Flight Training - New Mutants Style

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Mirage Showstopper Thimble

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Danger Room - Xaviers Mansion

Flight training for Newbies - skip the manual!

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It's Friday and classes are over for the day. While most of the student body in enjoying thier freetime before the evening meal, the initial members of the New Mutants are not so lucky. While the rest of the group are being put through their paces on an outdoor obstacle course, two have been relieved of that torture for now, (that will be made up later) to have the first of many flight simulation exercises.
The danger room is programmed simply, a large dirt field with what looks like mountains in the distance on one side, forest on the other. In the middle of the field is large rectangular box on hydrolic struts, a ladder goes to a small door on the side. Mirage stands next to it waiting for whoever was lucky enough to draw the short straws to get out of the obstacle course.

Chenda, who's been on lots of obstacle courses, isn't sorry to get a reprieve from this one. It was a hard day in Gym. Still, she doesn't know what she's going to be doing instead, only that uniforms are involved.
After a quick stop by her room to change into her Danger Room body glove, belt, boots, and gloves, she makes her way down to the place in question, slapping the Door Open button and stepping in, looking around for Dani. She's not hard to spot in this setting, especially not in her own uniform. "I came as soon as I heard, Miss Moon... /Mirage/," she corrects herself. Trying to get used to calling people by code names isn't easy. Aside from the officious Leyu Yashida, nobody's really insisted on it much. "This doesn't look like a training course... what is it?"

Thimble smirks as she makes her way through the control room - an area she had been banned from all the time up to now - and enters the Danger room itself for the first time. Her simple change to the uniform - the addition of a short skirt in the back, which somehow resebles this stuff some of the clones in StarWars had at the uniform - sways a bit behind her as she makes the steps into the room. "you called?" she just asks, eying her Coach first, then her teammate. Better not fall for the codename trick by evading names. "Obviously a box. a big rodeo maybe."

Mirage had no clue who would be arriving in the danger room for the obstacle course alternative. It was all done randomly to keep it fair and not show favoritism. Despite that she seems pleased by who comes into the room "This Thimble, Showstopper," she makes a grand gesture to the box, that looks remarkably like what is pulled behind a semi-truck, "Is a flight simulator. The inside is a working replica of the Blackbird. Today you learn to fly.

Chenda glances up as Thimble comes in, giving the (barely) smaller girl a nod and a smile. Then Mirage gets her attention back with those fateful words. "A flight simulator? And me without my leather cap and goggles," she muses, looking the device over speculatively. "When do we start? I think I see the door..." Trust a person who's grown up around trailers to know a door on one when she sees it!

Thimble smirks a bit on the revelation "3 days on the team and I get to fly? that's quick," she adds, looking at her only slightly smaller companion. Likely she will grow bigger than her, as she was younger. Musing she adds "So the smallest get the flight training first?"

"There is enough room for both of you in there." Mirage reaches up and opens the door, gesturing the two girls to climb in "You'll switch off as pilot/co-pilot, it doesn't matter to me which of you goes first at piloting." she must feel that as team mates they need to start learning to make these kind of decisions for themselves.

"So it's not /perfectly/ like the Blackbird," Chenda ventures, having heard a few things about the amazing jet. "But this should be close enough." She grins at Thimble. "If you want to go first, I won't get in the way. 'Sides, I can learn just watching." She steps aside to let the smaller girl go in first. "Co-pilot seat's on the right?"

Thimble eyes the machine some time as she climbs in, looking for a manual at first. as she picks the left seat. Left handed prefers that. "This thing can't get wrecked, right?" she asks carefully, checking if something is under the seat. "I don't know, no idea. I pick always left, when I can."

Following the girls up she takes the jump seat behind the pilot, "Pilot left, co-pilot right." she glances around the replica cockpit "No, I tried to keep the controls more generic. You never know when you will need to be using this training or what kind of aircraft you will be in when you do. What you learn here will be transferable to anything from commercial aircraft to the Blackbird, or any jet that the team manages to get to use.”

"Jets yes, helicopters and prop planes, probably not. You can request training for those if you want." Mirage reaches under her seat and pulls out the manuals and hands them over "You can read them later, for now it's all hands on training." she points to the plethora of controls "As you can see every lever, button, gauge and knob has been labeled appropiately. For the first few training sessions it will be like that, after you get a feel for flying and the controls we will switch over to the real thing and there won't be any convenient labels telling you what to push and when." on the control panel the ignition light is flashing, "Whenever you are ready Thimble.
[OOC] Mirage says, "Feel free to take license with your poses. Things flashing, noises, things outside, have fun. Just know that making mistakes are encouraged and loud noises will ensue at them, especially if a crash is iminenet"

Chenda glances at her manual as she accepts it from Mirage. Reading... somehow she has a feeling she'll be doing most of her learning hands-on. She shoves the thing into a pouch on the side of the seat and looks to the controls, resting her hands carefully on the steering yoke. "Good luck, Thimble... but if you crash, it's totally your own fault!"

