Flint meets Topaz

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Sandman and Topaz

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2013/06/18 13:31

Chinatown and Little Italy - New York

Flint attacks a social worker who is saved by Topaz

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With the Voodoo Lounge closed and under reconstruction by Damage Control, Topaz is finding that she has a lot more free time on her hands than ever did previously. She doesn't like the stagnation of not being busy so has been reaching out to her nightclub and bar contacts trying to get bartending gigs. It will give her something to do and get her back into practice before her own bar officially re-opens. Several of the bars are on Canal Street, a few on Bowery. Emerging from the Canal Street subway station she heads directly in the direction of Bowery. She's lived in New York long enough where she doesn't have to get her bearings first, she just heads in the right direction.

Right at the corner of Canal Street meets with Chinatown, loud crash of a window and a body flung being from the tenth floor. Raining glasses on the street on the street, thin slightly older male is plummeting to his death followed by what appeared to be a stream of sand which reaches and grabs the man by the fifth floor. The man is screaming and crying as his glasses falls from his face and break apart upon hitting the concrete ground.

New Yorkers in the vicinity look up in surprise and fear. Most snap pictures and others flee causing quite the spectacle.

The hand made of sand is soon joined by another stream of sand that forms a face. The sand face opens its maw widely and screams, “WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER?” The weeping man does not answer as he flails about wildly. His name tag loosens from his shirt and drops to the ground, “Jalen Richards, Child Protective Services”

Topaz doesn't get very far when her thoughts are interuppted by the sound of breaking glass and the typical New York response to something starting. There is some jostling as several of the people that are running go past her. That is nothing though compared to the terror that assualts her senses, followed by anger. One would be enough to cause her intervention, the two together has her moving quickly to the corner below where the man dangles. Having been overwhelmed by the emotions she paid little attention to the words, but the power display of sand is enough to give recognition where voice did not.

Topaz is surprised, she knew a bit of what had been happening over the past few years, with the former Avenger, but not much, certainly not enough to make finding his hereabouts an easy task. Even for a sorceress such as herself. She quickly shakes off her surprise, she's got a terrified man to save and Sandman to pacify. In that order. Her hands weave in a simple pattern, the bracelets and bells on her wrist making familiar music, forming a telekinetic spell to keep the man from falling. "Let him go! This is not the way /you/ get things done!" she yells up.

Sandman face drops to the level of the now upside social worker. "Where is Keemia Alvarado?" He shakes the man violently and lets him drop a few feet. The sand hand that had been hold him was actually going to grab him again, but the man is caught in a telekinetic field and Sandman is surprised. The large sand head pivots to see who dares yell up at him. The face seems to stare at Topaz a moment as if there is the slightest recognition, but that look quickly turns into a scowl. Sand pours our from the tenth floor of the building and begins to rain down and start to form a humanoid shape, but much larger than typical. As the shape begins to take form a disembodied voice slightly familiar but harsher and not typical of Bill Baker speaks out, "Lady! I don’t know who you are. . .but mind your P's and Q's. . .or you will end up D. . .for dead!"

Once Sandman is fully revealed any daring New Yorkers who were snapping pictures flee. The man saved by the telekinesis simply falls unconscious, most likely from the stress and fear of the situation.

While Sandman is forming, the man is lowered to the ground as quickly as safety allows. She deposits the social worker neatly onto an assortment of black market purses that were set out on a blanket to sell to tourists. As spots go in the area it is perhaps the sofest. Shaking the glow of her hand, or at least that what it appears she is doing she turns to face the near complete man of sand. She stares at him a long moment, brushing his surface thoughts with her empathic senses. Her brows furrow, "You don't do you?" one would think she would be showing fear at the treats, but all she seems to be projecting is mild suprise, "you have no conscious recollection?" she frowns "But as for minding my own business...well it became my business when you threw the man out the window, and you can make all the threats you want it will stay my business, because you won't hurt me." odd phrasing really, won't instead of can't.

If her empathic senses can pick it up, she will sense almost two sets of emotions in conflict in turmoil and fighting for dominance. One pure evil and enjoying the moment. It's opposite, pure good and dreading the moment. As she speaks. Sandman's head begins to contort and swell up like a balloon. "Oh. . .The chick from Billy's dreams. . ." The voice heard sounds like two voices as the head starts to stretch out and begin to form into two separate heads. A lighter sounding but more familiar voice, Bill speaks out, "Topaz. . ." The louder voice, Flint shouts, "SHUT UP!" The louder head seemingly swallowing the smaller weaker head and absorbing Bill's, Flint laughs as he wins this round. Fully human, his arms crossed. "As I said. . .Topaz, was it,. . .get outta here. . .I got a kid to find."

Topaz watches as the two sides fight breifly for dominance. Much to breifly to bring her psychic magics into play. Despite her not being able to help in this instance she smiles. It's not her usual warm one, but instead suggests that she knows something that perhaps the personality in charge doesn't know "I will leave but I am taking," she glances down at the name tag on the ground then back up "Mr. Richards with me. He can hardly answer your questions in his current state anyway.
“Go ahead. . .I’ll find Keemia without him.” His head tilts back as he looks over to the unconscious body of the social worker. His body starts to expand a bit as it leaps up to the corner of a building to hold onto. “Oh, Topaz. . .Thank you. . .” With a toothy smile on his face, “I may not know it all, but I know enough to know when Billy Boy went looking for ya and ya just up and left him. . .I was able to take more control then ever.” He remains perched on that ledge a moment and eyes the unconscious body of the social worker a moment. While he verbally appears to be letting Topaz take the social worker, his stance may suggest otherwise.

The name is familiar, she has heard it before, but Topaz gives no indication that this is so. "Believe what you want Flint, nothing I say can would make a difference." she doesn't let his words bother her, she knows the truth of the matter "But I know that between the two of us, Bill will beleive me over you." she again smiles "Just like I know that he can probably hear everyword I'm saying, even if you aren't aware of it." whether he can or not is beside the point, it is what she beleives. "You know where I'll be." obviously that isn't meant for the personality in control now. She has said all she means to say and turns to head over to where she left the social worker. Hands moving in arcane patterns she says a quick incantation so that when she reaches down to touch Mr. Richards they both disappear with a spark of light.

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