Going Undercover

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Ariel, Richenda Gray and Mirage

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The Shade Nightclub - Manhattan

The three ladies go undercover to bust up a human trafficking ring

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The situation: Over the last few weeks there have been a number of cases of young women going missing from several city nighclubs. The girls are usually from out of town, here on vacation and range from 18 - 25. The police and FBI have had no luck with finding out who is behind the abductions. Most of the girls were last seen at a place called The Shade, a nightclub that leans toward the gothy, but is popular and wild enough to bring in all kinds of young people.

Suspecting there may be mutant involvement, several of the young girls were registered mutants, the police have turned to X-Factor to investigate, specifically Mirage, since she is the right age, etc. Mirage in turn has drafted several others, Chenda and Ariel to help her out since they also fit the profile.

So here the three are at The Shades, where the line to get in is around the block. Thanks though to Ariel's powers of persuasion Chenda, Ariel and Dani were able to get to the front of the line and in the doors with little effort.

"See?" Ariel says as she leads the other women in, "I told you it was a peace of cake." Indeed, all Ariel had to do was shove her way to the front of the line and tell the bouncer that the three of them were clearly 'too important to stand around outside'. The big, beefy dude let them right in.

Inside the club, well... lots of ladies (and a few gents) here sparkle thanks to the help of glitter. Ariel, on the other hand, sparkles naturally and it shows. The little flashes of light around her body put every other ravergrrl to shame. "Oooh! I love this place!" She says to Dani, "Let's get some drinks."

Though she'd never say it in front of the Co-Dean, Chenda is only half in her element her. Sure, there's music, dancing, and darkness, but it's not her kind of music or dancing. At least she managed to scrape together a good outfit, though it's not very gothy: Black suede jacket with fringed back drape over a red baby tee, black flare-leg jeans, and ankle boots with only moderately high heels. She's not sparkly, especially not next to Ariel, but if she needs to do anything sneaky she's ready. "Good thing we had you along," she says approvingly to Ariel, looking around with false casualness, surveying the room for any other exits. Never hurts to know the ways out. "Otherwise we might've been waiting all night. That line went halfway around the block."

For the most part Dani looks like herself, if she was a blonde haired white woman. She has decided that since her face has been plastered in ads and commercials during her government work days it is best if she did this job undercover so she acquired a holoemitter. The clothes are real (black halter dress that has a sequiny bodice falling mid-thigh and short high heeled boots), the hairstyle, messy updo, her own all the emitter is doing is making her look caucasion and blonde.

As she follows Ariel in she laughs at the enthusiasm of the alien girl "And this is why I brought you. You fit in, but still can fit the out of towner that the perp is looking for." a nods is given to Chenda "Drinks yes. I'll open a tab.

"Job like this," Ariel says as she glances around, "They'll have more than one man. At least one scouting. If they're smart, its someone on staff. Keep an eye on me." She winks at Dani and heads to the bar, separating from the others.

"Hi!" Ariel says to the bartender. "Can I have an appletini?" Surprisingly, the bartender asks for an ID. How law abiding of him. Ariel nods her head. "Sure! I got one right here..." She begins riffling through the contents of her little purse and 'accidentally' a mutant registration card falls out and drops onto the bar. "Here it is!" Ariel gives the bartender just enough time to see the card but not enough time to see any of the details on the card. Then she hands over a license suggesting she's over 21. "See? Don't mind the picture. It was before I had my hair done. That's why its brown there." Her power goes to work and the bartender believes that the license for someone named Lola Delacroix is actually Ariel's.

"Will do," Chenda replies, though Ariel wasn't talking to her. With her Southwestern accent, which even six months in Brooklyn hasn't erased, she can't pass for a native either, but the sparkly one is the better lure.

She glances at Dani-the-Paleface and grins. "I hope I can recognize you from a distance like that, Boss. Shall we look around a bit while Ariel makes herself known?"

"Good call Ariel." Dani replies before she heads to get drinks. Dani hooks her arm through Chenda's and does as suggested, begins to push through the crowd. The place is packed with enough people that if the fire marshal stopped by there would certainly be fines issued and permits revoked. On top of the the music gets louder the farther into the club you go.

Dani gestures upward to where a balcony runs around the room where there are tables and another bar. There are a few spiral stairs that lead upwards to that. "We'll have to head up there and check it out in a little while." she does occasionally look around to check on the status of Ariel.

Ariel convinces the bartender that giving free drinks to attractive women is a good way to drum up business. Then she takes her appletini and moves away from the bar. "Going to mingle." She says and sips her drink. Mmmm. Human alcohol. Not as good as Coconut Grove alcohol but, hey, not bad. She begins to move through the floor. The life of the party. Everyone becomes convinced they're glad to meet her.

