you here?" she asks, the girl obviously very nervous.

"THE Spiral? There are many Spirals, all dancing through the multiverse. Maybe the one you know is me, or will be me in the future, but I have no idea who you are." Spiral admits, noncommittal. "I assumed someone had been playing with my mind, I still think it most likely, but perhaps it was merely some sort of temporal disturbance.". Four of her arms are splayed out on the tabletop, but she rests her chin on the other two as she stares at Mercury.
"I am doing good deeds here." she explains with a smile. She's not all that convincing. "Really. What sort of question is that? Why are /you/ here?" she wonders. "Who are you, anyway?".

Mercury purses her lips for a moment, "I don't... I haven't seen you before, until today, but I've read about you, back at the school." she says, looking at Spiral's arms, as if expecting Spiral to suddenly go for her throat or something. Too many arms for too few eyes! But then she says she's doing good deeds. Whut? "Good deeds? Which... good deeds?" she asks, tilting her head softly, her curiosity getting the better of her. "And... I'm here ot just, uh, eat something. Yeah." she says. "My name is C-... Mercury."

Spiral ahs. "School?" she wonders, and shakes her head. "Good deeds, yes. Helping people. It doesn't really matter how exactly, does it? Everybody is so suspicious of me here.". She narrows her eyes. "Because I have the wrong number of arms, I'm sure...". She mehs. "Oh, I have no money on me, I hope you don't mind paying." she adds, with a smile, as diner is served.
She only bought a little cream cake though, nothing too expensive.

Mercury doesn't have much of a choice, does she? If she angers the psychotic multi-armed woman, she might find herself alone against a host of horrors. She's actually thankful for her mutation, right now, otherwise she'd be sweating bullets! She nods slowly, pursing her lips for a moment before speaking again, "So, um..." she tries to keep the Spiral distracted, "How.. exactly are you doing to help people? Just, um, out of curiosity?"

"So many questions, but a woman has to have some secrets, though." Spiral tells Mercury. She shrugs. "Nothing bad, if that's what you're thinking. Truly. You are so suspicious of the freak." she mutters, eyes narrowing a little. "But never mind, you will not spoil my enjoyable day with your insults!" she declares.
One hand snakes over to the cake, and delicately picks it up, but aside from that, she remains motionless. "Tell me about all the things you know about me, then. I'm curious.".

Mercury blinks softly, "I did not insult you. At least, I didn't intend to." she says, then she looks at her free hand, while bringing her cup of coffee to her lips with her other hand to take a sip, "And, speaking of 'freak', I'm not exactly 'normal', either, too." she says. Then she is inquired to report what she learned of her. "Not... much." she says, which is the truth. She then goes on speaking only general descriptions of Spiral's first encounters with the X-men, that they have in their database, doing her best to try to avoid saying anything that would insult the six-armed woman.

"You have the right number of arms, and you are focused on the right time." Spiral points out to Mercury. "You are just a strange colour, is all.". She holds up her metal arms briefly. "And even there I can match your normal appearance somewhat.".
Spiral listens quietly to the recount of past encounters, and merely nods at the end. "I see. I have discovered more or less the same things, so they are definitely true, then.". She smiles again. "I hope to be more entertaining in your future, at least.", and then munches on the cream cake.

Mercury purses her lips again for a moment, "That is usually enough to some people..." she murmurs under her breath, before sighing softly, crossing her arms before her chest as she hunches her shoulders up for a moment before relaxing again. Or relaxing as much as you can when you're cornered at the whims of a supervillain. "And, um... I don't think you need to be more, mm, 'entertaining', really..."

Spiral senses all that tenseness as much as sees it, and it annoys her. Reminding her as it does about how odd she looks; Mercury may protest otherwise, but every flinch or look of worry from Mercury just reminds her of all her arms sprawling over the table, or how she seems to mentally in a slightly different (to put it mildly) place from everybody else.
So she wrinkles her nose, clenches a few of those fists, looks slowly more annoyed. "You're probably right, but a certain fat slug would disagree." she gets out.
Finishing off the little cream cake, she lurches to her feet, having had enough for now. "I can see I'm bothering you, like how I bother everybody else.". Try to kill a baby and it's just suspicion forevermore!
"Gah! And I was in such a good mood earlier, the first good mood I remember. Well, you win, I'm going.".

Mercury blinks, and she mentally curses herself. She doesn't know which is worse: good mood Spiral, or bad mood Spiral. She isn't about ot find out how 'bad mood Spiral' acts, though. "Wait." she says, standing up as Spiral moves to leave. She hesitates a bit now and sits back down, biting her lower lip. Is this really wise? Too late to think it through, now. "Look, ahn... Your extra arms don't bother me. They really don't. Honest." she says softly, "And... well, you gave the X-men a lot of trouble, a lot of headache, and I... well, I know I'm nowhere near being able to stop you, so I was... afraid of what you'd do. I didn't mean to spoil your mood, especially since you've been doing... good deeds." She would swallow now if she was still human.

Spiral frowns at Mercury, evidently thinking. "Maybe." she concedes - but is only calmed for a moment. "But maybe you are just trying to con me or something now. I know what I am!".
The talk of good deeds deflects her from her paranoia a bit though, and she smiles again, relaxing a little. "Yes, good deeds. Not selfless good, but good enough anyway. ". She tilts her head, and studies Mercury. "I would offer you some top quality body modification too, but somehow I think you've had enough of that already." she says with a smirk. "So we have something in common after all.".

Mercury mentally sighs in relief and relaxes some as she seems to have defused the bomb for the moment. "Eh-heh, yeah. I'm.. taking a break from further modifications at the moment." Not exactly a lie. Actually, pretty close to the truth. "But I'll, uh, keep the offer in mind." she nods gently. After a moment, she decides to ask. "Are you still working for... mm... what's his name again? Y'know, that fat guy without legs, with mechanic spidery-legs to move around...?"

"Mojo.". Spiral's face darkens. "That disgusting talentless blob. Not really, but when he calls, his power cannot be denied by me.". She grins a little. "I hope that you X-people make his life miserable. I'm looking forward to it anyway, even if you do find me at his side. Maybe you'll even succeed one day in dancing him off his throne, but I do not think your future is going to work out quite like that." she says. "Once, I think I knew more, but as I mentioned, at present I do not have all my knowledge.".

Mercury oh's softly, "Well... I guess we'll do our best and at least give a good try?" she asks, tilting her head softly, blinking a bit, "What do you mean... 'you don't have all your knowledge'? You forgot stuff? Head trauma?"

Spiral nods. "I think the aforementioned fat blob had something to do with it - either that, or maybe some sort of temporal problem - the exact circumstances, I do not remember. But I have been improving somewhat, so am not overly worried anymore, so long as the improvement continues. I can remember my name, and some of my magic, so that's an improvement.".
"In any case. I have things to do, people to meet, files to read, perhaps more good deeds to do. And I dislike the feel of this diner. Too many staring eyes.".
Her leaving is abrupt, as she just waves a hand quickly, and vanishes with an audible 'ping'.

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