From Bully to Bullied

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Empath and Wolfsbane

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04/18/13 16:45

Mutant Town - New York

A kinder gentler alternate Empath and Wolfsbane deal with some bullies and discuss the differences in Empath

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It a spring afternoon in New York City, and the usually dapper and debonair Empath is dressed in basic rags. The remnants of an older looking New Mutant uniform are all he is dressed in. He looks slightly better than a homeless person as he sits on a stoop. Bored and patting his stomach, he sighs loudly when he spots some mutant children playing across the street and some teens walking in their direction.

Having left the apartment she also keeps in Mutant Town, Wolfsbane nears a few of the shops in the area. They're not the best-looking places, given what Mutant Town is. No costume this time, leaving her in just a plain shirt and shorts, the signs of her mutant side obvious.

The teens approach the mutant children and start to harass and bully them. The teens themselves are mutants. One with water based power and the other with fire based powers. The mutant children have undeveloped powers. They start to cry when one grabs the ball from one of the kids. He burns it and the hydrokinetic one squirts water at the children. Manuel sighs loudly at this and shakes his head, “Hey. . .Leave the kids alone.” The teens look over at the vagrant and laugh at him. Shaking his head disapprovingly, his eyes begin to glow.

The powers are the first things Wolfsbane sees, more than any shouts or cries, or the one telling them to stop. To her, bullying is never justified and she wouldn't be doing what she's supposed to if she let it go unchecked. That's what leads to her breaking into a run, calling out, "Ye stop tha' right noo!"

The teens ponder what Manuel is about to do when they hear the wolf girl call out to them. Running at a quick speed, one shoots out a blast of water and the other a flame towards her. The kids run off. With his eyes aglow, Manuel blinks a moment seeing Rahne running towards the kids and grins a bit, “You take one and I have the other.” He smiles and he points towards the pyrokinetic.

For a moment, Rahne pulls up short as she recognizes the other mutant as that apparent version of Empath she crossed paths with on April Fools Day. A frown begins but before she can say anything further the pair of attacks are coming her way. Swiftly, she ducks away from them to one side, her response a short one. "Ye dinna know who ye're messing with." Just a grunt of acknowledgment is what Manuel receives from her before she breaks in the direction of the one with the water powers, not yet in range to do anything more.

The hydrokinetic’s body suddenly turns completely to water. He is ready to engage Wolfsbane, running towards her in his watery humanoid form. The pyrokinetic does a similar trick. His body turning completely to fire, but instead of running towards Rahne, he turns and begins to walks almost slowly toward Manuel. He is drawn towards the empath. A smile forms on Manuel’s face as the fire guy is enthralled. “Turn back to flesh.” Manuel commands and the teen does so.

The change leaves the wolfen mutant to pause again, a frown in place as her eyes sweep side to side quickly. In this liquid form, he doesn't look like anything she can actually hit and have it make a difference. "Come on with ye, then," she challenges, stepping back toward one of the walls of a building to buy a moment to think further.

“Hey, Irish dog., why not go buy some whiskey at the corner store and mind your own business!” The watery teen stops a moment, sensing that the X-Men is an easy target now. He walks over to her, “I’ll give you one chance to go home before I put you in a kennel.”%r%rThe fire guy turns to flesh and kneels down by Manuel. Manuel whispers in his ear and the teen nods. He begins to pound his own head into the concrete. Manuel lets him repeat the action as he walks over towards Rahne and the water boy.

"I'm Scots, an' I dinna drink," Wolfsbane growls, taking a step closer as he makes his threat. In response she simply slaps at his face, as much from anger as a need to see what effect it has, though it forces her focus to remain away from what's going on with the other teen. "An' maybe it'll be a fish bowl for ye!"

Rahne’s slap connect. Instead of being fully immersed in water, his body is only covered by water. So he falls back a bit effected by the slap. “Hey. . .not even my mom slaps me.” He says his hands create tendrils of water to whip Wolfsbane. The fire teen has pounded his head into the concrete about 3 times and has knocked himself out, but also leaves a bloody mess by the stoop. Clearly in need of medical attention. Manuel appears ready to assist Rahne, but stops himself to see what she can do.

