Ghost Strike 2: Welcome to My Dungeon, Suzi

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Ghost Strike 2: Welcome to My Dungeon, Suzi

Suzanne Endo, Sebastian Shaw, Sally Blevins

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06/26/12 20:30

The Dungeon of the Hellfire Club

Suzanne returns to NYC after her quick trip to Hong Kong, and calls Sebastian. They meet where no one will be looking.

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The phone call came almost two days after the one explaining to Sebastian that Suzi Endo was heading out of town and wouldn't be available for their expected date. The call itself followed an email that included a link. The link established an encrypted communications tunnel for the phone call, assuring no interception technology would be able to eavesdrop on the call. And a brief check of the signal of the phone assured there were no embedded listening devices attached on either end, in either phone. The phone call was brief, though not nearly so brief as the one when she disappeared. A sketch of the highlights of why Suzi had to leave the City, and the fact that upon returning she would be in danger, in her opinion.

Now, hours later, Suzanne Endo arrived at the pre-arranged location, carrying a large leather-wrapped metal briefcase, wearing a crimson woman's skirtsuit. Led through an entrance to another building, down to the basement, and through a short catacomb of tunnels, she now stands amidst an area of the Hellfire Club that virtually no one outside the Club would ever have heard of, let alone have seen. She is a bit edgy, but has been assured this site is secure. Her own sensors have confirmed that, at least for now. There is still the question of how the figure who attacked her got into her facility. But it will have to do. She stands very still, taking in the 'decor' while trying not to let it affect her, to varying degrees of success. And she waits for her host to arrive.

A surprisingly professionally-dressed brunette woman enters the room, looking down at a pad and speaking in a clipped, cool tone, "-lot of surprising activity upon entry. I think the choice is likely a good one in that respect."

Accompanying the woman is Sebastian Shaw himself, dressed a bit more casually, which for him is a set of pleated slacks and a silk, mandarin-collar shirt in soft grey with silver cufflinks, "Thank you, Tessa. We'll see about the rest of it shortly." His eyes go to Suzi as he enters and he asks, with some concern, "Are you alright? Forgive me, but I had some of my people look over the facility. And don't answer this if you don't wish to, but you -were- aware of the explosives secreted in some of the secure areas?"

The other member of the inner circle, is a few minutes behind. Dressed to the nines, a shimmering lace cocktail dress with a high neck line and cut out back, a pair of heels. Her bag left at the door, Sally enters the club, and begins a brisk pace as much as one can walk in heels. Called away during a client dinner, but such things are unavoidable, the junior partner and client will have to understand. Into the lower levels, a smile to Tessa as she passes the woman, she steps into room with the Black King and Suzi, offering a sympathetic smile to the woman, "Ms. Endo, it's good to see you're doing well." she offers in a polite tone, offering both inhabitants of the room a respectful bow of her head.

Suzi watches very carefully as finally someone else enters where she has been waiting. That large briefcase has not left her care since she arrived, and she has not opened it for anything or anyone. Even now, a hand rests upon it protectively, as she eyes the one Shaw has called 'Tessa'. There is no fear in that gaze, but there is also no trust.

Suzanne nods. "Yes, Sebastian. I am alright. Unharmed, though I will admit that the news reports are - purposefully - in error. I /was/ there. And of course I was aware of the explosives secreted in the secure areas. I planned them, planted them, and triggered them myself. The charges were specifically shaped to do exactly what they did: destroy those rooms and everything in them utterly, while doing little to no harm to any of the rest of the structure or anyone in the rest of the structure." And if that doesn't give Shaw an explicit understanding of just how dangerous this woman can be, nothing else ever will. "If we continue this conversation in the presence of others, we place a great deal of trust in them, and place them in danger I cannot currently calculate." It's Shaw's choice. He knows them. She does not.

"Tessa is my personal assistant." Sebastian notes, nodding to the brunette, "I do - and have - trusted her with my life." Quite true, and not too far in the past, either. "Ms. Blevins has also been thoroughly vetted by some extraordinary means we have access to." He does take a moment to gesture to the surroundings, and yes, he smiles a touch, amused, "Forgive the surroundings, but I'm sure you can guess that such areas of the Club are -highly- secure, considering the potential damage to reputation should certain...proclivities get out."

He walks over to Suzi and notes, "I won't ask what you were protecting, of course, but I will say I'm impressed by the methods. And I'm glad you're unhurt." That's sincere, and it -was- a calculated risk to have one of his Eastern Block contacts hire the Ghost...the man's not exactly a loose cannon, but he's not a precision operator, either.

She lets the man talk, do, make things happen. It's what he does, a leader. Sally steps further into the room, glancing about at the...decorations, if one were to call such things that. She doesn't talk, yet, moving to stand across from Sebastian and a few feet so Suzi's left.

