Gonna Beat Him Someday

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Gonna Beat Him Someday

Mercury, Wolfsbane

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Game Room - Girl's Dorm - Xavier Mansion

After Mercury loses to an online adversary, X-Man and student chat. A small amount of practicing powers is included.

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Mercury is currently spending her Sunday time in the Girl's Gaming room, playing some fighting game at the widescreen TV, and the girl seems pretty into it, as well. She's wearing a white shirt and jeans, but her feet are clad in just white socks, too, her shoes resting next to the couch she's on. She seems focused to the game, as her glass of soda on the table before her is still full.

Hearing the sounds of the game being played, Rahne pokes her head into the room. Just off the newer girl's dorm, it wasn't so long ago she'd have been housed here with a roommate instead of having her own place elsewhere in the mansion. Features of the wolf are evident, if minimal, showing just in a light layer of fur along with the usual ears, claws and fangs. Barefoot, she wears just a plain shirt and shorts with the Xavier's branding on it. Initially she watches to see if she's noticed, stepping into the room the rest of the way.

Mercury indeed does not notice the arrival of the wolf-girl, Cessily obviously very focused in her fighting game. If one would care to look at the TV, both fighters' health bar were pretty even, around half.

"Someone's verra involved in her game," Wolfsbane says, clearing her throat briefly as she moves further into the room, all but silent in her steps as she peers at the screen, hands tucked into the pockets of her shorts.

Mercury hears the newcomer this time, "Whut--?" she snaps her head toward the entrance and notices the wolf-girl as she walks inside, "Oh, hey, sorry didn't hear you arrive--" and then she quickly snaps her head back to the TV, "Waaaaa!!" she squeaks as she jumps a bit, the moment of distraction enough for her opponent to land a few hard hits, "Nooo! Not losing to him again!!"

Wolfsbane catches sight of the opponent on the screen hammering Mercury's character a bit, enough for her to remove a hand and gesture toward it. "Ye're kind o' getting yuir rear end handed tae ye there, Cessily," she points out helpfully.

Mercury quickly turns her head toward Wolfsbane just long enough to stick a metallic tongue out, before returning her attention back to the game. "This guy is my arch-enemy! He beats me almost all the time, and taunts me at every turn! But not today!" she says, biting her lower lip as she squints her eye a bit, trying to work that energy deficit on her opponent's face."

Wolfsbane wears an amused expression at the tongue being directed toward her, shaking her head slowly as she continues to watch from off to one side. "I'm half-expecting ye tae do a dance if ye beat him, then." Though, she looks mostly disinterested in the game itself.

Mercury doesn't seem to hear your words as the girl seems really invested in the game, gritting her teeth as one character finally gets its energy bar depleted. "Aw, crap!" the metallic girl groans and slumps on the couch, "I was so close, too... now he'll taunt me all week. Rats..." she sighs, shaking her head as she reaches to turn off the game console, the girl sad.

"Even with th' game off?" Wolfsbane asks, and in spite of Mercury's mood the wolfen woman doesn't appear to share it. "I dinna get most o' these games, though. I'd rather train or go for a run in th' woods, enjoy th' weather."

Mercury nods to you. "Yeah." she says, before looking at you again, "I wasn't fighting an opponent controlled by an AI." she points out. "I was fighting someone with flesh and blood. He lives in Nevada, or so he says." she shrugs. "He's pretty good, beating me left and right." she shakes her head softly, before looking at you again, "The woods? Didn't forecast say today may rain?"

Wolfsbane's brows scrunch together. "Oh, like..one of those long-distance connections? I've heard o' tha', come tae think o' it," she says, the realization dawning before her hands are stuck back in her pockets. "Aye, but sometimes it's nicer when th' water's dripping from th' trees an' pooling up here an' there."

Mercury chuckles softly, "The only 'water raining on me' that I like is when I'm in the shower." she shakes her head softly, before she looks at her hand, "Gotta work to keep the shine." she giggles, now no longer rebelling against her powers.

"I suppose I just have a few different things I like in comparison," Rahne says with a half-smile, eyes picking out one thing or another around the room. "I know we've na had th' chance tae speak much. How's everything coming along for ye here?"