Something solid beneath the water? That changes things. "Maybe she should have a few times an' ye'd have turned oot better," Wolfsbane answers, though the feeling of the watery whips is not one she's very appreciative of when the first connects, so she uses her quickness to duck past the next strike, aiming a fist in against one side of the boy.

The water boy falls to the side when he is struck by Wolfsbane. He falls on the ground hard and begins to cry, “Hey, you’re an adult. You can’t hit me.” He shouts to Rahne as he continues to cry. Meanwhile the unconscious and badly bleeding fire boy is suddenly surrounded by the children who begin to kick the bully and go through his pockets taking his wallet and whatnot. Manuel watches all this with a confused look on his face.

"An' ye should know better than tae pick on wee kids. Noo get on up an' go back home. I didnae even hit ye tha' hard," Wolfsbane growls again, looming over the teen before finally catching sight of the vengeance those kids are taking out on the other one. She steps away from the water mutant and shoots a look at Manuel. "What did ye /do/ tae him?" she all but demands, now hurrying over to check on the condition of the boy's head.

The water boy gets up and runs away. The kids scatter when Wolfsbane approaches. They have taken the boys clothes, and belonging, leaving a naked mutant teen unconscious. Manuel looks bewildered at Rahne as he carefully goes to approach the teen. “Nothing. I told him simply he should be sorry for what he has done and to show his sorry he is.” Unfortunately because this is Mutant Town, no ambulance or medical services have been called.

Wolfsbane stares after the children. "An' his clothes?" she blurts, as if unable to believe it before she crouches next to the teen's upper body, frowning before she cuts into the bottom half of her shirt so she can apply pressure to the wound. At first Manuel just gets a grunt of annoyance at his explanation, then she snaps, "How about ye help then, instead o' just standing around? He's gaunae need a bandage!"

“On it.” Manuel runs into a corner bodega and in a matter of minutes, he is out with a number of medical items. He drops them to the ground and begins to take out gauze to wrap around the boy’s head. “In this dimension, do you have 811? If so, you should call it.”

Wolfsbane bites her tongue as the other mutant goes off for a few things, and she grabs for something to disinfect with before more is wrapped in place. "Ye mean 911?" she asks, reaching into a pocket for her phone to do just that before asking pointedly, "Have ye talked with anyone else? Ye look like hell."

“911. . .no. not at all. That’s the number to call for alien emergencies.” Manuel seems surprised she would want to call that number. He shrugs and lets her work on the teen. “I spoke with Ruth and Ororo. I see Ruth speaks the same way here as she does in my reality. And Ororo didn’t stay too long. She farted and ran to the bathroom. She’s very different here. Good to see she is not Doom’s whore in this reality.”

Wolfsbane turns back toward Manuel with a confused expression. "911 is our number for emergencies, na anything like aliens," she explains, applying pressure to the wound before directing him to wrap. "He probably gave himself a concussion. I'll just tell th' medical people something basic." Best not to make it too complicated. Then her eyes scrunch at the talk of Ororo, a sniff following as she shakes her head. "I dinna know anything about all tha'."

“Yes, Ruth was asking a lot of questions about my reality. One thing is that Storm once destroyed all of Africa and is Doom’s wife/whore.” Manuel shrugs, “It seems we all have differences. In this reality, I am a villainess manipulator. In this reality, you are very different. In my reality, you were a nun, but after you were pregnant from Hrimhari. You changed, joined the school. After Hrimhari was killed by Owayodata. You returned home. More family drama led to you eating your father. After I fix. . .er. . .helped you deal with your emotions. You and Doug fell in love and are married.”

While the two of them finish getting the boy as stable as they can, Rahne stops with the phone in her hand to listen to what Manuel is telling her. She frowns, she shakes her head, she looks away, she rubs the back of her neck and an ear self-consciously. A gasp comes at a few things: Hrimhari, Owayodata, her father. "I..dinna even know who muh father is here, an'.." Then she waves it off. "Tell me nae more, please. I dinna want tae know much about any other world oot there."

