Free At Last

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Jean Grey, Finesse

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01/24/13 01:05

Xavier Mansion

Finesse approaches Jean Grey to ask for her grounding to be over with after it has lasted for quite some time.

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Jean is currently sitting in a comfortable chair, while a few of the younger kids are playing Mario Kart on the big screen TV. Much to the chagrin of some of the older students, who were probably looking to play some Black Ops instead. She has a book in front of her, reading it as she sips her cocoa and keeps an absent eye on the clock, making sure the younger kids don't break curfew with staying up too late.

Jeanne has done a bit of research to know where to go to find Ms. Grey, and she does just that, walking into the lounge, dressed in casual clothes, just a jeans, shirt and jacket. "Ms. Grey?" She asks as she walks into the room, casting a brief distasteful glance at the kids wasting time with a pointless video game. "Do you have a moment?"

Jean smiles a little, "Of course. Please, have a seat." She gestures to the chair opposite her, "Or, did you wish to discuss things in private?" Her head tilts a little towards the girl, waiting for her response.

Jeanne sits down next to Jean, keeping closer to her so as not to have their conversation overheard by others. Though to be fair, the little kids are transfixed to the Mario Kart game. "I think this suffices, as you might expect, I want the my grounding to come to an end. It has been a while, and I have not snuck out, I respected your rules."

Jean nods, "You haven't... but do you understand the rules?" She smiles a bit, arching a brow as she leans back in her chair, "I mean, I don't make these rules up just to make you miserable, you know?"

"I am not to be outside the school past curfew, yes?" Jeanne repeats the rule she thinks Jean is alluding to, no remorse reflected on her face, but than it must be due to the fact she barely ever shows emotion at all. "I fail to see an alternative reason, but I accept your point of view differs from my own."

Jean ahems, "Well, why do you /think/ we have that rule in place, Jeanne?" She steeples her fingers, waiting as she regards Jeanne carefully.

"To protect students, so they won't get in trouble, am I right?" Jeanne asks, looking a bit annoyed at the question, casting a glance at the video game before looking back at Jean.

Jean Grey nods slightly, "Indeed so." She smiles faintly, "Which is something you disagree with."

"I don't disagree perse, I just think it doesn't apply to me, not as it would to them," Jeanne nods her head towards the younger kids playing the video game.

Jean smiles faintly, "Which is why it applies to you as well. There are things out there that you are not prepared for... but you believe that you are." She gets an amused look, "By the way, you, as well as all the other older students, will be taking an ethics class on a regular basis."

"Ms. Grey, with all due respect, I'm not a baby," Jeanne groans, leaning back in her seat as she's once again told curfew applies to her, despite her claims. "Ethics class? Is that another punishment?"

Jean looks evenly back at Finesse, "Due respect, Ms. Foucault, you /are/ a student. And you will abide by the rules that we have. However, as far as your grounding is concerned, that will be lifted. And while I'm sure some students will think ethics classes are a punishment, these are going to be required for everyone."

"Yes, I understand that much, but I am also quite unlike any of the other students," Jeanne states matter of factly, not a trace of arrogance in her tone of voice, despite the choice of words being quite arrogant in itself. "The fact others will share in this pain doesn't make me feel better, but I appreciate your kindness in ending the grounding. Thank you, Ms. Grey." Jeanne really has been getting itchy to be able to leave the school grounds again, and though she technically could have done just that without permission, she wanted to try and get on better terms with Jean. What's more, she assumes sneaking out would be harder now that Jean keeps an eye, or at least a thought on her.

Jean smiles a bit, "I know you are, but in some regards, that makes you more vulnerable, not less. In other words, hubris is something you need to be careful about." She glances at Jeanne, "I know you want everything, the moment that you want it, but there is a time for things."

Jeanne crosses her arms, looking directly into Jean's eyes, and remains thankfully silent. Though Jean, if she cared to, could no doubt hear how much Jeanne disagrees with her thoughts alone. At least she knows better than to voice her disagreement. "Since the faculty has taken over the Jack O'Lantern issue, has there even been any progress?" Now Jeanne is getting a bit testy.

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