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Mirage Shadowcat Thimble

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03/05/13 12:00

Easter Grounds - Xaviers

First day of spring and noon break at Xaviers

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Spring is in the air around the Xavier's Mansion today. Whether this is a natural phenonama or the workings of the local weather controller, is yet to be determined. Either way it is a unusually warm day and it is showing in the gardens. Plants and trees are starting to bud and the grass is starting to take on its emerald hue. It's currently lunch time at the school, and the warm weather has brought students out onto the grounds to enjoy their lunches al fresco. Dani has joined the students in enjoying the spring day, though she sits separate from them on the grass, though most of her lunch seems to be going to a small white and black fluff ball of a poodle that bounds happily around her.

For Janie the weather is not really the magnet that does pull her outside, but it is seemingly some sort or book she has in her hand. The outer cover is worn and the paper seems to have been through a lot of reading, but the small tag on it's back makes sure that it is from the library of the school. Setting her steps carefully, she passes her teacher and coach, seemingly sunken in the texts as she mumbles something of the text "...half your concentration..., then you're only half paying attention to whatever else you're doing."

Shadowcat beams in and soon is chasing after Lockheed to get him to stop chasing the puffball "Sorry Lockheed but I've told you before you can't light the dog on fire, I'm not even going to explain the no eating rule to you again" Lockheed hung his head, either apologetic or regretting the rules, who knew. "Sorry about that Dani"

Shadowcat beams in and soon is chasing after Lockheed to get him to stop chasing the puffball "Sorry Lockheed but I've told you before you can't light the dog on fire, I'm not even going to explain the no eating rule to you again" Lockheed hung his head, either apologetic or regretting the rules, who knew. "Sorry about that Dani"

Dani seems to find the whole situation funny, which is a good indication that while Lockheed may take the chase as more of a hunt, Peanut the fluffly poodle, seems is as nothing more than a fun game of chase. Peanut (the poodle) barks at the chastised Lockheed, and will try to get the chase started again, but like most puppies is distracted by the passing Janie, who he hasn't encountered yet, he begins to follow her, sniffing at her feet.
"Don't worry about it Kitty. To Peanut it's just a game and he isn't as flammable as you think." Peanut is an Asgardian war poodle so Lockheed would probably get quite a surprise if he actually caught him and tried to hurt him. As Janie passes, Dani's gaze falls to her and how Peanut is trailing after her "That's not exactly light reading there, Janie." she says to the girl.

Stopping Janie looks first at the poodle, then at her team mentor "Found it in the library. Not sure what the title is as first page is missing. Seems to be a manifest." she explains, closing the book. "Or some sort of training manual." she adds then, seeming a bit awkward.

Shadowcat wad thankful she's brought her own lunch and something for Lockheed, though he earned himself a bio on the head for hissing at peanut "Glad you find it amusing Dani, I think Lockheed is trying to prove he's boss in the pet department sheesh.” Sitting down heavily, partially in exasperation which sites get a whine of apology from Lockheed "Alright I forgive you" giving her dragon a hug before looking curiously at Janie "Everything alright?"

"I can call in Brightwind, and have him show Lockheed who really is boss." Dani grins, the joke in her tone evident. Looking pointedly at the poodle, he promptly returns to his mistress "It's a well read book. It was required reading for a short period of time while I was a student here. Erik insisted, Erik Lensherr insisted, he is the author and ran the school for a while.

Janie lifts an eyebrow on the name "Who's that? he's not in the gallery, there's just Mister Xavier as the founder and besides him some photographs of the headmasters. Can't remember someone of that name." she remarks. The finger showing where she is is still in the first pages.

Shadowcat grins at Dani "The answer to that would be Lockheed, nothing beats an x-dragon" chuckling at her friend as she petted her small purple dragon "the school might be not even a lifetime old but it's history is extensive given the time. Are you having trouble with the computers?" as that was what kitty taught

"Except maybe an Asgardian pegasus." Dani quips, it's probably a longtime argument between the two, debating on who's 'pet' could beat the other, and the only way to find that out would be to let the two animals fight it out, which neither are willing to do. It's a fun dabate though.
"It might not be hung up yet." she is so used to seeing them that she doesn't pay any attention to the portraits anymore "The mansion was rebuilt last summer from the ground up, some of the decor probably hasn't gotten put in its rightful spot...or it is labeled Magneto for some reason." she gives a shrug, not sure as to which it would be.

