Get that... kid

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Get that… kid

Gambit, Von, Draclone

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East Village - New York City

Remy runs into Draclone. Von tries to help.

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-----==[ East Village - New York ]==-------------------------------------

The East Village is not a neighborhood in the sense that many others are; instead, it's a name cooked up by real estate agents and salesmen in fairly recent times to try to convince buyers and renters that the area - formerly part of the Lower East Side - was, in fact, as trendy as Greenwich Village. Thus, the East Village is less an entity in itself than a gradual blending between Greenwich Village and Alphabet City.

Fifty years ago, the area played host to the Beatniks; forty years ago, to hippies; thirty years ago, to punks. Now it's largely either undergoing urban renewal or gentrified into unrecognizability, though the landmark club CBGB's can still be found here (operating, at the moment, in utter defiance of its current lack of a lease).

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Muggy. Humid. Hot, but not as much so as recent days, however this doesn't mean it isn't comfortable outside. But it's not too much so. The 'young' mage finds himself in the East Village tonight, wearing an old jersey buttoned up to the team name but not above it. Von has a goofy grin tightening his cheeks and squinting his eyes a little despite the weather.

Walking the streets of the East Village, Remy Lebeau has nothing particular on his agenda. Sometimes it’s just nice to get out and about. He whistles as he walks, wearing a pair of faded blue jeans, and a t-shirt as if in defiance of the humid evening. As an attractive young woman in a sundress passes, he twists on his heels to flirt. “Bonjour mademoiselle,” he says with a suave smile as he continues on his way. A nice evening indeed.

Von's jersey is left hanging over a pair of basketball shorts, his tennis shoes hardly making a sound on the pavement. He walks by a coffee shop with several tables outside, most of them filled with various types of people. Some enjoying the weather, most not, but Von notices an old co-worker and decides he doesn't want to interact so he hurries up his pace, and turning his head towards the street. Not paying attention where he's going anymore he slams into a young brunette woman and knocks them both over.

Gambit notices the impact between the two young people, and cuts across the sidewalk to assist. “You alright,” he asks, as he helps the woman to return items to her purse. As he does, he also is sure to slip a piece of paper with his phone number as well. “De nerve o some people in dis town,” he condescends looking to Von with mock outrage. He winks slyly to Von as the last of her belongings are sorted off of the ground and into her purse. He stands, reaching a hand down to help her up.

The evening time on the weekend does bring out all sorts of people. After a day of rest from the excitement of Thursday night, a long haired gentleman makes his way down the street. Hands stuffed into his pocket, the Draclone has since traded the concert tee for one of similar coloration but instead depicting a ninja running from a building with his head on fire while other ninjas watch in befuddlement. And speaking of Unstealthiest ninjas, he stops in his walk to look at Von's display of klutz rather bemusedly. A cruel smile spreads across his features. But upon Remy showing himself, he turns, walking away from the scene.

"I'm so sorry." Von says to Brunette's feet as he's still clambering to get off top of her. Last thing he needs now is a lawsuit. "Are yo-" He stops talking when he notice Remy is already giving her the charm. In the bustle of trying to avoid the old co-worker stands up and starts looking over (as is everyone else who heard or noticed the tumble). Remy's wink perplexes Von who tilts his head and furrows his brow thinking the wink was a flirty wink.

It’s him. The kid from the club the other night. Remy catches just a glimpse of him out of the corner of his eye, but there’s no doubt it’s him. Ignoring the girl and not quite middleaged man, he rushes after the Draclone, grabbing the back of his shirt at the neckline. “Mon ami,” he says in a friendly sounding, yet still aggressive tone. “I was lookin’ for you de otha’ night. You an’ me devons parler, non?”

Feeling the tug of his shirt, the man pauses in his departure, lips twisting in expression before leveling out. The head tilts lazily, looking to Remy. "Demons Parlay?" He repeats, butchering the words completely, his eyes shift, looking towards the hand, "Let go."

Von keeps his eyes on Remy, something isn't right. He makes sure Brunette is okay and on her way before he follows behind Remy. He takes a look down to his left wrist, making sure his wrist band is on and gives a quick nod to himself as he quickly reviews the three spells mentally. Just out of their reach, Von pauses, not sure what to do yet, however he's not one to worry about that stuff. "What's going on you two?" Von asks, his voice suddenly louder and firmer than he was with Brunette.

“Not gonna ‘appen, mon ami,” the cajun says quietly to the Draclone. “Now you an I can ‘ave a nice chat somewhere out de way, or we can ‘ave a not so nice loud chat ‘bout yo lil’ girlfrien’ an ‘er broken neck right ‘ere on de street. You choose.” He tightens his grip on the back of the shirt to emphasise that he’s not letting go. As Von approaches, Remy keeps his eyes on the man in his grasp. “My friend ‘ere owes me some money, is all. He’s been avoidin’ me de last few days. Nothin’ ta worry bout, Monsieur,” he says in an even and polite manner.

The Draclone gives a deep sigh, rolling his eyes. "FINE." He glances around before tilting his head towards an alleyway. "Out of the way enough for you?" He starts to lift his arm to point out the alleyway before suddenly lurching, hooking the extended arm around Von's neck, tugging him closer.

Von is pulled forward and down, catching himself on his knees. His hands grab Draclone's arm, grimacing and making choking sounds. Von's eyes look up towards Gambit but can't see past his captors body. Thinking as fast as he can Von murmurs a quick spell with his remain breaths while rearing his arm behind Draclone's back and throwing punches at the kid's kidney. In front of them a six foot chrome looking staff appears in front of them, standing perfectly still and upright with a ring of cracks and fissures on the concrete underneath it.

