Get off my car!

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Mirage, Havok, Titania, The Scorpion, Wonder Man, She-Hulk, Absorbing Man, The Wraith, Blizzard, Boomerang, Moonstone, Brightwind

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09/18/12 20:04

Midtown, Manhattan

Havok and Mirage get caught up in the middle of a series of unfortunate super battle events.

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The hour of 8 oclock pm comes and Alex is seen in the hangar waiting on Dani as noted the prior afternoon. He's dressed in jeans and a dress shirt of navy blue. The skycar gull wing doors are open as well as the trunk. He's standing near to the trunk and shifting soemthing around within.

Thanks to the wonderful bodyslide technology of Ship Dani simply appears in the hangar at the appointed time. Glancing around she spots Alex at the vehicle, and heads over to where it is parked "Hey there." a red blouse, faded jeans and usual footwear is her current mode of dress.

He'll glance over and smile, "Hey." then look into the trunk of the vehicle and say, "Got ya something."

Within the trunk is a 2' long, double bladed, single hand, battle axe with a red bow on it. It appears to have runes on the blades and some carvings within the wooden handle. It weighs 10-14 pounds, easily.

Dani looks into the trunk at the weapon, apparent surprise on her face. "That is a beauty." she studies the engravings on it a long moment. She gives him a questioning look as she reaches for it, "I'm I going to be needing this later tonight? We going pillaging or something?" her subtle way of asking why.

He's pleased with the results of his gift; Alex smiles and feels like he did good. "Nah, nothin like that. Figured this wouldn't fade like flowers. Anyway, glad you like it, let's fly, we've got to be in Queens within the hour."

"Thanks, it will certainly give my armor that lethality that it has been missing lately." and when Dani says armor she means her asgardian stuff, not her uniform "Right." she leaves the weapon in the trunk and goes to get in the skycar. "We should be able to make it time, this thing can much pretty fast.

Alex closes the trunk, then moves to get into the drivers seat. He powers up the engine and soon they're off into the sky heading across the city whipping between buildings. He comments, "Did you know this thing can hit mach 2 and we can reach low earth orbit?"

Buckling herself in Dani gives a nod "The speed thing yes." she makes a hmming noise at the other fact "Low earth orbit? Does this thing have artifical gravity or would the passengers be floating around if they unbuckled?

Alex has boy thoughts, smiles and then says, "No, there would be floating around." while cutting left to dodge a high rise. He's traveling around 30 miles per hour. Going too fast may result in the slamming into a building.

"That is the disadvantage to taking Ship into space. I don't think the gravity can be taken offline." Dani has limited experience with that "No zero G high flying antics." Dani glances in the window of a high rise they pass, getting a chuckle at the reactions of the occupants and the slow moving flying vehicle.

Alex is about to state something when the skycar is suddenly struck from above. The vehicle is shaken and plunged a few feet before recovering. Above on the roof, something moves about and then they see the /something/ in the front window. The Scorpion skitters forward onto the hood. He's not at all concerned with the occupants of the vehicle. Instead he looks over his shoulder (back and above) for what gives chase to him.

Alex calls out, "HEY! GET OFF MY CAR!"

The Scorpion glances down to Alex, doesn't seem to care.

At the turbulence and sudden loss of altitude Dani grabs the console, mostly out of instinct, not so much that she needs stabilzation. "Maybe I'll be getting use of my new toy after all." she turns to look behind them since that is where the attention of there hitchhiker seems to be "Flip it." she makes a hand gesture with the suggestion.

Alex smiles and cranks the wheel to the side to do as instructed. As he does, the Scorpion leaps from the hood off to places unseen.

However, what follows is hard to discern by both in the vehicle. Something, or someone impacted the underside of the vehicle the moment it was flipped. The impact was so great, that the vehicle was traumatically knocked downward the 40 floors into the pavement below. The force rattled and stunned both occupants to such a degree that it's not until the vehicle comes to a rest that they realize what happened.

Inverted, in the middle of a busy city street, the shattered skycar's airbags start to deflate revealing to the occupants of their position and location. Skycar apparently hit the pavement and skidded through traffic over 100 feet leaving a trail of twisted metal and lexan glass. Both occupants are still dazed and confused for another few rounds as they see through the front windshield (back from where they came) the two individuals which seem to be at odds. One being the Scorpion, the other being Titania.

The Scorpion pleads, "Come on baby, I didn't mean nuthin by it. It was a harmless flirtation."

Titania roars her disgust as she grabs the tail of the Scorpion and chides, "Offering to pleasure me with your tail ain't what I call harmless flirtation." then proceeds to whip him around in a circle above her head.

