Going off on a tangent

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Going off on a tangent

Beta Ray Bill, Blindfold, Phantasm

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Hell's Kitchen

Phantasm's surveilance of Gabriel is interrupted by talk of being an Avenger. The topic gets changed quickly.

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-----==[ Hell's Kitchen - New York ]==----------------------------------------
Some people call this area the Lower West Side; some people who want to talk it up call it Clinton. A few particularly unwise types call it West Midtown, but they'd better not do that where anyone can hear. Everyone else calls it Hell's Kitchen.

The congested streets are dominated by flat-faced, boxy buildings, three and four stories tall. Between some of them run alleyways - some wide enough to park a car in, some too narrow to give space for anything but ambushing a passerby. The slow transformation of much of the rest of Manhattan into a playground for the wealthy has met its match in the underworld here, which has a vested interest in keeping Hell's Kitchen and its inhabitants poor and desperate as a cover for its own activities, and in the danger of merely entering the neighborhood. After all - though other cities are better known for them lately, Hell's Kitchen is one of the places where street gangs began.

It is a cold and rai- Oh wait. Nope. It's just cold. Without the sky depositing it's worse, there's a bit more foot traffic out and about. For Hell's Kitchen, that brings the count to maaaaaybe three to four people visibly on the streets. Most everyone else has shut themselves in the safety of the indoors, or have jobs in the morning and can't waste it hanging out with friends on a work night. This makes for what should be a quiet evening, as evidenced by a certain Raven not having much reason to leave his perch on a building rooftop overlooking the entrance to The Bar With No Name. Assuming anyone has reasons to be staring at random birds sitting on the rooftop.

Blindfold climbed up the fire escape with bill behind her in case she fell, her cane folded up in her hand as she climbed up to the roof "pst...any luck?"

His appearance hidden by a long, dark blue winter topcoat, scarf, and a knit cap, Beta Ray Bill, in his native form, quietly climbs the fire-escape. His bearing and posture tense and alert. Surveillance. Not his specialty, but it's easy to drop back into old training and habits.

Not expecting anyone to be talking to him as a bird, Phantasm doesn't quite turn around and start talking back immediately. Instead, he does what one expects of a bird at some point. Wings flicking he ends up fluffing a bit. Grr. Raven just got two milimeters bigger! RAWR Fear him! However, that someone is talking on the roof does perk his curiousity as his head turns, looking towards Blindfold, and then, some old guy. He remains quiet.

Blindfold unfolds get cane and starts tapping her way over to phantasm "gabriel, the museum curator and middle man right? I brought bill along, we came to talk about something else with you please if you don't mind, it's nice to meet you again phantasm" she wore gloves and earmuffs in addition to her winter coat blindfold "if you let me, please I still would like to help with your problem?" She offers, yeah good old 'don't discount me cuz of my age' thing of teens

Bill, on the other hand, slips quietly over the rooftop's edge and moves in a low crouch to the opposite wall, looking over the side, exposing himself just barely enough to see. His white eyes narrow at the chill and he turns his collar up a bit...his people are not lovers of the cold - far from it. "Ruth, unobtrusive." he says softly, "You are high-profile at this moment." It isn't harsh, but it is in the tone of a teacher giving a lesson to a pupil, which is -exactly- what it is.

The bird's eyes look over to the guy as she mentions the name 'Bill', head tilting curiously before giving a nod of greeting to Bill and then towards the blind girl. He glances down to the entrance way before glancing towards Blindfold, then towards the access door to the roof. A wing gestures towards it, not even compensating for the girl's blindness in the unspoken direction.

Blindfold ducks sitting down against the roof ledge "oh goodness, I'm so sorry, I didn't realize, please forgive me" she says in a near whisper not wanting her voice to carry. Not much point was there in a blind girl having the street in surveilance, but she could try to read the future, or past

Bill glances towards the access door, then back out to the street below, his hot breath producing clouds of condensation. Seeing that, he lowers his head, breathing out against the brick to dissipate it before it can rise and be backlit, "Cursed frost. Jotunheim-taken, void-sucking..." he trails off, "Are you suggesting we move this inside?" he asks of the bird.

