Gathering at the Mutant Diner

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Jean Grey, Wolfsbane, Blindfold, La Sombra and Mirage

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Mutant Diner - Mutant Town

Things are discussed (time jump converted)

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==[ Mutant Diner - Mutant Town ]==
The Mutant Diner is a refirb of a former establishment called Mel's which was an expansion from the original Mel's in the Bronx. It still has most of the original fixtures with some minor updates or recoverings.
From it's vinyl booths that stick to your thighs if there's no layer of cloth between it and your skin, the laminate topped tables and chrome finishing it's as if the 50's never quite died here. Even the waitresses look like throwbacks (or maybe it's their mutation gone horribly wrong), some even look like they might have even been here when it first opened. The cook in the back can be seen through the opening, slapping together your meal, and sock hop music plays over hidden speakers. You may not want to eat here when you walk in, but if you take the gamble and sit down, it's the best greasy spoon you'll ever have sat in, and makes some of the finest simple, no frills coffee this side of the Hudson.

After a long day of doing important stuff that just happen to require four specific X-ladies the four were on there way to the Avenger's mansion when Dani remembered she had to stop by SHIP to take care of something and since it was getting on to dinner time there was a mutual agreement that they all stop by the nearby diner for something to eat. So here they are, at the diner, the waitress has just seated them in a booth and given them menus to look over and placed a glass of water in front of each.

Ruth slid into the booth and tucked her cane by her side, before pulling out her phone and typing up a message 'sorry, forgive me for asking but did you know miss sally was in the hfc?', once the waitress had left the table then shows jean...thank goodness for qwerty boards!

Jean looks at the menu, hrmming a bit, then glances over at Ruth. Spying out the text message, she sighs, "Yes. And?" She looks at Ruth, arching a brow as she sets the menu down on the table. "It's a done matter."

The door swings open then as heated spanish words come through before Tanya does. She looked a little upset, and with her was a tall, old man about sixty or so, walking with a cane, although he somehow maintained that spanish dignity easily. The relationship between the two was clear and obvious though and Tanya's eyes reocgnise Ruth and others at the table "Ruth! May we join you, or is this private? " she asked, perhaps glad for the interruption.

Wolfsbane's sat with Dani, Jean and Ruth, though the fuzzy mutant's kept her silence so far while she peruses the menu. It's not hard for Dani to figure out what she's probably looking at, if certain thoughts are stronger when looking over meaty dishes compared to more vegan fare. Since it's Mutant Town, there's no bother made to hide what she is, nor has she made much of an effort to in a while. She frowns and looks between Ruth and Jean, asking, "What's this about?" She hasn't seen the text.

Looking over her menu and across the table at Jean and Ruth Dani lifts an eyebrow, "You two keeping secrets?" she tsks at them and gives Rahne a gentle nudge "We should see if we can finish the mondo burger together." she points to it on the menu "It says it can feed four, but I guess they haven't seen you eat." its a playful jab and she chuckles a moment though that fades when the two strangers come up. A questioning look goes to Ruth.

Shrugging ruth shows rahne the message "Sorry my apologies, I wasn't sure if you were aware, even miss frost seems to think an eye should be kept on her but that if she herself isn't a risk then neither is miss sally most likely, but there was something about miss sally that kept miss frost from speaking much of her, yes sorry. There are other things to speak of about mike and his safety and the order, yes thank you" Turning her head as tanya comes over "Hello again miss tanya and this must be your father, no of course you're welcome to join us, if it's alright with my companions yes thank you. It will give us a chance to talk about helping you desensitize your horse and your ambitions, yes please"

Her father's features soften a little as he approaches the table of ladies, and he offers a smile to Jean and Dani, a curious glance to Wolfbane as he draws out a chair for his daughter. His accent, when he speaks, is heavily Spanish and it is obvious English was not his best language "It is a pleasure to meet my daughter's friends, and yes I am her father. I am here visiting for a few months to check up on her." he explained.
Tanya continued as she looks apologetically at Dani "Desen... oh yes, with Khan! THese were the people I told you about, Father, who would help him with that." the man nods, understanding on his face as he took a seat as well, propping the cane up on the back of his chair.

Jean looks a bit perturbed, "Yes, she told me, and she was open to me about it." She sighs a bit, "Considering the initial reaction Emma Frost reached just from teaching a few classes, I wasn't eager to broadcast that fact." She then pauses, and smiles over at Tanya and her father, "Oh, my apologies. Good evening to both of you."

Wolfsbane's frown lingers at the talk of Sally. "I dinna like tha' she was there an' nothing was ever done about it, an' noo she's back apparently like nothing ever happened." A quick look toward Jean as she adds, "But I'll trust ye tha' things are handled." She briefly looks lost at the arrival of Tanya and her father, but polite greetings are offered before she tells Dani, "I'll bet we could."

Dani's nostrils flare, she had heard Sally was hanging with a bad crowd, but didn't know anything more specific than that. She trusts Jean though and says nothing of it, though by her expression it is easy to see she agrees with Rahne. With Rahne's affirmative the decision of what she is going to eat is made. A nod of affirmation is given to Rahne and Dani sets the menu aside "Horse? Desinsitizing?" she is confused for a moment "Oh, you must the the young woman Kitty told me about. Nice to meet you both." she gestures for the waitress to bring two chairs over "Getting your horse over his skittishness, easy enough. Take a day maybe two, at most.
"Khan is a very nervous horse, but most can be desensitized using the technique Tanya wishes to in yes, a day or two." agrees Tanya's father with a nod to Dani "Many people do not like doing it this way, they think it is cruel, but the horse will come out unharmed and stronger than before."
"When you put it like THAT father it sounds like we are torturing the poor thing." remarks Tanya, ordering some food as she listens to the other conversation about Sally.