"Fair enough, though I have had to deal with learning too much about my version here. I can feel him inside my head. There is a haze in memories and I can feel and know some of the things that he has done." Manuel sighs a bit as 911 is called and still no help is to be seen or heard. "As for your father, well. In my reality Scott Summers is my father, so hopefully things are different here for you."

“I can feel your genuineness. I appreciate that. Ruth was also nice. I understand that my counterpart is so evil that all of you would be mistrusting. From what I understand there have been others who have also been slipping in and of realities. I visited the Hellfire Club to see if I could fool them into thinking I was this reality’s Manuel. Well, when I encountered this world’s Black Queen , well. . .apparently she does things to my counterpart here that. . .well I can see why he is the way he is. Poor guy. After she attempted to do to me what she does to him, well. . .despite her power. . .apparently no matter how powerful you are or regardless of your gender. A good kick aimed for the crotch area hurts just as much.” Shaking his head, “I feel bad for Manuel of this reality when he returns. Poor guy.”

A cold shiver runs down Wolfsbane's back as the Black Queen is spoken of. "Th' Hellfire Club's trouble, I know tha' much," is all she says about it. "An' if there are good versions o' ye oot there in other worlds, there are bound tae be bad versions o' me. I just hope things can be made right soon. Ye look like ye've had it rough here." She /is/ genuine, but at the same time she keeps her guard up on some level, whatever good it'd do her as she takes a few steps down the block. "I think I hear a siren getting close."

"I have had a rough time, but I am managing. I am trying not to use my powers to automatically get what I need. I make due." Manuel offers a small smile when his stomach rumbles a bit, "I do what I can. Unfortunately, people in this reality are not so nice. Magneto has set up things nicely in my world. Here. It seems like those opportunities for mutants are not so. . .there."

The wolfen mutant continues to move away from the scene, having given the needed details without talking about the bullying or the rest. Chances are the boy's memory will be skewed as it is when he gives his story. Wolfsbane mumurs, "I meant what I said th' first time, about wishing ye could stay here instead o' th' Manuel we know, but I dinna think things will work tha' way. Soon enough, th' Manuel we know will be back an' here, Magneto's one o' our worst villains."

“I have heard. It’s crazy the differences. I was hoping to make it up back to the school to meet with mom. . .um. Ms. Frost. She keeps her connections to the Hellfire Club here I see. But this world’s Black Queen did not offer much more, than hungry glances and trying to have her way with me.” He shrugs and starts walking in the direction of the diner. “Are you hungry? I have enough change from panhandling then I can get you some bread or something.”

Wolfsbane's expression takes on a somewhat unreadable or more difficult appearance when Emma Frost is brought up, leading her to say only, "She led th' Hellions here, but most o' them were killed." Chewing briefly at her lower lip as the one she knows as Selene is mentioned again, she nods to that but shakes her head at the offer of food. "If anything, I can afford tae pay for ye tae eat a good meal. I'm na th' one who's in a world strange tae me."

“True, but since I am here, I need to make up for what the Manuel of this world has done. So it’s better that I offer it to you.” His stomach rumbles again upon reaching the entrance. He holds the door open but staggers a bit, “Sorry. It’s been awhile since I have eaten.” He finds the strength to hold the door open for her.

“True, but since I am here, I need to make up for what the Manuel of this world has done. So it’s better that I offer it to you.” His stomach rumbles again upon reaching the entrance. He holds the door open but staggers a bit, “Sorry. It’s been awhile since I have eaten.” He finds the strength to hold the door open for her.

"Well, it's th' thought tha' counts, but I'll cover it this time," Wolfsbane answers as she steps through, certainly noting the politeness in getting the door enough that a 'thank ye' is murmured. "I'll make sure ye've got a few extra dollars afterward as well."

Making his way into the diner, he quickly grabs a seat as he feels a bit feint. “Well, thank you. I appreciate it.” Manuel lets out a sigh and enjoys the meal and conversation flow as the two enjoy their meal.

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