Ghost Strike 3: Enter the Requiem Sharks

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Ghost Strike 3: Enter the Requiem Sharks

Suzanne Endo, Sally Blevins, Sebastian Shaw, Stealth, Smarts

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07/09/12 21:30

Endo Electronics Campus, Staten Island, New York City

Shaw promised to help Suzi deal with The Ghost and his threat to her and her company. He shows up with some mercenaries willing to risk themselves against said terrorist.

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The new Endo Electronics campus has shown significant progress in a short period of time, especially considering the challenges in getting staff present willing to do the construction work that needs doing. The incidents have continued in attempts to terrorize the work crews, but every time someone quits, someone else takes their job. The company has not allowed anything to interfere. What damage that has been done to the buildings on campus has been repaired. The previously secret spaces that CEO Suzanne Endo had gone to great trouble to prepare, secure and make so secret have been repaired, but they lie open and bare, simply newly-constructed spaces showing no sign of blast, fire or water damage. That is impressive enough. But at this point, three of the five buildings are ready for occupancy, all of their subsystems apparently ready to come online. Interviews for employees proceed apace, but as yet no one outside of security staff and construction personnel have reported for duty. It's just not safe yet.

Sitting comfortably - or so it would appear - in the very office where, weeks ago, she was confronted by the mysterious Ghost, Suzanne Endo now sits going over the latest reports, schematics and other paperwork. She is not alone, this time. The young blonde, Ms. Sally Blevins, is with her, sitting at another chair not fair away. A large metal briefcase, wrapped in a leather sleeve, rests between Blevins' chair and Endo's. As yet, Sally has not been told what lies within, but it is never far from Suzi and thus never far from Sally either. "Sally, could you please check the hall once more? Perhaps you could pick up cups of coffee for both of us, as you return? Assuming you do not find a problem."

It's about that time, it seems, as Sebastian Shaw enters the room, breezily chatting with what seem to be two shimmers in the air. The room's equipment should barely register two presences, and one of the figures seems to be vigorously scanning the entire area in return, down to the composition and density of every object, including the occupants.

"So you're saying that it was from the future and merged with -itself- to complete the temporal loop? And now there's only the two of you left? That's -two- machines from the future that have caused inconvenience for me inside of the past year, you know."

As he enters he greets the ladies present, "Ah, good evening ladies, permit me to introduce the people who are going to help us solve out little spectral problem." he pauses, *Ahem*...the two figures decloak, revealing a green exoskeleton and a red one...with the red cearly made for a female form, despite its bulk, As their helmets unlock you can hear the *hiss* of positive-pressurized air escaping - the man is hard-features, but handsome, tanned and with sandy blonde hair, a bit long, and a neat goatee. The woman has auburn hair and vivid green eyes. "Stealth-" Shaw says, indicating the woman, "and Smart." the man.

Suzanne sits up and back as Shaw can be heard approaching. Of course, weight sensors have long since picked up the presence of the powered armors accompanying him, but as long as they don't show on her standard-issue cameras, Suzi has fewer problems. She watches their entrance, and then stands as Sally returns and hands over the coffee. "Thank you." Of course, she rather figures Sally won't protect her from these two, since they are apparently associates of Sebastian, who provided Sally to her for protection. But she doesn't reach for that large case. She itches to do so, but she doesn't.

"Good evening, Sebastian. Ms. Stealth. Mister Smart. Welcome to Endo Electronics." Suzanne offers, as if they've all just come in for a standard business meeting. Once again, she proves largely unshakeable in the face of the unexpected and frankly frightening. It doesn't mean she doesn't feel fear. She just refuses to let it have reign. "Can we get you anything? Coffee? Tea? Water?" Just the usual. See? She waits to see what these two will have to say for themselves, before adding anything more substantial.

The armoured figures share a look and smirk slightly, as if at a private joke. Body language shows a great deal of comfort between the two, they stand close together, but not so close as to interfere with the exoskeletons' movements. Smart carries his helmet under his left arm, Stealth sets hers down on a table nearby, it's still feeding data to her suit remotely, and Smart's suit is still actively scanning EM, some kind of very low-frequency sonar, and IR, and feeding data actively to both. "Coffee, one sugar, and one cream for the lady, if you please." his accent sounds English. He looks to Shaw, then to Stealth, and waits.

Stealth speaks then, her accent also English, a Londoner, perhaps, "Ms. Endo, Mr. Shaw was good enough to fill us in on the details. My associate has, as you've no doubt already surmised, been going over the place since the moment we set foot on it. Smart is the computer and tactical specialist, I am the group leader - although to be fair, we suffered the regrettable loss of our third colleague recently, and specialize in, obviously, stealth technology as well as some...high-energy physics." she tips her head back at what seems to be a rifle slung over her armour's right shoulder.