Suzanne looks to Tessa, and then Sally, and back to Sebastian. "Very well." She lifts the large briefcase up and sets it on the chair nearby, then reaches down and pulls out her phone. "There are a few things you should see." She taps and slides her fingers over her phone, establishing a tightly secured link between her phone and Shaw's, forwarding a series of documents and photos. "Apparently, a subject known to some as The Ghost has now taken an interest in me, and in my company. He attacked me in my office, and threatened me. He explicitly sought to expose my secrets. So I destroyed them to assure that could not happen."

Sebastian takes a moment to look the information over, "Unsurprising. He's established a bit of a pattern, you're likely the next link in the chain. Accutech, Stark, and now you. He's an industrial saboteur, and some brand of fanatic about it." more quietly he notes, "He's also known to be a killer, but not -primarily-."

Paying attention, she perks slightly at the mention of...killer. Interesting. Ghost. She frowns slightly, but continues to listen and let the two affected most by all of the goings on speak and discuss. Sally though staying attentive.

"He was ... reckless. It could have turned out very differently." But Suzanne managed to turn the event to her advantage. Messily, but it's done for now. "He now poses an active threat to my company, myself, and my personnel. I cannot and will not allow this ... terrorist ... to undo the work of my company, or the future. And I cannot allow this piece of trash to endanger my people. But my resources in this country are limited. I am not helpless. But to deal with a threat like this ... I have to be a lot better than merely not helpless. He was a danger even to Stark." She stops, watching Sebastian very carefully. "I need help. And there aren't many I can think of who might have the resources, capability and mental fortitude to truly assist me."

And there it is...step one. But Sebastian knows he has to play this -very- carefully, lest it all fall apart. He steps closer and speaks, after taking a moment. Really, it's to best plan how to move to the next step, but outwardly, it -might- be taken for reluctance, "Suzi. You are aware that much of SI's work is highly classified, and must, in many cases, be kept from certain branches of the government. Because of that, I've always been reluctant to use federal resources for security. There are...private options that one can access, if one knows the right people and can set up a certain level of deniability."

He inhales,'s the kicker, let's see if he can nail the dismount, "Ms. Blevins, for example, can provide security resources unavailable to the more conventional firms."

She steps forward as she's mentioned, "Ms. Endo, I've been...prior to coming under Mr. Shaws wings, trained and tested in the field, combat situations, and in several instances, the protection of others." Ah that orphange and the demons. So long ago.

"Well, I appreciate the needs for such special security, Sebastian. I work do similar degrees of work for the Chinese government, as I am sure you imagined were true." Suzanne raises an eyebrow at the mention of Sally, and the young woman's own words. "Interesting. But keep in mind: the foe in question can be invisible to some of the most advanced sensors on the planet. And he can go insubstantial. One, or the other. And he also has highly advanced weapons and the physical abilities of the powered armor exoframe. I need security capable of detecting, detaining, and defeating this person, and protecting my staff, my company and my technology from his depredations. I cannot afford to ... blow everything up to keep it out of his hands."

"No, I can't imagine that's a viable option." Sebastian deadpans. He turns a bit, hand moving up to his chin, in thought. Of course, he's been coming up with countermeasures to the Ghost since he first thought about hiring him, "Detection is indeed a difficult issue. -Dealing- with him, on the other hand...I know some people with specialized skills, as I said. The issue is-" and he pauses, "How to put this delicately? Some of our options may not, strictly speaking, be entirely legal in this country, you understand."

And now it's time to gauge her response.

"Ms. Endo, with someone by me at your side, this Ghost, could never touch you." she says, confident. The blonde smiling, "Detaining and detecting, are not something i'm not too skilled for, but protecting you, that is something I know will be rather easy. Stay within 30 ft of me, and noone could touch you." she says.

Suzanne looks very carefully - some might say coldly - at Sebastian. Even when she finally speaks - a good minute after Sally finishes - her tone and expression don't warm up one iota. "The options I have already /employed/ are not legal in this country, Sebastian. And the options I am prepared to encompass would make your laws tremble and faint. This vile piece of detrius is threatening /my company/ and /my people/. You may well have no concept of what I would do to put a stop to that." Honestly, if the Ghost were just an industrial spy, she'd spank him, slap his wrist, and let him go. But he's not. And now se knows he's not. And that means she has to be prepared to erase him if necessary to protect her company and her personnel.

"Ms. Blevins, unless you are about to tell me you have the ability to /prevent/ the passage of the insubstantial /and/ block both physical and energy weapons of military capital grades and higher ..." Suzanne starts, which should make it clear how seriously she is taking this. She is literally talking about going to /war/. She's talking about needing defenses that could take on Iron Man or War Machine and bring them to a halt. "I trust you are a capable woman. But I have difficulty believing you could achieve both of those ends." But she's willing to be proven wrong. Hell. She's desperate.

