Fly Me To The Moon

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Thimble Mirage Radiance

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X-Tower Hanger / Shuttle

Training recon mission for the New Mutants

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The hangar in the X-Factor HQ doesn't look all that different from the one at Xavier's, the biggest difference is the contents. There is no jet or helicopters, or any other vehicle that looks to be from 20th/21st century earth. The vehicles here are more like some thing out of science fiction. There are a couple of what could only be flying cars, one of which looks like it was in a serious crash, the other two vehicles are most definately space shuttles, that is if the sci-fi movies haven't been lying to us all those years. Mirage has offered those students and New Mutants that wanted it another flight training lesson, using real vehicles this time. Transportation was arranged and once the takers arrived at XF Tower they were escorted by a solid light hologram to the hangar deck.

Thimble came into the hanger in her slightly modified New Mutants uniform. Sure, adding some skirtlike piece of cloth to the rear is not too much a modification, hut at least she went not midriff free or arms free like others. Likely she was one of the first who wanted extra fabric. Looking around in the gigantic hall, she looked who was instructor this time. Well, last time she did ok... besides the emergency start and break.

At Thimble's entrance a small section on one side of a shuttle slides upward and into a gap in the hull while a ramp slides down. Taking a few steps out comes Mirage, since she is doing double duty today, as instructor and X-Factor member she is dressed in her XF uniform, hers though does have an ab window. "Hi, Thimble." codename use, she must be taking this seriously, "You ready for your first moon run?

Thimble eyed the shuttle, the hands brushing along the sides of her suit "Moon run?" ok, it was not unbelievable that this thing was going to fly to the moon, but with her at the controls? ok, she was not a total failiure. "I will try."

Mirage gestures into the shuttle "You'll do fine. This is a lot easier to fly than a jet." another gesture is made indicating that Thimble should go in "Head in and look around while we wait to see if anyone else is going to show up.

The next one arriving, is Seth. To go a little against the norm of school training uniform, he decided to add a black trenchcoat to cover most of his body. The seamlines of this coat are in the yellow color of the uniform. Underneath, he wears the one piece costume, mostly black, with again seamlines outlining the X for the uniforms. The belt and the boots are in yellow, and the belt lock has the X as well. Same goes for the gloves. Maybe the uniform will be up to expectations, or maybe not. The staff will say.
As he enters the room, he looks at the big jet, studying it. "Nice bird. How fast does it go?"

Thimble turns the head as another one enters "I don't know, but likely fast enough to go to the moon as Mis..Mirage Said," she remarks, going to the gangway to enter the shuttle.

"It goes plenty fast. Warp speed fast if you want to use modern sci-fi terminology. We won't be going that fast though. It's not safe to do within the pull of earth's orbit." Mirage gestures for Seth to follow Thimble in "Thimble you take con-left, Radiance con-right." she will follow the others in "Ship, start training flight, mode 1, destination Earth Moon."

A voice is heard coming through the shuttle com system "Yes, Mirage. Training Mode initiated."

Thimble eyes the console before she sits down, pulling the controls in front of her to access them better. "What are you talking about... Radiance?" she complains, looking onto the awakening displays. With a few steps she fixed the racing belts. "Ok, Ready by station. What is the starting sequence?"

Seth extends his hand out to Thimble, "We never met, by the way. I'm Seth, though in training sessions, call me... what you just did."

With the training mode initiated the controls light up when the pilot/co-pilot take their seats. "Hit the buttons in the order in which they light up. Sorta of like the simulation. Don't gun it this time though Thimble. We don't need to be breaking the sound barrier over Manhattan." she sits in her own seat and buckles up "Ship, open bay doors." doors in the ceiling do so.

And now, it's time for Radiance to put his game face on. Now, he's not joking around anymore. Him too is watching the sequences, and aiding in the controls whenever necessary. "I suggest a departure at... 100 miles per hour, with an increment speed vector of +1.5 miles each second past the two mile roof barrier."
Thimble gives her copilot a slight shake of the head on the name and hand. "Not now". Then she works down the checklist, muttering the name of the buttons she presses. "engine ignition on. Brakes loose." pushing the com to outsides "Tower, asking permission to launch."

