Friendly Teasing

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Does the Vision Have a Penis?

Dagger, Sandman, Scarlet Witch, Topaz, and The Vision

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11/30/12 15:04

Voodoo Lounge - Greenwich Village

Teasing all around

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Friday afternoon, many New Yorkers are just getting off work or are trying to head to an area for an early happy hour. While the Avengers may be super-human, they have human needs and as such, Bill Baker, dressed regularly in jeans and a red shirt with trenchcoat, makes his way into the Voodoo Lounge. It has been months since he has been here. He remembers that literal out of this world drink that the owner made. He walks in and looks about to see what kind of crowd is here today.

There have been a few changes in the place over the last few months. It looks like different tables anc chairs and a new carpet has been put on the floor, though it is pretty much the same color as the old one. The afterwork crowd is still on the light side, but that won't last long but the competent owner and staff seem to be ready for it.
The petite owner, Topaz, is behind the bar with another bartender, male, who has a tendency toward the gothy look. The latter is currently making a few drinks for the waitress that waits at the near empty bar, probably for the large group of suits that take up a table near the stage, while Topaz busies herself stocking the drink condiment tray, olives, cherries, lemons...etc.

Dressed in her salvation army coat and cap Dagger etnered and headed for the bar. Her white legs with matching shoes gliding over the floor, looking around for a face but she doesn't seem to see what she was looking for.

Sandman makes no note of Dagger. If he has encountered her before, he remembers not. Heading straight for the bar, he plops himself down on a stool an catches sight of Topaz working. He smiles as he recognizes her, but stumbles a moment as he tries to remember her name. It wasn’t something too common, but it was a rock or jewel. He then loudly goes, “Oh yeah. . .Topaz. . .that was it.” He said that a bit loudly so the few patrons in may ave caught that to which he shrugs embarrassedly, “Um. . .sorry. But yes, You are Topaz? Last time I was here, you served me a tasty drink and we chatted a bit.”

The entrance of two people into the bar draws the attention of the woman behind the bar. Glancing up from her work she moves wash her hands, the braclets on her arms chiming in her movement. "Welcome." she says to them both, then recognizes the man as he sits down. "I remember. I make it a point to never forget a customer, or what they like to drink." at that point she is already mixing a drink, which she sets before Bill when she is done.

Glancing around she smiles softly, not in any hurry she waits her turn. Checking her pockets though she didn't need to, yup pocket lint, who invented that anyway?

As his Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is being prepared, Bill smiles as he remembers the flavor. He then hmmmns, “Hey, Topaz, can you put more Jack Daniels and less Peach Schnapps. . .that would be nifty.” WIth that he looks about the bar and notes the different things, “So it’s changed since I was last here. Nice.”

Topaz doesn't really have to be asked, she is talented in many ways and maybe anticipated such a request, since that is what she has done, "You think I didn't know you felt it was a little weak?" she grins at him "It is better this time." she assures.
At the reminder of the changes she gives a nod her gaze running through the room before settling back on him "Yes. There was a..." she struggles a moment to find the word "happening." is the one she settles on "and I had to get some new furnishings and things."
When the other woman comes to the bar, Topaz turns to look at her a moment and "What can I get for you?" her voice is lightely tinged with a indian accent.

Blinking a bit, “Wow, you really are a good bartender and you have a GREAT memory.” Bill does not know of Topaz’s powers or spells and so just assumes she is that good. He smiles, “You know. I have a friend who would really dig this place. It’s got a gypsy, earthy, mysticky kinda feel.” He ponders actually ringing Wanda to tell her to join him for happy hour. But she is a girl. The drinking is more of the male Avengers thing.

Giving the young woman in white some time to decide what she would like Topaz once more turns to Bill, but not before placing a bowl of snack mix within easy reach "It is what keeps customers like you coming back." as she converses she makes drinks, sometimes from the slips that the waitresses give her, sometimes not. Either way she sets them nearby where they can be picked up. She is very good at multi-tasking, its required in a bartender "You should. She likes the mysical arts?”

The jukebox starts playing Santana's "Black Magic Woman"... which is precisely the point when Wanda walks in. Dressed in mostly black and looking quite different than her normal costume, or even her casual clothing, she saunters up towards the bar. She glances around, and blinks a little in surprise at the sight of Bill, but doesn't say anything just yet. Instead, she just makes her way over in his direction, keeping stealthy... well, as stealthy as one can be in heels, anyway.

