Getting to Know You

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Storm Farts

Blindfold, Empath, and Storm

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04/04/13 14:49

Mutant Diner - Mutant Town

Ruth and Storm run into the alternate Empath

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Despite it being a school day, school was cancelled, teacher work shop or something. So with alkyl the craziness going on Storm had decided to try to cheer Ruth up and took out to mutant town. Add they'd gotten hungry they headed for the dinner and stepped in, both wearing casual clothes.

Entering into the diner is a youngish looking Manuel de la Rocha. Appearing almost destitute, he wears a New Mutants uniform covered by a raggedy looking brown overcoat. This is definitely a different looking man from the normally well-dressed Spaniard. Fishing for some change, he is hungry and walks up to the hostess, ready to plead for some food. Another difference from the usual older Manuel who gets what he wants without begging.

Storm steps in first of Ruth protectively at the sight of one resembling empath so closely. Ruth however smiles and steps out to Ororo's side and waves toward Manuel "We were about to sit down, would you like to join us, please if you would like? my treat, yes thank you"

Recognizing the voice, he hears, Manuel has a smile. For in his reality he is the New Mutants squad leader and Blindfold is one of his teammates. But he has already encountered Manifold who was not so friendly. He knows Ruth deep down to be a friend and hopes this to be a trait characteristic across the multiverse. He turns to face her, but the smile on his face turns to shock and fears when he sees Storm, who in his reality is not Storm of the X-Men, but rather Weather Witch who destroyed the African continent. He reaches out and grabs Ruth pulling her sharply behind him. “Weather Witch!” He shouts as his eyes begin to glow. Even in this reality, he does his all for his teammates and friends.

Ruth eeps softly as she's tugged off balance and stumbles toward Manuel "No forgive me, but that's Miss Ororo a teacher at the school she's a good person Manuel. Please let's all calm down and get a table, err can talk about this, yes thank you" Storm was on guard but had heard the report of a good empathy

Being aware that he is not of this reality, Manuel sighs, “Sorry.” He offers to Storm with an empathic sense to show he truly is. He make to a table pulling out the seats for the two mutants. Storm, a bit distraught, but understanding nods, “Thank you, Manuel. I am aware of your situation. We seek no animosity.” He bows his head, “Thank you.” She takes her seat. He waits until both he and Ruth do.

Ruth smiles tapping her way to the table "Thank you kindly Manuel yes" Then takes her seat "If you don't mind please may I ask about your world?"

Taking his seat, he pops up and gives Ruth a quick hug, “Even in my reality you are the same.” He sighs and pats his stomach as it rumbles. “Sorry, I haven’t eaten since I got here and getting from the Institute to here was a bit harrowing.” He sighs and nods closing his eyes, “Go ahead, Ruth.” Storm remains quiet a moment and lets the two speak while she peers the menu.

Ruth chuckles with a smile returning the hug "The differences are quite a contrast I must admit, yes thank you. Please if you're so hungry perhaps we should order first yes. So you are a new mutant in your world if you don't mind please?"

Storm rises, “I will leave you both to speak. I will order food for us all.” After taking their orders, Ororo leaves the table and goes to the counter. For his part, Manuel looks over at Ruth, “Yes, I am leader of the New Mutants. You are one of my squad members with Manifold, Radiance, and Surge.”

Ruth smiles to storm and gives her request politely before smiling to Manuel "Must be nice yes thank you. It's amazing how different a person can turn out simply by a different childhood, please sorry. If you don't mind please, miss Ororo is not on our side?"

“No, Storm had started out as an X-Man. My understanding is during mission she was captured by Dr. Doom. She eventually married him and became queen of Latveria. And during a war with Wakanda, she basically destroyed the African continent throwing weather systems around the world askew. The X-Men barely managed to defeat her. But she remained with Dr. Doom.” Manuel looks over to her, “Amazing. She seems rather nice here.”