The bird's head tilts down, shaking 'no' before he spreads his wings and flies off the roof, seemingly flying away before looping around to land on the rooftop on the other side. He shakes his head, "More, move out of view of that side of the building." He finally answers, voice low.

Unlike Bill, the Raven doesn't seem to have an issue with the frost and his breath.

Blindfold smiles toward bill and puts her hand on his shoulder at his ranting about the cold. Then crawls on her hand and knees to the other side of the roof before sitting down, more comfy that way. "please phantasm forgive me I didn't mean to intrude if I did, please my apologies. Are you sure you have time to talk?" Then tilts her head "gabriel...mr bowler hat...museum curator...the organization..." Then shakes get head out of it, before smiling toward them both.

Bill seems a bit disappointed this is to stay out here, but he's not one for much complaining, and so he quietly shuffles to the access door and settles down, back to the wall, "I have been briefed only partially on this issue. But I will catch up as you speak."

The raven shakes his head, "He just went in. We've got about an hour if he holds to the pattern." He looks over to Bill and Blindfold, "The issue regarding this?"

Blindfold smiles to bill and tosses him four hot hands packets "open those up and shake the packets until they warm up lasts for 8hrs bill helps with the cold, yes thank you, you're welcome" then turns back to the raven "you don't realize it, I know, but please consider this, look deep in yourself, I think you'll realize you've had a dream all along to be an avenger. It's why life keeps pushing you toward them, please thank you"

"Exothermic chemical reaction. Hm." Bill notes as he activates one, "No shielding, but thermal sensors aren't too common here yet." he says idly. But he also listens. He knows why they are here, but he lets Ruth run the show for now, even if he -is- the only actual Avenger here. He's content to remain quiet until he can gauge the reaction.

The raven blinks, looking at Blindfold quietly. He looks over to Bill and then back over to the girl before letting out a small caw of laughter, shaking his head, "You should know that I don't dream like others do, Ruth." The eyes flit over to Bill, "Granted, it'd make some things easier. But I'm not exactly Avenger's material."

Blindfold smiles to bill "carbon based reaction, I don't understand it but someone read me the package once" then giggles at the raven "except deep down it's what you want, what you've been working toward all this time. You are avengers material...cuz I've seen it" shrugging with a smile, what other logic was there better then that?

"One would be surprised at the great range of beings that have borne that name." Bill says simply. Then leaves off.

Phantasm pauses, looking over towards Blindfold, "Just, how much about me have they been told? Other than Baker?"

Blindfold shakes her head "not much phantasm, honest please. All I told them was that you might need help with a certain order that's a personal problem, I know you'd never ask four help yourself, you want to deal with your own problems yourself because too many friends have been hurt already. Please, honest I have no details and didn't tell them much, just because it's your fight doesn't mean you have to fight it alone. I don't know how big this organization is, I'm sorry forgive me I wish I did, I know that one person going against an organization even a super hero doesn't usually end well. You are avenger material I've seen it and you have friends willing to help, please thank you"

Bill listens to Ruth's empassioned and...unique way of appealing to Phantasm's better nature, working against his pride. His thin lips curve upwards a bit, he's heard such entreaties before often enough among the Asgardians. Pride runs deeply in those people, "E'en the doughtiest warrior might sometimes welcome aid, if freely given." he says, looking up the cold, but brightly lit sky, "Naught is promised but consideration. But I find the little seer's insight is most valuable."

The raven seems quite confused, looking to Blindfold as she rambles on. He looks over to Beta Ray to see if he can offer any more information regarding how much the other Avengers have been clued in. When he doesn't get much beyond what was mentioned now, he glances to the direction of the bar and shakes his head. "Damn it." He mutters, flapping his wings and flying onto Bill's shoulder to perch, but having no weight in his landing, "I figured at least Ben would have you told you guys a little bit about what's going on, considering how often I was swinging by the tower to get information from Sue."