Mercury hmms, "That's true." she replies about the not talking much comment, and then she elongates one arm to reach for the TV remote and turns it off, "Things are going alright, really." she nods, smiling a bit, "I actually like it here. Sure, it could be better, but it's still pretty good." she nods.

With a nod, Rahne bites at her lip briefly and says, "I understand a few bad things happened tha' led tae ye coming here. I think tha's the case more often than na, so in ways ye have a few kindred spirits in this place. Have ye made some friends, then?" The use of powers to deal with the remote draws a curious glance.

Mercury nods, "Yes, I got friends. Seth, Ruth, Noriko..." she says, smiling softly and nodding. She then notices her drink, left alone on the table, and she reaches for it, her arm again elongating some. She takes a sip and makes a face, "Bah, warmed up. Oh well." and then she takes another sip. "Want some?"

"Good. When I was a new student here I felt verra isolated, but th' New Mutants quickly became muh closest friends an' it helped me a lot," Rahne explains, pacing closer for a look at the soda. "Thanks, but I'll pass. I'm more a juice or milk person, or water," she smiles. "How much work have ye put in tae figuring oot yuir powers here?"

Mercury looks down at her soda. A blurred reflection of her face can be seen. "It's still an ongoing project." she chuckles, smiling, "I mean, my whole body is made of liquid metal, so it's a bit weird to still wrap my mind around it that I can do stuff the normal human body cannot. I mean, I got no bones, for one." she chuckles.

Wolfsbane mmms. "It took me a long time tae reach th' point I could change muh appearance th' way I want, instead o' just having three real forms. Ye should ha seen muh transitional one when I first had it." Casually, she attempts to detect the scent of the girl. Metallic?

Mercury nods, "I don't know if can change back." she says, looking at her glass again before taking a small but slow sip, "I can kinda mold the metal I'm made of, but I guess I'll always be metal from now on." she shrugs softly, but sighs gently.

"Whether ye can or na, th' best thing is tae learn th' most about what ye can do noo," Wolfsbane explains, sinking into a comfortable-looking crouch. "Someday students are ready tae join a team or do their own thing as they like, an' it's important tae have mastered yuir powers by then even if ye want tae just go off an' live somewhere away from th' city." A flash of a sympathetic look follows. "But I know what it's like tae stand oot in public."

Mercury chuckles, smiling, "Yeah, your accent is way too hard to hide in public." she jokes softly, shaking her head ruefully, before looking at Wolfsbane, "Why don't you have a seat? I promise I won't bite." she winks, smiling, and giggles softly at that, before taking another sip of her soda.

Wolfsbane rolls her eyes but she picks up on the joke well enough. "Sure," she answers, coming closer to settle onto the sofa just as comfortably. "An' ye dinna have th' teeth I do anyway," she adds, showing hers for a moment.

Mercury giggles, "At least I save on the dental floss." she winks, smiling softly, before taking another sip of her soda, finishing it, "Want me to get you anything? Water or soda? Cold, this time." she chuckles.

Wolfsbane squints. She can't claim that. Oh well. "Water's fine, thanks." Now she's curious to see just how it's done. She may have an idea, but it's kept to herself.

Mercury nods, smiling, "Ok, I'll be right back." she says, standing up and taking her empty plastic cup to the table, and she serves some more soda from the bottle. Then she goes to get another plastic cup, this time filling it with water. She returns to the couch, smiling, and offers Wolfsbane the cup with water. "Here you go." she says as she sits back down.

Wolfsbane grins, that bit of wonder answered as Cessily gets up to fetch the soda and water for her, reaching over for the cup once it's held out to her. "Thanks. How far can ye stretch if ye had tae? Have ye tested limits like tha'?"

Mercury blinks softly at the question, "Huh?" she asks, then she looks at the table with the soda bottle on it, several feet away from the couch, and then she looks back at Wolfsbane, "I don't know." she says softly, rubbing the back of her head with her free hand, "I mean, I can elongate a bit, reaching the table, I think, but... never tried much more than that. I'm still learning to control. Why?"

Wolfsbane takes a drink and gets back to her feet, walking toward the table in question as she says, "Let's do a wee test, then." The furred woman stops at the edge of that table and puts her hand up, palm facing Mercury. "See if ye can reach muh hand, all right?"