The Scorpion yells as if he's on some roller coaster ride, a yell of abject fear.

Seatbelts, what are the good for, keeping you in your seat in a flipped over vehicle, that's what. So there Dani is suspended, only the belt keeping her from falling to the street. She is banged up, cuts and bruises but nothing that won't be healed up in a few days. Staring straight ahead, though she probably can't see much through the fall of bangs in front of her face, her eyes slowly open and close as her brain tries to catchup with what just happened.

Alex groans and then asks while trying to clear out the stars, "You okay?" His hands fumble for a knife located in his pants pocket to cut the seatbelt.

A hand comes up brush the hair from her face "I think so, yes. You?" keeping her hand on her forehead, not only to keep her hair back put to put pressure on the gash there she surveys the damage quickly before focusing her still slightly dazed eyes on him, "Need help?"

Titania uses the momentum of the spin to cast the Scorpion across the street and into a nearby building.

Onlookers have pulled out their camera phones and are recording the event.

With a SLAM, the Scorpion hits the wall and collapses onto the sidewalk. He's down, but not out.

Alex says, "Same... let's get outta here and stop this before bystanders get hurt." He cuts the belt, and tries to catch his fall as he impacts with the ceiling of the car. Dani is bumped in the process.

Dani grimaces at one or the other, maybe both, or her own struggle with the seatbelt, probably all of the above. She yanks on the belt crossing her chest and loosens it enough where she can slip out so it is only the lap belt that is holding her in place. It's the next part that is tricky. She pulls her own knife, as if she would go anywhere unarmed, from its sheath between her shoulder blades and uses it to saw at the belt with one hand while she clings to the bottom edge of the seat with the other so she won't immediately fall. All those years on the jungle gym in grade school are paying off.

Descending from above, a man wearing base black with a large red W on his chest. He calls down to Titania, "Lady, I don't mind you messin up Scorpion, but you need to tone it down."

Titania snarls, "WONDER MAN! Oh baby, you just put your foot in it." Then she lunges toward him to enter hand to hand melee which will be several punches that resonate throughout the city streets, rattling and shattering some nearby windows.

Meanwhile, the Scorpion rolls to his feet.

Alex rights himself and grabs the door. "I'll see if I can get this op...." Suddenly, it's ripped off the hinges and a man in dark purple and yellow stands a few yards away. It seems that he ripped the door of using TK. Alex says, "Crap!" and is about to react when the man takes a step forward saying, "I'm here to help. We need to get you two to?" then seems to recognize Alex, "Havok?"

Another BOOOM and shockwave resonates down the street as Wonder Man smacks back. The Wraith raises a hand toward the violence and an invisible force wall forms giving some shielding from debris and shockwaves to their immediate area.

Belt free, knife in teeth, Dani flips over, though it is not a graceful manuver due to the tight confines and the short distance to the ceiling 'ne floor. Any comment she may have been about to utter about the lack of assistance is halted by the door being ripped off. "Someone you know?" she asks as she peers around at the personage responsible.

Alex responds, "Not at all." to Dani and then while sliding out of the skycar, he says, "Who are you?"

"I'm called the Wraith. I've seen you.." looking to Mirage as he kneels somewhat, "And your companion on the news."

Another rocking blow is dealt that can be heard but not felt as Wonder Man and Titania slam one another with equal footing and strength.

The Scorpion knows when he's not welcome and knows when to high tail it out of there. He leaps into the shadows of an alleyway and is gone.

A flash of light is seen several storeys above the city streets. Radiating this illumination is Moonstone - a fellow team member of Titania within the Masters of Evil.

Extricating herself from the crashed vehicle Dani looks over the man in front of them. Giving him a brief nod "Thanks for getting us out." she then moves to where the trunk is and sees that there is no way she is going to be able to open it, and her new toy would probably be ineffective against the two fighting anyway. Where is a bow when you need one.

"Since you are unharmed.", is said, then the Wraith announces while charging off, "If you two would excuse me, I'm going after the Scorpion."

Also getting to his feet, Alex will observe the super battle and look up to the appearance of Moonstone. He raises a hand to help shield the light which causes a daylight illumination within the city block area. Alex will say, "Kick it." Referencing her need to open the trunk.

The trunk is secure, but kicking it will surely loose the present/weapon in question. It's barely holding together after the crash.

More slamming of fists into one another and finally Wonder Man is knocked across the street and into a building leaving a deep impression in the reinforced concrete/steel. He'll be getting up in a moment, but not before Moonstone focuses her laser like light into his chest, blasting the living crap out of him from 100 feet up. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! Then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Doing as suggested Dani kicks the trunk a couple of times before it pops open causing the ax to clatter to the ground which she quickly grabs. Hefting the weapon in one hand she eyes the battle going on "I can take Titania out quickly then we can focus on Moonstone." she doesn't wait for a response instead she lets out the pegasus calling whistle, who of course comes immediately.