Inwardly, the big man smiles. This woman is indeed what he'd hoped she would be. Strong, intelligent, willing to sidestep law out of what she perceives as necessity. In short, ideal recruitment material. Easy on the eyes, too. Yes, it's been a good week. When Shaw answers, his tone is even, almost formal, "Well then, since it seems you're already committed, I think we can talk. Your 'complicity' keeps me safe, you see." he explains.

He does take a moment to wonder about the monster he's set loose, though. A calculated risk, because it's not entirely unlikely the Ghost will turn his attentions Sebastian's way should be provide material aid. Ah well. Any data gleaned should prove useful against a certain Miss Pryde who has been a bother for -years- now on both an intangible and a technical end.

He's back to business now, though, "He still has senses. Attack those once he's detected. Sonics. Don't count on gas attacks, likely filtered. Light patterns calculated to disrupt equilibrium. He'll adapt but it gives us time." Subtle, using 'us', there. "I have a great deal of research on detecting targets with...unusual profiles. I can share much of it, as a favour, and I can get us a few men who won't ask questions or care so long as the funds transfer into their accounts." Another pause, "I'll admit, I'm concerned, but you're handling this shockingly well."

"I can." she says, and as she speaks, a field of yellow-gold energy surrounds her, beginning about an inch from her body. "I am a mutant, this is my ability, a forcefield, near frictionless, and able to sustain damage with out diminishing it's effectiveness, nor causing me strain...unlike others who produce their own forcefields, it's sustainable for the long term, years at the least." she explains.

Suzanne watches Shaw closely, waiting for his response. "Alright. Sonics. Flashes. He may be shielded against EMPs, but it would not hurt to have those facilities available. I'll take all of the data you can give on detections, to improve the sensors I already have available." They are the best she's ever seen, so she is operating from the thought of them being the better choice until proven wrong. "As for your mercenaries, if they will stay bought, and hold despite fear, I'll take them. They /must/ protect my personnel. Period."

As for how Suzanne is taking this, she merely smiles grimly. "I have little choice, Sebastian. Either I do what must be done, or I let the Ghost win and destroy everything of worth and value in my life, including the people who have joined me. I cannot allow that. The rest is merely doing what is necessary to prevent that which I cannot allow." She really doesn't see it as that exceptional. But that's so her, really.

Suzanne turns to look at Sally carefully. Curiously. "I see. And this can also repel the insubstantial? I'll have to study that when given the opportunity." No. She doesn't do lab rats. But really creepily accurate sensors she does by the bucketload. "I accept your offer of personal protection, Ms. Blevins. But if I order you to protect someone else in my employ, I need you to do so, without question. I may not have time to explain myself." She extends her hand. "Nevertheless, I appreciate that you would volunteer for this."

Sebastian reaches out and touches Suzi's shoulder, gently, with one hand, "We don't do this lightly, Suzi, but sometimes extraordinary things occur and it's always good to have friends to help deal with them. Maybe after all this is over I can explain to you more clearly what I mean." Planting the seeds. Obviously there's more going on here than the good luck of an effective and talented mutant protege.

"I'll make contact and we can have a trio of experts working on a solution inside of 2 days. They're very professional and very...discreet. If you need anything else, please...get in touch, hm?"

The blonde smiles, extending her hand to the other woman, the field dissipating, no longer there as she takes the woman's hand for a firm shake, "I will do what I can, but my primary concern will be your safety."

"I appreciate that, Ms. Blevins. But if I need you to guard someone else, I need to know that you will do so. I have faced this foe once. I can do so again if I must." Or so she believes, at least. Suzi is definitely proving to be exceptionally brave, or at least unrelenting in the face of opposition.

"Thank you, Sebastian. I appreciate your assistance. I know it will come with a price, and that we will have much to discuss. I appreciate that you understand there will be nothing to discuss unless we first deal with the dangers of this Ghost." Suzi offers, as she watches Sebastian depart, clearly to take care of business.

"So. Ms. Blevins. Sally, yes?" Suzi inquires. "How is it that you became trained in personal protection, and developed your talent like this? Most mutants I have heard of have little use for helping anyone but themselves." Or other mutants. Genosha, an island nation of them. Scary stuff to a flatscan norm. "It seems a rather unusual thing for you to pursue, so I am sure there must be a story behind it."

"I was trained by various groups. Their names and make up are...sensitive, but they helped me, I gained control of my abilities and have used them in the field." She says lightly, "There is a story behind it, I was asked to do what I can to help the members of the club...and possible members." Smiling, "There are groups who have aided both mutants and humans, X-factor for example, both iterations in fact." she offers.