Blindfold smiles with a lil giggle "i may know more then people would like but I don't tell everyone. I wasn't sure you'd want me telling them everything, yes thank you. Though wanda knows your secret...and iceman and namor...not my doing, sorry my apologies."

Bill does not pry into any secrets, he supposes such things will come to light on their own if there is need, "We do not pry among this community." he says to the bird, his eyes shifting across the way, skimming the buildings, "There is...trust among Earth's champions, to a great extent."

Phantasm looks over to Blindfold, "How th-" He pauses, considering who could have told them before stopping after he'd already had three possible leaks pop into his head within a second. "Christ." He mutters, facewinging. This is not a happy bird at the moment. He shakes it off, attention going back to Bill, "There's been some not so 'random' attacks spread out over the past year or two. There's been a connection to some cards depicting dragon slayers being spotted there. The Order of Saint George. Seems to be several levels to it. Only got a middle man and a couple of the lacky's figured out. None of the ones pulling the strings of those below though."

Blindfold nods reaching out to pat the bird on the back gently "friends specially heroes can be trusted, yes thank you. Hmm dragons, if you don't mind my asking please?"

"I am preusiming this is metaphorical." Bill notes dryly.

Blindfold tilts her head "order of saint george are dragon killers...your father is known to done circles as the dragon. Yes and no bill, the dragons on the cards were literal, the fathers name is a codename, the order of saint george are real, yes thank you"

As Blindfold mention's Mike's father, the bird's eyes narrow. "Really?" The tone of the bird's voice is a bit disbelieving. Perhaps not of the information presented but of how it is presented. He looks over to Bill, "So, yeah, the Order's apparently targeting the interests of someone who goes by the name of The Dragon and seems to be involved in drug activities. He pauses, looking back over to Blindfold, "And apparently one of the interests involves a son he's never interacted with in the entirity of his lifetime. WHICH, resulted in the deaths of others."

The alien soldier's eyes narrow slightly at this information, and his hot breath stills for a moment, "How interesting to know." There is ire in his voice, and not directed towards any now present.

"The ties of family are oft strong, and can be used as an excuse for much, when one's own nature is more to blame."

Blindfold nods sadly "your father dies more then just a drug ring, more organized crime I'm afraid, my apologies. Sometimes people keep tabs on others and even interact with them without telling then who they really are, who knows your dad might be closet then you know, yes thank you. Often times a time honored tactic for punishing a person is to attack everyone they care about, guilt being a nice weapon to use against enemies that you nevet have to wild yourself, self punishment...I'm sorry forgive me for saying such a thing, it's a horrible tactic, but one used more often then it should, yes my deep apologies. I do know his real name if you're interested though. But I wonder hire they made the connection if yoy don't know who your father is?"

The bird looks at Blindfold. The line of his beak, straight and parallel to the roof surface. "I've been made aware of a lot of things recently, but I'm not giving a full out list of the details on a rooftop in the middle of the Kitchen when I'm waiting to see who Winters is communicating with." He glances over to Bill, "If you want all the details I have, I'm fine with giving them later." He looks over to Blindfold, "As for your wondering, until recently I hadn't much reason to WANT to know about him. I still don't want to but that doesn't seem like much of an option now. Not with everything that's come to light."

"Unfortunate, but an accurate assessment." Bill notes to the raven, "You have little choice but to become involved in a more active fashion, lest events spiral beyond your control even further." he pauses, considering, one four-fingered hand going to his strong chin, "This is an issue of strategy and intelligence, not mere force. The threads must first be unraveled before action be taken."

