Flirtation and Competition

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Flirtation and Competition

Suzanne Endo, Tony Stark

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06/24/12 19:30

Dining Room, Hellfire Club

Suzanne and Tony both end up taking an evening off from helping to rebuild NYC, and encounter one another in the posh confines of the Hellfire Club. Imagine that.

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Some might question how the well to do of New York City can justify gathering at posh clubs and consuming hundred- and even thousand-dollar plates of food or drinks, while the City struggles to rebuild after a catastrophe. But the fact is that they do. And that seems to include those who are rather new to the City as well, including one Suzanne Endo. Many know she is the CEO of Endo Electronics, at least amongst these rarified airs. But few of them realize the company did not exist, until she created it out of whole cloth a few years ago with some prudent investors and her own personal genius. Already today she has made quite a stamp on the face of the City's recovery with her generosity and contributions to the local economies. Now, she is just arriving here at the Hellfire Club to enjoy a fine meal. It seems she has already made some significant contacts here, if she already has the right to enter the Hellfire Club without an apparent host.

There's a bit of a lull near the Maitre'd, some hushed whispers, and then Tony Stark walks into the exclusive Club flashing his famous billion dollar smile and nodding to the hostess that's guiding him into the room. Blue eyes sparkle with mischief and amusement as the man that turned Stark Industries into the multi-billion dollar company it is now arrives amidst his usual 'show'. Pausing there in the main entry he waits, apparently the Hostess's gone to see if she can find a table for Mr Stark, as he'd unfortunately forgotten to call ahead to arrange for a table and perhaps a membership ahead of time.

Seeing the commotion at the maitre'd's station, Suzi pauses at her chair, not yet taking her seat, and takes in Stark's arrival. He always did have such a sense of drama and showmanship. Suzi turns to her server and whispers a few words, then slips into her seat, facing Tony. Waiting, as her server heads off to the Hostess.

Soon enough, both lovely ladies arrive in front of Tony. "Excuse me, Mister Stark. If you have need of a table by yourself, we should have one in just a few minutes. However, there has been an offer from Ms. Endo for you to join her at her table, if you would like?" The server indicates the table, and Suzi raises her glass - just water, right now - to salute him.

"Well, isn't that fortunate, I'd been looking to pin her down after I heard about her donation. Sure, set me up with Miss Endo." Tony says with a casual smile to the hostess, then before either the hostess or the waitress is ready to lead him towards Suzi's table he simple walks over to join her. Clad today in a Janet Van Dyne original suit, it's a jet black that's got all the right hilights to match his hair with sapphire touches to buttons and the cufflinks he wears to call out the brightness of his eyes. Tony takes the chair at right angles to Suzi, settling into the seat with a casualness that only one as used to the finery and panache of such a place as he or some few others in this room might manage to pull off. "Ms. Endo, thank you for the invitation."

Suzanne smiles warmly as Tony joins her, catching the casual ease with which he slips the grasp of those who would have tried to 'help' him. She nods as he sits. "Not at all, Mister Stark. We may be competitors of a sort, but I do not see anything in that which precludes civility. It is a pleasure to meet you." She offers the last with a slight delay. They have never met in person, but she is sure he knows exactly who she is and what her background is, with his own company and in his own investments. She is sure the investments in her own fledgling enterprise years ago were at his direction, not anyone else's. Not even the inestimable Pepper Potts. "I am pleased to have the company for dinner this evening."

Unbuttoning his suit jacket, Tony takes a moment to look at her and doesn't bother to hide the length of the look nor that it's clearly more than simply sizing her up as a dinner partner. When the server comes by to ask what he'd like to drink he asks for some blood orange juice and a San Pelligrino, before he turns his attention back to Suzi and offers her another of those smiles of his, "Having company certainly makes it easier to take a breath and let a few of the stresses of the last few days slip away from the top of the mind for a bit. Saw the news, quite a healthy donation you made."

Suzi smiles at Tony's long visual assessment, and takes a good long look at her dinner companion in turn. Perhaps it is because it is the first time they have met in person. Or perhaps it is just that he is a very handsome man, and she can appreciate that as much as he can appreciate her. "I'll have a sixty-seven Rothschild white, please." she asks of the server when she is there, and then turns to chat with Tony amiably. "True enough. Eating alone leaves one too much time to sit and thing, to dwell on thoughts and scenes frankly better left alone." She nods. "Thank you. I felt it was the least I could do to help. If it also makes a name for my company here in this new City, so much the better. But people need help, and I have the means to offer it. So I do so."