"Ah. So then, I am 'a possible member', and since Sebastian wishes it, you will aid me. Acceptable." Suzanne offers, clearly finding that a motivation she can understand and accept. She's just not idealistic enough to buy that X-Factor, or anyone else, truly chooses to just be a hero for no personal reason at all. "I do hope you will pardon my saying so. Your dress is lovely. But if you are to accompany me, you will likely want something closer to the style you were wearing when we first met." Business attire, for accompanying the businesswoman. Go figure. "Is there anything else I should be aware of, then, when we are out together?"

"As long as you are within 30 feet of me, " She pauses and steps a touch closer, a look of concentration on her features as a bubble of that same yellow-gold energy forms, "I can protect you." she says, the field is then gone, "I was at a partner's dinner when I got summoned, I have enough of that kind of wear, Ms. Endo. I do spend my days in a law office."

Suzanne nods. "Very well then." She looks down at the large leather-covered metal briefcase she has been keeping such a close eye on, staying quiet for a bit. She's clearly debating something internally.

Mind made up, Suzanne looks back up to Sally with a nod. "I will need to get from here to my Penthouse this evening, preferably without coming to anyone's attention. They will learn soon enough tomorrow morning that I have returned to the City. I presume you will want to accompany me, but also that you will need a chance to retrieve your changes of clothes and other gear. Would it be best for me to remain here and wait for your return? Or would you rather see me to my Penthouse now, and depart from there to get your things?"

"Where's your building?" she asks, "I may know a way to get you there... undetected." A small smile, "Though, it does involve the unused tunnels beneath the city." she says gently. "My stuff is up stairs, maybe 10 minutes to change, I can have my things brought to me by someone on the staff." she offers.

Suzanne gives the address of her building easily enough, somewhere in southern midtown Manhattan. Some might expect her commute to a Staten Island facility would be Hell, but Endo Electronics has secured their own ferry, as well as a few speed boats for executive passages to the island freed from such constraints. "I have no excessive fear of dirt, Sally. I will want to clean up once we arrive, but so long as no one /sees/ us that disheveled, I will be fine." She just has to present a clean corporate image, especially in light of the challenges to that image introduced by the Ghost crisis. "If you do not mind changing, then, I will await you here." Simple enough.

"Then a car might be best, it's not exactly clean, and the nearest tunnel exit is a few blocks away." she says, "Meet me in the gathering hall." she says, "I'll meet you there as soon as I've changed, I'm guessing for the time being, I'll be your personal assistant?" she asks, "I'll also arrange for a cab, something...low-key, nothing that will grab attention." She offers the woman a smile, "Meet you up stairs, Ms. Endo."

"Very well." Suzanne offers, accepting that Sally knows these tunnels in ways Suzi herself cannot, without having explored and mapped them - which she hasn't, obviously. "I think personal assistant will be fine." she answers. She'll take care of her real personal assistant. Danica won't mind a bit of distance, as long as she knows she hasn't somehow lost her employer's confidence. Finally, she offers, "Perhaps you can show me the way? I came in through the tunnel entrance, directed by my guide. I do not know how to get to the rest of the Club from here." She could figure it out, but she'd rather not just yet. It can wait.

She smiles, and starts to turn, "Sure, just follow me." she offers, leading the woman up through the bowels of the club, a more direct route from the lower levels to the club proper. Smiling once again, "Just relax up here and I'll have a cab meet us out front." she says. By cab, it's more likely a towncar service. The girl pulls away and heads away to the upper, above ground levels of the club, only to return in a black, pinstripped pantsuit, a little less tailored than some of her other wear. Hair done in a simple style, lighter make-up, all in all, she's trying to dress down, look...forgettable.

Suzanne follows Sally's lead through the building, and takes a seat where she is left, relaxing only a bit. That large case is still never far from her hand, though she isn't putting it on her lap. That would just be crazy talk. She waits for Sally to return, sipping a drink brought to her by one of the staff. Once Sally arrives and the car is ready, she stands and 'leads from behind and to the side' as they head out and get in the car, heading to her Penthouse.

Once they arrive at the building, pulling down into the underground parking garage, the car is swept by an Endo Electronics security team. As promised, Suzi has put her people on alert. She exits the car behind Sally, and mentions to the security detail that Sally is her personal assistant. They do not question this, as they are very well aware that this is their boss saying so. She can make whatever personnel changes she wants! They are swept carefully but surreptitiously to make sure they are not carrying any trackers or other transmitters or dangerous devices, but Suzi's case is never scanned, never opened or searched. Then they enter the express elevator that takes them directly to the Penthouse.

The penthouse apartment is a two-story affair with a very open, loft-like layout. Suzi will give Sally a brief tour, so that the other woman will know where there is a room for her own use as a bedroom, with its own full bathroom, as well as an attached study. And of course, so she'll know where Suzi's rooms are as well. "I will warn that we'll be getting a very early start in the morning. Time to reassure my employees and the City that I am quite well, and that this changes nothing of our business plans." Determined, this woman.

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