The Absorbing Man, seemingly as strong as steel and as tall as 20 feet rounds the far corner of the block.

Wonder Man is hit pretty hard, but he's nowhere near injured enough to hesitate. He leaps out of the wall and flies straight into Titania in a move through/tackle maneuver that slams them both into the building on the other side of the street. They plunge through the wall and disappear out of sight.

The Absorbing Man sees this, sees the Pegasus descending toward two unsuspecting people and thinks they are heroes. He charges yelling, "I'll crush you all." In his right hand, the wrecking ball and chain at the ready. He will close the distance within the round, but not have an attack. <not until the next round>

Moonstone also spies the Pegasus and cares not for silly things. She blasts Brightwind with her laser attack doing significant damage to the creature's wing causing it to fall from the sky and impact upon the ground near to Dani and Alex.

Fingers tighten around the handle of the ax as Dani's face hardens into a 'oh it's on now." expression at the attack from Moonstone. Certainly a look that not many would want to be on the receiving end of, especially when given by a pissed off valkyrie. "New plan. I kick her ass and you can have all the rest." its been awhile since bloodthristy Dani has come out to play, not since Savage Land actually. Striding forward she stops where her injured steed struggles to get to her feet, her hard gaze never leaves Moonstone as she none to gently mentally probes and and tosses an illusion of Moonstone's worst fear into the woman's face.

Seeing these things transpire, and seeing the impending assault of the Absorbing Man, Alex's eyes widen and he only has one target, AM. He unleashes the fury of the FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM straight into AM's chest. It is of such atomizing force that it actually knocks a significant dent in the metallic body while knocking the AM back 50 yards. Then with a KLANG the AM impacts with the asphalt and rolls over a few vehicles. Luckily the people were out of them at the time.

Moonstone is infuriated. Her psyche and her +roll resulted in the ability to disregard the illusion. She screams and flies directly down and will do a move through on Mirage; meaning Moonstone will do a flying tackle on the Native American and take her with her in the motion which will result in the slamming of Mirage's back half a block away into the back of a cargo van. Moonstone pulled away mere yards before impact and will remain 10 yards away. The battle axe was lost in the impact and is behind Moonstone, laying flat on the street. Mirage is merely jarred and slightly damaged from the attack, not comatose.

The Absorbing man rises up holding his chest.

A yell from the building where Titania and Wonder Man fight. Titania screams, "OH NO YOU DID NOT JUST HIT ME IN THE BOOB!" Wonder Man is heard to say, "Oh crap, sorry about tha.." then WHAMMMMMMMMMMMM, Wonder Man is struck with significant force causing him to fly out of that building (making his own hole) and into the other building across the street, making yet another hole.

The bystanders are getting an eyeful of the amazing action at hand.

Mirage shakes the impact with the van, after this encounter she will be sure to put a spare bow in any vehicle she is going to be riding in, just in case. She watches Moonstone, holding action for dodging when Moonstone attacks again.

Meanwhile, Brightwind might be grounded but she is still capable of fighting and is trained for battle. The pegasus gallops after Moonstone rearing up to slam her front hooves into the back of the psycho woman when she gets close enough.

Brightwind gets the drop on Moonstone. The woman is struck from behind and forced forward and down. However, instead of impacting with the asphalt, she phases into it (like Shadowcat). Which makes her even more dangerous because she could come up anywhere.

Absorbing Man is on his feet again and starts swinging his ball and chain (no, not Titania, the actual ball and chain). He rushes toward Havok wanting to close the distance. Havok realizes it would not be in his best interest to be there when that ball comes down. He aborts to a dodge and leaps to the side just as the wrecking ball impacts with the asphalt where he was standing.

Titania leaps across from one building to the next. Wonder Man leaps from the other side. They meet mid leap right over the yellow line of the street and another BLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMM! Signals the mutual strike of one another. A shockwave emanates in all directions.

From above, She-Hulk falls and impacts with the ground right behind the Absorbing Man, her clasped fists come down on the back of his neck in the fall and bring him down with her. He's going to be called the Dented Absorbing Man from now on.

With Moonstone out of sight for the moment, Mirage glances in the back of the cargo van, in case there is something useful in there, but doubts anything she can use for a weapon. She knows how phasers work (in this case people who phase, not star trek weapons) and climbs up onto the cargo van. She's not going to stay on the ground where she can be pulled into the pavement. She jumps from van to nearby car, dividing her attention between the fights around her and looking out for the reappearance of Moonstone. It gives her little chance to look in cars for weapons (this is NYC) but will take the opprotunity when it presents itself.

