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Night Thrasher and Krista

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Thrasher and Krista foil of vandals

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==[ Brooklyn - New York ]==

If Brooklyn were an independent city, it would be the fourth-largest in the United States. Signs posted for those entering the borough read, "Welcome to Brooklyn: How Sweet It Is!" -- while signs for those *leaving* Brooklyn read "Fugheddaboudit" or "Oy Vey." And really, those signs sum up the character of Brooklyn: almost entirely residential, divided into a collection of diverse neighborhoods, often around ethnic or immigration lines. There are more Asians in Brooklyn these days than Irish, for instance ... but sooner or later everyone picks up the same accent.

Mid-day in Brooklyn. A majority of folks that live in this Burough are out performing their day jobs. Traffic is still a mess, but when isn't it? People are coming and going. Lunches are being taken. Vendors and restaurants are being frequented. Shopping is being done both of the actual and window varieties. However, it is not at these restaurants and storefronts that should hold someone's attention. The traffic is also something one shouldn't really worry about.

What should be on everyone's mind? Perhaps the sound of the loud pop of an explosion buried deep inside one of the residential sections of Brooklyn. The location is more specifically at vehicle repair shop and garage. The building's graffitied garage doors are closed and the fence surrounding the property appears closed, but the gateway deadbolt has been cut. There is a small, but growing, plume of smoke billowing from the back of the building.

A few blocks down from that fenced off garage is a Gym, well known for there rock wall climbing facilities. While no one inside probably heard the sound, as gyms tend to be noisy, the young woman who just walked out the front doors did. A backpack is slung over one shoulder and she is dressed comfortably in knee length shorts, t-shirt and special sneakers designed for climbing.

As the plume of smoke starts to rise from the building her brows furrow in concern. With the traffic it will take some time for emergency crews to reach the building so she takes off toward the building thinking that she may be able to give assistance before things at the building get to bad.

The plume of smoke is dark and thick, probably originating from burning oil... which isn't too much of a stretch considering the building its eminating from. Outside the building, in the fenced off area where there are a couple of parked cars waiting to be fixed, there are several men and women; About a dozen. They are facing the garage but are looking around in a manner as to indicate that they're looking out in case someone is coming. If one were to look at the garage door on the backside of the building where these people have congregated, one would notice that it was indeed oil that was burning. The remenants of a used oil drum looks like it exploded next to the garage doors. The doors have been rolled up and there are half a dozen more men and women inside the garage. A couple of cars are inside the garage prepped to be worked on by mechanics. All these men and women are wearing street clothes and ski masks.

Standing on a nearby three-story apartment building is Night Thrasher. The New Warrior must have been in the area. He stands at the edge of the rooftop holding his skateboard at his side. He quietly observes what is going on.

Slowing down when she sees the group, at the moment she will assume they are gawkers, watching the building "Well don't just stand there call 911." Krista tells them making a wide arm gesture to the building. She waits a few seconds to see if any of them comply before following the fence to the where the gateway has been forcibly entered via boltcutters. (Unless she is stopped by the group.)

Nope. Krista isn't stopped. She does, however, gain a significant amount of attention from these people. The twelve folks milling about outside by the cars and trucks that this garage is meant to service turn their collective attentions to Krista. She can't see their facial expressions due to the ski masks, but she can at least hear them.

"Someone's here! We gotta hurry up. I told you, the oil drum would cause too much attention!" The person who spoke, a man, gestures towards Krista with a point of a finger, "Grab her before she blabs and brings more people here!"

Thrasher, from his vantage point, turns his head and regards the approaching Krista. He recognizes her and has to spend a moment scrolling through the display on his helmet's HUD to figure out from where he recognizes her. He says, "Oh no." He clips his skateboard to his backpack assembly and then pulls out some objects from satchels on his belt.

It isn't until Krista sees the folks in ski masks that she realizes that the fire is just a cover up for a break in. "How do you always end up in these situations?" she mutters to herself as several of the masked individuals advance on her to follow the other ones order. She looks over the assorted badguys taking a quick inventory of visible weapons, before darting toward one of the broken down cars and away from the group. She knows she isn't going to be able to deal with them all at once so plans on dividing and conquering. Though how well that is going to work with her negligible fighting skills is questionable. She guesses she will just have to outwit them.

The nearly half a dozen people that followed the other ski masked individual's command converge on Krista. They chase and follow her to the broken down vehicle that she ran into. Inside the vehicle is a very old 'Club', the red and black security device that locked to the steering wheel. It is sitting on the passenger seat of this broken down car. It could possibly be put to some use, especially since these guys appear to have objects in their hands... baseball bats and crowbars mostly. They are laughing as they approach, "Goin' the wrong way shorty."