Chenda keeps a firm grip on Dani's arm as they wander. If she gets separated from the taller girl, she'll never find her again in this crowd. "Better let Ariel go up first, then," she thinks aloud in a whisper. It'd be bad to be on a different floor when the kidnappers made their move, even if you can see a lot more from up there. Her mind wanders to methods. "If I were running something like this, I'd have the bartender in on it, since they see pretty much everybody. And they're mixing their drinks." Thoughtful pause. "If they're using a Mickey, he'll wait for the third drink so she can't taste it. If they use a vodka-slip, he'll start with the first." How she knows this, she doesn't say.

And then Ariel moves away from the bar, going to see and be seen. The effects of her suggestive aura become obvious almost immediately. Chenda stifles giggles, watching. "Moose in the 'fridge. I don't think we could have a better lure."

Within minutes of Ariel starting to mingle and wander through the crowds she has plenty of guys and probably a few girls offering to buy drinks for her or to dance.

"Not so much lure as distraction. While everyone is trying to get her attention they won't be noticing us snooping around." even with the attention that Ariel is getting there are still plenty of men and women to go around and Chenda and Dani get their fair share of offers. Dani politely declines hers, but Chenda is free to take any offers she is given, the part of lure must be played by all of them.

Ariel has no problem being the life of the party. There's a trick to it. Stringing people along without rejecting them. Flirting. Accepting drinks without actually taking more than a sip, here or there. Getting smashed too soon takes you out of the party early and that's no fun. Not unless your exit is something people talk about for ages. Thus, there are about half a dozen drinks descretely tucked away in the room, each missing only a few sips.

"She certainly is distracting," the gypsy girl agrees. And then the offers start coming in. Chenda does decline two offers, citing her need to stay with her friend. Her feigned slightly-shy demeanor and her accent are proof enough of a case of out-of-towner nervousness. But the third guy, who comes on stronger though not more forcefully, finally makes her reconsider. "Rachel, will you be here for a few?" she asks, looking appealingly at the taller girl.

Dani aka Rachel for the time being, gives the guy an appraising once over and a flirty grin "My they make them /hot/ here don't they." she says with sultry tones and thicking her own slight midwest accent. Unhooking her arm from Chenda's she winks at the younger girl "Don't do anything I wouldn't." which certainly isn't good Dean advice, but it is something one girlfriend would say to another in this situation. She wanders from Chenda and her 'man' and begins to make her wandering way over to where Ariel has begun her harem.

Indeed, Ariel is holding court. She's found a chair and she has a nice group of people, around a dozen, surrounding her. Is she drunk? No, but she's showing the signs of moving happily into sloshed. She laughs easily and often. Her speech has just a touch of slur. She's physically affectionate, fingers sliding across chests or down arms. In fact, one guy whispers in her ear and she slaps him on the bicep. "Naughty!" She says with a giggle.

"Never," Chenda, or Anita in this case, promises with a smile, letting the hot guy lead her away into the crowd. One dance turns into two when a slower number comes on second, and she lets the guy draw her into a closer dance, not touching him but sending all the right messages with dark, mysterious eyes. Finally, when he's a little out of breath, she feigns the same and lets him draw her over to the bar for a drink.

The bartender is attentive, she has to give him that. "Rum and Coke, please," she says, when her dance partner asks for her order. The bartender cards them both, and Anita Vega proves to be 22. She collects her drink from the counter when it comes up, and as she starts to turn away, the glass sloshes droplets.

No, wait... the drops are coming from the /bottom/, where her fingers are touching it. "Oh! Oh, I'm sorry!" Chenda says sincerely. "Sometimes that happens." Turns out there's now a hole in the glass. Oops... power malfunction. How embarrassing!

While Chenda orders her drink from the bartender, she might notice that the guy who has been so attentive and the bartender give a slight nod to each other. While anyone else might just think this is the 'What up.' nod that one guy gives to another in greeting, with the information that Chenda has it could be easily interpreted as 'This one.' He takes the glass malfunction in stride and order another drink "We should take these drinks downstairs. There is a private little room down there where people can sit, relax and play some cards or just talk." he gestures to the back where besides the restrooms there is an aclove with stairs going down to a door labeled Private: Members Only.

While Chenda is enjoying herself, Dani does the same, hitting the dance floor for a few songs, dancing with this guy or that guy, but never the same guy. Easier to keep and eye on everything that way. She is not so much worried about Ariel, since she seems to have everything well under control where she is surrounded by people. She moves to the bar with the last guy she danced with and allows him to buy her a drink and hooking her arm in his goes over mingle with the group around Ariel.