"We know who the Ghost is, and he's highly dangerous and extremely skilled." she continues, "So are we. I imagine he's likely already made several attempts at physical you know if he's taken a run at your data yet? Likely he's infiltrated all the standard systems, so you can just write those off. Your reputation isn't half-bad, so he's probably had more difficulty there."

Suzanne glances at Sally, offering a nod. This sends the blonde back to the coffee, to prepare mugs for each of their guests. "And you, Mister Shaw?" she inquires, as she lets Stealth and Smart speak up.

"There have been multiple attempts." Suzi admits. "His first was right here in this office. He was unprepared for my willingness to do whatever it took to prevent him access to my secured data." She doesn't say 'I blew it up to keep it from him,' but it wouldn't be hard for them to guess that, given her attitude. "He has made a few attempts at our data. The open front-end data has been compromised three times so far. Of course, every time he does so, all of the data is changed, making everything he has obtained worthless." And my, how that has been frustrating the Ghost. If he wasn't livid after the first attempt, he assuredly is now. Endo is purposefully making a fool of him.

"His attempts to terrorize the work crews have stepped up since the third data theft. And I have reason to believe he has been tracking and following certain executives and associates as well. I expect he will be taking things to another level of terror soon." Suzanne admits. Of course, the fact that she can speak so calmly about /knowing/ he has been doing these things ought to be impressive, even to the likes o Smart and Stealth. "I also suspect he is laying plans to infiltrate another facility, perhaps even the Hong Kong branch, in hopes of securing the internal secured data he failed to obtain with his initial act here."

Suzanne sips her coffee slowly, considering the two powered suits and their occupants. "The question, however, becomes a simple one: with your recent loss, are you still up to dealing with this many different avenues of potential attack? Can you take him? And if so, how much do you want for your help in this matter?"

Shaw replies evenly, "No thank you." Truth be told, he's been mainlining pure kinetic energy today. He caught some sleep last week and has been running on stored reserves for a bit now. He lets the Requiem Sharks do their own sales pitch.

Stealth defers to Smart, and the man notes, "Switchblade was our combat specialist. Against someone like the wouldn't have been his area of specialization. He would have played backup and straight security for this job, but we can manage without him." his tone is carefully controlled, it's fairly obvious he's talking about a friend. "The Ghost's cloaking capabilities are exceptionally high-end, and unique. He's not using anything off-the-shelf, not even by A.I.M. standards. From what we can tell, he's not just out-of-phase, but -actively- camouflaging his presence as well by sending false data to nearby sensors, cancelling sound with mirrored wavelengths, and so on. The best way to detect him is electronically - he has to be actively scanning an area and since I can network our armours, both Stealth and myself can attack in concert once he's detected."

He turns and points to the weapon on Stealth's back, "That's a particle accelerator rifle. With a few modifications, we should be able to scramble his cloaking unit, at least temporarily. The downside is, it'll likely start frying any nearby electronics that aren't -heavily- shielded-" the man obviously knows his work well. "- The real problem is, he's unpredictable." He pauses, and looks to the leader.

Stealth continues for her partner, "The electronic attacks are all well and good, but the Ghost will eventually go for the personal touch. It's a fairly consistent MO. Understand that his methods of attack are varied and can occasionally be rather horrific. One of the earlier times he tangled with Tony Stark, he left Spymaster phased half inside a wall. Not a nice death." she says that very dryly. "If you keep frustrating him, countering him, he may just come for you directly. That, to some extent, is what we're counting on. Unfortunately, that's the best way to drive him off or potentially kill him. In pure information-warfare, he can spar with the best of us all the day long, on a personal level, we can use some innovative tactics to drive him away - we've noticed that any major loss that seems to -physically- threaten his well-being tends to ward him off." She smiles slightly, "Let's say 1.1 million to drive him away, no pay 'till the job's done, 3.1 to make him dead."

Suzanne sits quietly, listening while the mercenaries talk. She's sipping her coffee, almost as if none of this means a thing. That cannot possibly be true, but she certainly gives the impression it is. When they finish, she doesn't even react outwardly to show she realizes they have nothing more to say, or that they are waiting to hear from her. Then she glances up, looking to Sebastian, and then back to the powered-armor mercenaries. "Very well. The money will be transferred to a Cayman account in secured escrow, pending completion of the assignment, and will be released at that time. One account will hold the original one-point-one. Another will hold the other two. We will determine which codes, if any, you are given upon completion of the assignment." Yes. She just said she's willing to pay for the Ghost's termination.

