Good cop, bad cop, criminal

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Shatterstar, Elene

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Police station in the Bronx

Elene questions Shatterstar, and someone seems intent on poaching her suspect

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So Shatterstar has handed himself over to the cops for questioning, and found himself whisked off to a remote police station in the Bronx of all places, for reasons unknown. Apparently a Detective Grice wants to talk to you.

And Elene gets a phone call and a short conversation with the police, in which a few points are made - one, Shatterstar has apparently handed himself over for questioning, and two, a Detective Grice has been asking for some superpowered assistance in a case, and thinks that you're probably just the one to ask about it, and he'd like you to come over to the station to talk.

So, in the smoke filled police station filled with harried staff, in a quiet back office, Shatterstar awaits, with Grice - a 30 something, rather craggy veteran of the streets, who is not exactly much of a conversationalist. In fact he seems rather nervous.

SYS: Elene rolls for Excellent: 75 (Yellow)

So happens Elene has heard of Grice. He's been working that area for quite some time, like his entire adult life. He had a wife, who died of cancer, and now looks after his little daughter all on his own. It hasn't seemed to have affected his work much, but he's probably a fairly stressed kind of guy.

Shatterstar watches the proceedings with a bemused expression. The cop shows he's seen usually leave out this part. Administration. So this is what makes things work behind the scenes. He keeps looking in the direction where his sword - currently transformed to look like a less threatening staff - rests.

Whether or not she knows the Bronx detective, Elene is curious. The guy turned himself in and was whisked away to... the Bronx? "Wait, why was..." *click* "damnit!" and Elene slams the phone down. Well, only one way to really find out the truth, and so she waves to the Captain on her way past his office. "Off to interrogate a suspect!" she announces as she heads to the garage and hops in her classic muscle car and peels out.
A short time later, she comes to a stop outside the Bronx station and strides into the station with her wallet out, "Where's Grice?" she asks bluntly. When directed his way, she heads there and shoves the door open. "Grice... what the hell?" she asks, "Why is -my- suspect here in the Bronx?" she asks.

Grice looks quite stressed, even in the dim smoky room that much is fairly obvious. "Hey, Elene." he mutters, meeting her eye only after a moment's consideration. "I'm sorry this is a little irregular, but we needed some help. Nothing to do with him." he adds, pointing at Shatterstar. "Though you can have him maybe when all this in the Bronx has blown over. We got a problem bigger than him, anyway.". He indicates a chair.
"Take a seat.".

Waving a hand before her face, Elene snorts, "You guys ever hear of cancer before?" she mutters as she heads over to pour a cup of coffee. She knows they have a pot on the heater around here somewhere. "Don't wait for me to sit. Just tell me what's going on, and when I get to take the perp back with me." Someone is a bit obsessive, and it's kind of a known quantity on the force.

Shatterstar's expression registers that he remembers Elene, but he doesn't say anything. When Grice mentions taking a seat, Shatterstar places his hands on the chair as if he's going to pick it up, then he blinks and slowly sits down on it instead. "Take me back where...?" he inquires guardedly to Elene. Then he turns his gaze back to Grice. "You said this 'problem' is larger than me?"

"I don't really have a problem with /you/." Grice tells Shatterstar. "You're hers, though if you help me out here maybe I'll put myself down as a character witness." he says, back turned to Shatterstar as he goes to pick up a cup of cold coffee and settle down on his chair.
He does wince a bit at Elene's choice of words. Oooo, nasty. "...Yeah." he says after a moment to compose himself. "There's a street gang around here, small time, call themselves the Baldies. They really aren't a big deal, except, well... something happened to them today. Got torn up real bad, as if by some sort of cougar or something. I've not seen anything like it before. And I know about all the mutants downtown, and thought, well... maybe I could call in some favours and get some backup on this one, because I think we're gonna need it.".

Shatterstar looks interested at the mention of street gang, and even more when Grice describes how one of them was mauled. "That doesn't sound like something a hero would do," he ventures. "Even to a member of a street gang. Even the so-called 'feral' heroes of this world tend to possess sufficient self-control and strength of will to avoid seriously injuring their enemies when they outclass them." He pauses and then nods sagely. "It surprised me too."