Janie quirks an eyebrow "I dunno. they had all clear names." she remarks on the comment. "Is this Lehnsherr Magneto?" she then asks, not giving in a comment on the petfight-question. Of course she has no idea who would win that conflict.

Shadowcat laughs "legendary enemy of the brood dragon from another dimension? yeah x-dragon totes best ever" yup this could go on forever. Then nods to Dani "Still can't believe wet made that mistake, not exactly the Ender story" referring to a piers anthony book series she enjoyed herself

While Dani does know the first reference that Kitty gives, it is obvious she doesn't get the other one. She must not have read those books "Erik Lensherr is Magneto. He and Xavier have quite the past, friends, enemies, friends again. You need a score card to keep track. The X-Men and the previous New Mutants, amoung others, battled with his group of Acolytes frequently. He is currently the ruler of Genosha, which went missing last summer.

Janie shruggs a bit on all the information "So what's about the book? is it worth reading then?" she asks. It's after all written by a part time enemy. "Is it good after all? You read it"

Shadowcat shrugs "I'd take it with a grain of salt myself. Magneto is very opinionated about many things some of those opinion we don't agree with here. Always weigh what you learn on who is telling you it, their past if you know it and your own moral compass" petting Lockheed in her lap add she fed him tidbits that she brought for him to keep him occupied

Nodding in agreement with Kitty, Dani "It has its good points and its bad points. When I read it I pretty much ignored anything stated as an opinion and just focused on what were facts. His sections on powers and controlling them are worth reading." while the three have been talking, Peanut has been keeping hiself amused, Dani's powers make it so she doesn't have to keep a firm leash on the creature, she can do that from a distance. The small dog is in the process of dragging a long branch as thick as a man's arm over and the only problem he seems to have is that his mouth can barely fit around it. He has solved that problem though by just sinking his bottom and top canines into a part that is narrower. Hopefully he doesn't want his mistress to play fetch with it.

"like the one about concentrating?" Janie asks carefully. "and I am not really sure if I got what you meant by Genosha vanishing. I havn't heard of it. But Countries don't vanish, right? they get invaded or conquered, but vanish?" Partly it is the fault of her having been in that orphanage.

Shadowcat smirks shaking her head at the puffball, this was where Lockheed was clearly smarter but kitty kept that remark to herself and managed a few notes of her lunch before Lockheed claimed her hands again "Magneto and Xavier have opposite views on the current mutant conflicts, partially fueled by magneto himself if you look at it a certain way. Genosha is a island and it did vanish without people realizing it and with no trace left except a crater that even the ocean didn't fill in, kind of like a crater in jello"

"Yes. Erik might have had his conflicts with Xavier, but he did know a thing or two about training mutant gifts." Dani replies before turning to the puppy and frowning. It's all she has to do, at least on the surface. The branch is dropped and the dog, not looking the least ashamed, prances over and flops next to Dani, tongue lolling. Still being a puppy, and he will be for years, he still has a lot to learn about stuff, unlike Kitty's dragon who is /so old/. "It's suspected that Genosha vanishing had something to do with the attack by Ultron. There have been a few attempts at locating where it went to, but no solid evidence has been found.

Janie nods slowly, as she listens. "So... oh, Miss Moonstar? I guess someone tries to set the tree on fire." she remarks, pointing somewhere and of Mirage dashes. Carefully eying the other X-Factor member she checks the book she had taken from the library for a second before facing her again. "I didn't got your name." she eventually sais.

Shadowcat smiles offering a hand out "I'm Kitty Pryde, I teach computers here, it's nice to meet you. This purple guy here is Lockheed"

Thimble nods and takes the hand, her grip not too strong, but she tries to make a good impression. "Janie Wu. I joined the New Mutants recently." she explains. In the months she had been here, she had not had any computer class. In fact she never even used one up to now...

Shadowcat smiles shaking the hand warmly as Lockheed waved a little paw and actually said hello "How are you liking things so far, janie? I remember when I was thirteen and new here it was a lot to get used to, specially while also being an X-Men at the time" she did still have that historic record, youngest X-Men

Thimble nods slowly but her eyeborw is quirked "We were told you can't become X-Man if you are underage." she remarks. "But I think I am doing good."

