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Beta Ray Bill, Blindfold, Cyclops, and Manifold,

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07/18/12 21:22

Graymalkin Lane - Westchester County

Follow-up to the Spider-Slayer Scene

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Evening comes as Cyclops stands out near the campus. He nods approvingly as the X-men and SHIELD have made quick work to repair the damage that has been done, but power is still out for part of Salem Center. The sky is clear and stars shine down Cyclops lets out an exhale of relief, but then the stress comes back. Being leader of the X-Men and headmaster of a school for mutant teens, he sighs as he thinks as to what has been plaguing the teams and the school. He is dressed in his uniform as his metal visor gives off a small glint of light reflected from above and flashes red monentarily.

David walks up to Cyclops, and rubs the back of his head. "I.. I was pretty terrible, wasn't I?"

The Korbinite champion had remained as well, to see that all was being handled, to ensure all were well, and also, well frankly, he has little else to -do- just now. This was a diversion and he is glad to have been able to help, but still, it stands. Also, he would know more of this facility. Mutants? Most likely, and he has had a passing interest in those as of late.

He strides over to the visored instructor, but draws to a halt as the youth addresses Cyclops. Still, it's pretty impossible not to notice him there.

Blindfold comes out tapping her cane lightly along the ground as she carried a platter of sandwiches and approaches Cyclops and David but stays quiet not wanting to interrupt.

Not quite looking at David, but momentarily taking a break from stressing himself. It is time to play proud teacher. “Actually you did the opposite. The way you got two of the robots to shoot each other by duplicating yourself and running in opposite directions was ingenious. I know Blindfold told you to do it, but it was effective. You got hurt and could have been killed. Your nervousness and passing out well considering what we were up against. You did very well, Manifold. As did you, Blindfold” Scott finally looks to the student and offers a smile. As Beta Ray Bill approaches, “Thank you for your assistance, Bill. I am told Volstagg summoned you. It is useful to have an Asgardian here.” Looking over Bill and smiling again, “Even if it is an alien one.” He takes one of the sandwiches and bites into it.

David shakes his head. "That.. I didn't actually pass out.. While I was doubled, one of me was hit by that block of cement," he says nodding to the area where a giant, cracked slab of cement was, after the battle, whether or not it'd been cleared away. "Would have killed me if I wasn't doubled, but as it is the pain was so intense I blacked out."

Bill seems a bit pleased that Cyclops actually got the description fairly accurate. But with his features, it's sometimes a touch difficult to quite tell. He waves the thanks off, though, with a large, four-fingered hand, "I am certain Volstagg has spoekn of me, but I know precious little of -you- or this place. Mayhaps you could enlighten me..." the trailoff means he's waiting for an introduction.

Blindfold smiles up at Scott and nods "Would anyone else like a sandwich? I figured people would be hungry, thank you, you're welcome" laying a hand on David's shoulder and turns her head to Bill "Yes, thank you for your help, it's appreciated. You are demi-Asgaurdian, yes, sorry. You go where the currents of destiny take you, tied to the wyrd of the Asgaurds"

"Well, I am Cyclops, leader of the X-Men. You may have heard of us and am sure you have encountered some of our group before. We have adventured in Asgard. We are mutants and I am the headmaster of this school for mutant youth who are still learning their abilities." Gesturing to David and Ruth, "These are two of our students, Blindfold and Manifold."

The alien inclines his head alightly at Cyclops's words, but he takes a moment to look to the girl, "You are a seer?" he asks, quite casually. It's not as if he hasn't met others before, and she has a certain 'vibe' about her that seems so. To Cyclops he notes, "Yes, the 'Mutants New' are oft-enough spoken of, and fondly. And I have gained an...interest in your kind as of late, I will admit."

He turns his head to the youths, "It is a pleasure. You both showed great courage today. Do not be vexed over any unclearness of mind in battle. That will come in time - although one must question whether 'tis to the good or not that such is necessary."

David rubs the back of his head. "I'll have to practice dodging more. Getting hit with 5 foot cement blocks hurts. A lot."

Blindfold nods her head to Bill "Thank you, that is very kind, though I should have warned Manifold and Astraea. How is she? Not badly hut I hope? Though I can't imagine her not with the attacks that came her way" then grins to david "You got two in one go, that is something to be proud of"

“Unfortunately, Bill. In this day and age, it is necessary. The next generation needs to learn to protect themselves. We work towards the dream of Charles Xavier, the founder of this school and the X-Men. There will come a time when humans and mutants can co-exist. Until then, however, we must train and prepare.” Scott tilts his head slightly,
“Why the sudden interest in mutants? It seems some Asgardians have been dabbling in affairs of my kind. With Loki’s misadventures and the Enchantress connected to a rival school. I am grateful that Volstagg is here for now. And perhaps it is time to contact Thor to see what Odin-son has to say regarding his kind interfering with my kind.” Scott speaks slightly annoyed with the Asgardians meandering into the affairs that some would consider beneath them.

"Following your direction," David points out. "It was your idea for me to draw them into firing on themselves."

Bill corrects, "You must remember, I am not technically an Asgardian, but one who partook of their nature, much as Dani Moonstar." he reminds Cyclops about the valkyrie as a sort of gentle verbal sparring. Yes, he knows of her, she is, in some ways, the most similar to him. "As for my interest, I have walked the city of New York and been mistaken for a mutant, and those I had met treated me with kindness and respect, and spoke of their plight. It is unjust, and I am not one to stand idly by in the face on injustice."

Blindfold tilts her head worriedly at Scott "Enchantress? She is connected to the Hellions?
That definitely does not bode well for womder she gives me a bad feeling.."

Nodding his head when Bill mentions Dani and seems to genuinely care for the mutant plight. Scott offers a smile, “Well, we do appreciate that, Bill.” Suddenly he pauses a moment. Some may recognize that face as someone who is receiving a telepathic message. He nods his head, “Excuse me. But it seems I have a matter to attend to inside. Once again, thank you for your help, Bill, and please extend my appreciation to Astraea.” With that he bows and looks to David and Ruth, “Don’t be out too long. We are implementing a curfew. So go inside shortly.”

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