Mercury blinks and follows Wolfsbane with her eyes. When the wolfgirl stops at the aforementioned table and holds her hand, Mercury tilts her head, "You want a high-five... from afar?" she asks, but she indulges the girl. No reason not to. She points her arm toward Wolfsbane's hand and her arm elongates, until her open palm touches Wolfsbane without any strain showing on the metallic girl's face.

"Good," Rahne grins, noting the lack of effort it takes for Cessily to do that. "Hold it there." She steps back a couple more feet, keeping her hand in place. "How about noo?" she wonders, looking for any signs of exertion in the metallic teenager.

Mercury blinks again, but she nods. She elongates her arm again, covering those extra two feet distance, and her hand touches Wolfsbane's. "Ok, now what?" she chuckles, smiling, "Want some coffee? Or some fries with that?" she jokingly says.

Wolfsbane laughs briefly, a quiet sound out of the short woman. "I'm just seeing how far ye can go. Keep trying until ye feel if it..well, I dunno if it hurts or if ye just hit a point ye canna go any further." She doubles the distance, four more steps back.

Mercury nods some at that. She got nothing better to do, really, so she decides to indulge a bit more, and after Wolfsbane takes those four steps away from Mercury, the metallic girl frowns some as her arm elongates again, but it doesn't quite reach the wolf girl's hand, "Nnngh... it won't budge." she says, before she starts pulling her arm back. "Guess that's my limit."

Wolfsbane gives a nod of her own before walking back over to sit down again, satisfied with her experiment. "I know I'm na yuir instructor or anything like tha', but I think it'd be a good idea tae find a place inside or oot, even th' tennis or basketball court, an' practice seeing how close ye have tae be tae reach th' fence, even if it's just once a day. Even if all ye can add is a quarter inch each time, it'd be progress."

Mercury nods, but she chuckles softly, "I train hard enough at it is... I need to relax some time, y'know?" she asks, smiling softly as she bends her arm a bit then extends it before relaxing and letting it rest on the armrest of the couch, "Anything else you'd like to know?" she asks, arching one eyebrow, but still keeping her amused smile.

"It's just similar tae how I did it when I was learning muh control. Try tae look a wee bit more human, or a wee bit more wolf, an' eventually I reached a point I could shift just about any way I wanted," Wolfsbane explains, taking another sip of water. "I didna have any more questions for noo. What about ye?"

Mercury nods, "Well, so far, all my attempts of becoming anything other than metal were as successful as trying to put out fire using gasoline." she says, shaking her head softly, but smiling a bit still. "Well, I want to know how it is for you to be... I don't know... half-wolf?"

Wolfsbane squints at the teen for a moment, looking thoughtful. "It sounds like yuir mutation might have been tae a permanent..liquid metal form. For me, well..I like it enough tae usually keep some part o' it whenever I can. I just feel more alive this way, but I know I have tae remember muh human side. If I forget it, it can be easy tae let th' other side gain more control than it should."

Mercury oh's and nods. Then she tilts her head, "'Other side'?" she asks, curious. "What 'other side' are you talking about?" she asks, rubbing the back of her head again with her free hand, before she takes a sip of her soda.

"This one," Rahne answers, and without another word she shifts before the girl's very eyes. It's fast, but for a split second Cessily might spot the head changing, a muzzle extending as the ears morph up to where the wolf's belong. Arms and legs are altered, hands and feet shortening until they become paws, and when it's done in that instant the girl is gone, wolf lounging instead on the sofa.

Mercury blinks slowly and her eyes widen a bit as she witness for the first time Wolfsbane's full transformation. "Wow." she says, reaching a hand to gently pet the head of the wolf before pulling her head back. She tilts her head back, remaining in silence while looking at her friend, wondering if she'll change back, or what she'll do.

If an animal can grin, it sure looks like this one is. Wolfsbane's eyes, though they're like they ought to be for a wolf, seem to hold an extra intelligence and awareness to them. When the hand moves up between her ears she thumps her tail once against the sofa and hops off when it withdraws, going about pacing in front of the girl. Yep, it's a wolf. One problem - she forgot about the clothes, which have become torn. Good thing they were generic Xavier's things.