The Blizzard and Boomerang are seen exiting a nearby jewelry store. They're both carrying small black bags that should have 'LOOT' stamped across the sides. They pause to look at the going's on of the battle, shake their heads, smile at one another, then take off down a nearby alleyway.

Moonstone rises up behind She-Hulk and will say, "Hey Greenie!"

She-Hulk turns around. Moonstone is about to blast her when she herself is taken out from the side by Havok. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! - then blasted into a nearby wall and hits the ground in a heap.

She-Hulk turns to Havok and says, "Thanks!"

The Absorbing Man groans, still in his own heap on the ground.

Another strike from Wonder Man sends Titania sailing. She slams into the ground and into the bumper of the cargo van that Mirage is within.

Within the cargo van, there's nothing but plastic tubs of mail.

Brightwind's left wing is still injured and will be on the injured list for a week or so.

Titania will sit up (her back is to Mirage) and she will be intent on acting in the next round.

Seeing Moonstone rise up and get throughly baked by Havok's attack, Mirage can't help but grin a little, even though it isn't her triumph. When her attention is brought to Titania getting up from her crater, and realizing she is the only heavy hitter bad guy left she turns the illusion poser on her.

Suddenly Mephisto stands before Titania. Red flame leaps off Mephisto's skin and he leans toward her, grabbing her by the throat. She SCREAMS. Her lungs have an amazing range and she's probably heard from Central Park to Battery Park (exaggeration). She starts kicking and screaming, but cannot break his grasp. She thrashes about and the ground takes the brunt of her assault. The van is slammed forward (away from her) and jostles Mirage.

Everyone in the area sees Mephisto, they too are suddenly startled. Alex's eyes widen and he starts to act, but realizes it's an illusion - it's a hard call though. Mephisto is daunting.

Titania thrashes more and finally passes out.

The vehicle Dani is currently standing on is smacked by the van, prompting her to jump off so she doesn't fall off. An eyebrows go up at what Titania is afraid of, sometimes it can be the strangest things but gives she gives it no more thought. Badguys defeated she makes her way over to Brightwind to check the pegasus' injuries.

While the police and Avengers handle the cleanup, Alex crosses to retrieve the axe and then moves over to Dani and Brightwind. "Hey, you two okay?" he asks, incorporating Brightwind into the equation.

Looking up from where she is examining the pegasus' injured wing "We've had worse." Dani states as she pats the steed who is hanging her head. Dani rolls her shoulders back, "I'm sure to have a few bruises tomorrow." she glances in the direction of the crashed skycar "How many does that make?

Alex is glad everyone is fine and then her notation to the skycar causes him to chuckle, "I'm guessing 8 or 9, that's not including the ones that Scott wrecked in the early days."

She-Hulk is still discussing things with the police and helping with cleanup. Wonder Man approaches. "Havok, Mirage, X-factor, right?" he questions making sure the identities are correct.

"Maybe that's a habit we should get out of." as she speaks Dani takes out her comm device and signals Ship to bodyslide Brightwind so she can get medical attention. Turning at WM's approach she gives the man a nod, "That would be us. Good timing with the appearance."

Alex gives a nod up affirming and in greeting.

Wonder Man grins, "Hard not to notice a flying car knocked out of the sky and then two super villains going at one another."

After a few words affirming that the two are alright and listing that the villains are going off to jail, Wonder Man says, "Good work." and will depart.

Alex offers the axe while calling back to Ship to have them and the vehicle ported back to base. Once that's done, Alex says, "Guess this means we're not gonna make out."

Having taken the weapon Dani holds it down by her side. She chuckles at his assumption "Good guess." she steps forward though so they are basically toe-to-toe "I should thank you though for the gift." she reaches up to pull his head down so she can do so with a kiss.

He's pulled down, kissed and finds his hands on her hips thinking about how nice it is. When it is broken he smiles, does a little internal happy dance which is depicted in a minor head bob and then he notes, "We kicked ass, didn't we?"

"Well we won." Dani concedes "That's what counts." she takes a step back, "And we are still standing." which for her isn't always the case. "I'll tell you this though, I'm never going anywhere without my bow, not anymore.

Turning, with the intention of leaving the hangar area, Alex comments, "You could totally set a new fashion trend, wear your moccaccins, maybe a leather camsack, feathers in your hair. It'd be the new Vogue thing. They'd call it, "Going native"." and then he'll take off in a quick jog, wanting to get out of beating range.

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