Ghost Strike Part 1: Surprise Introduction

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Ghost Strike Part 1: Surprise Introduction

Suzanne Endo, The Ghost

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06/25/12 20:30

Endo Electronics USA HQ

The Ghost has been set upon Suzanne Endo, and he makes his presence known. Kaboom!

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Already great strides are being made to prepare the campus of buildings at the Staten Island facility for the start of Endo Electronics' US division. First up, for a multitude of reasons, are the administrative offices. Suzanne has been here for most of two days, by herself, installing ECM systems, security scanners, cloaking fields. All so that she can secret away an entire suite of rooms for her own private use. She hasn't yet moved the Cybermancer armor and support gear into place, of course. But that will probably be tomorrow. First, she wanted to be sure that the site would be fully secure, so that the construction crews and decorating staffs won't ever notice a thing. She has managed this long keeping the secret of Cybermancer because she is very careful. She's not about to change that now.

Now, after all those hours of work, Suzanne has finally finished. A long, hot shower makes her feel better. Dried off, wet hair wrung out and then twisted into a bun, Suzi has slipped into clothes a bit better suited for the CEO's casual attire than the scientific genius inventor's attire. She is sitting at the desk that was already in the space when she purchased this location. It is cleaned off, and she is actually eating a meal brought in by one of her staff. She could be eating anywhere. But for this evening, she stakes the claim to the new home of her company by eating her meal here, in what will become her office and the new beating heart of her empire. Go figure, she's having /real/ Mandarin cooking, not that Americanized, bastardized stuff most Chinese restaurants sell.

For minutes, all is normal. Really, it's almost serene. Of course, appearances can be deceiving. For even now, eyes hidden behind lenses linked to a surprisingly small sensor suite have scanned the room thoroughly. Sensor. ECM package. IR sensor. Motion sensor. Their locations have been noted, and it's time to get to 'work'.

Letting her get comfortable, the intruder waits a few minutes more.

A voice sounds from...somewhere. Distorted, echoing, but not loud. Cool as the grave, with a slight, accusatory edge. "Your little bit of bribery -certainly- got you in good graces with the city, didn't it, Miss Endo?" it asks, and goes on, not waiting for a reply, "Opportunistically take advantage of a disaster to get some favourable property tax rates? Maybe a little kickback from the firms doing the construction work? Maybe we don't need any more of -your kind- here."

When the voice sounds, predictably Suzanne looks up, eyes sweeping the room. "Who's there? This is private property. You are trespassing." She puts down the chopsticks, still looking for some sign of her verbal opponent. Even so, one hand under the table taps out commands on her phone, as it uplinks to the systems she has installed, starting to sweep the area for her intruder. Her security staff aren't here, yet. So she has no one to call for help, really. Most interestingly, she makes zero attempt to address the voice's accusations, almost as if it is beneath her notice.

Something small, shaped like a tiny, metallic dome appears, seemingly from midair, in an arc that sends it rattling onto Suzi's desktop, right over where her hand lies settles, rattling, then erupts into a small, fitful geyser of sparks, and begins burning -straight down- through the desk. A tiny thermite charge, horribly bright.

The voice speaks again, mocking, "Ah-ah-ah. No -peeking-, Miss Endo. No -cheating-." the voice grows a bit harsher, though still unable to be pinpointed, "You think you have everything under control, don't you? Your kind always does."

Suzanne shifts position, clearing the spot of the thermite charge as she looks away, lifting her sunglasses into place to shield her eyes. The benefit of this is not readily apparent, but soon enough the connection between glasses and phone comes to life, showing her the screen's display as her sensor feeds are routed to the phone and the display is presented on the inside of the tinted, mirrored lenses. She sweeps the room thoroughly, finding the IR profile easily, but also working to pick out other signals and wave patterns. If this jerk can tell what she was doing with her phone, he's not going to slip up so obviously. She's sure of that. "'My kind'? You idiot, you have no idea what 'my kind' is." Poke. Prod. Wanna play? Good luck!

"Industrialist. Parasite. Making your millions on the backs of others. Siphoning a disproportionate amount of wealth into your own coffers." The voice rasps back. The Ghost (for that's our intruder) knows this target is -good-, and he's being a little extra-careful. Stark actually managed to catch him off-guard a few times, and that was a few times too many.

His cloaking suite is running full-spectrum. The only reason he can even -see out- right now is due to piggybacking on the room's own security system, which is feeding him a virtual approximation of the room and its contents that he sees in his goggles. And he knows that puts him on a timer, because Ms. Endo is -going- to find his remote infiltration if he waits too long. So it's time to get a little less subtle.

A chair flips over and crashes to the floor, the chopsticks in her food rise and stand on end - the cultural significance likely not lost on her - on offering to the dead. The Ghost scans the room again, it's very fortified, electronically. He -could- just start tossing charges around, but that wouldn't -tell- him anything...

"You've got a secret," his voice hollowly speaks, his initial coolness restored, "I don't know -what-, but you're trying to -hide- something, aren't you? Don't worry, I'll find out - eventually."

"No. You won't." Suzanne answers. She doesn't have a doubt in her mind that this is dangerous. But she faces it fearlessly. She faced her own doppleganger from the future and managed to send the crazy bitch back where she came from. She can do this. She reads the sensors ... and then she spots it. It's a miniscule variance, but it's there. A tightly focused, encrypted, low-power EM signal, connecting to her own sensor suite.

Click. Tap. Slide. Taptap. And the sensors power down. She has no idea what that will do to her tormentor. But she knows it will do something. And that's enough.

So. She found it. Faster than he predicted. His countdown still has more than a solid minute on it. The Ghost's goggles go blank. In fact, the little counter is all that's live on his feed right now. He's got power, yes, but no -data-. And -that-. Oh, how he hates -that-.