"There's certainly going to be quite a bit of work to be done putting things back together again. The Stark Foundation's already at work at it, of course, and having more of the larger companies with a vested interest in the city helping out is all to the better." Tony says, quirking a bit of a smile as he catches her look and accepts it without comment or reaction, his own gaze lingering on just what her dress manages to conceal, accent, and reveal so very nicely of her form for a long moment or three. "Endo's done well, I've been watching it ever since you started it up not so long ago after leaving Stark Enterprises, you've done some damned fine work."

Suzi nods her head, acknowledging the compliments. "We will do all that we can to be of assistance in those efforts, and hopefully so will many other - how did they put it? - 'corporate citizens' ? Quite an interesting turn of phrase, I think. But not a bad one." She sips her water as they wait for their drinks. "Thank you for noticing. Of course, I must thank you for the investments you made in the startup of Endo Electronics. True, you received your dividends. But I also consider it something worthy of personal thanks, that you showed such trust in a former employee. And I am proud that many now think of me, and of my company, as being in any way comparable to yours." Give her a few more years, and they might almost truly be equals, given the financial might of China and the Far East and how it is growing. "I understand that the Iron Man did quite well in aiding the City in this crisis. The prior Iron Man was your bodyguard. Have you any connection to this one?"

Tony adds some of the sparkling water to his blood orange juice, gives it a swirl and then takes a drink from it, nodding once in satisfaction before he sets the glass back down and returns his attention tot he alluring woman he's sharing a table with. "I tend to invest where I think there's promise for the future, you showed it then and you still do Ms Endo. Won't take long with you here for you to pick up some, or all, of a similar amount of notoriety as myself if you keep up with puting yourself in the press's eye like that. That and you're rather a bit easier on the eyes than I am. " Another of those grins and then a slight nod, "The new Iron Man is a new hire, a different man in the suit I designed, and he still serves as my body guard though he spends quite a bit of time on the Avengers active duty list as well."

Suzi watches Tony mix his own drink with admitted curiosity, wondering perhaps why a man of such a station didn't just order his drink the way he wanted it. She doesn't ask, but instead just files that away for later. "I am pleased thus far with the reception my presence has been given. Only time will tell if that reception will continue to be so positive, but I surely hope so." She raises her glass for a moment to acknowledge the compliment he gives her looks. "I can assure you, Mister Stark, that you are just as 'easy on the eyes' to those who appreciate the fine male form, as you and others seem to agree my own is worth appreciation as a female form." That's her way of saying he's darned hot himself, thanks. "I see." she offers, regarding Iron Man. "Then I hope, Mister Stark, that you will express for all of us some measure of appreciation to your employee, and ask perhaps that he share that appreciation with his fellow Avengers."

If he notes her watching him with his drink, Tony doesn't say anything immediately about it, instead he chuckles softly at her compliment and flicks a grin at her that's certainly more devilish and charming than his usual high wattage smiles and lifts his glass to her in a return salute. "I think that you can stop trying to get me to look over my shoulder for my father, Suzanne, and just call me Tony. I'll certainly pass your kind words to Iron Man and the other avengers at my earliest opportunity, though I expect that they'll all be fairly busy for a while yet."

Suzi quirks a bit at Tony's turn of phrase, and has to process that for a moment before she understands what he means by that. When she does, a warm smile appears on her lips. "Ah. You mean about calling you 'Mister Stark'? Very well, Tony. I will use your given name, if you will agree to call me 'Suzi'. It is the name I prefer, myself." She nods in agreement as Tony explains that the Avengers are likely to be busy, but that he will pass along her message. "I am sure they will be quite busy. But they deserve to know that their efforts are recognized and appreciated. So, what have you been up to, lately, Tony?"

"Suzi it is then. " Tony replies with a smile and as he reaches to add a touch more of the San Pelligrino to his glass he lets the fingers of that hand wander close enough to brush against hers for just the briefest moment. Taking another sip from the his glass once that's finished the man who's graced the cover of Time for good and bad reasons alike gives a slight shrug. "Mostly the ususal, avoiding politics, ensuring that the various bits and peices of Stark Enterprises keeps moving along and attracting far too many of the press. This recent bit of trouble here in New York has me thinking on a few things I'll propose to the Governor and the Mayor the next time I see them, there's a lot of things that could've been done better."