Shadowcat nods "Things were different then. We didn't have that rule at the time and then I moved to Europe and came back to help rebuild" she wasn't one to brag so she didn't mention that she helped found the European equivalent of the avengers.

Dani returns after having to deal with a few students showing off what they could do with thier powers, resulting in some fire damage to a tree. The groundskeeper isn't going to appreciate that. "What rule is that?" she asks, having missed part of that conversation.

Shadowcat looks up at mirage as she rejoins them "The rule that until you graduate you can't be an X-Man, though I was when I first came here"

Thimble nods on Shadowcat’s comment "yes, exactly that. Things must have changed a lot." she comments on that. "May I ask when that was?" she eventually adds.

Xavier learned a lot from that. The X-Men went to space and Xavier was lead to believe that all of them died. That's when he brought in myself and the other original New Mutants." Dani gives a grin to Kitty "Thankfully news of your deaths were highly exaggerated." she gives Kitty a friendly nudge "That was at least 10 years ago. I was first brought here about 8 years ago.

Shadowcat grins nudging mirage back "I still don't agree with his choice to denote me to the new mutants even if it was temporary and sure didn't teach him any bad lessons. You see janie I came here when I was 13 and went to college young as well as well as getting impregnated but that's a long story I don't enjoy"

Thimble shudders on the story, but keeps silent for the moment. She doesn't enjoy the story of herlife either, but she does not tell about it. Life IS horrible after all.

“Over half of the past and present students have a story, usually a tragic one that brought them here." Dani gives a smirk to Kitty "Kitty's didn't get tragic though until she joined the X-Men." she has her own story, and while not as bad as some, did have its share of bad things, becoming an orphan, being stalked by a demon, etc. "I have noticed, that despite being here almost a full school year, you are still reluctant to make friends." she becomes serious again after joking with Kitty, "That's why I put you on the New Mutants.”

"I don't need friends." Janie mutters "and it was November." Speaking up to the teachers is not nice, but she felt that way. friends were something you can lose. And she did not want to lose anyone anymore. Not after 11 years of solitude.

"That is fear talking." and if anyone knows about fear, it is Dani, that was how her powers first manifested "You've lost so much, been mistreated so poorly, by people you were supposed to be able to trust not to." there is sympathy in her tone, but not any pity "Friends are exactly what you need. To prove to yourself and others that you are more than what those other people tried to make you, that you are bent but not broken. You are better than that Janie." Dani can't help but wonder if she was this like that when she came here as a student, so angry, and full of mistrust of everyone. No doubt she was.

Janie bit her teeth together. Sure she lost all and everything. Definitely she had been mistreated. But she was not willing to put anything to danger she cared for anymore. And it is easiest if you don't care for anything enough. "Why?" she just asked in the end of the short lecture.

“No one is a rock, nor are they an island." (isn't that a song by Simon and Garfunkel) "If you must, think of it this way, you are gifted, like almost everyone else here." Dani doesn't use the word mutant this time, knowing how the young woman doesn't like it "We are a minority, we have to stick together. It's a with us or against us kind of thing. Friends keep you together, keep you grounded, keep you from becoming the villain to yourself and others." she gives a small sigh, "I'm not suggesting you go out and become Ms. Popular, just that you don't shut yourself off. If someone reaches out to you, reach back, especially your team mates.”

Actually 'noone is an island' was a German book from 1975 and a saying from John Donne. But both did not make too much sense to Janie. "I can't risk it," she claimed, even if Richenda had managed to get a small step closer.

A frown comes across Dani's face "You can risk anything. I risk things all the time, sure I get burnt from time to time, have nearly died, but I continue to do so, because that is life. You risked a lot leaving the orphanage, coming here. Being on the New Mutants you will be taking even larger risks, even risking your life on occasion. But making friends," she shakes her head "The only risk there is not doing so.”

"But..." Janie starts her sentence as the signal for the end of lunch sounds. The first students dash past them to get their stuff for the next classes as Janie eventually forms a more silent answer, that Dani might expect. "I try." With that she turns around to get to her own class, not sure about all this friendship stuff.

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