It's easy enough to switch all his usual systems back on, takes a moment. Against someone like Iron Man he'd be helpless for a moment, blind, but he's not worried about -that- from this one. She's dangerous in an entirely different fashion. So it's time to change the approach again.

Power is rerouted quickly, his cloaking systems have to shut down for this, and he simply...fades into view, an outlandish figure garbed in white - a hood, a blank face with wide, goggled eyes, a flowing cape from arms to waist...oh, and the hexagonal-barreled weapon with the unusual, crossbar grip pointed at Ms. Endo. let's not neglect that little detail.

He isn't going to try and kill her here and now. She's got a secret, and dead women tell no tales, and if this is a big enough secret, she may not even -have- electronic records online anywhere. Just a few physical drives, and he hasn't had time to sniff anything like that out.

Nothing on any network the Ghost is ever going to find ties back to Suzanne's secret. She is /that/ careful. That cautious. And she isn't afraid of munitions, either. Everything in her secrets is tied to self-destructs. She'd rather destroy it all, reduce it all to slag and scrap, than allow anyone to take it from her control. Period.

The young woman sitting at the desk looks up, mirrored glasses looking right at the figure that has appeared, and still shows no fear at the sight of that weapon. "Time for you to go, now, Mister Trespasser. You have long since worn out your lack of welcome." Tap, slide-swish tap. Dead-woman's switch activated. "Now, unless you would like to start keeping company with ... how do the Americans put it? Ah! Yes. Keeping company with 'Bubba'? Unless you would like to start, time for you to scamper back to the sewers where you belong."

So. -That's- how she's going to play it? The Ghost figures it's time to show this upstart just who she's playing life-or-death games with. Keeping the weapon trained on her, almost as an afterthought, he 'walks' slowly towards the desk, his lower legs passing through the chair that lies on the floor. Intangibility...he could ride out any sort of explosion in that state. The interface to make that work is a marvel of complexity involving the electromagnetic forces of atoms in large groups, or he'd have nothing to 'push' against.

"It must be -quite- the secret to get this sort of response." he says in that same, echoing voice, "-Now- I'm not just going to destroy your company, I'm going to steal your secret, too. And you won't even see it coming."

He raises the weapon, crooking his arm so it points toward the ceiling, and squeezes the grip. It's not a projectile weapon, instead it fired a stream of charged particles, then channeled a large burst of electricity along the ionized air, it should overload and physically fry most of the lighting in this section of the building, plunging the area into darkness - and with the sensors he was piggybacking on now switched off...he calculates he should have a few seconds to phase through the wall, snap his cloaking tech back up, and leave. He's got a -lot- to do with this one, it seems.

Of course, it seems Ghost can't really fathom Suzanne at all, for she is no upstart. He strides ahead, and she faces him, cold and unmoving. Simply ready. "Whatever secrets I may have, they will never be yours. And you would be surprised - no, shocked - at what /I/ see."

Ghost fires the weapon. It strikes the lighting just as he planned. And Suzanne jumps back as the sparks shower from the overhead lighting systems, the unsecured electrical systems succumbing rapidly to the overcharge. The breakers are tripped, the lights go down in half the building.

And then the very floor beneath Ghost's feet rumbles. The wall he was so curious about earlier shakes and then cracks. In an instant, he has managed to make Suzanne's thumb move, and set off the explosives.

Everything he said he wanted? It's now gone. Utterly and completely, quite thoroughly destroyed. Apparently it was all set up to be completely safe for all of the habitable spaces of the facility. There is no threat to Suzanne's life.

A minute later, a call is made. "Yes. I will need a car at the prior address, as soon as possible. Thank you."

As he fades from sight, The Ghost realizes he'd made a slight tactical error. Endo doesn't bluff, apparently. Well, denied the prize he was curious about, at least he denied it to -her- as well, and in his twisted mind, that's a victory. The Ghost: 1 Corporate Parasites: 0.

Of course, he realizes he's really going to have to rethink this one. She wasn't -afraid-. Others have been, they've panicked, made mistakes, begged. But Suzi Endo isn't like that. He -could- just try killing her, but then someone else would just step up and take over, and he'd hate to have to make killing CEOs of Endo Electronics his new hobby. Takes time away from other work.

The man beneath the mask starts heading back to his cloaked vehicle stashed nearby. o O (Alright then. Change of tactics. She isn't able to be intimidated. So, might want to step up the sabotage end of things...but not her. Oh no...let's see how brave the crews -doing- her work are. Interfere with construction and setup instead, bleed her revenue stream that way for now. Then do a little more work at getting into her accessible systems, see what she's got stashed there that's usable.)

Suzanne exits the building and waits for the car she just summoned to appear, climbing inside with her briefcase. "Thank you for coming. Would you please head to the airport? Thank you."

The young executive settles back into the seat, quiet and calm. Encrypted messages pass from her phone. Arrangements are made to secure a seat on a flight headed to London, with further flights all the way back to Hong Kong. Additionally, she puts her security teams on alert, moving them in to secure her new penthouse, the facility she just left, and all of the Endo Electronics facilities around the world. Another message, to a private investigation firm she has on retainer, starts the research to figure out /who/ just tried to threaten her. Because she fully intends to respond in kind.

By the time Suzanne arrives at the airport and settles into her seat board her flight to London, she has taken care of nearly everything. Now, as she waits for the plane to receive clearance for its takeoff, she makes her final communication.

"Hello, Sebastian. This is Suzi. I am afraid I will need to postpone our dinner plans. Some important business concerns have arisen, and I am flying out now to return to Hong Kong. I would greatly appreciate the chance to reschedule with you, as soon as I am able to return. What? Something wrong? I do not yet know how serious it is. But we will talk again once I know."

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