Going...Going... Boom!

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Black Panther, Night Raven, Arachne, NPC: Yi-Yang

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Bowery - Manhattan

Black Panther, Night Raven and Arachne bust up an illegal auction.

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-----[Bowery Neighborhood - Manhattan]-----

It's been 'a few days' and it's time to engage the Dragon Tong. The evening is upon them where the Panther is to meet Night Raven at the proposed location to intercept the items which were stolen from the Panther. It is there they will interrupt a very secret underworld auction and attempt to arrest Night Raven's arch nemesis, Yi Yang; as well as any other underworld figures present.

Knowing the operation will require additional support, the Panther contacted Arachne indicating that she meet him at the specified location Bowery and Lower East Side, warehouse district and he would inform her on what is going down.

The three amigos gathered at the specified location and the Panther laid out the plan detailing the situation with a holographic projector giving maps and information regarding the potential resistance they will come against. There's also information about the vehicles in the parking area around the warehouse and indication that the guards standing around the warehouse carry automatic weapons concealed beneath their out of season jackets.

Standing on a nearby roof, the three amigos can hear the shipping horns of the nearby harbor and east river, the humidity is high and clouds hang low over the city. The evening is hot and otherwise uncomfortably annoying.

It becomes the hour of their assault, 10pm, and the last of the attendees have arrived for the auction. Stealthfully, the three amigos make their way onto the rooftop to look through the skylights of the warehouse. The scene below is much like any auction, a stage with a few dozen chairs before and facing it. A podium on the stage where the auctioneer will stand. There are several dozen well-dressed individuals within the room as well as many thugs all around. Just beyond the seating area, there are standard warehouse shipping crates.

The Panther wants to wait till his object comes into view. He does not wish to chance losing it.

Night Raven will take note of his target as well, Yi Yang, dressed in a stunning red oriental dress with her hair up and looking quite lovely.

The auction proceeds, various persons are talking on phones to their bosses while engaged in the bidding war. After five successful sales, the metallic Wakandan crate is presented (it's approximately 3'x4'x3', metallic, and shown to open. Within seems to be some sort of large high tech tube). The Panther shifts forward in his posture and makes ready, he says, "It is time."

With two revolvers present, Night Raven is more than ready for this time. He has other things in site besides Black Panther's create that he had been expecting. While that crate is the common cause for the amigos gathering, its serves the purpose of having these heroes together at the meeting. He remains silent, sticking to this part of the plan as was outlayed. Let the man get his box, Night Raven will get Yi Yang.

Kneeling by the skylight, Arachne watches the auction below. She pays little attention to what the two men do nearby, she is just watching her target as well as the reactions of the bidding war amoungst the rougue gallery.

When the Wakandan crate gets put on the block she glances up at the two men, assuming they are ready to do there part. Once they go through the sky light she drops through, hanging upside down from the broken frame. She reaches a hand out and bag of webbing forms around the crate, a hand flick and it is flying toward the ceiling to stick there, out of everyone's reach but hers.

Dropping in, the Panther shatters the glass and falls with the shards - raining down onto the thugs below.

Having little time to react, the Panther is upon the thugs and engaged with hand to hand strikes.

As they marked their time and planned this, Night Raven is firing his grappling gun at about the time Panther shatters the glass. He'll follow in on a zip line, preparing to go guns hot when he hits the ground running.

From her vantage on the ceiling Arachne can see the whole room and the in roads that Panther and NR and making through the groups of thugs. In an effort to prevent escape of thugs and most importantly Yi-Whats-Her-Name, she begins to seal the main exit with a mesh of webbing.

The Panther is engaged by 12 thugs baring knives and pistols. Shots are fired, their compatriots are hit, the Panther disarms, knocks out, and continues to engage.

The room reacts badly. Several move to flee as they know they are outgunned and suspect that police are in route - which they are (the Panther hit the signal). Yi Yang is seen moving into the high crates, essentially out of sight unless someone is directly above or in horizontal line of sight. She is flanked by her two bodyguards.