"I have no problem with continuing to frustrate him and draw him out for a personal attack against me. Clearly, he is already focusing on me anyway, so this will become personal at some point regardless. Might as well push it to that point sooner rather than later, and then be prepared to use that against him." Suzanne comments, coldly. The woman is talking about using herself as bait for a terrorist and a murderer, and she's not flinching. "I can provide you with additional scanning remotes that should expand your area of operation. And I believe that the means have already been secured to assure that his personal attack on me, should it materialize - pardon the pun - will be rebuked without harm to me which might prevent proper payment." She doesn't even glance towards Sally.

Sebastian has waited quietly, arms linked behind his back as you discussed business, and finally speaks up, "Standard discretion, of course." he notes to the two mercenaries, "And my 'retainer' for setting this up is any data you gather on methods of dropping the Ghost out of an intangible state." he doesn't clarify as to -why- he wants that, but then, he doesn't have to, does he?

The two armoured figures nod, and Smart speaks up, "Now comes the uncomfortable" he says to Suzi, "I'll want to leave some equipment here both to feed data to us and to alert us if and when he shows up. We'll want to stay on premises and/or close to you if possible." Stealth picks up smoothly, they do have a rapport going it seems, "Our cloaking technology isn't as full-spectrum as his, no phasing ability, but if I run my stealth-suite full-bore while he's distracted, I can potentially get one free shot at him before he can lock onto my location. But you'll need to hide me from any of your systems he may be piggybacking. That means we're going to have to trade a few systems details to-and-fro, which renders us all a touch vulnerable to each other for the duration."

Suzanne glances at Sebastian as he interjects. Standard discretion? She'll have to ask what that implies later, when they are not in front of strangers. But she's fine with the stated retainer, so she says nothing more to him at the moment. For now, this remains just between her and the mercenaries. Such a helpful little fiction, that.

"The pre-installed systems here are all standard, off-the-shelf, and will be completely flummoxed by any decent ECM suite you have available. You may leave whatever you wish in place, in the interests of the pursuit of this goal, so long as I know about it in advance." Which she now does. "Beyond that, if you need anything else put in place, I can do that. But I had intended to leave the sensor and ECM remote units completely in your control and at your discretion, rather than tying them to any system here that he could potentially access." Obviously, that wasn't what Suzi had done originally, and is unlikely to be what she does in the future. But if she has no infrastructure here for him to hack, it is its own protection. He shouldn't have been able to hack what she had here before. That he did means she cannot afford implaced systems until he is eliminated. So she will remain utterly mobile and unavailable for his prior infiltration.

"The only non-standard system are the weight sensors at the entrance to this and all of the other buildings. They were installed to measure the mass of shipments being brought in, to check against shipping manifests. But they are much more sensitive than that." And Suzi has a hack in place which provides their ongoing data feeds to her systems.

Stealth nods, "Clever that. Smart noted them on the way in, but we assumed you can scrub the data if you want. We were just being polite and keeping up appearances for you. No need for anyone else to see the two of us wandering about. Although..." she pauses, raising a gauntleted hand, " had better come up with a convincing story once the shooting starts. We run precise, but there may be significant EM disruptions and some physical damage, all things considered." she turns to her partnet, "Smart? Can you work through what she's got here?" the man nods in response "Not a bad idea-" she considers, "Leave him adrift at first, no systems of 'yours' to attack, it'll take time for him to locate and start in if Smart's doing his job right, and that may give us our initial shot at him." She smiles, fairly pleasantly, "Well Ms. Endo, seems you're getting your feet under you pretty well. Always nice to see someone who understands how things really work in the big leagues." Smart chuckles and notes, "And far more polite, too. A.I.M. never offered us coffee when we took a job guarding one of their data complexes."

Suzanne nods. She didn't secure the weight sensors. She had no reason to do so. They're not in the 'security' bundle at all, which means most anyone - even someone as smart as the Ghost - would likely miss or ignore them. They can't pinpoint him, after all, except for the first few seconds of his entrance. But they were never meant to do that. Suzi is only using them as the cue to knowing someone is coming. "I've already sanitized any data showing your appearance." she offers, simply enough.

As for a convincing story? "I have a means to deal with this when it is over. There will be no need to bring up your presence or involvement. The Ghost's involvement is already a matter of public record. The rest should be fine." Suzanne offers, with a nod. "I have always found politeness to be a useful tool, one rarely employed by others, more is the pity. I trust to your discretion, and I am willing to pay for it. There is no reason to be anything but polite in that arrangement." They were polite with her, and she can be the same. Hells. She was even polite with the Ghost, to a point.

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