Fly Me To The Moon II

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Thimble Radiance

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Conclusion of Fly Me To The Moon

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“Think about why you are here: Because you are gifted. If you would not, you wouldn't have been brought here," Thimble remarks, turning her body around so she can look to the napping Mirage. "Your luck is more that you are gifted at all. I would likely be dead if I would not be."

"I'd be dead for sure, if I weren't a mutant", Seth replies. He looks outside. "We're accelerating."

Thimble nodded slightly "If you weren't /gifted/." She hated the word mutant. sure, it was correct, but it had a bitter tune. gifted was more positive. "The autopilot must set course to moon then," she commented eventually, turning back to a correct position and fastening the seatbelts again.

Seth has never really removed his seatbelt, so he keeps it fastened. "So, I'm bringing this up... What're your 'gifts'?" He keeps looking at the Moon, which is getting progressively bigger.

Thimble grunts a bit as she looks back out to the moon "I can sew." she just sais, not going more into detail. well, after all it is a very detailed description, if one considders she can do it in two ways.

"Sew", Seth comments plainly before looking to the edge of the view screen, towards the stars. "I was referring to your abilities." If there's another meaning to what Thimble is saying, he's not getting it. He leans his head backwards onto the seat, and starts humming to himself, just loud enough that the people in the cockpit could hear it. And it's... you guessed it, 'Fly Me To The Moon'.

Thimble snorts slightly as she repeats "I sew. That is the answer." Her eyes are affixed to the screens and outside, as if something might go wrong.

Seth reclines his chair a little, still humming that song. At this point, he even starts to sing it, in his baritone voice. "Fly me to the moon... and let me play among the stars..." He should search for that song's chords on the net once he'd get back.

Thimble sighs and suddenly reaches over to the edge of his coat, trying to manipulate it so it the collar of it reforms a bit to stand up higher. "I said I sew."

Seth ohs, as it's all clearer to him now. "That's neat. Something constructive." He says, pointing to his ever-glowing eyes. "These eyes? They're the indication that in me there's a core of energy somewhere in my chest. That's what I use to fly and fire energy."

Thimble pulls her hand back, tapping her screens as the shuttle goes into moon orbit "reading sensors... nothing here. you got anything?"

Seth pulls up the sensors, and shakes his head. "I don't have anything yet..." He looks at the Moon. "I wish we could bring back a few souvenirs..."

Thimble shakes the head "It's just rock and dust." Scrolling down the results she stops suddenly "And metal. Quite some on one place." pulling up a visual she smirks "Oh, just scraps."

Seth looks at the visual of the scraps. "Scraps mean remnants of man-made structures..." He kids, "...Or do they?" He returns his gaze to Thimble, "Let's get closer."

Thimble points on the blinking A "Autopilot. And Armstrong was on the moon. so there are scraps there."

Seth sighs as he starts to wonder if there's anything they /can/ do regarding this voyage. "Well, can we at least take a few max resolution pictures to figure out what's down there? If it's not something MLFish, at least we'd get a visual souvenir outta this..."

Thimble sighs a bit "I bet that is all you can do from here. make a few photos," she answers, trying to spot whatever the sensors said would be there with her eyes "Shall be somewhere there."

Seth presses a few buttons, "Deploying camera... ready." And, as the ship approaches, he starts to take a few pictures.

Thimble can't do much to influence the course, but a bit of turning is in. "here you go."

The pictures are taken. The scans proceed - there may even be a 3D projection stored somewhere on the shuttle's database. When Seth feels they've done all they could, he again leans back on his seat. "Okay. I think we're done." He rests his arms on the back of his head, taking a moment to feel the newly-reformed piece of fabric. "Thanks for adjusting the neckline the coat", he says. "Personally, I like it that it's a little higher than it was."

Thimble eyes him for a second, then turns back to the screens "The coat is a bit shorter however." no more to say, matter has to come from somewhere.

- - - Fade To Black - - -

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