As guards begin to drop, Night Raven doesn't reload his pistols. Rather they are quickly pocketed and automatic pistols or worse, are picked up in the blood bath begining to unfold around him. Unlike the Panther, where bullets simply do not penetrate his armor, the bullets that hit Night Raven's suit pierce him. Most travel through his scarred flesh and exit the back side but seem to do little noticable damage to the man himself other than having his nice black suit torn up.

"Nice try lady," Arachne says to herself, though she probably won't be heard over the gun fire reverberating throughout the building. She moves across the ceiling to where Yi is trying to get away. With another flick of her wrist a line of webbing manifests, targetting one of Yi's bodyguards to wrap around him, holding the other end she gives it a quick jerk so that he flies past NR, and will signal to him where Yi and her guards are fleeing.

The guard yells as he's flung aside. The other guard turns, and visually follows the trail of webbing up to Arachne. He raises his automatic weapon and holds the trigger down in an attempt to spray Arachne with hot lead.

The Panther leaps over several goons and kicks them in the head as he does. Landing into another set, he starts attacking them in the same manner as before - subdue, not kill.

With the guard flying past, Night Raven practices trap shooting before looking to see where the man fell from. Then he sees Yi Yang, one watching might notice that she pauses as if to get that attention. As if part of all this was her plan, a lure for Night Raven perhaps. Regardless, the immortal man takes the bait from the immortal woman. Taking present weapons, he begins clearing a path through fleeing guards so that he can get closer to the head mistrees of the Dragon Tong.

Being noticed and shot at, not good. Fortunately she is more than a match for a gunman. Arachne drops from the ceiling as the bullets fly her way and with a graceful flip and twist she lands on the floor below in a ready stance. Any stray bullets that may have found her doesn't seem to effect her much, thanks to her dense musclature.

Making up her lack of fighting skill with speed and agility, she prepares to enter the fray.

Yi Yang leaps over the obstacles and disappears behind another series of crates. The remaining thug continues his assault toward Arachne with the intent of unloading the magazine.

Meanwhile, the Panther continues to assault his remaining dozen targets.

Elsewhere, there is an explosion as a grenade was accidently dropped and exploded killing three goons. Others in the area were knocked back and sustained serious injuries. Regardless, it blows a hole in the brick siding of the warehouse and gives others a way to escape.

Thugs continue to scatter.

On the verge of pursuing Yi Yang who is ducking and weaving behind crates. the thump of the grenade gets Night Raven's attention. A pause as he stands silent looking at the whole and then the fleeing mobs going for that whole. Not on his watch. Standing coldly in the chaos, he aims for the goons at the whole, like a target outlining their bodies trying to slip through it, he guns down any man trying to flee that way.

More bullets to dodge. It's going to become a vertiable gymnastics floor routine in here if this continues. Which is basically what Arachne is doing to keep from being hit by the bullet spray of the automatic weapon. If she has to vault off the bodies of a few thugs (ones that are trying to fight or escape) to do it all the better. That will make it easier from Panther to subdue them.

The Panther strikes several more times, taking out adjacent opponents.

Others are mowed down by bullets. The room is filled with sounds of gunfire.

More and more, the only gunfire seems to be coming from Night Raven rather than thugs. Certainly those brave few stand and return fire at the heroes, but more are making cause to get out of the blood bath. A few more grenades resound, either jostled free in the panic, or in that panic tossed madly and probably doing more harm to other thugs than to the heroes anyways. In these moments, Night Raven refocuses, now is the time to take out those men still firing. So moving from target to target, he will fire directly at any man still holding a gun and making a stand.

As she flips through the room Arachne gets a bit to close to one of the grenade explosions and she is thrown back toward the thug who was trying to shoot at her. His magazine should be out of bullets by now...hopefully. Either way she plows into him. Thanks to the bullets and the grenade schrapnel, (mostly the latter) her costume is torn in places and she has a few injuries, but nothing that is going to stop her with the adrenaline rush she has going.

The Panther leaps and will /will/ his cloak to expand/lengthen to become a full length drape. Landing behind Arachne, he'll throw it around the both of them and say, "Get Down." in his calm calculated voice.