Mercury blinks as Wolfsbane hops off the couch, and walks back and forth before Mercury. "Can you change back?" she asks, rubbing the back of her head at the girl-turned-wolf before her, before it dawns on her, "You got no clothes, do you?" she asks, chuckling. After all, Mercury suffers the same 'wardrobe malfunction' most shapeshifters do.

Wolfsbane gives a yip of a sort, sitting down as she faces Mercury, even staring at her before casting a glance toward the ripped shirt and shorts left behind. Tilting her head just so, it reveals a thin band of some sort around her neck. It might as well be a collar. The purpose of it is revealed as she morphs back to mostly the same form as before, just with a short muzzle that lingers, plus tail. Her costume materializes seemingly from nowhere, providing decency. "When I was new tae this an' didna have th' costume or any other clothes tha' were safe, I just had tae go without when I shifted."

Mercury watches the change, and sees the clothes materializing, "I need one of those. That happens to me too when I melt." she says, blinking softly, looking at said 'collar'. She says 'melt' because she hasn't yet learned how to truly shape-shift into different forms yet.

Wolfsbane taps her neck, which just shows that portion of the costume now. "It was hidden when I was in th' other clothes," which she moves over to pick up, "but when I'm a wolf it's sort o' 'programmed' tae look like a collar. If I'm oot in public tha' way, a' least it looks realistic. It's Unstable Molecules. Verra beneficial."

Mercury nod-nods to that, "I'll say." she says, "Whenever I gotta melt, I end up without clothes at all, unless I reform among my clothes. But when I gotta use that to escape a bind of some sort, during training... I end up naked." she says, and by her tone of voice and mannerisms, it's obvious the girl would be blushing if she could.

"Ye mean they've na got ye Unstable Molecules yet? For what ye do, ye should have a suit for tha' regardless, just in case," Wolfsbane answers, a surprised look showing in both her expression and words. A couple fingers rub behind a pointy ear and she admits, "I suppose I didna have th' time tae worry about being naked in th' fur when I was a wee lass."

Mercury shrugs at that, "No, they haven't. I guess they haven't found a way for the suit to remain 'working' when I melt, or something. I don't know." she shrugs again, and then she nods, "Yeah, the fur most likely helped you keep your modesty." she chuckles softly, smiling. "Still must've been a shock."

Wolfsbane rolls up the clothing and tosses them in a wastebasket, leaving her in the blue and gold one-piece. "I'll talk tae Dani about it an' see what can be done. I know they can be programmed somehow, but it's a bit beyond me." She may blush beneath the visible fuzz over face and ears, indicated by a rub at the back of her neck. "A' times it was, but I got used tae it. It was less complicated, I guess."

Mercury hooks a finger on the collar of her shirt and pulls on it a bit so she can look down at her own chest, "I can relate." she chuckles before letting go of her shirt and the girl looks back up to Wolfsbane. "So how did your powers come to be?" she asks, since the theme of the moment seems to be super-powers.

Wolfsbane lifts a brow at the personal inspection Mercury makes of herself, leading her to glance down as well. The costume doesn't really hide her shape or curves, which are still fairly modest for a woman. The question leads to an uncomfortable look from her, murmuring, "It was during a bad time with someone who was supposed tae be muh guardian." Short on details, though.

Mercury nods. Short on details, rich on content. Mercury then smiles and goes to gently hug the wolf-girl, "I can understand. It's okay, I was just curious." she nods again as she breaks the hug and sits back down on the couch, reaching for her plastic cup again for another sip. "But everyone's fine, I hope?"

Wolfsbane accepts the hug with a half-step into it, getting a second chance to see just what the metallic girl's 'skin' feels like where she comes into contact with it, and the shrug can be felt. "It's a fair question tae ask, but.." She steps back afterward and shakes her head. "Fine, I suppose, but he was nae longer muh guardian after tha'. It's how I became a student here. He was..na a nice man, for someone o' th' faith."

Mercury chuckles, smiling, "For someone who doesn't want to give much detail, you're giving me a lot of them." she winks, giggling softly, "Don't worry about it. In any case, though, I should get going. Still gotta finish the last bit of homework before tomorrow." she says, nodding as she stands up, "See you tomorrow?" she asks, smiling.

"I never told ye what he did," Rahne points out, returning a brief but somber smile as she nods. "I dinna miss th' days o' homework, an' I'll be around. See ye later."

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