Blindfold tilts her head"sometimes communication....isn't verbal or face to face...sometimes a note on a scrap of receipt paper....left discreetly behind for anothet person to pick up..." Shaking her head she turned an apologetic face toward the raven before hugging her knees quietly

"Unfortunately All I got is a guy who stabs people a lot, a guy who tries to torch cars, and may have torched the Studio in Chelsea, and an old curator who relays commands to them from whoever's giving them." The Raven replies, "They've been a bit quiet since the attack at the concert and the one at the pub so a lot of these watching sessions have gone bust." He pauses, "...I did get a glimpse of one of the messages but all it said was 'Cadmus made his final form'.

You paged Blindfold with 'Cadmus, Greek mythology, prince who slew a favored guardian water-dragon (serpent). In the end he was turned into one himself.'

Blindfold sighs "which means they know your secret...and they're ahead in the game....this isn't fair I know and far from earned, I am sorry, my deep apologies" would ruth be owing another woven project? "wait...cadmus? We studied greek mythology, cadmus was a prince who slew a favored gaurdian water dragon, he was turned into one himself, sorry I'll shush now, my apologies you probably don't want my rambling"

"Cadmus..." Bill mulls that over...but the reference escapes him, being Greco-Roman, as he hasn't had much truck with Olympus, until Ruth explains. "The meaning is clear enough. The actions of this 'Cadmus' caused his own fate, chosen 'cause of said actions. It is a warning of consequences, and likely some debt or task to be fulfilled by the one who started the chain of events."

Despite his serious tone, he is rising to the challenge. Since his return, little has challenged him on this world, but an -intellectual- challenge? He is hard-pressed to resist.

"The raven is quiet for a few moments as he considers what is said. "It sounds familiar. Could have been one of the cards that were found or seen at one of those attacks."

Blindfold considers this "might be someone who took out one of their group and then they manipulated into joining their ranks, or perhaps one who was in their ranks but killed a season and then betrayed the order, I'm sorry, my apologies I wish I knew more...." She just couldn't keep her mouth shut sometimes

Bill chuckles, very softly, but still..."The little seer is most useful to have about, is she not?" he says, both wryly and appreciatively, "I am certain he does not mind your shedding some -" he pauses, the girl cannot see, after all, "Apologies, child. I am certain he does not mind your revealing what was heretofore hidden."

The Raven looks towards Blindfold, "No... no, go on. Nice to get some h-" He pauses, tilting his head curiously, "Killed a season?"

Blindfold blushes unwittingly "thank you yes, you are both kind"even if my mike got snappy at times "It perhaps refers to one of their own whom killed a dragon and then became a dragon, something that would be quite a betrayal to them. If we knew more about your father er might speculate if it referred to him somehow, it would explain their dogged persuit to causing him as much suffering before they confront him as they can. They may have wanted to choose a different target though, a hero is not someone to take on lightly"

The bird's head flicks to look in the direction of the ledge, "Can't help you much on that one. Most of what I got so far on him got dumped on me by a-" The bird pauses, "another person."

"Yes. The lack of clear information at this time precludes any action save intelligence gathering." Bill notes, running the hand-warmer between his palms and looking up at the sky again - seeking the bright star his people have claimed for their own, but there is too much light, the air is filled with it here, obscuring it from view. "It is likely they do not know of your abilities. You do keep such knowledge closely guarded here...or many of you do, at any rate."

Blindfold nods "the museum curator, messenger to the order, did I tel you his real name, please if you don't mind me asking?" Then sighs "unfortunately if they've attacked the people they have and the studio, I'm sorry, my apologies but it seems they already know. May I ask please how we gather more info?" Oh if only someone could tell her hire to control and follow her visions

"The bird looks over at Blindfold as Bill mentions keeping the knowledge closely guarded. "Well, try at least. Although, there are those lapses in judgement..." He looks over to Bill, "Have we reached that point where I might as well just give you my phone number?" He looks over to Blindfold, "No, but I've MET that guy before..."

"Phantasm," Bill begins slowly, "I am an alien here, a friend to the Asgardians, I am...very old by your standards, and I have traveled across the cosmos fleeing an interdimensional assault from a creature that may predate your civilization. The minutae of your identity means little to me. You need not be concerned." It is said evenly, he is not chiding, but explaining what he is compared to the 'mundanity' of the situation.