Suzi doesn't pull her hand away, but allows that light brush of fingertips, giving just a slight nod at that contact. "Sadly true, I imagine. Given what I have seen of some rumors of Stark technologies, I imagine some manner of shielding might be a good investment for the safehouse locations, against future situations. More than one was unfortunately overrun during this crisis." Suzi observes. "And I am sure there are other things that could be improved, in some way." Still, it is quite impressive the way he talks about chatting with Governors and Mayors with the expectation they will listen and heed his words. The government of China rarely listens to its citizens like that, even when they are that powerful and influential.

Tony smiles just a bit, pleased at the fact that she doesn't pull away from the touch, but then just nods in agreement once more. "There's any number of options that could be done, the trick is going to be cause and what type of work can be done and how quickly. " There's a slight shrug there and his gaze flickers towards the server as he lets his thoughts obviously wander for a moment or two before he looks back to her and quirks a smile that doesn't quite reach eyes that are far more sober than one might expect at the prospect of selling the State a bunch of more technology. "Let's just leave that there for now, I'm here to get a bit of a break from all the damned destruction outside..." He pauses and then that devilish smile returns, "...Dating anyone?"

"Obviously, those are always constraints upon the theoretical, when moving to the real." Suzi offers Tony, nodding as he speaks as to the limits of what may be done for the City and State. She doesn't push the discussion, and lets Tony's eyes wander, as the servers appear with the single-page specially-printed menus of the day. Of course, these don't look like simple laser-printer productions. This is the Hellfire Club, after all, so they look and feel like full-service production runs. And there are no prices. Those that come to this place shouldn't need to worry about anything as plebian as how much something costs. Suzi is examining hers idly when Tony speaks up again. She lifts her gaze, watching him curiously, when he asks his question. Such a devilish smile indeed! "Dating? No, not as such." Which is not to say she is somehow adverse to the idea. Just no one in particular at the moment. Suzi doesn't have nearly the reputation Tony does, but she hasn't been celibate either.

Taking one of the menus when it's offered, Tony takes a few moments to glance over it and then sits it down, apparently having made his decision. Turning those blue eyes of his back towards Suzi he flashes another brilliant smile and says, "Someone's loss, certainly, from what I can see from here. Though I suppose if we were to leave together the reporters that always seem to hang around outside will get quite a few photos to sell and spur any number of tabloid articles." He reaches for his glass once more, takes a sip from it, and sets it down..and this time as his hand leaves the glass he places it atop her hand in a bold but also totally self confident motion, running one finger lightly along the line of her wrist just at the base of her thumb.

Suzanne chuckles at Tony's response. "Well, yes. I am quite sure there would be countless stories 'on the wire' before long if we left together." But at the moment, Suzi has no intention of leaving here with Tony. Not that he's not handsome, because he is. And she is not uninterested. But she has enough big changes going on just now, without adding attempting to date one of the few men in the world she is sure is actually smarter than she is, and a potential competitor in countless fields. She looks through her menu a bit more thoroughly, eyeing Tony over her menu as his hand comes to rest on hers, caressing her wrist. "I have dated, naturally. I merely am not at the moment. So far, I seem to have plenty of things to keep me busy enough not to notice the lack." Once she finds her own selection, she lays her menu down over Tony's, then lifts her drink to her lips without yet removing her hand from his.

The man that never quite seems to fall out of the presses eye chuckles in turn at her careful reply and he glances down at her hand and wrist in his to bring the touch into the conversation. "Not to notice the lack, hmm? You must be more than a little busy then..though I can empathize. We should see about getting you to relax a bit once you've got your feet on the ground here and stir up some firestorms in the press." With that and the brief stroke of his finger along the line of her wrist Tony lifts his hand from hers and glances up to signal the wait staff that they're ready to order. Ordering the chef's steak preparation, Tony of course leaves the wine selection and the actual temperature of the meat up to the chef as well, waiting for Suzanne to order and the waitress to leave before he continues, "So, what are your plans beyond just getting your organization here up and running?"

Suzi indulges in a bit more amused laughter as Tony teases about relaxing her and causing firestorms in the press. "That would be /just/ what I need." she replies, in a tone that makes it clear it's really the last thing she needs. Given her chance to order, she asks for the chef's special house salad with scallops and prawns, also leaving the choice of wine up to the chef, though she does ask the server to keep up with her water glass as well.

Once the server is gone and their conversation resumes, Suzi answers Tony easily enough. "I intend to secure property for the company, as well as property for myself. I'm closing those deals this week. After that, I need to get the company up and running, and start evaluating business opportunities here in the US. Members of my board have suggested the possibility of a company split, to create a separated division here in the US that would meet the requirements for domestic production required for security concerns. And there are a few companies here I am considering partnership opportunities with."