Ruth seems amazed but smiles at his observation "She is and leader of the morlocks, yes thank you. She is still with the X-Men here, yes please. Miss grey and Scott are going to be getting married soon and the X-Men and Avengers are allied with one another, thank you yes"

Looking surprised, "Jean Grey and Scott Summers are getting married?" An uneasiness fills him emotionally and it broadcast to those near him. Sensing what he is doing, he apologizes and adjusts himself. "Scott Summers is my father. . .well adopted father. Manuel and Emma Frost are married and adopted Marie and I when we were younger. And in my reality, Jean Grey became the White Phoenix of the Hellfire Club." He sighs.

Ruth reaches s hand out across the table to him "I'm sorry my apologies I should have been more clear. In this world Miss grey is no longer the Phoenix, her daughter Rachel is, miss frost was the white queen of the hellfire club but now is again teaching at the school and is my mentor, yes sorry"

“Well, it might be nice to speak with my mother. I presume Rahne told her about my encounter outside the school.” Manuel sighs, “I am aware of the existence of the multiverse and different realities, but it is. . .weird. . .when you experience it firsthand.” He takes her hand and smiles slightly when Storm comes back with the food.

Ruth smiles "It is rather unsettling yes, so many people are themselves but not and others seem to be completely different, yes thank you. Currently miss moonstar is a little kid but yes weird ahead about your encounter outside the school, I'm sorry the reception wasn't a pleasant one, my apologies" Then smiles up to storm as she returns

Smiling to Storm when she delivers the food, Ororo farts, “Oh my. . .excuse me.” She rushes to the bathroom leaving the two teens. Manuel watches her go and almost spits out his food with laughter. After gaffowing a bit, he looks to Ruth, “Well, it is good to see Moonstar is alive here, despite the reality shift. In my reality, she disappeared after the war with the Ansazi.”

Tilting his head a bit as he tries to remember, “Well, I don’t know everyone. A good chunk of the Avengers, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, and Topaz went missing. Others were killed in battles on Earth. Tigerstripe, Daredevil, Deadpool, Spiral, USAgent, Phantasm. Some of the students died in the fights too. Janie, Nick, Richenda. Some of those fights were massacres.” Manuel thinks, “Some X-Men and students have died. I guess if there is anyone in particular you want to know about. You should ask about specifically.” He shudders a moment, “There was the time the Right attacked the school. A number of students were killed.”

That catches Ruth's attention "Massacres? May I ask please if any of those were by sabertooth and Riptide, please?"

“The Marauders did some of them. The Right. And the Acolytes. We tried our best to save who we could. But all three groups were vicious killers.” Manuel sighs, “Who has died here?”

Ruth sighs getting up to give him a hug "I'm so sorry to hear that, yes my apologies. To my knowledge so far no one has died except sandman and the Brookings who were miss Friday's first students, yes my apologies but she didn't kill them"

Blinking, but accepting the hug, “Well, good. We’ve seen a lot of death in my reality, but we have come along way too. Magneto’s dream of unity between the humans and the mutants is hopefully coming about. I take it mutants are not fully accepted here.” Manuel postulates.

Ruth gives him a gentle squeeze before returning to gret seat "Sadly no, unfortunately. Mandel and the professor are somewhat at odds, the professor has the dream of unity and began the school, Magneto less the brother of mutants and some would say wages a war on humanity, sorry please. Mutants are persecuted still, shunned and hunted, there has even been talk of renewing the mutant registration act, yes thank you"

Ruth gives him a gentle squeeze before returning to gret seat "Sadly no, unfortunately. Mandel and the professor are somewhat at odds, the professor has the dream of unity and began the school, Magneto less the brother of mutants and some would say wages a war on humanity, sorry please. Mutants are persecuted still, shunned and hunted, there has even been talk of renewing the mutant registration act, yes thank you"

Hearing too much, Manuel rises, “Well, I think. . .I need to track down more information about who I am in this reality, but thank you, Ruth.” He offers her a hug and take his food to go.

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