Ruth nods her head toward jean "I must have caught her on a n off day then, yes please. She did not seem the same as our usual teachers, yes sorry. I saw mike die, and the order is acting out of it's norm, yes sorry. Forgive me please it's nice to meet you sir, I understand your family had a special curse, you should be proud of miss tanya she does good with it yes thank you"

A sharp look is sent to Tanyua as the curse is mentioned, the man somehow showing displeasure despite his stoic appearance "She is trying yes, but there is still much work to be done... Ruth? " he guessed finally, and Tanya introduces everyoen at the table she knew. "I am just sorry that she had to take on the mantle - I would have continued if I could." he admits to those there.

Jean nods, "Oh, a horse?" She smiles, "I must confess, it's been a long time since I've ridden one." Her eyes flicker over towards Dani and Rahne, and she sends a message telepathically to the pair, >> Sally isn't going to be staying much longer in any case. Her choice. So I figured the point was moot. <<

Wolfsbane wears a look of confusion at the portion of the talk that centers around Tanya, leading her to ask, "Which way is this, for th' horses?" A sip of water follows, a few fingers curling atop the table where her hand rests before she turns to include both Dani and Jean in a look, nodding without a word.

Ruth smiles warmly toward the gentleman "please don't be too cross with her, she is discreet I assure you, yes thank you" then nods toward jean "miss tanya has a carriage horse from a warhorse lineage, she needs help getting him used to powers and associated activities happening around him so he doesn't spook, yes thank you."

"Nothing I can't handle. I've worked with them all my life." Dani assures the man, "I surprised he is skittish though, that trait is usually bred out of warhorses." she gives a shrug, she just has to assume that the horse is only 1/2 that. She gives no outward sign of the mental communication, but there is a mental affirmative to the comment.

Jean glances over at the others, then smiles a little, "I think you mentioned this before, Ruth, and I still think it's a good idea to acclimate him." She looks at Dani, and shrugs, "I'll trust your judgment, I think you know more about horses than I."

Ruth nods "I figured knowing who we do, which one of them couldn't resist an open invite to show off, yes please. Seems that the order of saint george though is less of a cult and more a watch gone wrong, their intent was to pick up where the judicial system failed, but either the ally I made with them is being kept in the dark about things or things have a miss with their group, yes thank you, between the sacrifices, the fires and stabbings, and mike's death I just spells allot of trouble, yes sorry. I did yes thank you miss grey, details will need to be worked out though of course, yes thank you" her cheeks turning a little pink at the reminder

Doesn't know who or what Ruth is talking about, historically she knows who St. George is, but that's about it. Listening carefully to the important stuff between all the polite fluff she frowns "Sounds like a shit load of nastiness." she cuts through all the polite talk and gets to the point "Are you asking us to play calvary?

Ruth frowns nodding in agreement with dani "I know a few of their members but one is actually good, yes please. Cadmus though...I fear has been blinded our worse driven madd by grief, he wants mike dead to punish mike's father who is an organized crime boss our some sort known as the dragon, yes thank you. They've made several attempts on mike's life, but my ally discounted him severely for hiring innocent people yes thank you. Someone besides the who my ally knows is giving orders to their people or perhaps someone had figured out how to fake their system of communication, yes sorry. It doesn't make much sense unless people are being deceived our there is someone using their own system to to expose or use them, yes sorry. I'm just queried, innocent people have already almost gotten hurt, seth and I rescued a family from a fire of theirs, but my ally says all their scarcity of late hasn't been from their active members and I saw what might have been them killing mike in a sacrifice, yes sorry please"

Jean looks at Ruth, then frowns a bit, "The Dragon? Well, I think we need to do a little investigation into that matter. And we need to figure out what is happening with Laura." She taps a finger on the table, then shakes her head. "So many things happening at once, it seems."

Ruth nods with a grateful smile "I would appreciate the help, yes thank you miss grey, I just can't seem to puzzle it all out between what I was told and what I saw. With everything happening au once it's almost as though something big is going to happen, yes thank you"

Listening to the two thougtfully, Dani is quiet, letting Ruth tell all that she knows except strangely a name, "Who is this mysterious ally of yours, Ruth?" her tone is a mix of curious and concern.

Jean nods slightly, "Yes, who would this be?" She looks over at Ruth, a bit of concern on her features as she passes a glance to Dani.

Ruth smiles reassuringly "He may work for them but his heart is in the right place, he's helped on more them one occasion and is a police man, yes thank you, st micheal, he means well, hopefully with some persuasion he can nudge the order back to their original purpose and away from thee path they're going in, I don't think he agrees with our, thank you yes. Now cadmus, there is a man driven by grief, sad really, he is dr marinos who works at the hospital mike goes to, and the man who heads it all, st george, who is frank (last name which I forget but it's on mike's wiki), and their middle man, the museum curator, yes thank you"

"Lot's of names there." Dani replies "Big cults usually have big money, which usually means a paper trail of bribes and hush money to get to the top." its reasonable conjecture "I'll get SHIP on running backgrounds and following the money trail." she takes another drink of her water as she gets up "In fact I'l go do that now." she gives Rahne a look, and obviously there is communication going on there "We'll see you back at the ranch." the two then depart to take care of that.

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