He will have left three flash/bang grenades in the general area of the thugs. The cloak will protect himself and Arachne and NR is likley out of immediate range/harm.

Thugs will not realize that they're about to be stunned.

Subsequently, thugs stunned will not realized they are about to be gunned - down by Night Raven. Thanks for getting a few to pause in their tracks, the vigilante will make quick work of any easy targets. Letting their blood spill to the floor, he is less likely to walk out and around now. Whether the ringing of gunfire is getting to his ears and mind is unknown, likewise scar tissue over decades of injuries could be helping him in that regard for all anyone knows. Between KO'd thugs, gunned down thugs, fleeing thugs, there are only a few left by this point. Moving slowly, Night Raven will now proceed to fire with one gun, dropping the other one he picked up off some dead villain, and take out his branding stick. While not killing any man KO'd, he is going to start branding survivors.

Not that Arachne can hear much of anything over the ringing in her ears. Repeated gunfire in a closed environment, will do that to you. But she gets the point when Panther is suddenly right there and flinging his cape around. Having just gotten to her feet she turns toward Panther as she ducks and covers under his cloak.

The cloak protects them both from the flash, the bang, and the concussive force of the explosions. It's still loud and he did his best to cover her ears. Still loud. He will stand and leave his full length cloak around her. No need to tread much beyond CCA regulations.

That's when the Panther takes note of the environment. Not only were the thugs stunned, but they were also gunned down by NR. Sharply, the Panther glares at NR and says nothing. Though the intent is within his eyes.

That intent is never played out however as suddenly a missile streaks through the warehouse, impacts with a nearby crate, and the subsequent explosion will be significant enough to bring down the walls.

Going from further mad intent to thrown and covered in wall. The last of Night Raven will probably be seen as smoke from the explosion and subsequent dust from the walls falling and him disappearing in that chaos. Whatever comes of the Avengers present, he'll be gone. It may never be known if he became one of the bodies that will later be counted - and hard to count which was which, dead by Night Raven or dead by grenades or dead by rocket - or simply gone after the other missing person, Yi Yang.

Arachne is about to shed the cloak herself when the missle comes flying in from nowhere. That idea is quickly given up and she huddles under it as the explosion rocks the building and the walls and building collapse around them. There she stays for a twenty count after the major vibrations end and she flings off the draping fabric "Panther? Night Raven?"

The Panther can be found several yards away amidst debris. His costume absorbed the brunt of the blow, yet he'll be hurting for a few days. Laying on his back, the Panther groans and says, "I am here, Arachne."

With parts of the ceiling still falling and dust settling Arachne gets to her feet, her strength allowing her to move debris off of her. Draping the cloak over her shoulder she carefully moves across the field of debris, moving bits of wall and ceiling beams as necessary. When she gets to where Panther has landed the begins to shift debris there, careful though not to move any load bearing peices. "That didn't quite end as we planned."

The Panther rises to a seated position, "Where is he?" is asked as he looks around for NR. Notes his own crate nearby, webbed, and secure.

"Night Raven?" Arachne queries, just to make sure they aren't talking about one of the other people that could have escaped, "Well..." she concentrates a moment but with all the debris and the previous explosions she can't get a good read on any vibrations from moving people/objects "the explosion has got all my senses weirded out. I don't know. I guess he could have gotten buried."

Moving to his feet, the Panther looks back to Arachne, "Are you injured?" is the question presented. While he himself rubs his right forearm.

She has been doing her best to ignore the aches, pains, cuts and bruises that have come from the fight. They are many but nothing life threatening, though she may need stiches in a few, she'll also need to requsistion a new costume. She rubs her shoulder she got hit by something be it bullet or ceiling beam "I'll be fine." with the mask is much easier to hide any pain she may be feeling. "We may want to make sure there is no collateral damage." meaning nearby buildings or innocents that were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Outside, sirens are heard as police, fire/rescue are pulling into the area. "Go, see to your needs, I will handle the situation." and he starts (slowly at first) walking toward the main entrance where red and blue lights are seen. Thus leaving her with his cloak and giving her the freedom to depart without considerable delay.

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