One of the nice things about a club like this? Talking over the music requires the talker put their head close to the talkee. Which means that Mr. Handsome's words can be picked up by the earbuds. Ariel hears the invitation Chenda got to travel downstairs. So, she raises her voice. "You know what would be WICKED awesome?" She calls out to her throng, "LIMBO! Let's play!" Immediately, her court breaks up and begins the search for a pole long enough to serve as a limbo stick. Ariel glances to Dani, "What's the plan, boss man?"

Notice she did. But she's a good enough actress that they probably don't notice that she noticed. Blushing like a schoolgirl with a fake ID at the pleasantly generous attention, Chenda accepts the glass gratefully. "Thank you. That's so kind of you," she says, quietly making sure that her earbug is transmitting. "A private room downstairs sounds like just the thing. Just... go easy on me? I'm not a very good card player," she says, with a giggly, self-deprecating smile. Her face says embarrassed, her eyes say infatuated. And inside, she's throwing her fist in the air in triumph. YES!

The handsome man, we will call him Craig, gives Chenda one of those smiles that would make most girls swoon with delight that it was for them. Putting a hand to the small of the girls back he gently pushes her through the crowd toward where the stairs go down, "There are other games we can play if cards are not your thing." he replies suggestively as he guides the way.

Dani has heard the invitation as well, and hides a grin with a sip of her drink. Catching Ariel's gaze she gestures to the ladies room "I'll be right back, don't go anywere." she tweaks the guy who brought her the drink on the nose and begins to weave through the crowd the ladies room. "Chenda, keep him busy. We will follow you down in five minutes, unless you need us sooner.

Chenda's heart doesn't flutter, but you wouldn't know it from the little sigh she gives at that smile. She edges a little closer as he puts that arm around her, and smiles back mock-shyly as Dani's command comes in. "Maybe we could start with cards... and go from there?" she suggests, as if she's a little out of her depth.

And then they're taking the first step down. "Oh, this is steep!" she says as she stumbles, catching hold of the big, strong, handsome guy who's being so nice to the exotic-but-rather-innocent girl from out of town, which only lets him pull her closer. "I tripped. I'm sorry... I think it's the light."

Once the pair get to the bottom of the stairs Craig opens the door and leads her through. On the other side is a short hallway with a door on each side. The end of the hall opens into a lounging area that is decorated with dark leather sofas and armchair sarranged in groupings to allow intimate conversation. There is a table or two, and yes cards spread out on one. Other then those things the lounge area is empty.

Dani is keeping a subtle eye on the gypsy girl as she is lead away and down the stairs but does nothing to give that away. She just heads to the restroom sipping her drink.

Private is right. The empty room also means that there aren't any witnesses if something should happen to Chenda. She's instantly on guard, though she gives no outward sign of it. "Wow... you weren't kidding about private, were you?" she asks softly, letting an impressed smile creep onto her face. "This is /so/ nice. Like a club room." She glances up uncertainly. "There's not an entry fee for non-members, is there? Rachel was carrying most of our money..." She takes a sip of her drink, as if suddenly nervous.

Craig shakes his head and chuckles "Not for pretty ones like you." he brushes the back of Chenda's neck lightly with the tips of his fingers, it feels a bit tingly and Chenda may start feeling a bit more relaxed than she either wants to or expects. (Something was slipped in Chenda's drink and Craig is a mutant who can cause biochemical changes in a person's body on contact. Mix the two and you have your ruffie.) Through the earbud Chenda will her Dani tell her to keep the guy out of LOS of the door.

Craig's charm is soothing, and his touch is... electrifying! Chenda sighs softly, tension ebbing out of her slowly. "I'm glad," she replies softly, dark eyes growing warmer as she edges a little closer. Nice surroundings, hot guy, just a faint alcoholic buzz, and she's already feeling friendlier. "Is it suddenly warmer in here?" she asks cluelessly, as her outfit suddenly begins to feel constricting and hot. "Or is it just you..?" Cliched line, but it's all the recovery she can manage right now. Why does she have this strange feeling that something is very wrong? It's just tainting this lovely moment...

And then a familiar voice is in her ear, telling her to get Craig out of line of sight of the door. Through the drifting fog in her brain, Chenda dimly recalls her purpose. What's /wrong/ with her? She didn't even have one drink!

But, the mission. Oh, it's so hard to think... but distractions come easy to her. Now's a good time for one. "Maybe we should sit down," she suggests, giving Craig a little push backward toward the card table, her smile turning softly sultry as she slips off her jacket. She fumbles with it for a moment as it catches on her elbow, then gets it free, letting it fall to the floor behind her as she steps closer. "That feels /so/ much better..."