Thrasher pulls out a fist full of small objects from his belt and tosses them over the edge of the building towards the gate to the fence. The objects look like tiny jacks. The New Warrior's escrima are removed from his backpack assembly just before Thrasher leaps up and off the building. He drops the three stories to the ground below. He rolls upon hitting the ground and rights himself up into a kneeling position with escrima brandished. Where'd he land? Between two cars inside the fenced in area. He calls out with volume enhancement from his helmet, "Cops are on the way already. It's best to surrender now. You'll keep more teeth that way."

Krista had meant to go in through the one side at out through the other, she didn't expect that many to come after her, she is just one tiny woman. When the six surround the car she is going to have to improvise, and that she does. Sitting in the passenger seat she slams her feet into the floor, the first time does nothing but dents the floor outward. The second slamming of her feet though bust through the floor of the car. Standing with arms lifted above her head palms against the ceiling she spins, the car moving with her.

Those people that have surrounded Krista's car are all about to pounce on the car, bust out the windshield and yank open the door when... she performs that little stunt. All but two of the people are too close to the car and so when Krista spins it, they get smashed and tossed aside like ragdolls. The two that didn't get struck jump and dive out of the way. One could probably hear some cursing or a stray 'woah' from one of the two people not to get knocked around by the vehicle.

Thrasher continues to kneel there and has succeeded in gaining the attention of half a dozen more ski masked individuals. The other six people inside the garage are continueing to mill about inside. It looks like a break room inside the garage is getting ransacked of its snacks and supplies while a couple of the vehicles inside are being started up. Looks like they intend to use them as getaway vehicles. Thrasher springs into action and runs towards the six people he's got the attention of, "I warned you." Thrasher lobs a couple of smoke pellets out in between himself and the thugs. That thick white smoke gets added to the black smoke from the burning oil.

Setting the car back down, Krista pulls her feet back in and grabs the Club. She gets out of the car in the usual fashion and closes the door gently, as if she doesn't want to do any more damage to it. There are bright red marks up and down her legs from the jagged metal of the car. Lifting the Club in one hand, she doesn't try any fancy spinning manuevers, she would probably drop it. They have bats and clubs, she has dense skin. They may be able to hit hard, but she can hit even harder "Okay, whose next?" she advances on the two that managed to jump away from the spinning car.

The two remaining people near Krista's car have, by the time she gets out of the car, scurried back to their feet. They stand in a more defensive posture now, slowly back stepping as Krista gets out. They shake their heads almost in unison at her question, "How the Hell did you do that?" These bullies are no longer aggressive and are looking side to side for a means of escape from Krista.

As far as Thrasher's side of this situation, he's dived into the white smoke he created and confronts the six individuals who were approaching him. Outside the cloud of smoke there are clangs and meaty thumps of flesh getting struck by solid objects. There are some cries of pain. The commotion lasts but a few seconds, before Thrasher exits the cloud of smoke while wiping off his escrima.

Inside the garage, it has grown quiet. The ransacking has stopped. Thrasher heads for the opened doors of the garage.

"Yeah, I don't think how I did it matters." Krista says as she advances at an angle so that they have to turn to keep her in line of sight and so that if they decide to turn and run they will have no where to go but back toward the open garage doors where the fire and Night Thrasher are. She glances past the two left standing "It looks to me like you have three choices, deal with me," she gestures with the Club in her hand "deal with him, or the wise choice, sit down, shut up and go quietly with the police when they arrive." she smiles.

The two men look at Krista and then look towards Thrasher when she indicates him. They continue to shift and shuffle their feet in a way that keeps them backing away from Krista. She is successfully boxing them off of the gate that would lead out of this situation. One of the masked men points at Krista, "Back off, Shorty!" The other person grumbles outloud to the other person, "I knew Zain shoulda brought his uncles Shotgun." The first person to speak shakes his head, "Don't matter now. I say we rush her. Linebacker-style." They hesitate further, though.

Thrasher enters the garage and raises a gauntlet up to his helmet. He taps some unseen button and his HUD switches to low-light vision since the lights are off inside the garage. He calls out, "You guys run out the front door? It's over-" Anything else Thrasher says is drowned out by the sound of a car's engine rumbling to life. Headlights turn on and bathe the New Warrior in high beams. The low light vision was an unfortunate choice for Thrasher and he is momentarily dazzled by the brightness. He doubles over and raises his hands to his covered eyes. Also, from out of the shadows of the garage, steps one of the masked men carrying a metal pole of some kind; There's a thud as the thug swings the pole and slams it against the back of Thrasher's helmeted head.

Krista arches an eyebrow as the two discuss tactics in front of her. She uses the opprotunity to rush to the other broken down car. Hearing the roar of the engine from the inside she realizes that there are still more and that the NT has disappeared into the building again. She is done playing nice. Slamming her fists through the door of the car, in one go this time, she lifts it over her head "Don't bother." she then throws the car at them. She only waits a few beats before she dashes off to go into the smoky building.

