Girl Meets Girl

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Girl Meets Girl

Julie Power, Penny Lane

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2013/05/20 14:22

Empire State University Campus, Manhattan, NYC, USA

Julie bumps into Penny. They introduce themselves to each other.

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It's weird being back in the States. Almost everyone she passes on campus is speaking English. It's not as if she has forgotten the sound of her native tongue, but she hasn't been immersed in it for three years. The tall redhead with blonde streaks in her hair nods to others as they acknowledge her, and makes her way towards the English and Drama department building. According to the notes in the email she received, she needs to visit a Professor Morrisey here, and take some exam to prove her facility with English writing, for placement in her courses in the department. Apparently they refuse to accept the SAT.

While Penny is a redhead with blonde streaks, Julie Power is a blonde with red streaks. Strawberry blonde, as they are called. Why is the high school student on campus? She just played the lead role in a student film. Something involving aliens abducting puppies. It was silly but fun and it will help pad her resume. Which puts her in good spirits. Good enough that she's considering ducking behind a building and taking to the skies to fly away. Which explains why she's not looking where she's going and runs smack dab into the woman-mountain that is Penny Lane.

The tall redhead spots the strawberry blonde a moment or two before the impact, and reaches out to - gently - grab her, to gentle the force of their impact. She is very solid, as even the gentle bump will show. "Oops. Sorry about that." she offers. Thankfully, she says it in English, rather than in French (or Japanese, or Swahili). "Didn't mean to get in your way." she offers, turning to the side, ready to let the pretty blonde go on about her business. It isn't her place to keep her, after all.

"Oh! Sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going." Julie says with a little grin. She looks up (and up and up and up). "You have GOT to be here on a basketball scholarship. Is the WNBA headhunting you yet because, wow. You are major tall. I mean, She-Hulk tall."

Penny giggles at that, but it comes out deeper, like a chuckle. All part of that larger than life experience. "That's OK. No harm done." Her cheeks pink up a bit, and she shakes her head. "Nope, no NBA recruiting. I don't mind basketball, but it's not really my favorite. I prefer swimming, cross-country running, and martial arts." Honestly, being compared to She-Hulk isn't all bad. She-Hulk is usually considered pretty damned gorgeous, tall, and an impressive heroine. But Penny has no interest in the law, thanks. "I was just going to head inside to see Professor Morrisey. Apparently he's the gatekeeper around here for the English and Literature department in the ECHS program." Which means the girl who is that tall is actually in high school, assuming Julie has ever heard of it.

Nope. Julie has no idea what any of that means. "Oh. Well, good luck. I don't actually go to school here so I hope you know where you're going. I can't direct you." She glances around for a moment. "All these buildings basically look alike to me. I'd, you know, go into a building thinking it was English and be in the middle of a science test."

"Well, I do have a map on my phone, and a GPS. But I'll be careful." Penny smiles wryly. "I don't go to school here yet, myself. I'm hoping I'll be able to qualify for the program, and then I can go to school here. Finish up high school, and start college, all at once." Then she extends her right hand. "I'm Penny." she offers.

Julie accepts the hand. Her's is smaller but surprisingly strong despite that. Not superhuman but fairly durable. "Nice to meet you. Julie. Finishing up high school and starting college all at once? Sounds like something my brother would do. Or my sister. They're both geniuses."

"I don't really think of myself as a genius." An honest answer from Penny. "Dad often jokes that I am." And maybe he's not joking, merely offering the compliment, the title, the only way he knows his little girl will accept it. "I just know I want to finish up with college as quickly as I can, so I can enroll in the SHIELD academy."

"Wow. Seriously ambitious." Julie says, nodding her head. "I guess SHIELD needs good people, too, considering. I mean, after that whole thing with the head of the whatever it was called a month ago went absolutely nuts and attacked Asgard." There's a little heat in her voice. Julie has friends in Asgard!

Penny nods firmly. "Yeah. Norman Osborn, the head of HAMMER at the time. He had taken over SHIELD, remade it in his own image, really ruined everything. Really glad to see that jerk gone." She shrugs her shoulders a bit. "I'll never understand how they could let /him/ get in that kind of position. Nice to meet you, Julie."

Julie shrugs and shakes her head. "My experience is institutions often make bad decisions because they remove themselves from the experiences of the individual." She giggles. "Wow. That sounded a little pop psych, huh? Sorry. But, trust me, there are entire governments who have done that. They usually just need to be reminded that they ARE people."

"Still stupid, but you're probably right." Penny offers. "And yeah, maybe it did sound a little pop psych, but that doesn't mean it's inaccurate. You know?" That's often how it is, at least to some extent. Honest observations often are. "So, you into psych?"

"Oh, no. I'm an actor." Julie says, very quickly. "Or trying to be. Its why I'm on campus. There was a student film and I had a part in it. Nothing big. Martians Want Our Puppies. I think the writer was going for a satirical look at 1950s anti-communism hysteria through the lens of Z-movies. Horrible but I had fun doing it."

The tall redhead gives a chuckle at that. "Kinda neat, in a weird way." she offers as her own opinion on the matter. "Definitely pretty enough for an actress. Guess you're not in college yet either, then?" It's not just that Julie doesn't go here, but that she doesn't go to college at all just yet? "Any idea where they're going to show 'Martians Want Our Puppies'?" If only so that Penny can see Julie act. Cool, right?

A faint scarlet spreads across Julie's cheeks. "Oh, thanks. Umm.. no. I'm in high school still. Going to a school in Westchester County next semester. And I don't know. I mean, they'll probably do a student film festival here next year. It'll probably be in that, I guess? It probably won't make it to the bigger festivels."

"Oh. A nice private school?" She can't imagine why a NYC high school student would head out to Westchester to go to school. "Well, guess I'll have to do my best to still be around next year, then, so I can get to see your work." Penny smiles. "So. Where were you headed to in such a hurry, if you're done with your movie-making?" she queries.

Julie chuckles, rubbing the back of her neck. "Oh, no where. Just live my life pretty fast, I guess. Was done here and on my way back home. Had to... umm... catch the bus." Yeah, the bus. That's the ticket. "Or the train, probably. Probably better to catch the train."

"The subways here in New York are not nearly so good as those in Tokyo. But they're still pretty good." Penny opines, noting if not fully understanding Julie's bit of nerves. How cute. Wait, where'd that thought come from? "I should probably let you head off to catch your train, I guess." Of course, Penny is thinking how much easier it would be to fly. But she has to be careful about that. Right?

"Yeah. I probably should." Julie says, though she doesn't quite move. "Umm... you seem... nice. Maybe we could have coffee? That would be fun. You could let me know if you get into school." She slips her phone from a pocket.

The tall redhead smiles, though a hint of additional colors shows up on her cheeks as well. "I seem nice? Well, that's good, right? You seem nice too, Julie." She reaches up and plucks her phone from the pouch on the shoulder strap of her backpack, and starts tapping up to create a contact in her Starkphone for Julie. "Can I get a last name?" she offers, before then offering up her own (Lane), and her phone number and email address, and then taking down Julie's in turn.

"Power." Since these are Starkphones, its pretty easy to swap contact information. There's an app for that, in fact. And a little phone bump involved. "Maybe I'll call you sometime? I can get pretty busy between auditions and school but I'd like to hang out."

"Sure. That'd be cool. Good luck on your next audition." Penny offers with a smile, tapping her phone to Julie's when they're both ready. She lingers a bit, watching Julie as the blonde eventually goes on her way. Then she finally breaks free of that reverie and taps on her phone, summoning up her map to be sure this is the right building, then making her way inside as she searches for the right room.

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