Putting his hands on Chenda's hips as he is pushed backward, Craig leans down to whisper in her ear again "Looks a lot better too." he also takes the opprotunity to gander at her 'goods' so to speak. He drops into one of the chairs that surroung the table and pulls her into his lap, one arm going around her back the other draped over her legs, "So Anita, what is your favorite game to play?" there is obvious suggestion in his voice.

Dani meanwhile, has meet up with Ariel at the stairs and the two start down them. Dani carefully pushes the door open and peeks in to make sure Chenda has done as suggested. Not seeing the pair she moves in, gesturing for Ariel to follow and carefully closes the door behind her. She gestures for Ariel to check the doors on each side of the hallway while Dani slips down toward the lounge, slipping the small compact 9mm handgun from its holster around her thigh.

Anyone at the school could vouch for Chenda's athletic talents. Her conditioning and her Spanish gypsy blood give her a healthy, exotic beauty that isn't often found on this coast. But even with that, she's soft and round in all the right places, as Craig can easily see.

And, seconds later, feel. "Ooh!" The dark-haired girl gives a surprised little cry as she's pulled into his lap, clutching at his opposite shoulder for support. "Huh... don't waste time, do you?" she asks, leaning against him and snuggling up close, just a little clumsily. "I love Spin The Bottle," she says, just loudly enough to be heard in the stairway, hinting at a well-hidden wild side to her semi-innocent image. Whatever he gave her, it's working fast. Her tongue's starting to feel a little thick. "But we don' have a bottle, and we're kinda short on players... so let's just skip t'the fun part," she says, her voice growing softer as she leans close and presses her lips to his, moaning softly into his mouth as a cue for Dani and Ariel as to what she's doing. And that's when she starts to deepen the kiss. He shouldn't be paying attention to anything but his lips now!

Craig's arms tighten around the girl and he pulls her closer, his hands running up her back to the back of her head and neck. Yeah, he won't be paying attention to anything as long as Chenda keeps distraction up that up.

Ariel checks one door, then the other, both are locked, but that is just a minor inconvenience. She goes back to the door to the stairs opens it and steps through.

Walking into the lounge area Dani arches an eyebrow at the scene before her, Chenda locking lips with Craig. Not wanting to distract Chenda from her job as bait or focus of attention she walks along the wall to get behind them. They will both her the clicking noise of the guns action "I suggest you remove your hands and any other body parts you want to keep from my friend." the gun is held to the back of Craig's head "Hands off and up."

That's when they hear Ariel's voice through the ear buds "Oh Dani, you are not going to like this." and she doesn't sound all that happy herself.

Even through the haze of the drug, Chenda recognizes that distinctive click. It's the sweetest sound she's heard all night!

Judging by the sudden 'Oh, SHIT' look on his face, Craig knows that sound, too. And he doesn't want to hear the follow-up to that sound. "Bitches..." he mutters, lifting his hands from Chenda's head and neck and clasping them at the back of his own head. He's been through this drill before. "You've got no idea how much trouble you're gonna be in..."

Chenda sighs in relief and shifts over until she can get her feet on the floor. "Than's, Dani... Not sure how long I was gonna b-be able t'keep thad up," she says, swaying a little on her feet before she can steady up. "Dunno whad 'e put in m'drink, bud it's /strong/!"

And that's when that voice comes over the earbud. "Dunno whad id is, but I already don' like it... I wanna go home. Or at leas' get some coffee."

"Hey." Ariel pops her head out, "So, there's a whole box filled with this." she holds up a strip of plastic. A ziptie. Useful for tying hands and feet. "Lot of hoods, too. The sort of thing you put over people's heads when you don't want them to see where it is you're going." She steps fully into the room. "Other stuff, too. The room reeks of bleach, like they watched CSI and know how to clean up a crime scene."

Seems Dani came prepared, not only did she have a gun strapped to her thigh but handcuffs around the other. Using them she cuffs Craig's arms tightly behind his back. She taps her ear "We got them. You can come down now." apparently there were FBI agents waiting for the signal. A tap to her wrist turns off the holoemitter and she moves where Craig can see her, his eyes widen in recognition "Who is it that's in trouble?" she asks in a dangerously sweet voice. Craig gulps, she isn't who he expected.

When Ariel comes out with her bit of evidence a frown comes to her face "Thank Ariel." a concerned look is sent to Chenda "I think he overdid it with her. Could you take her upstairs?" during the exchange FBI agents have secured the building and come downstairs en masse to take care of the rest.

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