Tony echoes her laugh with a chuckle of his own, quite obviously pleased with her reaction to his 'plans'. "I think it'd prove to be quite a blast, but as you've said I think you -are- a touch busy to be playing dodge the long range camera shots with the press for a bit yet. Quite hard to get those secret business deals lined up when you're making a scene by walking into the hotest clubs world wide dressed in a nice revealing little dress on my arm." There's that devilish grin of his again, one that remains there as he continues, "Sounds like I'll need to keep my eye on you, Suzi, and that I shouldn't let the Board at Stark Enterprises get overly complacent."

"You never know, Tony. Some of the sexiest dresses leave everything to the imagination. That can be the key to being properly sexy." Suzi offers with a wry smile. Nice dresses are great. Revealing dresses are great. But revealing dresses can be trouble for a young, beautiful CEO who is trying to build a proper reputation in a country not her own. Suzi will probably play it somewhat conservative for a while. She'll let her mind and her business savvy do all the shock and awe. "It is never a wise idea to allow anyone to merely become complacent. There's no growth in complacency, and anyone who isn't growing is entirely too close to losing ground." Yep. She aced business school, even if her degrees are in physics and engineering.

"There's revealing, and then there's conservative..even those dresses that cover everything reveal through the hints at what may lay beneath." Tony replies, taking a sip from his drink once more and then there's that devilish smile once more, seems he's rather enjoying himself this evening. "I agree entirely, Suzi, and it's just such reasoning that has me announcing the two new buildings in Japan that Stark Enterprise's Asian divison is opening in the next three quarters. Press releases should be hitting the wire in..." He glances down at the Brietling watch on his wrist, "About three minutes."

"Renamed, I see." Suzi comments to Tony. Back when she worked for Stark, it was his 'Far East' division, based out of Hong Kong. Now he's expanding to two new towers in Japan alone? Big business changes, definitely, and a lot of development. "A dress can be entirely non-revealing, and not conservative at all. And being able to walk that fine line of style is what makes some of the best designers. Like the lovely and talented Ms. Van Dyne, for instance."

"Asian's a bit more .. with the times anyway, it'll change again I'm sure." Tony replies, knowing that it'll soon be clear that the two towers will focus primarily on the space and naval technologies he's had large amounts of focus on recently, taking advantage of the unique location that Japan offers for both such programs. "Janet's a tremendous designer and a good friend, I'd say that we're both talking different views on the same dresses if you're thinking on Janet's designs, Suzi. I can say there's never been a design of hers I've found any reason to dislike."

"But many of Ms. Van Dyne's dresses are incredibly beautiful, and sexy, without being at all revealing." Suzi comments, quite honestly. She wouldn't be able to carry on this talk quite as accurately with any other Western designers. But she has gained quite an interest in the world of Janet Van Dyne, and made a point to study those designs avidly. "Your suit is one of Janet's designs, is it not?" Suzi inquires, proving that she's paying close attention.

"Hmmmm, true, in the primary sense of the word. Though I think revealing is really in the eye of the beholder..a full body suit isn't going to reveal -skin-..but it can reveal the shape of the body beneath, for instance." Tony replies, and then glances at his suit and nods, "The suit? Yes, it is, she's got an amazing eye for form and function...the suit's comfortable enough to go for a run in if I wanted."

Suzanne laughs at Tony, smiling in amusement. "Tony Stark, running? Perish the thought, I am sure. But that same attention to form and function means that a Van Dyne dress can be stunningly beautiful, not leave parts of me hanging out in the never-never, and comfortable enough to get through an entire day and every requirement of the day and look just as good at the end as at the beginning." One might almost think Suzi was writing copy for Janet's latest ad campaign or something. "So. You are expanding into Japan, apparently. And into new areas of concentration, I would be willing to bet. And yet you're this interested in what Endo Electronics is doing?" Paint her amused. But she does love to compete, even when she can't /quite/ win.

Tony grins, finishes off the blood orange juice and San Pellegrino mix he'd been drinking just in time for the waitress to arrive with their meals. As the plates are set down, Tony notes the glass of red wine that's been brought for him to drink and he frowns a moment and then shakes his head just slightly, "My compliments to the Chef, miss, but I wasn't thinking..please keep the wine on my tab but if you'd just bring out another of the water and the juice again I'd appreciate it." He glances down at his steak, a rib eye cooked to perfection and crusted in a rosemary and balsamic glaze, "The steak looks perfect, and yes Suzi...I'm always interested when a former employee turned potential rival comes to play in my sandbox." He looks up, grins at his table partner, and begins to eat once she's gotten her own meal and appears about ready to do the same.

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