"So, some animal mauled a bunch of low lifes, and you transfer my perp here for that?" asks Elene as she picks up her coffee cup and takes a swig of lukewarm sludge. "You... perp.. hush." That's all she tells -him- before she shakes her head to Grice. "Seriously, what's this got to do with -him-?" she asks, gesturing towards Shatterstar with her coffee cup.

"He's a mutant." Grice says flatly (and incorrectly). "He thinks he's some sort of hero, like the X-Men. He's some sort of hand to hand combat master. And he's in trouble, and for a while at least, is our asset.".
"And it's not the low lifes that bothers me, it's the animal. It's on my patch. I'm the one who'se gonna have to crawl through sewers and whatever looking for whatever the hell did it. And there's a situation here, we almost had an anti-mutant riot at the stadium a couple of weeks ago - the situation here is ... tense. It needs to be dealt with quickly, and quietly. I got people on my back over this, and I want you watching /my/ back.".

"Hero?" asks Elene, "this guy?" She sounds terminally amused. "Someone must've spiked your coffee Grice. This guy was assaulting a couple other metahumans downtown a few weeks back. He fled when I offered to take everyone in for questioning. Some other mutant whose legs worked like rockets helped him flee the scene. Hence the APB. Now, I wouldn't call him anything even remotely approaching an 'asset'. So, lock'im up and I'll watch your back. When we're done, he comes with me to answer some questions, and to be charged."

Shatterstar nods knowingly at Grice. "I've read of adventures in which various X-Men were asked to help contacts with the authorities for such situations. Typically those who have the experience and the subtlety in power use and - above all - are comfortable operating on their own on the 'street' level. Wolverine. Bishop. Psylocke. " Shatterstar trails off, realizing he's violated the 'hush' admonition from earlier. Ah well, in for a penny. "I would be honored to be counted among their number." Then he turns to Elene. "Don't you see, this is perhaps a way to atone for my actions - even though I thought them to be heroic..."

Grice nods at Shatterstar - though shaking his head almost imperceptibly, damn muties - and spreads his hands, coffee cup still clutched in one of them. "I pulled him over here." he admits to Elene. "I'm not going to get in your way when we're done. But given he's been cooperative and handed himself in voluntarily, I don't think he's got any funny business planned. It was actually hearing about him being questioned that made me think of taking this route. It's not like I can go get some guys in capes flying around here causing trouble.".

"Seriously?" asks Elene. "You yoinked a perp who turned himself in... to take with you as backup? Are you drinking on the job?" asks Elene as she drops the empty coffee cup on the desktop. She points a finger at

Shatterstar without looking his way, "Only place you're going is a cell while -we- check this out." she remarks, "I have even -more- questions for you now." Questions about the X-Men and such too. "I bed you're not registered either, are you?" she asks, -now- turning her nearly glowing eyes towards Shatterstar. Yeah, she's having some anger issues now, and her eyes are almost sparking with power. It's a good thing she's wearing gloves right?

Shatterstar eyes Elene uneasily. "A clerk in Precinct 42 did actually mention something about registration," he begins slowly. For some reason they show Shatterstar registered under a different name. Odd. Then he looks towards Grice again. "Is it always like this?" He asks, curiously. Then he looks between Elene and Grice a few times. Finally an expression of understanding crosses his features. "Ah...wait, now I see. Yes, please carry on."

"Like what?" Grice asks Shatterstar, shaking his head. And then turns back to Elene. "If we hauled every mobster hood uncompromisingly off to the jail we wouldn't be getting anywhere at catching the big fish." Grice says, faintly exasperated, though there's something else as well, beneath his layer of control.
"He wants to help, he's helping, and he came in easy as pie. You can question him as much as you want. And when we're done, you can do as much paperwork on him as you want as well for all I care. He's not going out of my sight, or your sight either, as you prefer."
"And we don't have time for this anyway, I got a crime scene to investigate. I like eager, and you're both definitely eager, so lets get on with it.".

"He wants to help? Fine. He can give us information. That's what we do with little fish, they turn state's evidence and testify, maybe wear a wire to get implicating information on their bosses. They don't accompany a cop on an investigation as backup. They are not... backup. If they were, they'd be cops." Elene is speaking slowly, as if to a child now. "You know, there's procedure and ways to do this... what you're proposing is... the way to lose your job and -not- get anything accomplished. Now, I'll back you up, but this guy's not... backup. He's a CI at best."