Thimble snickers as she cracks her knuckles, taking hold of the steer "I have no driver’s license, but I did watch some movies," she muses, pressing the ignition button. The howling sound of the engines starting can be heard and confident all will work at once, Janie pushes forward the throttle to full power without waiting for the engines to have wind up to operation speed. Which in a real engine this likely would result in a jet of fire about 100 yards long before the jet accelerates from 0 to maximum speed through any obstacle it might meet.

Mirage grabs hold of a convenient hand hold as the 'jet' gives a shudder and propels forward "For future reference Thimble, the Blackbird has vertical take off so keep that in mind. Also if you don't want your passengers throwing up everywhere, a slower accelaration would be advisable." thankfully her jumpseat has a four point harness, so at least during this training session she won't end up on the floor "Pull back on the wheel, gently, to get some alitude, push forward to go lower."

Chenda, seeing that shove of the throttle and having plenty of experience with moving vehicles, instinctively thumps her head back against the headrest before inertia can do it for her! The Gee forces still push her back into her seat, but at least she won't wake up with a sore neck tomorrow. "Is it too late to walk?" she jokes weakly.

Thimble is pressed into the seat by the rapid acceleration, pulling back the control more by inertia than to avoid crashing into the closing in mountain range - full throttle is not the most advisable for a first flight. "Too late. Something tells me we are a mile high." she mutters, reaching for the red bottom behind the main throttle - the one labeled as airbrakes "that one is to slow down, right?" she asks as the machine breaches the digital clouds. Alarm lights flash about a dangerous g force, the use of full afterburners and whistling sound remarks that the engine is working on full power. But instead of waiting for an answer she just pushes the button. People should know from the Iron Man what effects airbrakes have: engines get cut down to 0 forward momentum - which silent’s the whistling to a deep hum - but also the machine gets decelerated very, very rapidly. This full pot of negative G pushes at least thimble forward into the fastened seatbelts, pressing the steer forward. Alarm lights flash up, whistling sounds tell about the imminent stall and the danger of crash, warnings appear on screens telling about the rapid loss of velocity... and then the machine seems to be weightless for several moments, the height control showing no movement for seconds. Still Thimbles finger is on the air break at this moment.

Not the..." Mirage starts to exclaim but is to late and is thrown forward though the harness stops her before hitting the pilot seat Thimble. Lights are flashing on the control panel, giving indications on what buttons should be pushed (green lights meaning push me, red lights meaning 'We're going down!' "Focus Thimble, get control of the jet." since this is a simulation so isn't in panic mode.

Thimble looks at all the buttons, flashing and glowing, looking at Richenda "do me a favor... and get the throttle to... half before I stop pressing here" she mutters.

Chenda, recovering from Full Military Power followed by Full Brakes, feels herself floating up against her restraints. "Are we... no, not asking. On the throttle," she says, reaching up and pushing the throttle to the halfway mark. "Now at... 50 percent power," she says, mirroring the dialogue she recalls from the last flying movie she saw. "Your turn!"

Thimble nods a bit as the nose of the machine turns slowly towards earth. Pulling the finger from the airbrake, the engines get back to power, spinning up as the machine begins to descend in the grip of gravity first. Straight down at first as the engines do not yet provide forward speed. The steer is til more in front, the nose going more towards earth each second, but many of the lights did stop as the machine builds up speed. The imminent stall light eventually vanishes, the cockpit turning more silent as the machine builds up speed along it's path to earth. As most of the warning lights are gone thimble asks "Better?"

"Well, we haven't crashed yet," Chenda quips teasingly, and reaches forward to the control yoke. "Feels like we're smoothing out, but we're still going straight down! Pull with me..." And she begins pulling, putting those gymnastics-developed muscles to work. Oh, this is gonna be close...

Thimble hangs into the wheel to pull it straight and up. All the might of gravity tries to prevent her from getting the nose up, but eventually it moves inch by inch, however the earth gets closer fast. Thankfully the simulator did place a mirroring water plane just in front of them as they close in, the nose still quite a bit under the horizon, but the more it gets up, the easier it is to turn the wheel. The Altimeter shows a very close 100 feet as there are only two or three inches of horizon over the nose, but still the machine gets lower, even if slowly. 50 feet and they are down to half an inch. And finally 10 feet. The machine is leveled, the gears (which were simply forgotten to be retreated and did hinder turning) being the only warning lamp left to now. "Better push back to 0 now or we go back up." she remarks, pushing forward to where she had found the steer when entering.

"Good job, though I hope you learned that slow and easy is better when taking off." Mirage gives praise where is is due "Okay, Showstopper, you can take over as pilot to land the thing and then to take off again, at which point Thimble will land. There is no need to switch seats in this case, just take over." with instructions given, the next two hours will be spent with the two girls switching off landing and taking off, both vertically and horizontally.

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