The two men in front of Krista seem to decide on the rush her like a linebacker tactic and turn to face her. Both of them would probably wet their pants if they were given enough time. Why? There's a car flying at them and there's not time to react. The car slams into both of them and sends them flying backwards. They skid against the ground and the vehicle stops just short of rolling over on top of them.

As for inside the garage? Night Thrasher is dazed and on all fours after being smashed up against the back of the head. There is a clatter of metal on concrete as the pole the masked man used to smash Thrasher in the head is discarded to the floor. He barks a command, "Put it in drive; Let's roll out of here!" There's a pause after the door to the car is opened, "Hey, try to run him over." The door shuts and the wheels squeal as the woman behind the wheel hits the gas. The vehicle, an old Edsel, clips Thrasher as it drives out of the garage. Thrasher is sent rolling across the ground with half a fender inbedded in his armor's shoulder pad.

Krista is in good shape but she can't move faster then a car. She has hoping to get to the garage before the car started to speed off. No such luck. As the car speeds out of the garage door she ends up running smack into the side of it, which was /not/ part of her plan.

How much damage can a 300 pound Krista running at a fast sprint of approx 10 mph do? Enough to leave a nice dent for sure in the car and hopefully more. Krista will certainly be feeling it for awhile. (avg human speed being approx 13 mph and adjusting for shortness)

The car isn't going that fast, either, it's an Edsel afterall. It being an Edsel, Speed isn't its only problem! Manueverability is an issue as well. The big, metal encased car turns away from the garage and begins its slow lurch to head towards the gate of the fence. To complicate matters a 300 pound mass going ten miles an hour slams into its side. A sizeable dent is made in the metal frame of the car. The driver is temporarily sent off course. The rear of the car fishtails and the whole vehicle spins out. The driver's disorientation doesn't last long, as the wheel is righted and the gas pedal is slammed on. The Edsel "speeds" towards the gate.

Thrasher is now propped up on his hands and knees, head shaking out the disorientation. He groans and looks up in time to see Krista smash herself, accidentally, into the side of the would-be getaway vehicle. He drags himself to his feet and staggers forward towards the escaping vehicle for a few awkward steps.

Krista staggers back from the car as it moves past with a nice dent the size of her in the side. She seems a bit dazed herself from the impact. She grabs the garage door railing to keep herself upright "Ow." she puts a hand to her side "You know I think I will sit down for a minute." she does so, using the vertical railing to ease herself down. "Well at least they won't be able to outrun the police in that clunker." she looks up from her position at the staggering Night Thrasher.

More shakes of his head are made as the man underneath the armor tries to unring his bell. He glances over towards Krista who is now recuperating, "Can't always count on that." No sooner is that sentence uttered than the two of them should hear four loud pops. Thrasher flashes a smirk, "Oh, I forgot I had thrown those there..."

The Edsel had started to pick up speed, crashed through the fence an immediately rolled right on over the pile of caltrops or jacks that Thrasher threw down from the rooftop. The small, sharp objects shred the tires of the Edsel and send the vehicle spinning out of control. It crosses into the street, sideswipes a light pole and comes to a rest up against a building across the street.

Thrasher stands up straiter and tries to regain some composure. He gestures to Krista, "Fancy meeting you here. Excuse me while I see to those jerks in the car..."

"Nice." Krista comments at the sound of tires popping. She winces though at the screeching noise of metal tire rims against the street. "Please do." she gives a shooing motion indicating he should hurry "Let me catch my breath," hitting the car like that is sure to have knocked the air out of her "and I'll come help, though I doubt you will need it."

As Thrasher heads off he gestures over his shoulder with a thumb, "You could collect the KOed people into a single spot." he turns around and runs backwards so that he can continue to head for the car and call out to Krista, "I'm going to want to tie them all up. It'll be easier if they're all together, you know?" He spins back around and runs through the crashed opened gate. There are bits of shredded tires everywhere. Thrasher heads for the passenger side of the car. He forcefully rips the door open and does a quick inspection, "How do you fit six people and a bunch of stolen goods in this thing? Huh... clown car full of clowns."

Giving a thumbs up Krista gets to her feet. She casts a glance to the scattered masked people. Gather and secure...she can do that. She heads into the garage quickly and quickly finds some jumper cables that were tossed aside by the ransackers. Several pairs of the cables in hand she wanders through the fenced in area and collects the knocked people. If any show signs of consciousness she will get those first, tying their hands and feet together before putting them in one central area, near the garage door.

It takes Thrasher a few minutes, but he secures the masked men and women inside the car. How? He slices off the seat belts and uses them to tether the thugs to each other and to various points inside the Edsel. Thrasher turns away from the Edsel and heads back through the gate and towards where Krista is getting to work on the knocked out masked people. He skids to a stop several long strides away from Krista and her group. He smirks slightly, "I'm impressed. I was going to do the tieing up. Way to take the initiative."