The pilots will find that Ship has already run parameters and sequenced the trajectory and necessarily speed to escape earth's orbit, its part of the Training Mode. Mirage will set back in her seat, watching the two go back and forth quietly.

The same voice heard earlier comes back over the system, if a gender could be given it could be considered female, though most consider it gender neutral "Bay doors fully engaged, permission granted."

"Green light shows green across the board. We are go for launch", Seth says. As he's the co-pilot, he's there to assist and keep the shuttle leveled. Which he will do so to Thimble's specifications.

Thimble taps the throttle to a gentle 5 to set the machine in motion, checking carefully to follow the guidelines of the program. "Radiance, have an eye on fuel pressure and Wind please." she asks over to her co-Pilot, speeding up to the starting position. Once there she turns the nose to follow the short runway, gently pushing up the throttle "all indicators green, launch in three...two... one... Takeoff!" she comments as she pulls the steer back slowly.

It's all Mirage can do not to sit in her chair and not start laughing at how serious the two driving are taking this little exercise. She will probably have a bloody lip when this is all done from biting it to keep it all in. Her team past and present, especially present, doesn't take their launches this seriously, it's all jokes and comardrie..or occasioanly 'Get the hell outta here the place is going to blow' kinda panic. It's a humourous change for her.

"Wind speed, minimal... Fuel pressure...", he chuckles a bit at that. Fuel, in a ship capable of Warp? Yeah, right; must be quite the nitrous mixture, huh? "... Optimal." He leans back in his seat a bit. "Steady as she goes..."

Thimble pulls up the ship - even if the computer does most of the work, she follows the movements she needs to do. "Rising at predicted speed and vector. Engaging autopilot.”

So, now that the autopilot is on, Seth leans back in his seat. He's excited about this, and you can tell. "I guess we're a privileged few, seeing the Moon up close and all", he says to break the serious mood.

Thimble smirks as she leans back into the chair "we are gifted." she simply gives back as the shuttle speeds up to enter orbit. "Our privilege is to be gifted."

"You mean... us being mutants and all?", Seth asks.

Thimble nods slowly "We are gifted. So we have the privilege to put our gifts to use"

Seth smirks, "If you say so..." He examines the fabric of what his trenchcoat is made of. Maybe his suit is not fully up to specs - Mirage hasn't said anything yet -, but he likes it. "Personally, I think it's all random."

Thimble examines the controls as the shuttle passes the ionosphere "what is all random?" she asks eventually, adjusting the angle slightly

"Whether you're a mutant or not", Seth continues. "There's no privilege there."

Thimble snorts slightly "It's the privilege to be here and learn as you are gifted."

Seth hms. "That was a stroke of luck. One which, I might add, I find myself often wondering why me and not others." He shrugs some, "Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for what I have. But it's hard for me to see it as a gift, when gifts have taken their fair share of good stuff in my life."

Thimble taps some of the controls as the shuttle enters a low earth orbit to change the direction to the moon. After a few corrections she opens the seatbelts, floating up from her chair in the micro gravitation "Luck? I had not much of it. My only luck /IS/ that I am gifted," she exclaims, pushing herself up "The autopilot has all well in charge it seems."

Seth shrugs, "You're here, aren't you? I call that luck, in my book." He adds, "I think if I hadn't been found, me and my family would already be dead." He turns to Thimble, "By the way, we interrupted our introductions..."

"Think about why you are here: Because you are gifted. If you would not, you wouldn't have been brought here," Thimble remarks, turning her body around so she can look to the napping Mirage. "Your luck is more that you are gifted at all. I would likely be dead if I would not be."

"I'd be dead for sure, if I weren't a mutant", Seth replies. He looks outside. "We're accelerating."

Thimble nodded slightly "If you weren't /gifted/." She hated the word mutant. sure, it was correct, but it had a bitter tune. gifted was more positive. "The autopilot must set course to moon then," she commented eventually, turning back to a correct position and fastening the seatbelts again.

Seth has never really removed his seatbelt, so he keeps it fastened. "So, I'm bringing this up... What're your 'gifts'?" He keeps looking at the Moon, which is getting progressively bigger.

- - - To Be Continiued - - -

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