Gambit sighs and rolls his eyes at Von’s display. “Merde, so much for bein’ subtle,” he grumbles.

Draclone's body shifts with the punches, illiciting a growl as he initially starts tightening the grip around the klutzy Von before flat out dropping him, lunging forth with much force, grabbing the staff to swing it at the head of the very man who summoned the staff.

As the Draclone makes his move towards the staff, Gambit releases the grip on the back of his shirt. He drops down to the ground, spinning a leg out to sweep the young man’s leg out from under him. “Real smart, homme,” Remy curses. “Give de man a weapon. Bravo.”

With a fleshy thud, Von hits the pavement and takes in a deep raspy breath. "Don't like." Another forced inhale. "A fair." One more. "Fight." Von gets to his feet quicker than he probably would have if he didn't have so much adrenaline. With just a thought Von un-summons (That's a word) the staff and winks at Gambit with a 'Sick em' look.

Shirt free, the swing is less restricted allowing for the swing to continue, but upon his legs being kicked out from underneath him, the movement changes, releasing the staff to allow the momentum of the swing to carry it wherever it takes it, in this case towards some poor blonde woman who is nearby, but it never quite reaches her as it vanishes. As for the Draclone, he doesn't quite end up on his back as one might assume as he contorts his body, flipping himself to bring him back to his feet once more. He manages a bit of a sneer before he turns, running quickly towards the previously indicated alleyway.

Gambit curses under his breath. He pulls a small stack of playing cards from his back pocket. With a sizzle, and a pinkish glow, the mutant over-excites the kinetic energy of the cards before launching them in the direction of the Draclone’s back. This was just supposed to be a nice simple chat, not a chase and battle scenario. “Don know who you are, homme,” he says to Von. “Mais you may have just stepped inta more den you bargained for.”

Von runs the risk of potentially giving Draclone the same weapon and again summons the Staff, appearing exactly as it had only seconds ago. This time however Von picks it up and begins to run towards the young (FAST) kid behind Remy's explosive cards. "Name's Von!" He shouts back towards Gambit, not to be out done by anyone, even an X-man.

As the cards explode behind him, the Draclone continues his run, snarling as he turns into the alleyway, making good time as he reaches a fence blocking the mid section of the alley and essentially parkoring over it with the assistance of a trat can nearby. There's soon the sound of a door creaking open and shut.

Remy ignores the “getting to know you” segment of the battle, and rushes after the escaping Draclone. Parkore is nothing to the Master Thief and he masterfully makes his way over the fence. Landing on the other side, he hears the door shut. Several doors to choose from, Remy reaches for the closest only to find it locked. The second door he tries leads to the backroom of a bar, but there’s no sight of his target. “Merde,” he curses. By now, he knows the young man has evaded him again. He steps back into the alleyway, ready to give Von a piece of his mind.

Chasing a demon possessed college age kid is hard work especially after they've choked the crap out of you. Von get's passed by Remy pretty easily as he stops at the fence and starts to climb up slowly after the two nimble men. "Friggen, jumping and stuff..." He grumbles.

Gambit begins to slow clap. “Merci, mon ami,” he says to Von as he climbs over the fence. “Thanks ta you, I done lost de only person who might know why a woman ‘ad ‘er neck snapped’a deux de otha’ night.” He shakes his head slowly in disappointment. “E’rybody’s always gotta be de hero, can’t neva leave well enough alone, non?”

Von does a fake bow, knowing Gambit is mocking him and then vanishes the staff with a little flurry. "It might help you to not shake someone down in the middle of the street." The mage notes before he adds "I didn't see anyone else standing up." And he add dejectedly, "Sorry."

Remy waves his hand dismissively at Von. “You din’ know,” he says apologetically. “P’rolly woulda done de same in yo’ place. Von was it,” he asks and holds out a hand in introduction. “You can call me Gambit.”

Von's mood shifts back to something more up beat rather quickly and he gives Remy's hand a firm shake. One of the things he learned out in the South. "Gambit you say. It's got a nice ring." Von looks back to the fence, "Do you know anything else about that kid, Cause that was damn fast."

Gambit shakes his head. “I know dat it aint de same dumb starry-eyed kid I talked to earlier in de night. Somet’in’s changed. Not sure what. Was ‘opin’ ta get dat sorta information outta ‘im.” He looks down the alleyway, there’s no point in trying to follow him now. Remy can only hope to run into the kid again. Next time, he’ll be ready though. “Dem some pretty nice tricks you got dere,” he says only half sarcastically to Von.

Von's gaze stays on the doors wondering which one the kid could have gone into, but he doesn't move. "So he knows something about a murder, but now he's 'changed'." Von hmms to himself, his hand moving up to his chin as he mulls it over. "They are pretty cool. Which isn't to say explosive playing card's isn't cool, that's one of the most badass things I've ever seen." Von says no sarcasm at all.

Gambit nods appreciatively. “Merci,” he says genuinely. He reaches into a pocket of his jeans, and digs out a nice business card with his phone number handwritten on it. He offers it to Von. “Look, you eva see dat man ‘gain, you call me. Don’ matta what time’a night o’ day. Call me. Oui?”

Von takes the card and slips it into one of the pockets on his shorts. "Will do, Cajun." And that's all he says before giving a mock salute and heading out to the nearest street, rubbing his neck. And cursing that he still has to write an article on today's game.

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