The man Krista is carrying over one shoulder is dropped to the ground with the rest "I didn't want to risk them coming to their poor senses." she moves around to double check all the knots to make sure they all tight. Job done she brushes her hands off on her shorts and surveys the damage done "I hope the owner has good insurance." she then goes over to flip the car she threw back into its proper upright position.

Night Thrasher turns and surveys the scene of the excitement. He slowly pans his gaze over the fenced in area, the ruined gate, the burning oil barrel and the ransacked garage. He grimaces and shrugs his shoulders, "In this city? It's a fifty-fifty. Either they've got the best or they've got none. Insurance is pretty pricey due to superhumans and demigods flying around, you know?" The New Warrior begins to search for his escrima that got yanked out of his grasp when he get hit with the pole and then by the car. As he searches he asks, "Krista, right? Are you alright? I imagine you are, you handled yourself remarkably well."

"Thank you. What I lack in fighting skills I make up for in ingenuity." Krista has fully recovered from her impact with the car and the only indication she has in a altercation is the red scratches on her legs "Lucky you came though, I didn't think I had enough of either to deal with /all/ of them...at least not without a few getting away." she gestures to the car across the street.

Thrasher finds his escrima, bends over and picks them up. He gives them a showey whirl around his fingers before he raises them up to his backpack assembly and connects them to it. He humphs and a slight grin on his face, "Ah and I'm lucky you're here, too. You kept a couple off of me and you slowed down the car." He crosses his arms over his chest and steps on over towards Krista and the pile o' masked people. He looks down at them, "Your ingenuity worked wonders for you. Did I catch a glimpse of you spinning a car around?"

She nods, looking back at the car in question "Yes, I Flintstoned it." Krista's clever way of saying her feet were making it move "I don't know what was wrong with it before, but it's going to need a new exhaust pipe now." she rubs her neck, seeming almost embarassed by the damage she caused, as she looks back up at him "Did you know you have part of a fender sticking out of your armor?" she points to her corresponding shoulder "Right there.

Thrasher turns his head and sure enough finally notices he has part of a fender inbedded in his shoulder armor. He grits his teeth and mutters, "Need another redesign..." He raises a hand up and wrenches the piece of fender out of the armor. There is a squeal of bending, complaining metal throughout the act. When it is free, Thrasher drops it to the ground. He instinctively starts stretching that shoulder, rotating the joint a bit. He says, "I'm going to have to put more curved surfaces on the armor plating of this thing... keep that from happening again."

Krista winces once again at the sound of protesting metal. Her mismatched eyes follow the peice of fender to the ground before they come up to examine the shoulder peice, "Decreasing the angle of shoulder peices' planes into a more concave design would create a more frictionless surface for objects to slide across instead on embed into." she nods as she says it.

Thrasher raises an eyebrow at her before remember she had mentioned that she's got some knowledge of engineering or was at least technical. He nods in agreement, "Yeah, precisely why I think I need to smooth out the design. Lucky for me that the metal didn't go all the way through." Thrasher turns his head to look over his shoulder as he hears on-coming police. He looks back to Krista, "You any good with tinkering of Motorcycles or Cars?"

"Not that I can remember, but there is a lot of things I don't remember doing until I actually start to do them." she must realize that doesn't make much sense and Krista explains further "Car accident," she taps the scar that goes across her left metallic colored eye "scrambled my brain. I don't recall much prior to that." which probably also explains her living arrangement. "Finally." being said is response to the cops showing up.

Thrasher nods at her response, "Just thought I'd ask. Thought popped in my mind." He gestures over his shoulder with a thumb, "Need a ride home? I've got a Motorcycle a few blocks away. I feel like we're a long way from where I dropped you off the last time we ran into each other." He pauses and adds hastily, "I'm assuming you're still at that facility I dropped you off at before..."

Krista looks curious as to what this though is but deals with the questions first "If it wouldn't be to much trouble." she then nods "For another week, then my free ride is over and I will have to start looking for someplace else." Stepping aside as the police approach to take the rest of the people into custody, "I hear mutant town is cheap." and she would certainly fit in.

Thrasher hmmms, "One more week, huh?" He gestures off towards the ruined gate, "I don't want to stand around here and chit chat. How about we head on out of here, make a detour to the Crashpad to chit chat, and then I'll drop you off at home?" He adds, "Like I said, bike's a couple of blocks away. We won't be long at the Crashpad."

"Sounds good, and you can tell me all about this idea of yours when we get there." Krista's curiosty about it resurfaces as she begins to make her way toward the trashed fence and then down the street toward the waiting motorcycle.

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