Clearly not noticing Wanda, but I am sure there will be a reaction when he does. He smiles at Topaz and starts to munch on the snack food, “Yeah. She’s into that stuff. Not like bad witch stuff. She doesn’t dress in black and go all goth like. She’s a sweet good old girl. Innocent and stuff.” He smiles, “As cool as the vibe is here. She is more of a fancy restaurant type girl. Thank goodness, you know what they say about the girls who are into magic and stuff.” He grins, “She’s the opposite of those bad girls.” He hmmns a moment.

Stealth really doesn't work on Topaz, at least not when she is in her own domain. If her own empathic senses don't pick up someone when they come through the door, her wards do so she is constantly aware of people coming and going.
She watches the newcomer a moment, then proceeds to clean a just emptied spot at the bar in case the woman decides to sit there.

Bill's comment makes her turn to him with what could be a quizzical expression, "No I don't." she leans her forward with her elbows on the bar all interest "Please, share, what do they say about magical girls?

Wanda comes up and sits down at the bar next to Bill, "I'd like to hear this myself." She gives Bill a look that is positively dripping with mischief, then glances over at Topaz, giving her a friendly smile, "Cosmopolitan, please." She steeples her fingers at the bar, glancing back to Bill.

Blinking a bit at Topaz’s suddent gesture, Bill opens his mouth, “Oh you know. How they are really just girls who. . .” He hears the voice and suddenly freezes like has been caught. Very few people cause him to react that way, but the female Avengers have a knack of doing that. He turns , “Oh. . .that they. . .um. . .” Looking at Wanda and then Topaz, he suddenly seems to think, “. . .that they are girls. . . I mean women that are incredibly powerful. Magic only compliments the power they already have within them.” He grabs a handful of the snacks and starts chomping away as he gives a look to Topaz, “Why do I feel like there is more to you, than I originally thought.”

Dagger smiles warmly to Topaz "Just a water thanks" grinning at the man as he squirmed like a worm on the hook, caught indeed. Boys they always liked the taste of leather poor things, they broke that habit of theirs. "Well it does add a certain allure to a woman when she weilds power" but that didn't include herself nope not one lick.

Topaz gives a throaty chuckle as the woman sits down and challenges Bill as well. She doesn't need to be an empath to realize that this is the woman he was just speaking of. With a brief nod at Wanda's order she begins to make that drink. The really good vodka she wants though is well out of the reach of her petite frame, being on the top shelf. This proves to be no problem for her though. She reaches up as if she were going to grab something on a lower shelf, her index finger making a rotation, her hand glows a brief golden and the vodka bottle slides of the shelve and into her hand.

Turning back she begins to make the cosmo with the vodka, "I have no idea what you are taling about." she says to Bill in a droll tone. Once the drink is done she will set it before Wanda, and then get the water for Dagger, who gets a peculiar look.

It's about this time that the happy rush comes in and Topaz excuses herself with a nod and namaste so she can help the other bartender with the afterwork crowd.

Wanda smiles over at Topaz, giving her a wink, "Indeed so. Thank you." She glances at Bill, and tilts her head, "Sorry if I shattered your illusions Bill... but I do like dressing in black on occasion." Her lips curve just a bit more, as she lowers her voice, "I do appreciate the thought, though. It's very sweet." With that, she takes a sip from her drink, glancing curiously over at Tandy as she pipes up a bit.
As Topaz goes off, Bill glances over at Tandy and looks to Wanda, “Well, I gotta say. Even a good witch can sexy. Looking good, Wanda.” He shrugs and while some may consider it offensive for teammates to talk to each other, Bill and Wanda have gotten close lately and something about complementing Steve’s girl seems to make him smirk. “So, what do you think? There’s more to that bartender than meet’s the eye?” The gold glow hand gesture did catch his eye after all.

Tandy smiles warmly to topaz at the curious look and thanks the woman. Taking a sip of her water before tugging at her salvation army bought hat. Where was her contact..or did he have second thoughts and bail on her?