Blindfold grins sheepishly toward the raven, falling quite silent again "Sorry, my apologies, please forgive me" well save for an apology

The lower portion of the raven's beak parts ways, revealing his not being ready for such a response. He shakes his head, "Well, it's the principle of the thing," The bird mutters, "In the middle of surveilance on top of a rooftop in the middle of the damn Kitchen is not the best of places to be playing 'This is your life'." He glances over to Blindfold, "Just, next time don't be so free with the knowledge, alright? If it's not an emergency, at least ask first."

"The little seer can hardly help what she has been given, but only cope with the enormity and responsibility of her burden. For one so young, she is doing quite well." Again, Bill's fondness for the girl is clear, "But protocol -is- important. Then you may share what you see fit to share, with the understanding that the Avengers are trustworthy in the utmost."

Blindfold smiles lightly with a nod and reaches over to hug Bill's arm "Thank you both, I will try to watch my tongue better, though hard to do literally, yes thank you. Perhaps..we should go somewhere more private if we plan to talk in more depth, please of neither of you mind?"

Phantasm glances towards the edge of the rooftop before shaking his head, "I can't right now. But we can talk later about these details." The bird glances towards Blindfold, "You know how to contact me."

"We can offer the most secure of locations." Bill notes, his hands going back to the hand-warmer packet, "I daresay moreso than most anywhere else on this world-" quietly, almost as an aside he adds, "or another."

Blindfold smiles "Can we help in your current task then, please if you don't mind?" nodding, she'd know how to contact phanty "Regretably I'm still working on my control, unfortunately no magic secret for it, I'm sorry, my apologies"

"Well that's good because we sure as hell can't talk at my place." Phantasm quips, looking back towards the edge. Blindfold's question does cause for some pause as he contemplates how it could go wrong. "Don't get seen leaving the roof?" He offers up in suggestion, "I'm not sure how well you two would be for tailing someone."

"It is not our forte', let us say." Bill admits. "But we do bring a great many skills to the table, nonetheless. Intelligence analysis is one of mine. I have been a soldier for a -very- long time. Ruth also possesses a keen analytical mind aside from her innate abilities."

Blindfold grins "If I could get in his head then I might be able to keep track of him, maybe follow his life thread. Never tried before but you never know right yes?"

Phantasm stays quiet for a bit considering things presented. It's a bit hard to read the Raven's expression at the moment as he simply maintains a good poker beak. "Tempting..." The head shakes, "Another time maybe. We know where he goes to work."

"So long as the matter is not dangerously urgent...then time shall be taken." Bill does realize the subject matter has drifted a bit, "Mayhaps the timing, child, is not the best for our initial purpose." he notes to Ruth.

Blindfold nods reaching out to pat the ravern gently "We'll be at the diner in mutant town warming up if want to meet us when you're done here, phantasm, thank you yes" then smiles toward bill "Yes, the topic has certainly bounced around a bit and you must be quite cold. Maybe a hot drink to warm up, please yes?"

With the raven looking towards the ledge, Blindfold's hand passes through Phantasm the first time through, making no physical indication of anything being in that space. He nods, "I'll keep that in mind."

Bill nods slightly, but does not yet rise, "A fine idea. While it is good to remember myself as I was, my other form does lack certain limitations."

Blindfold seems a bit puzzled at finding nothing contacting her hand but soft snow but bill makes her softly chuckle "I'm quite cold up here myself, I imagine you are quite ice cube Bill, yes, something hot and a warm place to sit will get feeling back into our fingers and toes" she teases but doesn't it sound wonderful? all that was missing was a crackling fire in a lodge cabin.

"Just, don't get spotted when you head down." Phantasm cautions, somewhat asks of the pair before he starts moving towards the edge of the building again. The purplish black of the feathers seem a bit more gray as he moves over, soon fading from view completely.


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