Getting to Know Your Fellow Avenger

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Cloak and Scarlet Witch

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2013/06/17 22:27

Residential Area - Main Building - Stark Enterprises - Long Island

Cloak and Scarlet Witch get to know each other.

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Standing in the hallway staring blankly at nothing, Cloak hovers in place. His eyes are pupil-less and he is simply there. Simply existing but nothing more.

Wanda comes out of the elevator, making her way towards her room it appears. She pauses, seeing Cloak just... hovering, there, and tilts her head, "Hey, is everything alright?" She's not /that/ familiar with the lad, so just wants to make sure

Turning towards the elevator to face Wanda, his cloak languishes behind him and spins quickly almost making a whip effect and noise. “I am fine, Wanda. Thank you for asking.” His voice is deep and almost has an echo effect. Oddly ominous. He tilts his head and his eyes seem to glow a moment as he stares at her almost through her.

Wanda arches a brow at the stare, "Ah, something I can help you with?" She tilts her head, "It can be a little disconcerting, being up here. I'm still not quite used to it."

Content with his examination of her soul, his pupils return to his eyes, Cloak continues in his odd voice, “I am adjusting to life as an Avenger. It is odd being here while Dagger is not. I still have not moved into my room yet, though I do not have many belongings. It is nice to know that a veteran Avenger, as yourself, still finds this a bit concerting. Being a team with literal gods and with powers like yours. . .well, nice to see the humanity is all of us. . .even Thor.”

Wanda smiles wryly, "If you want to see humanity, you should see it when Hercules and Thor are in the same bar. Typically that's best witnessed from a very discrete distance, however." She smiles a bit, "Dagger is... well, I'm certain she'd be welcome as well."

Nodding his head, “She will earn her spot on the team as have I.” He offers a bit of a smile but it quickly leaves, “My power of teleportation is a bit more useful at the moment. With Commander Roger’s new stance seeing us as truly global, and beyond. I can provide speedy transportation. Either way it is a honor to even have been invited.” His body seems to drop a moment as feet and an actual body forms under the cloak. Tyrone Johnson peers out, the difference is clear in the youth and his voice. “How are you doing? I never got to see how you were after the debacle with your clone.” He sighs a moment, “That fight in Genosha is still in my head. Your father can be rather. . .well. . .I am glad it was all resolved and I am glad you, the real you, is back. . .”

Wanda ahs, "Thank you. It was a little... traumatic. I spent some time with Doctor Strange, learning from him. Then I rejoined the Avengers... just in time for Norman Osborn to drive us underground in favor of his villains." She wrinkles her nose a bit, "Thankfully we were able to stop him in Broxton."

“Yes thankfully.” Tyrone walks down the hall closer to Wanda and the elevator, “This place is. . .huge. It’s like the Baxter Building and then some. . .I bet we have more stuff here than the X-Men and Fantastic Four combined.” And there the youthfulness comes out.

Wanda grins, "Definitely seems to have more than the old mansion used to. I do miss the old place, but this... it's undeniably an upgrade." She glances over at Cloak, "I know it's a silly question, since you teleport, but have you ever been in one of the Quinjets?"

“I have not. I have never actually flown in a plane. I just teleport and before I had my powers, I had only been to Boston and New York City.” Tyrone shrugs, “I was actually afraid of flying. But I suppose I should learn how to fly one. One can never truly rely on their powers. I have lost my powers once before.”

Wanda nods, "Well, yes, everyone gets training on the Quinjet eventually. It's really not that hard, honestly. I mean, Carol could make those things sing, given her background, but just going from point A to point B... well, I can do it, which should give you an idea."

A huge smile forms on his face, “Ok I’ll give it a shot. Hopefully I do not freak out and teleport out suddenly while piloting.” Tyrone chuckles nervously and then tilts his head realizing what he said and stops laughing, “That would not happen, of course.”

Wanda laughs a bit, "Well, I or Tony or another Avenger would be in the co-pilot seat with you. If something did happen, we'd take control of the jet." She smiles, "It's really quite simple. Honest."

“Well then I am looking forward to it. I just need to remember to be solid at the time. My natural state is intangible. To become solid takes some effort. But I have been able to go back and forth for the most part now. It was weird when I first got my powers. Other than the cloak, I literally had no way to connect with people. I felt like a ghost.” Tyrone shares.

Wanda nods, "How did you manage to become tangible?" She looks a bit curiously at Cloak, not knowing this part of his story, or really any part of it. "It sounds rather dreadful, to just not be able to touch or feel anything with yourself."

“Through sheer force of will. Or if I am knocked out. But that is rare.” Tyrone winks, “This cloak is basically an extension of my body.” His body seems to increase in height for a second, but it is clear his feet are gone as he is intangible and hover. His cloak reaches out to touch Wanda’s hand and forms a hand out of the cloth to shake. His voice is again deeper and ominous, “I truly have no need for a body other than the need to connect in some way with people.” He sighs and then shakes his head, “Well, I should go visit Dagger. But thank you for the talk.” With that Cloak teleports away.

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