Wanda laughs very softly, "Oh, I can tell you that. She uses magic, it's pretty apparent, even without the glowing vodka bottles." She does, however, blush very slightly when Bill complements her, taking another sip of her drink. "And well, sometimes even a good witch needs to slip out and be a little bad." Her eyes sparkle a bit.

"Well that black works for you. But I can't imagine You as Black Witch would go over to well with the media. Though would be funny like when Vizh was all white. . .I swear he looks naked. . .but at least you knew he wasn't a man, I mean. . .you know with no. . .you know." Bill laughs then looks over at Tandy. "Hey there." Poor girl has gotten glances from everyone here. Should at least be friendly.

Dagger smiles warmly "Hey there yourself." yeah looks from everyone, like SHE was the oddball. "I'm Tandy" offering out a hand to him. One thing she couldn't quite hide was that mark of a C around her eye, oh well.

Victor Shade walks through the entry portal and descends the stairs into the Voodoo Lounge. The synthetic Avenger is in his holographic 'Civilian' disguise so as not to garner too many odd looks. What could the Vision want in a place like the Voodoo Lounge? Why... downtime of course. Victor Shade does appear to be a fish out of water in a place like this. His eyes curiously dart about the lounge once he has entered the primary area of the establishment.

Wanda is sitting at the bar next to Bill, holding a half-full Cosmopolitan in her fingers. Then she laughs a little, "Oh, Vizh is... very good at being a man. Moreso than most I've met, honestly." Speaking of people coming in... she doesn't see Vision just yet, so karma might just end up being served here.

While Sandman is aware that Vision can appear as others, he hasn’t noticed Victor either. “Well, at playing a man. . .but that’s not what I meant. Yes, he is basically human and he has emotions, blah blah blah. But I meant a literal man, I mean the guy has no. . .” He shrugs and then just says it, “The Vision has no penis.” It is said loud enough that some patrons stop and look at Wanda and Bill. He realizes this and shrugs and turns to Tandy, “Nice to meet you. I am Bill.”

Victor notes Bill and Wanda are here at the Voodoo Lounge as well. He quirks a holographic eyebrow at the curiosity of three Avengers deciding to visit the same lounge independent of one another. Victor stops curiously looking about the room and makes a bee-line towards them. He overhears what Sandman says and both eyebrows are raised, "Ah-" Vizh at a loss for words, "-Quite the interesting conversation. Mind if I inject my own personal opinion on the topic?"

Victor notes Bill and Wanda are here at the Voodoo Lounge as well. He quirks a holographic eyebrow at the curiosity of three Avengers deciding to visit the same lounge independent of one another. Victor stops curiously looking about the room and makes a bee-line towards them. He overhears what Sandman says and both eyebrows are raised, "Ah-" Vizh at a loss for words, "-Quite the interesting conversation. Mind if I inject my own personal opinion on the topic?"

Wanda gives Bill a rather irked look, and says, perhaps a bit too loudly, "HE DOES SO HAVE A PENIS!" She then blushes a bright red at the outburst, as she's probably used to saying things like that... perhaps not so graphically, then she recognizes the voice from behind her, and turns even brighter red than her shoes, "Oh, I... Vizh, I... um..." She immediately rises, "Er, ah, excuse me a moment." And woosh, she walks very briskly to the ladies' room. Oh boy.

Nodding with a smile "Nice to meet you Bill" she drops her hand back into her lap unshaken and also blushes at both graphic outbursts. Turning in her seat toward the new man "Ah..perhaps a change of subject would be better" feeling bad for the woman who left but knowing it likely wasn't her place to get in the middle of a couples spat. Instead she took a sip of her water.

Noting Wanda's yell and then the arrival of a certain someone. Sandman looks over Victor and smirks, "It's not what you think. Iâm teasing Wanda, since she teased me earlier." He then pauses a moment and hmmmmns, "But please feel free to interject your own opinion, sir.â" Sandman does not want to give away the Vizh's id. Bill stops and finishes his drink quickly, "Seriously, unless you are going to whip it out. Then there is no real way to prove and seriously, I don't need to see it, so I'll just trust Wanda that you do." He shivers, "Oh great, now synthezoid junk is on everyone's minds." Some patrons nod their heads as they make their way, Bill follows short. He look to Tandy, "Nice meeting you."

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