"As I said, at best, he's a CI. Confidental Informant. We don't deputize CI's you know." Nevermind White Collar, that's a TV show, and a Federal Agent.... and a damned good con man. "Look. I -need- to take him. get SWAT or something, but... I've got this case burning a hole in my desk. My Captain has been giving me a hard time. So may I use your interrogation room?" she asks Grice.
An hour or so later, she leads Shatterstar out of said room and gestures to Grice. "Okay, give him his... thingee." she offers, gesturing to the staff. "Got it all sorted out."

"CI," Shatterstar repeats the word. He knows the 'C' doesn't stand for 'Combat' and that's enough to make him unhappy at the thought. Or maybe it's the hour or so he just spent being grilled by Elene. Finally he nods, resigned. "Very well. What next? Do we go see the street gang? Challenge their leader to a duel, thereby ensuring their cooperation?"

Grice is pretty damn stressed, he's sweating bullets, and doesn't look all that healthy. And his relief is palpable when Elene is done. It looks like he's aged a decade in that hour.
"No, their leader is being scraped off the wall right now." he says drily, eying a wristwatch. "Come on, lets go. I'll drive.".
Grice heads for the door of the cop shop, and eyes Elene. "You still want him afterwards?" he asks, wondering if he should be keeping his eyes peeled for Shatterstar getting up to no good.

Eyeing Shatterstar, Elene just shakes her head. "Want him..." she remarks, "Nah, we got it all sorted out. Though, I still am not a fan of having civilians come along as backup. But... now that he and I are sorted out, this -is- your case. So shall we go see what we can dig up?" She heads for the door and adds, "Are we pounding pavement? Searching the sewers? Or do we troll out bait?"

Shatterstar collects his staff and then follows along, soaking in the cop lingo. "I still think we should start with the gang..." he offers hopefully.

"The Baldies used to hang around outside a bar called The Den." Grice explains, as they are heading out. "They got ripped up there around midday, whole place is cordoned off, the press kept at bay. There's probably a few more alive out there kicking around - we don't actually know how many of them there are. Like I said, small time, we weren't tracking every single one of them or anything. We'll check out the scene first, there's a forensics team up there working on it right now.".

After a quick cruise through darkening streets in Grice's beat up car, the trio eventually end up at a dingy street, soaked with a light rain. A bar even dingier than the street is here, and an alleyway with police tape across it. And a couple of officers standing in the rain, getting wet, looking quite... resigned. And damp. The bar's been closed even though it's not actually taped off.

"Hey Bill." Grice says to one of them after parking up and getting out of the car. "Those forensics guys still here?".
"Grice. Jesus, you've been taking your sweet time. And after you asked specially that they wait for you. They been here for hours. They are pretty pissed, I think you owe a crate of beer, and you've used up all your favours." the officer says. "I'll go get em.". And he heads into the empty bar. Where else are they gonna wait in the pissing rain?

"They're lucky we're feeling cooperative." mutters Elene to Grice. "But, sorry for delaying you so much. Let's go get this handled shall we?" Yeah, she's dressed in normal street clothes and such. She pulls out a pair of aviator sunglasses and puts them on to hide her shockingly blue eyes. Then she follows Grice's lead.

Shatterstar steps out of the car, blinking in irritation when rain falls into his eyes but not otherwise moving to wipe himself off. He follows the others into the bar, then watches the police officers and tries to look at what they look at.
Two guys and a woman all in plain clothes eventually emerge from the bar, looking rather nondescript, and rather irritated as well. Grice fidgets as they head over.
"Finally." the woman says. "You know, you could just read the report we'll be writing some time tomorrow. I don't know why you wanted everything done in person today.".
She rolls her eyes - politeness is at a low ebb when staying out way longer than she deemed necessary - and she ducks under the tape into the alley, and beckons everybody over.".
"Keep your hands off just in case, even though we've already been through here once.". The rain has softened everything, but you can still see some bloodstains on the ground even now, and perhaps even some meaty bits that havn't been picked up or washed away. Looks like it was a real mess. The woman digs into a folder, draws out some photographs, hands them out. "Five young white men, ages between 18 and 25, all attacked by what looks like... well, at first glance, some sort of wild animal.". She tilts her head. "You really want all this now?" she asks, a bit quizzically.
Grice for once seems kinda happy to stay fairly quiet.

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